Hi everyone, there has been a recent demand for decklists for Caster Chronicles so I figured i’d show off a deck idea that is extremely powerful and accessible to new players as it is based entirely on the most recent Booster set and Starter Deck.

Magical Dream 7 is a deck themed around the Idol band of the same name. Every card (including conjures) shares the “Earnest” type which means they all work with the DCT mechanic (Dreams Come True). Simply put, when a card says DCT X it means the card gains that ability as long as the amount of earnest cards in your graveyard is equal to or greater than the number listed.

For example, “Kamiel of Temperance” has “DCT 1—[Enter] -> Each player puts a servant from their graveyard to their hand. Then, you may pay any amount of aether. You may put a servant with a cost equal to or less than the amount of aether payed this way plus three from your hand into the field.” This means that unless you have 1 or more Earnest type cards in the graveyard, the card will not be able to utilize that ability.

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