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There has been some shared interest lately in the “pauper” format. We were able to gather the ban-list, and basic principles established from J-ruler.net to continue sharing this awesome fan made format. If you have any questions/ recommended cards for the ban list please don’t hesitate to post in the comments below! This ban list is always changing, after set release we will try to update.

The Basic Principles

In the Pauper format, you:

  • Must have a main deck of at least 40 cards.
  • Must have a magic stone deck of at least 10, but not more than 20, cards.
  • May have a side deck of up to 15 cards.
  • Any ruler from the supported sets (regardless of rarity).
  • May not have more than 4 cards of the same card title in your main deck, side deck, and/or magic stone deck (except basic magic stones).
  • All cards may be from the Grimm, Alice, Lapis, or Reiya clusters only.
  • All cards in your main deck, side deck, and magic stone deck must be of the common rarity type.

Pauper Ban List

The following cards are banned in the Pauper format:

Reflect, Child of Potential // Refrain, Child of Convergence
Elvish Priest
Winds of Vitality
Falltgold, the Dragoon // Bahamut, the Dragon King
Gill // Gill, the Gifted Conjurer
Memoria of the Seven Lands // Arla, Guardian of the Skies (ARLA 2.0) BFA

All cards from the “Vingolf: Engage Knights” are usable except:

Any Special Magic Stone
Glimpse of Kaguya
Law of Silence
Rapid Decay
Stoning to Death

All cards from “Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles” are usable except:

Any Special Magic Stone
Any Regalia
Hammer of the Valkyur

You may also use only the following cards from “Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars”:

All Vingolf 3 J/rulers
Baleful Avatar
Blood Boil
Burn to Cinders
Cain, Treacherous Killer of the Gods
Count D’Artagnan
Dark Purge
Darkness Wizard
Dance of Inspiration
Fire Wizard
Introspective Jutsu
Light Wizard
Manifestation of Power
Nymph, Envoy of Water
Pricia’s Call to Action
Rapid Growth
Sariel, Lord of the Moons
Separation of Body and Soul
Unseen Pressure
The Scorn of Dark Alice
The World Tree’s Guardian
Tomoe Gozen, Merciful Aqua Twin Swords
Water Wizard