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Okay so a lot of exciting things just happened, so let’s dive into it!


That’s right, we got the CR updated! This actually happened literal minutes after our news was posted last week. You can find the full CR HERE. All of the new items are marked in red text making it easy to find.

I’d highly recommend checking these changes out, and sharing it with everyone at your locals so everyone is on the same page.

The biggest addition to it was adding that Alice is considered every race in the game, and even listing every single race in existence. So it adds a handy guide for anyone curious, and confirming what we all assumed to be true.

In a separate post, however (not in the CR) FOW also clarified the Lucifer resonator. The question people had was what counted towards his ability of gaining life back at the end of the turn. In the official FOW post, they said most things, including damage taken from battle, count towards his ability. This comes across as perhaps a bit too strong for me, but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.


Caster Chronicles is having a big tournament in Canada! With this is some awesome prizing. As you can see above, some really cool collectible Casters are on the line! Obviously these aren’t game legal or anything, but are really cool collectible items for a game with some great art. I personally would love to get these, especially Arthur there. 

This is in addition to the already great prizing, including Chibi cards. For full details check out the tournament site HERE


So Memorial cards are in the next set, which have been confirmed to be reprints of past promo cards. The big question on people’s minds are how distribution would work. There are 80 memorial cards and only 67 new cards after all. Will these flood the packs, making them annoying after thoughts that are just pack filler? Or will it be not that many per pack, making them pointless as a reprint who’s purpose is to get it into the hands of people who don’t have access.

Well we may have an answer thanks to Chris Weekly FOW Updates. It looks like it is confirmed to be ONE Memorial card per pack! This, in my opinion, is the best case scenario for the quantity of cards we have. That being said, I do think if they do something to distinguish the cards and make them collectible (such as new art, or a new golden border or stamp etc) then this could turn out to be a good gameplan in the end. As long as the useage of the reprinted cards extends to the old versions as well I would be happy with the overall plan of said reprints.

But that’s the full confirmation there, one Memorial card per pack! We’ll see how the rest of the distribution works hopefully soon as well.


We got our first look at a new ruler! You can see it above. This is not the ruler in the starter decks, but will in fact be in the booster box. So we are getting Three rulers this first set for sure.

This is considered the ‘Buy a Box Promo’ card, meaning when you buy a booster box you will automatically get this card. That is actually a pretty good idea for introducing rulers outside of a starter deck, but not inside booster packs. Most people will get it in the cheaper booster boxes, and there will be lots of them so it will be cheap on the secondary market. 

It introduces lots of new effects and terminology that we will have to wait and find out about. You can check out our videos if you would like to hear our thoughts in detail.

One big thing that was pointed out obviously, is the lack of art on the back side. It is literally the same piece of art, with some slight alterations on both sides of the ruler. This is a bit unfortunate as the big thing FOW is known for is their art, and this will be the only version of this ruler so there is no chance currently for a better art version. Hopefully this isn’t the trend for all the rulers going forward, as that is one of my personal favorite aspects of the game is the cool rulers and their flip sides etc.


Also with that ruler reveal was possibly the start of spoilers? It isn’t the official spoiler season, but we did get the two cards shown above. Whether that means we will get more from the same source, or if it will officially start elsewhere is yet to be seen. 

If you are curious as to the unofficial translations of the cards, it is as follows: 

Resonator: Dragon [Flying] [Enter] => Target J/resonator opponent controls losses all it’s Effect until end of turn, then destroy it, if J-Ruler destroyed this way, that card losses all effects until end of game.

Chant (Sword Art) [Quickcast] Choose 1 or Choose 2 if u Control “Lars, Knight of the Holy Soul” [1~ Remove target resonator with power 900 or more] [2~Search your deck for a “Five Heroes” card, then reveal it and put into your hand. shuffle your deck

(Thanks to @JetsetSensei for those translations)


In case you missed it, the FOW Festival happened this past weekend. It was all streamed on the Ruler School Channel if you want to go check out some of the matches. 

A total of 54 people ended up showing up. We will have a full breakdown of the event on our website here later this week, but it was a success! TSW Rulers were given out, tons of prizing, Vite Ramen and their Circuit Series mats were given out and much more. It ended up being a very interesting showing of Rulers and breakdowns as well!

Hopefully this leads to lots more successful tournaments, especially as the Vite Ramen Circuit Series starts to fire off.


Speaking of which, we did an interview with the CEO of Vite Ramen! Check us go over it on the podcast, and look for the interview by itself later this week (Or on our Patreon right now). In it we discuss the Circuit Series, the final tournament it’s leading to, what got him and the others into FOW and more!

It’s a fun and interesting conversation so check it out soon as you can!


Lastly I have a Godzilla video incoming! It will be based on the new Chrono Clash card game, and will feature Colin going over each of the cards in the game, and how they relate to the  lore and history of Godzilla. 

It will feature the card itself, with video from the movies in the background and the relevant music. It will be four separate videos in total and requires quite a bit of effort, so please check it out if you are interested! Even if you aren’t too interested in the card game itself, the lore parts should prove to be quite interesting.

Well that’s all the news for this week, see you next week!



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We were on a hiatus so we got a whole lot to catch up on!


As we had reported awhile back, Vite Ramen had announced they were going to start their own Circuit Series! This would be their own version of what ARG used to do, all leading to their own Nationals event. 

Well the kits are officially available to order! You can get them HERE. Be sure to share that link around, as it is the only way to access the kit on their website. 

A kit comes with a Judge playmat, a Champion playmat, 7 playmats for the remainder of top 8, and 8 Vite Circuit Nationals Invites. You can see the exclusive playmat design above! 

So be sure to talk to your LGS about this. If they order a kit, and report it officially there is even a guarantee attached. If they report that they didn’t at least make their money back, Vite Ramen will refund the difference! This is really awesome of them, and I highly recommend you support if you can through this tournament kit, and even their Ramen (which is really good by the way, no sponsor just like it). 


As we’ve been covering, Ruler School has teamed with different people to put on the Force of Will Festival this very weekend! Now there were a couple quick updates on it, though they are probably not too relevant since the event is so close now.

First is the location has changed. It was originally at a school, then recently it switched to a local game store instead. This switch now changed the cap of players that can attend to 58. If you plan on attending, it is highly recommended you pre-register. You can show up and pay on site if you wish, however there will be an extra $5 charge, and it cannot be guaranteed that you can enter if the seats are full.

Like I said, that is this weekend so be sure to tune into Ruler School’s Youtube channel for a livestream commentary! And if you are attending enjoy all the prizing and such that will be there as well. Should be exciting!


We got a look at the next cluster’s first set! This next set, Alice Origin, in addition to having reprints (which will most likely include Regalia) also has brand new Regalia! Though in a much different form.

You can see above what it looks like, this was shown in a couple different languages. It translates as follows:

Your J-Ruler gains (DRAIN)
Rest. Produce 2 will in any combinations of Fire/Light. Spend those will only to play Strangers or activate abilities of 12 Protector Gods or God’s Arts.

At least that’s the rough translation that I was able to get. If you have a correction let us know and we’ll fix it. But Regalia is back, and in a very interesting way. You can hear our full thoughts on the most recent Podcast where we discuss where this could go, as well as power levels etc.

The addition on the card of saying you can only play ‘Strangers’ is an interesting one. Once again we discuss this on the podcast but it could refer to a new version of the Runes in this new cluster, or a way to play the Memorial cards in a legal fashion. 


The starter decks for the next cluster have been revealed as well! You can see them in the images above. We had reported on these starters in past news segments, but now we have the official product images.

The biggest thing to note is the packaging very clearly is showing 2 different colors on each box. It’s obvious the starters will be dual color going by this, but to what extent? Your guess is as good as ours, but it’s very likely that they could be introducing a new form of dual stones, maybe in the vain of the Lapis Cluster stones. That could lead to some cool and exciting decks and really shift the game going into the next cluster. We’ll have to wait and see though.


The official Erratas are now live on the FOW website! You can check it out HERE. They are what we previously reported on, which is clarifying that Dark Alice can’t banish a J-ruler, and that Utgarda still destroys a J/Resonator with its discard effect. It’s nice that these are official now, though I’m not sure I agree with what happened with Utgarda. Funny side note, originally the errata was mistyped and by reading, errata-ed the enter text, not the discard text. 

Hopefully we get a CR update soon as well, since that is supposed to come in October and we haven’t heard anything further.


Speaking of not hearing anything, there was a post awhile back we reported on that a reprint of this recent set was coming to help everyone get product who didn’t. While this wasn’t confirmed officially, we reported on it since it seemed like it was from a reliable source. However, it was brought to my attention we still haven’t heard anything about this. If this reprint was in fact happening, at minimum distributors or people in the know should be aware of it.

I’m not saying the reprint isn’t happening, but if it is they are waiting quite awhile to do it or at least update us or the distributors what is going on. Hopefully we hear an update on this soon.


The Unofficial (but somewhat official) Wanderer ban list has recently been updated. If you’d like to read the full post made by the Wanderer committee going into detail, you can check that out HERE

Nothing has been added to the list, however, two things have been taken off! These are ‘Tell a Fairy Tale’ and ‘Lumia’! They are now unofficially (officially) unbanned for Wanderer games and tournaments. Obviously with the new Enter effects in the CR this will lead to lots of interesting shenanigans and combos so it will be interesting to see what people make with this now.


Godzilla Chrono Clash has been released! It actually released a bit over a week ago, but we’ve been away. We’ve been covering the release of this game in the news for a while now, so it’s cool that it is in the open. However, with its release came a couple issues. 

First of which is the distribution of the product itself. I saw a decent amount of posts from people having trouble finding the product at their local game stores. I myself had this problem as well (hence the late release of our Box Opening on our channel). Our local game store only ordered to pre-orders, and their distributor didn’t have anymore to order. This was the case with another LGS I checked as well, and my local Target that carries Naruto did not have Godzilla. Online prices on Amazon for this had gone up for a short period, peaking at $70 per box! It has now gone down to $55 plus $7 in shipping. I am not sure why this was, if it was a problem of not printing enough product for demand, or under printing due to not enough demand. But it seems to be settling down now.

The second problem that came up was in the gameplay itself. The game introduced a couple new mechanics, the most noteable of which is ‘Sneak Attack’ that the majority of the community seems to agree is too strong in its current state. I myself have not had a chance to test this out, since I only just now received product. But it looks like the company may be addressing some of these problems in the near future with possible rule changes, so we will keep you guys up to date going forward.

As far as the game on our channel, now that we have product look forward to gameplay in the near future! We are also working on a series that is going to dive in to the Lore of Godzilla based on each individual card for anyone not familiar (or fans wanting to refresh themselves). That’s a big project we are excited about and should be starting to release in the next week or two.


If you missed it, this past week we did a couple cool videos based on indy or up and coming card games. One was a box opening/gameplay of a fun game called Gem Blenders. We will probably have another video for them in the future so be sure to check that out!

Another we did was for Manacrest, an upcoming physical/digital card game that looks really interesting. This video was an interview with one of the creators and I highly recommend checking that out as well. 

We hope to keep up to date once in a while with those 2 games, as well as showcasing other indy games that we are interested in so stay tuned!

That’s all for this week, thanks for catching up with us and see you next week!



If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:


A lot of interesting things came to light this week so let’s get into it!


So last week we talked about how we heard that the company was possibly doing a CR update in the next month. Those same sources posted details of what the CR will actually accomplish, as well as a possible errata the company will do as well.

You can see the full details in the images below, but it includes changes in the CR with how loss of life works (which affects Lucifer), clarification on the Alice resonator, and an errata to Utgarda Loki to make it’s ‘inheritance’ ability stronger. To hear some of our specific thoughts on these be sure to check out this past week’s podcast!


So we already got the announcement of next cluster’s Alice Origin name and details. Now we have the booster box design! You can see it above, but it is similar to what we’ve seen before. The 2 big changes are the blue booster packs, and the slimmer box design.

The slim design is obviously to accommodate the smaller sets now. Not too much to examine, but cool to see! Thanks to Chris Hartl over at Chris Weekly FOW Update for these images. Follow his Facebook page HERE


We got a prizing update for the upcoming FOW Festival put on by Ruler School! You can see above we now have Halloween themed energize coins! These are super awesome, and look super cute as well. There is now over $7,000 worth of prizing on top of cash prizing at the tournament.

So if you are planning on going, be sure to register! These coins are limited to the first 90 players with different levels of choosing the coin based on entry. You can register HERE. We at TCGScrubs are still figuring out if we will go, so we will keep you guys updated!


So one of the big issues with the most recent set was a large amount of seemingly shorted or cancelled orders. If you want details we have several videos/articles going into details about the situation. That being said, it looks like a reprint is incoming of the set! 

This is very surprising, as the company is usually very adverse to reprinting sets. This could possibly mean one of the theories myself and Rudy has was correct, in that some of the shipment was damaged/lost resulting in the shortage of orders. In any case, it’s very heartening to see reprints announced and coming so soon. I’m hoping they don’t do what they’ve done before with second print runs, where they go to a much cheaper and lower quality printer to get the orders done cheap and quick. The quality of the print in this set is one of its biggest strengths.
Once again, thanks to Chris Hartl for these images alerting us to this news.


So we possibly got an update on what Memorial cards are. If you are unaware, Memorial cards were listed in the sales sheet for the next cluster. Nobody knows what this is, and it takes up more than half of all the cards in the set. Well, it looks like we may have gotten some unfortunate news in that regard.

It looks like our early theories were correct, and memorial cards will be a form of reprint. Not just a regular reprint like last set either, these will be reprints from things like Alice cluster, and WILL NOT be legal in New Frontiers. It also looks like they will be old Promo cards updated with new borders and such. They will be playable in draft and sealed (possibly). 

Now this is not only a bit annoying, but potentially really bad for players not in the know. It is annoying because these take up the majority of the set. So one of two things will happen. Either opening packs will be boring because you are pulling nothing but these reprinted old cards that you can’t play, or you will be barely pulling any of these reprinted cards to make it worthwhile (the purpose of a reprint is to get access to old cards, making these hard to pull defeats that purpose). With the current count of these, there is almost no way to win in this situation.

Add to that they are not legal in NF. This is not something easy to communicate to new players or players who aren’t active online with the game. Passive players make up the majority of any game, and this will just muddy the waters greatly. I’m really not sure how this can turn out to be a net positive for the next set, especially since there will now be 80 reprinted cards and only 67 actually new and legal cards. Hopefully more details come out regarding this soon, though it’s safe to say we won’t know until the set actually comes out again.


One interesting thing that was noted from the new set’s sales sheet, was the lack of a buy-2-box promo! This is very encouraging, as loose promos are just asking to be messed with at the distributor level. 

Now this could be done for a couple reasons. The first is that they listed to community feedback and decided to right the course. This one is a little hard to believe, but it is entirely possible (maybe they’ll address that in that Q and A that happened over 2 months ago).

The second, and most likely reason in my opinion, is due to the smaller booster box sizes. Before, they wanted to incentivize people to spend an extra $100 to get 64 packs total for that promo. Now, people are more than likely going to spend $100 to get 2 booster boxes no matter what due to their size and price. The incentive is no longer needed. Therefore, why spend the money on the promo when people will be buying 2 boxes by default from now on? This makes total sense and works out for everyone in the end, so I’m glad they did it. 


Hong Kong’s GP is this weekend! With that comes some really cool prizing we will share here. Above is the participation playmat you can get. Nice artwork that is being used and such. Below is the also what looks to be the Champion playmat? Which may be unique to this event and single champion.

It was also announced that there will be a Genesis side event here, which should prove very interesting.


So as many of you know, Chrono Clash is coming out with a Godzilla set which is shaping up to be awesome. We are in the middle of spoilers, and with that got some interesting surprises. 

It looks as if the Godzilla set will be using multiple movie properties from TOHO! TOHO is the studio behind Godzilla, and have done quite a few monster/creature films that exist outside of Godzilla lore. 2 cards that were spoiled are these movies that exist outside of Godzilla, one having mushroom people, and another with a character from War of the Gargantuas. If you don’t know what any of that is, don’t worry! We will explain it all at a later date.

Now these technically could be considered Godzilla canon in a sense. The recent Godzilla Anime trilogy on Netflix had a prequel novel in Japan, in that the earth was assaulted by various monsters that included many of the ones in these side TOHO movies. So the creatures in these movies in a round about way could be considered part of the Godzilla universe. In any case it’s awesome to see these more obscure movies/creatures being brought to light!

That’s all for this week, see everyone in a couple weeks! (I’m taking a week off)



If you prefer a video version of the new, click below:

We have 2 weeks worth of news to get to, and a lot happened so let’s get going!


So let’s just start with the big one. The set officially came out and had a pre-release before that! Now a lot of interesting things have come from that so we’ll make this one big section about the set’s pre-release and release. 


So there were a lot of questions going into pre-release from the community. How do we treat Runes? What quantity are the card’s pull rates? Is drafting possible if too many Runes are pulled? etc. Unfortunately with no answers from the company, and still as of yet no word on if we’ll hear back from that ‘Q and A’ that was run months ago, the community was left to fend for themselves. This lead to probably the biggest mixed bag of a pre-release in the game’s history. 

There were some people who were able to make the most of it with house rules, but based on posts and comments online it looks like even with house rules (such as making all runes rune/chants etc) it still left a lackluster pre-release. The low pull rates of most the new cards made creative deck building harder as well, and a little less exciting for opening packs.


The actual release of the set was pretty interesting. So during pre-release, everybody got their pre-release kits without any problem. There are even some you can still get places because of the proper arrangement of quantities. However the main set release is quite different. You can check out our video on the channel where we go into some details, but the amount of product that ended up at stores was significantly lower than expected in some cases.

It is almost impossible to figure out the root cause of this, but we got several reports of stores not getting their full allotments, which translated to many players not getting their full allotments. In the US, the main distributor that can be linked to this is GTS Distribution. Not sure the exact distributors, but this problem occured in Germany and New Zealand possibly as well. Other countries had shortages, but they were shortages after pre-orders were met, where as the 3 listed before had pre-orders cut by as much as 80% some people alleged. 

Rudy of Alpha Investments made a video going over the shortages as well, saying that he thinks it could have been deliberate by the company to raise box value. When we asked him, he said his boxes that he had ordered from the company went from 120, to 60, to 30, then finally 12 at the end. He said FOW literally made the exact number of boxes that distributors pre-ordered and nothing more (usually FOW prints to order plus 10%). He personally thinks it was that combined with something happening to the product, either being lost or damaged.

Unfortunately the biggest takeaway here is if you want product guaranteed going forward, you need to pre-order. And not just regular pre-order, you need to do it by the distributor pre-order deadline. Because if FOW doesn’t print extra again, there will be no way to affordably get product. Currently as of writing the booster boxes are sitting at $150 minimum, with single prices extremely high across the board. Pre-order deadline for distributors of the next set possibly is September 11th so put those in! Happy Little Hug Factory already has pre-orders up for the next set so be sure to click the banner ad on this page to head over there.

Moving on to other notes on the release. Secret Rares are gone now. They are replaced by a second god pack. This set has 20 SR’s instead of the normal 10, so one god pack literally has 10 High Gods in it, and the other god pack has the remaining 10. The print quality of the set is really good though. We talk about it in our box opening, but the quality is some of the best FOW has done, with full texturing, really nice foiling, and not grimy feel.

Inside the booster box in the box with all the stones they included 2 sets of 2 tokens. 2 for the Moon additions, and 2 cat tokens. This is awesome they finally are doing tokens again, even in the smaller capacity.
The moon token is using art from Alice cluster, while the cat token is using art from a Casters related board game I think. Not a huge fan of the cat art. The Satan promo is in the box, however the Kaguya buy-2-box promo has been delayed for a significant amount of people. Hopefully they all make it in and don’t end up being hoarded by distributors again.

That’s most of the main ‘release’ points. Hopefully that covers everything!


So with the company walling itself off of communication with players, we are left to our own devices for some things. One of these is erratas. As of now there are at least 2 cards that are significantly different depending on the language. They are Lucifer and Utgarda Loki. Lucifer in English says you gain life if you lost it. In at least 1 other language it says instead you gain life if you lost or paid for it. This is quite a huge difference with big gamechanging possibilities. 

The second one is Utgarda Loki. In English it has all the abilities for being played from hand (discard, lose life) except the destroying of a J/Resonator. In some other languages it includes that destruction as well. This one specifically we will talk about because it is something some parts of the community have weighed in on. It seems (from what we can tell) certain groups in Australia have ‘ruled’ that Loki will be ‘errated’ to use all abilities including the destruction. Putting aside the fact that this potentially is extremely strong, this is very hard to figure out for the game. Now instead of just doing what cards say in your language until we hear otherwise, cards will be played drastically different based on the country you’re in, the locals you are at, or the event you are attending. 

So whenever you are going to an event, it is very important to ask what their ruling is on this, because it will greatly affect testing and deck building. One example is the upcoming FOW Festival Event being put on by Ruler School. They have officially confirmed they will be using the errated version of the card. So it’s good they are getting this information out early so everybody knows ahead of time. But this is going to be a literal case by case basis depending on locals etc, and new players will have a very hard time with this because there is no official ruling. A large chunk, if not technically a majority of players don’t use Facebook. And if they do they would only follow the official FOW page. So without an official ruling displayed on the website or Official FB page people just won’t know. And if you try explaining that it was a community ruling made by people who aren’t officially part of the company (or even judges, since the judge program no longer exists), people won’t believe you or will simply ignore the ruling. 

So as of right now for Utgarda Loki, chunks of players are adapting the errata, so it may be up to you and your locals on whether to do so as well. Just keep in mind to check before each event or interaction how to properly use it or possibly Lucifer if that gets brought up as well.


As we mentioned last time, Jeremy of Ruler School is running a big FOW event! This is an event being held October 12th in Michigan. For full details check it out HERE.
But there were a couple cool announcements regarding this event, and a whole slew of possible other events! Jeremy announced that Vite Ramen (You may remember them from sponsoring our very own Oscar to commentate a WGPQ earlier this year) will be creating a brand new FOW Circuit Series! There isn’t a whole lot of details yet, but it was promised that stores will be able to order kits eventually to participate in the circuit. We’ll hopefully get dates and more details soon.

With that announcement it was said the Festival will be the first event of the series! The winner will get an invite to the eventual Nationals Tournament they will be hosting (with more details on that coming later). It will also include an exclusive Vite Ramen Top 8 playmat! I’m really excited  to see what comes of this. The guys at Vite Ramen have been super cool when we worked with them, and they are really passionate about FOW and helping the community. So it’s great to see something like this. I am not sponsored, but I’d also highly recommend people try out their Ramen to show their support! It’s actually really good and healthy 😉


The next set, as well as details about it were released! Announced was Alice Origin 1 and Alice Origin 2. We can assume that is the name of the cluster. A minor note is that the booster packs for Alice Origin 1 are blue now!

Full details on the set were somewhat given out. Keep in mind that FOW ever since the new company took over is pretty terrible at sales sheets, so we’ll do our best to convey it correctly. First is the next set comes out in November! It is officially going from 36 pack booster boxes to 20 pack boxes, the first time FOW has ever changed box  size. The new price, which you can see on HLHF, is now at $48, which is roughly 11 cents more per pack. 

The pre release kit will have 60 packs, down from 72, meaning less people can play at a pre-release per kit. The order due date for this is for sure the 11th, with release on November 4th. 

There will be 2 starter decks released as well, one for Melgis, and one for Faria. As you can see they are trying to replicate Alice Cluster in some fashion. They will be releasing different starter decks with each booster box (no word on if they would ever reprint them, so be sure to pre-order once again!). These starters are on HLHF for $15 each. 

Full card ratios were released for the next set, which is it will have 147 cards, including 29 normal, 19 rare, 19 super rare, 80 memorial, and basic magic stones. Starters will have 61 cards, one ruler card, 2 special magic stones, a basic magic stone, and a random 5 cards, and an unnamed additional card. So there is a couple things to break down with that information. First, is the set size. This may be a product of bad sales sheets, but that number is abnormally large. Second, common/uncommon rarities are gone! They have been merged into the new ‘normal’ rarity. What this means, we are not sure, but it may change pack ratios. And hopefully it does, because SR’s are at 19! This would lead to the same problem we are having now of abnormally high priced/hard to get staple carrds. That many SR’s also means large power spikes potentially, unless the company doesn’t repeat this set and moves forward with a better plan for cards. Lastly is memorial cards.  We have no idea what this is, but my fear is this sounds very very close to sounding like a reprint. Hopefully it isn’t and it’s some sort of weird new rarity or something!

So that’s the new set. Like mentioned, be sure to pre-order quickly! Happy Little Hug Factory has over 200 boxes up for pre-order, but they tend to sell fast so get those and starters soon as you can.


Now with a new set release, usually the week before pre-release we get an update to the CR. Seeing as we are a week out of the actual release, obviously we haven’t gotten one yet. Luckily there is hope we might! 

In a comment thread on Facebook, two people at least, including Stephanie Shaw said they had talked to people who are in the know, and a CR update should be coming between now and October. This is very good news at least! If true we could possibly get a CR update before the next Major FOW event. The CR has been very much needed, seeing as new abilities and interactions were introduced in this set. Things like how Alice, Zeus Incarnate might work in a couple ways is the perfect example. 

Whether this update might include possible erratas is yet to be seen, but it’s probably safe to say a ban list update is completely out of the question.


So this is a weird one. A poster was received for this set, Decisive Battle for Valhalla. This is already weird because for this and the last couple sets they have been sending posters to stores etc to advertise the current set, rather than the next one. So this poster for DBV got in and as you can see above it has a very weird ad on it.

Now this is already weird, because it feels automatically like  the company doesn’t have faith in FOW enough to even give it a full poster. But on top of that Cesspool just looks like a weird game! 

In it you enter the city of immorality and do a crime management simulator with the them of narcotics manufacturing and smuggling. If that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will. It is a game that has been in Japan since 2017 and it looks like Eye Spy may have bought it and is releasing to the US soon. So, look forward to that?


Moving onto Chrono Clash, spoilers have started for Godzilla! There was already an initial dump of spoilers, but now we are in a somewhat steady release of cards from the set. Best way to follow them is to join the Chrono Clash Facebook page, as they are released sporadically and looks like some are being released to content creators as well. 

We won’t be covering the spoiler release, as we are still familiarizing ourselves with the game. But expect a full breakdown once they all are revealed!


Another set of Chrono Clash news is the announcement of new Naruto sets! This was a long running concern of the community, that there would never be (or at least there would be long gaps) another Naruto release in Chrono Clash. Luckily they are getting not 1, but 2 new expansion sets for the main games! No other details or spoilers, but the fact that support is continuing for the sets is very promising, and gives hope they might do the same for Godzilla as well.

With that announcement they also said they will have a new tournament kit to go with it, and will be doing reprints of the original set for people to get as well!

Expect Chrono Clash content from us soon. We were delayed due to circumstances, but have some really cool and unique plans that I think a lot of people will want to watch, even those that don’t play the game! So stay tuned!

That’s the big info dump of news for this week! See you all next time!



If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Let’s get started!


So as you guys might remember, well over a month and a half ago (getting close to 2 months) Svitlana of Games n Geek had posted in the Facebook Global group asking people to submit questions. These questions she would then take to the company and bring back what they said. This was a cool way to at least have some form of communication with FOW, since none has taken place since Jeff and Eiji departed. Ever since asking for the questions things have been kind of quiet with people wondering what happened. 

Well there were some comments on the post recently which prompted a response, in which she said:

The questions have been turned in to the company. 
I did hear back from them.
They will be addressing all of the concerns from this posting. They will be formulating their responses directly from japan, and addressing the public from there.

So this is good news at least. Hopefully the company sends the questions to her, because there have been at least 2, maybe 3 instances of the company promising to do a public post about different subjects, and then just not doing it hoping people don’t notice. But if they do soon that’d be awesome.

Unfortunately one can assume a lot of the questions are either not as relevant anymore, or were indirectly answered. For example one question asked about why the company went silent and if they’ll do community outreach. Well if you asked that question, it’s now been almost 2 months with no answer and no company communication. And for outreach, FOW skipped GenCon among other things which is a little disheartening. 

Questions regarding bans/CR updates are about to be answered on their own with the set releasing.

Questions if Kaguya and Arwyn are exclusive (already answered via spoilers).

And more, obviously. So hopefully we hear from them soon, especially some cool hype bits would be awesome like we used to get with past Liasons. Hints at what the GP season might look like for example would be a great confidence boost to the community and game in general. But we’ll keep you guys up to date if anything comes up!


So if you’ve been following our channel, you will have seen the entire set was spoiled! This was mainly just the remaining 10 cards, which were the UC slotted cards. They are all Will fixing in some fashion, and seem to be at power levels usually associated with Rares and Super Rares.

It will be interesting to see how the format could be shaped with these. If you want an in depth analysis, be sure to check out the video on our channel going over them!


GP France was formally announced. You can find out the full information for it on their site HERE

It will take place September 21-22, and will include a paid ticket to Worlds! This even includes accommodation according to the website. It will also be cluster format, which will be very interesting considering the cards we are getting with this new set.

Specifics as far as promos, rewards, etc have not been revealed yet, but will be at a later date.


The release of the new FOW set is coming up! And with it Pre-release is coming up! It is this weekend actually, with full release coming next weekend. 

This is going to be a very unique pre-release, so a couple things to remember going in. At your locals you should establish the full legality of using Rune reprints. Will people be allowed to use these to their heart’s desire? Will you limit how many/what colors people can use in a single deck? Do you just not let people use them? These are good things to figure out beforehand. 

Also be sure to be on the lookout for our Pre-Release primer! Where Joe goes over the best cards/combos to play and look out for!


Unfortunately, it looks like there (as of now) won’t be an update to the CR. In the past the updates to things like the CR would happen this past Monday, or Tuesday at the latest (US time). As of writing we are about to hit Thursday and still no update, which leads to the conclusion we most likely won’t be getting one.

This is unfortunate for a couple reasons. The first is simple things like the upcoming pre-release. As I mentioned above there is no universal way to deal with Rune reprints in the set. This would also affect any future limited format friendly competitions or tournaments. 

The bigger issues come down to card interactions. From things like Perfect Loki and if it would go to graveyard, or that Rune with infinite Divinity and if that means with Perfect Loki you can run that rune plus as much other Divinity as you want. Clarifications on Alice becoming all races, loss of life wording on the new darkness resonator, and much more. 

Also with no CR update means no updates in general. So as of now there is no clarification on what to do with cards like the dark giant and previously  mentioned resonator, both of which have different text wording in other countries. Do all countries adopt that wording or our wording? This is obviously even more important for international events like Worlds etc. Also obviously we won’t be getting any updates to the ban list.

So we can only hope that they are just super late on this and we just won’t have updates until after pre-release. We’ll keep you updated on that, or any community-inspired updates for things like the CR etc.


So one random thing that came out of the reprints and lack of company communication is how this affects Pauper.  This is a format where only common cards can be used. It’s currently being maintained by Justin Dilgard.

It was pointed out that there are cards from the Starter Decks that were Uncommon before, but with the reprints are now common. This presents a very unique and interesting problem. Do you ban all uncommon reprints outright? Or since they are technically common now, do you go card by card and judge bans based on power level? 

This isn’t crazy news, but an interesting predicament. Would love to hear your guys’ ideas  for what to do  regarding this as well!


As you can see above, we got some promos! Both regular and Wanderer League promos were revealed. This was done in a very interesting way. Neither have been officially shown anywhere, as seems to be the pattern now. 

The first, Set, The Commander of Destruction, was revealed by Taylor Smith in the Facebook Group. It sounds like his store was sent this instead of the Angel Promo for some reason, an error on the company’s part. As such we got this picture of next month’s promo!

The second image has Dreams of Wonderland as the Wanderer promo. This was found by Cal Tuma on Twitter. Taylor Smith then confirmed this was also at his locals and he must have missed that they also got the Wanderer Promo early by accident as well. So by mistakes on the company’s part we at least got looks at the new promos!


So Jeremy of Ruler School is actually putting together a GP level type of event! It  is called the Grand FOW Festival and is taking place October 12th! Full details, including tickets for the event etc can be found HERE

There  is a $500 cash prize pool for top 8, that doubles if 60 people register. First 80 to register get a free playmat. All players get a GP Lightning Cave promo and select monthly promo cards as well in addition to a playmat. Top 8 also receive the Gold Uber Arthur Ruler and Top 3 get the gold/silver/bronze plated ones as well. 

There is lots more shown and to be announced so be sure to try attending it! Full gallery of prizing pictured below.

Well that’s the news for this week! See you next time



If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

We got just a couple interesting news items this week, so let’s get into it!


So as many of you know, we have a WGPQ coming up very soon in Arizona. This is one of the last FOW events in the US as well. We had previously reported on the large pool of prizing that was going to be at the event, from energize plates, to coins, help paying for a trip to Japan, and more. However, sadly it looks like that has changed. Jesse James Comics and Games (the store hosting the event) made the post below in the FOW Global Facebook group that you can read:

As you can see based on lack of contact from players and the company he decided to scale back prizing. This is understandable considering if the event does not fire off as planned, he would stand to lose a decent amount of money. The pre-registering of only one player isn’t too big of a deal in my opinion, as it was pointed out that is quite normal for these types of events. But if they aren’t used to that it’s enough to warrant scaling back the prizing in response. It is very disheartening to hear though that the store that is running a full WGPQ is still having trouble maintaining contact with the company. Even outside of the WGPQ with their normal monthly promos they seem to be having the same problem our local store, and many others are having. 

So as of now the prizing has been reduced as was laid out in the post. We’ll have to wait and see if FOW ends up contacting them at some point to try and remedy some of this, but seeing as the company hasn’t even replied to the community QandA that was held over a month ago it’s probably safe to say things will continue as they are. It’s still important to support the store though so if you plan on going still go! It will be fun with lots of people, and Jeremy of Ruler School will be streaming as well! So we can still make the most of it.


So as you all probably knkow, ARG Circuit series has stopped supporting FOW (among other games). This has left a hole for where smaller tournaments could have happened for the game. 

Now it seems there might be something new coming? Jeremy (once again of Ruler School) made a post on Facebook. In it, he said he was approached by some individuals wanting to create a replacement for the Circuit Series. Before this can happen, they are gathering information from players, most likely to determine demand and amounts of player concentration in different areas of the US. 

There are 2 surveys, one for players, and one for stores. You can take the survey HERE. After you have taken it there is a link at the bottom to send to your locals to take as well. If you’d like to see these tournaments again be sure to fill it out!


So per usual, icv2 has released the next season of top 10 lists for hobby games! This list details the top 10 selling card games inside of hobby stores, and once again (similar to last time) Force of Will no longer makes the cut. A couple surprises though in it is that Transformers TCG is maintaining pretty high, and Keyforge is not only high, but surpassed Yu-Gi-Oh! That is quite unexpected. Cool to see things shaken up a bit though. We’ll see if the new FOW company’s direction translates to them getting back on this top 10 list next time, when they will have had full control of the game for the entire season.


So it looks like the dates for Worlds have been announced! It is officially November 17-18th. They have confirmed an artist signing for day 1 like usual, and some sort of event for day 2 that will be announced at a later time. So for anyone that plans on going or watching the stream, be sure to set aside time for that! It was officially announced that Vite Ramen will be sponsoring the stream for the event with Jeremy! So awesome of them to continue to support the game in this way as well

That’s all the news for this week, see you all next time!



If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Got a lot of interesting tid bits so let’s go! 


In case you aren’t aware, My Will Studios is the company that Eiji and Jeff started post their FOW leaving. With it they have already partnered with the digital card game, CryptoSpell, and have teased plans for some other cool projects as well!

They recently posted the above picture (with some awesome shirts by the way) teasing an incoming announcement from them! There wasn’t any details, but it is hopeful that Jeff was there, because it gives hope that whatever it is would see an English release possibly. Some possibilities could be projects Eiji has talked about doing in the past, including the Architects card game and a FOW board game that uses figurines. We’ll keep you guys up to date if anything new comes up!


So it looks  like it was just confirmed that the promos that were announced for Buy-A-Box promo and more are simply re-used art unfortunately. What they did was take the previous art, make a slight adjustment/color change, then put it out as a promo.

Two examples are Odin and Kaguya. Odin has simply rotated his arm up a bit, and Kaguya added a scroll or blip of some sort that she is holding, plus some slight color changes. This is a bit disappointing, because the cool choice of what art to use for promos, or getting excited for new art on promos goes away for these. Let’s hope this is a one off, and doesn’t become a trend for future promos that have yet to get art commissioned. 


Remember the Force of Will Simulator? It was a digital platform to play FOW that was short lived unfortunately. One thing that was in it that was really cool was the different brand new art in it. People have been wondering if they could get a hold of that art, and now they can!

Thanks to Jeff Finnigan, he was able to send us all the art he had from it (such as the chibi art) which you can download HERE. Just swing by our website anytime in the future to download or host it anywhere!

Really happy we were finally able to get a hold of these, I personally love them. Hope you all enjoy too!


So as we get close to Gen-Con it is probably pretty safe to confirm now that FOW will be breaking their streak of appearances this year. People were really hoping they would show up to help assure people of the future of the company and game in some small fashion. Whether Kim or somebody will be there in person just roaming the floor is yet to be seen, but they have made no announcements or statements either way for it.

Let’s hope they do something instead, or at least come back next year. Last year’s FOW GenCon was really awesome and I’m bummed we won’t get that again this year.


So some of you might be aware of the Chrono Clash system of games. We’ve discussed it several times on the channel here before. It is basically an LCG that has a Naruto/Baruto set out right now. Coming out soon is the Godzilla set as well. You should be able to battle the two different sets against each other, but not make a deck with both sets inside of one deck. 

That all aside, we finally got our first look at some of the Godzilla cards! I’m pretty excited about this, and you can expect some new content for this and maybe unique stuff you aren’t expecting. If you are familiar with the game check out the new mechanics below! If not just check out the awesome art instead. Full spoilers HERE

That’s all for this week, see you next time!



If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


Not a whole lot to go over, but there are some interesting bits we’ll cover!


We got another monthly promo! So it looks like this will officially solidify that we are down to 1 promo per month based on the pattern so far. But this promo is Phul! So cool to see another starter deck card get the promo treatment, especially those of us that like to bling out the decks a bit more. 

It is interesting to note that this still carries the type from the original printing of the card, with no correction. That’s a bit unfortunate because this is the perfect opportunity to fix that. But looks cool so that’ll be great to have!


So some more details recently came out for the AZ GP coming up next month. The biggest thing was they are possibly offering help with the unpaid trip to Japan! So first place would get the unpaid invite to Japan, and if at least 40 players show up to the GP, the store (Jesse James Comics and Games) will add in at least $400 in trip money! This amount will go up possibly if attendance is higher. 

This is a really cool unexpected add on to the prizing already being offered. So if you weren’t planning on going already, now is the time!

The rest of the prizing for the event is pretty cool as well. If you are planning on attending check out full details HERE as well as letting them know if you’re going.

Prizing includes:

Loki for the Metal/Gold Ruler prizing

Blazer as the event promo

Product prizing from AOA boxes depending on placement

‘Energize Plates’

As well as the entry possibilities listed below:

We will have three levels of registration.
Bronze Entry: $30
This will grant a player entry into the WGPQ along with a GP Promo Wind Magic Stone.

Silver Entry: $60
This will grant a player entry into the WGPQ along with a GP Promo Wind Magic Stone and your choice of two (2) NEW very limited Energize Coins made by Alan from Malaysia. We only have a limited amount of these entries, so register early.

Gold Entry: $105
This will grant a player entry into the WGPQ along with a GP Promo Wind Magic Stone, your choice of three (3) NEW very limited Energize Coins and your choice of one (1) very limited Energize Plate, all were made by Alan from Malaysia. We only have a limited amount of these entries, so register early.

So this is shaping up to be some awesome stuff! Some of us Scrubs may be there as well so stay tuned!


In case you totally missed it, spoiler season is in full swing! We have been releasing videos on the channel going over them as they come out, though somewhat at random. The release schedule has been kind of weird and inconsistent. Right now we are getting about 4(ish) English spoilers per week, and 9 non-English in one of the weeks (we’ll see if that holds this week). Some of these overlap, others are unique to non-English spoilers.
So it takes a bit to find the cards and translate them, and we are still waiting on the official translations on a lot of the cards so bear with us as we go through. We’ll correct past cards as needed if applicable. 

Some new things that have been introduced so far is the pseudo return of ‘Inheritance’ abilities, Unknown abilities called ‘Dragon Emblem’ and ‘Vermilion’, ‘Faith’ mechanic, a resonator that is every race, and possibly J-Ruler shenanigans that are unclear? (Will discuss in a spoiler video)

Overall the power level definitely feels elevated. Whether this translates to actual powerful decks, a meta change, or maintaining current deck diversity is yet to be seen. But there are definitely some interesting things that should excite everyone.


We also have been getting a look at some of the ‘crossover’ cards that Caster Chronicles will have in their new set! If you don’t know, Casters announced that they would be crossing over with FOW, using some FOW art/characters for their new set. It looks like they are (so far) using art from mostly unused FOW cards, which is a cool way to bring new life to them. A bit unfortunate it isn’t new art, I was looking forward to the possibilities of FOW characters portrayed in a Caster setting. However these seem like good uses of the art, and the cards themselves actually seem cool and unique.

Casters seems to also be doubling down this set on reviving support for old mechanics, specifically Soul Bond. This was an awesome mechanic, and it’s cool to see new and returning support for this deck type. There will also be reprints of promos included in the set, so if you are looking to jump into Casters, this may be shaping up to be a good time to do it!

That about does it for today’s TCG News, see you all next week!



If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Lots of news across 3 different card games so let’s go!


So if you aren’t familiar, FOW has a Pauper format (unofficially). This is where you build decks with only common cards following the rules/ban lists available here on the website.

Unfortunately the people who were maintaining this (starting with J-Ruler) have since moved on from FOW. Luckily a community member has stepped up to help out with that now though!

His name is Justin Dilgard, and he is taking on the responsibilities of testing to figure out what should be banned etc. and just keeping it together overall. It is now called Commoner format! So be sure to check in here for updates on the pinned page for this (we will be updating it shortly) and join the Facebook group HERE as well!


Pre-Release information has been released for the new set of FOW, The Decisive Battle of Valhalla. Pre-release will be held August 23rd, with the set releasing the 30th. You can see the playmat and pre-release promo card below. 

They also released the images for the buy-a-box promo and buy-2-box promo (which you can see below) as well. 

So a couple things to notice here. First is these are our first spoilers of the new set! If you are having trouble reading Satan, the text of the cards is below the image. We will go over these cards on the podcast most likely if you are interested. These are some decently strong cards though! 

The standout, as you might have guessed, is the buy-2-box promo. So this is now official that the buy-2-box card is back unfortunately. We are still waiting on confirmation that this is exclusive to the promo pulls as was the previous card but nothing yet. It’s safe to assume in the meantime that it is exclusive until it is said otherwise (as they’ve only locked multiple box promos behind this wall in the past, and have given no indication of changing that). 

So going off of that, this is a really strong card to lock behind a paywall. This is a straight cancel attached to a body with a random secondary effect. Especially post rotation (about 3 months after this card comes out and Laurite rotates) this card will possibly become a huge staple. So let’s hope they haven’t locked this behind a paywall yet again. 

Another theory now that has been posted after seeing these cards spoiled, is that we will be getting some type of stones that will be able to produce multiple colors somehow. This is because all the cards seen are dual color cards. I doubt we will see the return of dual stones, but something that requires effort to produce multiple colors rather. We shall see!


So Svitlana, the owner of Games N Geek, posted in the FOW Global Facebook group, letting everyone know that she was collecting questions from the community to send to the company! She stated she would collect the serious questions from people and work on getting answers for us from the company itself. She only asked for no questions on the C/UC reprints. There are tons of questions asked in the comment thread that are very interesting so it will be exciting to hear what the company has to say!

She currently gave no time frame on when to expect some of these answers (she probably has to wait on the company’s timeline), so we will be sure to keep everyone updated on when that comes out! We will most likely do a video dedicated to these questions and answers once they are released as well.


So as many of you probably don’t know, Wanderer format in FOW is in a bit of limbo right now. With the loss of Jeff at FOW, Wanderer is basically no longer officially supported.

As such some members of the community have stepped up! It started with Conqueror format created by Benjamin Bargetzi, which you can find on Facebook and just concluded an online tournament. They created a format that is Wanderer with some rule alterations, ban lists, and erratas. 

From this, came a separate Wanderer group, using the official ‘Wanderer’ title still. This was composed of the likes of Stephanie Shaw and Jeff Finnigan which created rules such as adding energize to old rulers, and updating the ban list. 

Well, the latter of the two has picked up some real traction! As of today, the Wanderer ban list/rules created by this group has been adopted by the entirety of the EU! With no US tournaments coming up, this means that any Wanderer tournaments you see are using these new rules. This is pretty cool that this was able to be adopted so quickly and so widely. Be sure to check their Facebook group to follow up on this as well.


Caster Chronicles, the card game originally spawned by FOW (now independent) has announced that its new set, Polar Night, will be crossing over with FOW! This means this set will feature FOW characters inside of it. This is the only details we have so far, so hopefully this means cool new art of characters in the Casters world! We’ve seen similar things with Caster Promo cards in the past, so it will be cool to see this in a much larger degree now.


The Argent Saga Kickstarter is coming to a close! It ends THIS Friday, the 12th, at 11 AM CST. So if you were at all interested in jumping in on this, do it soon! They currently passed the 75K goal to unlock the Yuki exclusive promo card, and the next goal is at 100K which unlocks a tournament exclusively for Kickstarter backers! At time of typing this, they are currently 10K away from that so it’s very possible they might hit that!

After the Kickstarter ends, if you didn’t pledge, be sure to check with your local game store about carrying it so you can secure the product you need to get started. 


Spoilers have been steadily rolling out for Argent Saga for awhile now. If math proves correct, this will be ending soon. We are on the last 8 or less cards to be spoiled in the set (currently spoiling Legendaries). If you haven’t been following, be sure to check out our videos where we’ve gone over every single card spoiled so far!

The game is really coming together after looking at all these cards. I’m excited to see what type of promotional material will happen in between spoilers and release of the set as well. We got a couple other things possibly to look forward to so stay tuned!


With some recent tournaments that happened, we also got a look at some awesome prize cards for Argent Saga! One event had 46 players, and the other had 206! That is really good for a game that hasn’t even released yet. With this we got a look at the awesome metal cards! These come in 4 versions, gold outline, silver outline, bronze outline, and rainbow outline. The rainbow goes to the top players that aren’t the top 3.

These will very from being Champions to Spirits currently. And as you can see, they look awesome! See below for the metal Spirit and Champion from the events.

I’m looking forward to more of these! Blinging out a deck with a metal champion/spirit plus metal towers will be really awesome.


A couple last tidbits to go over. Firstly this weekend is the ARG Playmat tournament we or having in Austin, TX! This will be at Mothership Books and Games. If you are in the area message us for full details. 

There was no podcast this week due to us being away, but tune into the podcast next week where we will go over the spoiled cards! And on the mini-podcast on Patreon where we go over our trip to RTX!

Art has been continually released on the official FOW Facebook page. I’ll put some noteable  ones below! If you want to see more just check out the official FOW page for the rest!

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!



To watch a video going over these summary highlights, click HERE.

To watch Jeff’s original stream, check it out HERE

So Jeff Finnigan, former Global Liason of Force of Will did a Q and A on Twitch this past weekend. He went over a lot of interesting information regarding scrapped plans for the game, his thoughts on FOW’s future, and the new company Eiji created and its projects! So here is the bullet point summary:

-Jeff revealed he only likes and eats plain cheese pizza, nothing else.

-He said that in his opinion, the company  would not elect to re-use art in future sets 

-When asked about the company’s communication with the community, he said we most likely will never get any communication with players, outside of what we see in sales sheets etc.

-He revealed that set V2 was the last set FOW produced that paid for itself (as far as production costs etc). V3’s pre-orders did not end up covering the cost of its production.

-They knew pretty far ahead of time that they would not be able to fully pay for art in v4. As such, Jeff had come up with an idea to remedy this while also appeasing the community. He created a set that would take the old Valhalla cards (the OG ones) that barely anybody has been able to get a hold of, and use the art while updating the card effects themselves in this new set. This would have been a cool thematic way to continue our return to Valhalla, and bringing the old art to the mainstream of FOW players who never experienced it before. Jeff said he already had the first set or 2 planned out and it just had to be completed and integrated. Obviously they decided not to go this route and do the half/half reprints instead.

-Each of these Valhalla sets would have 5 Valhalla Rulers in it. The first set would have Red Mage, Arthur, Chronos, Athenia, and Garmheld. The second set would have at least Black Mage and Arwyn.

-Blue he said was designed to have milling against your opponent, and each of the colors had other cool unique mechanics that would have built in support throughout the sets.

-Speaking of support, he also had these sets see support for the overlooked rulers of the past. This included Pandora, Welser, and Dark Elves. Two examples he gave was an addition for Pandora, that had an effect that whenever you mobilized, you could give that  resonator Swiftness, Flying, or Drain etc. Welser would have a color changing Crest that could produce will as well!

-When asked if he’d consider going back to work for FOW company, he said no he is not interested. He would come back to work for the game if Eiji were to ever buy it back though.

-He also mentioned he is working on a personal game as a hobby. It’s a card game that will work on its own, but also be able to synergize with FOW cards as well! Whether/when this would be available, at least digitally, for people to mess with we’ll have to wait and see. But it sounds really cool! And our very own Oscar is helping him currently design the layout for the card as well.

-The Crypto Spell card game is a digital game that is using art etc from FOW under the new My Will Company. Jeff revealed the deal for this was made while Eiji was actually still in charge at FOW, and just carried over after they left, which I thought was pretty interesting.

-A Wanderer Booster Pack? So apparently there were now cancelled plans to make a Wanderer centric set. This would have cards in it specifically designed to support the Wanderer format while still technically being NF legal. This set would also include some Ascended Rulers! (Old rulers updated with energize, upgraded abilities etc). There was even support for the Green Ruler from Vingolf 1! An example of an Ascended Ruler was they were looking at making Dark Alice an 1100/1100 and her Ruler side ability being unchaseable.

-An interesting tidbit is that FOW outsources their R and D department. A 3rd party creates the cards, then someone at FOW transitions them over specifically to FOW. This has lead to some problems Jeff had mentioned, including some weirdly strong cards, and he was pushing at the time to have an in-house design team.

-There were also plans for a box that would include 1 of every single Ruler ever made! This included Valhalla OG rulers up to modern rulers. It would be a way to have the rulers be updated with erratas, or in OG Valhalla’s case have the text actually made readable. The old rulers would have the frame updated to the modern one, while new rulers would get a cool throwback to the old frames! They would also have some sort of golden text or stamp (they were still deciding at the time).

-When New Valhalla was coming out, the straight Runes in the starter decks were originally not color locked. Jeff is the one who had to step in and change them to be color locked. He felt it was important to keep some of the 0 costs (especially things like discard) locked to specific decks.

-Jeff mentioned how he had a ‘loud’ argument with people about trying to give Loki support. He laid out what was needed with the awakening abilities to work with her. They ended up ignoring him afterwards and essentially doing no support and printing ‘lazy’ mechanics.

-When talking about how the company operates now, he said they create the product but once it leaves their doors, they don’t care about it anymore. This explains the lack of communication on subjects, and why we will never get an update on bans or the CR he said. If a large store or enough stores pressured them they could do something, but they would just adapt whatever said store told them they should do.

-Originally New Valhalla Rulers had a variety of Divinity numbers. The ruler and j-ruler sides would be different on rulers. So the Ruler sides had 6-8 Divinity, while the J-Ruler side had 10-12 Divinity.

-He also mentioned that back in Reiya cluster, he was the one who pushed to get Otherworld Dreams banned. Getting that banned though for him was an ‘actual nightmare’ to do.

-The new studio Jeff and Eiji have, My Will Studio, will be soon coming out with FOW merch! This will have T-Shirts, Hoodies, and other merch with FOW official art on it! So stay on the lookout for that.

-An interesting note, the botched set TSW from Reiya cluster was from them switching to the printer that prints MTG cards! After that they switched to a printer in Sydney that Jeff said is really good.

-When asked, Jeff said he is interested in Argent Saga. The design seems interesting, so we will see.

-My Will Studio is making an ‘Arena’ card game! This will be a board game that uses cards and FOW characters. There will be acrylic figurines (much different than the Little Dread from Gencon), booster packs, rulers etc. There will be a commercial for this coming up so stay tuned!

-Eiji was the one with lots of contacts in the industry. He secured the IP for the first 2 Vingolf games so there won’t be anymore of that with him gone, but it could lead to stuff at My Will Studio, even with the board game they are creating.

-After Jeff and Eiji were pushed out of the company, all of the grunt workers were fired as well (especially in Japan). So all things in Japan such as events were killed off right after V2 was released/bought by everyone. So people who work on the Database, website, and social media are all gone now, hence so few updates. There is no headquarters anymore either, just the printing company is all that’s left.

-Jeff tried to get Wanderer for day 2 at last year’s Worlds to no avail. He wanted to get it this year as well. He is not sure what they’ll do this year, especially since he said nobody at the company has ever run an event period.

-He talked about how he would gather pages and pages of player submitted feedback to give to the company on different topics. Whenever he would try showing them the company would say this is just ‘his opinion’, not anybody else’s or the world’s. This would be while he’s standing their with the literal opinions of the players all over the world, and that getting this data was his actual job.

-He mentioned real quick that My Will Studio had teamed up with the Lapis cosplayer for some stuff they are doing.

-For the next cluster of FOW he had heard they are releasing one starter deck per booster box release. He is unsure exactly how that works, especially with support and distribution so we will have to wait and see.

-Lastly he said that all the Wanderer promos we are seeing and will see are from a poll he did over a year ago (that we were unaware that the poll was being used for that at the time). So we will keep seeing popular Wanderer promos, but as soon as it runs out of pre-made cards he set up, he is unsure what will happen after or if they will continue it.

So that’s everything! Hopefully that was easy enough to read/follow. Thanks for reading!