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Some interesting tid bits are out now for several card games, so let’s get to it!


Last week we announced a giveawy for FOUR Arwyn promo cards! This was brought to you courtesy of Happy Little Hug Factory (Link in the banners on this website). Today we get to choose a winner! This winner is…    Brent Kosier!

If this is you, be sure to check your email! Thank you all for participating and keep on supporting HLHF!


We got our first look at the promo card above! If it looks familiar, it’s because we reported it as a promo last month (I believe it was found by Chris Weekly FOW Update on Facebook). Now we finally have a look at it in English!

Interesting thing to note is that it looks like it’s a June promo, so stores should already have this. We are unsure why we are just now getting the official preview, but at least it’s here. However, there is only one. Usually monthly promos come in sets of 2. Not sure why the count is lower this month, but hopefully it will bounce back to normal next month.

On a side note regarding the Facebook page of Force of Will. Looks like they are finally taking more of a look at it. They recently updated all the images to be in line with the newest set release etc, however all the images are pixelated. But it’s something!


Over this past couple weeks we have been getting artwork spoiled for the next set! I’ll have it all below, but there is some pretty cool stuff. The official FOW Facebook page is the one spoiling this so keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks leading up to the official card spoils eventually.


So the Argent Saga Kickstarter begins today! Be sure to check it out, it has rewards ranging from pins, to booster boxes, to metal cards, and more! They have things that will unlock as well if they pass certain milestones so be sure to pay attention to that. We will watch the progress of this and keep you all updated. 

Be sure to also check out the official Argent Saga website for more information about the game and upcoming events HERE


It looks like we got our first look at the ‘Mini’ expansion planned for the game! This is called ‘Generations’ and was found on the Southern Hobby Distributor Website. It has a release date of September 9th of this year! Below is the details of the product:

Continue exploring the world of Argos with Expansion Pack Generations! Enhance any existing Argent Saga deck with 15 never-before-seen cards, Five (5) Full-Art Tower Guardians, and five (5) Champions. Expansion Pack: 1 Generations contains one (1) of each card, guaranteed. Look out for random Premium Packs containing foil variants of every card!

Expansion Pack Generations includes
– 25 cards
– 15 new playable cards
– 12 New Units
– 3 New Legendary Shards
– 5 Full Art Tower Guardians
– 5 Champions
– 1 Expansion Pack in each Display Box will contain ALL-FOIL versions of each card
– 12 packs per display box
– 6 display boxes per case

So this sounds awesome! All the cards will be completely foil as well, which is a nice touch. It’s cool to already see supporting product outside of the main set, and so soon! 


In even more Argent news, we got our first looks at some of the exclusive promos they will be releasing! This is from the Argent Saga website, where we get a look at the GenCon promos below:

As you can see, they are all alt art and full art! Which is really cool to see. Having exclusive promos at events already is a nice touch as well. It looks like there are more to be revealed in the coming weeks possibly?

We also got a look at the Kickstarter Exclusive release promos! This includes the promo cards for participating, card for winning, and playmats! It’s worth noting this shows that the dragon egg promo at GenCon is not exclusive, as it appears here. You can see all this below:

And lastly for this is the pre-release promos! This is yet another different full art card that looks awesome! The website also details that participants will get booster packs etc. But check that out below, and all this information can be found on their website under ‘Events’.


Last bit of news for Argent Saga is regarding their decks! These were the demo decks and alpha intro decks that were up for grabs a while ago (they may still be up to buy, we are not sure) but they are now arriving in the mail! So if you ordered one of these be sure to check the mail.

We got ours in and will have a video going up later detailing them. But in short, they seem to be really good quality cardstock. A bit thicker than FOW, with a lot of gloss over it. Though it should be noted the set 1 will have different gloss on it than this. Once again check out that video once it’s out for more details on the actual cards!


Last bit of news I wanted to cover was that a Godzilla Card Game was announced! Now this isn’t a normal TCG like FOW or AS, it is more of a LCG. It is by the people who made the Naruto Card game recently, and uses similar mechanics as far as resources etc. 

This is the first set, with more planned to expand on it. And they announced tournaments will be held for it starting in October! Any store that orders a case of this set will get the Tournament kit for free! I personally am very excited for this, as it uses a lot of available Godzilla classic monsters, but with cool updated art! More information for this can be found HERE

That’s all for today! See you all next week



If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Today we have some…News for sure. So here we go.


This is a big giveaway! Our friends at Happy Little Hug Factory are providing an amazing prize for a giveaway! For this, they are giving away an entire PLAYSET of the new Arwyn buy-2-box promo card! That’s right, the card that is currently going for nearly $30 a piece, they are giving away 4! All you need to do is enter into the competition HERE. We will announce the winner in next week’s News segment.

Thanks again to Happy Little Hug Factory!


So we got the first news of the new set! Full details of it can be found HERE.   It is called ‘The Decisive Battle of Valhalla’. Sounds pretty cool. In the details though a lot of people missed that it does confirm the return of the buy-2-box promo. This is the promo most recently that was Arwyn (the card in the giveaway). The problem with this buy-2-box strategy (besides American distributors being notoriously bad at handing them out) is they decided to put a card in this promo slot that is UNIQUE to that promo slot. This means it does not exist in the set, and can only be obtained by buying 2 boxes, or paying for them in the secondary market (currently selling for close to $30 a piece). 

My hope is that this is going to be a normal promo card. While still not ideal, due to distributor shenanigans, it being not unique to the promo slot fixes the problem most people had with this. We currently don’t know details about it outside of there is a buy-2-box promo, but with how set releases work, it is probably safe to temporarily assume this is another unique card.


The other revelation from this is that the new set will be…interesting. According to the official sales sheet FOW sent out, this set will include only 40 new cards. This is the smallest new card pool in the history of the game. The remaining 60 cards will be reprints of the New Valhalla Starter Decks, taking up all the C/UC slots. 

I will note, that on the Ruler School Podcast, it was mentioned that the company will be putting out an update saying that not every single C/UC will be a reprint (I assume they messed up the sales sheet most likely). That was on Sunday and as of now there has been no update. We will keep you posted on if they do. 

Now we don’t know full details, but if they use the C/UC rarities that are printed in the starter decks, that leaves out things like Master Runes. And obviously the Rulers (the main reason people wanted reprints). We’ll keep you updated on that as well as it comes up. 

All in all, the reprints feel cheap and last minute in my opinion. People have been wanting the starter decks reprinted (as was promised by the company) in order to easily bring people, or themselves, into the game. For a low price you got an entire deck, a Ruler, and more instantly. This new reprint idea locks that behind a $100 box with non-guaranteed pulls, and whether it includes the Rulers is up in the air, which is the main reason people wanted reprints. This also makes for only 40 new cards, which is infinitely lazy. One thing people aren’t talking about as well is this greatly affects limited formats, including pre-release. If these don’t have updated set numbers, none of the cards are legal in pre-release. If the reprints include things like Runes, those are unplayable in limited, among other factors. 

At this point, even if the set included things like Rulers etc, this feels like a cash grab from the company. A way to put no effort into a new set, while also “technically” reprinting the starter decks so they can say they did (even though this is not what anybody was actually asking for). The only real net positive that will come from this is the possibility of foil cards from the Starter Decks. We’ll follow this as it unfolds though.

The other main piece of information from this is the Super Rare slot has increased to 20 (from the normal 10) in the upcoming set. It is speculated that this could be the 10 Rulers possibly, however on the sales sheet it does not list any of these at reprints. But since there were already errors, this could be as well. If not, this will be the largest SR pool we’ve seen, and as a side effect make it impossible for the ability to buy 3 boxes and get most cards you need strategy that FOW is known for. 


ARG Summer events starts this weekend! Be sure to check if anybody in your area is running an event. You’ll be able to get exclusive playmats, pins, and more. This is also the last chance to get an invite to the ARG Invitational! So if you want to try attending that event, this is your last chance to win and be able to attend!

More information can be found on their website HERE


The countdown has started to the Kickstarter going live for Argent Saga! If you missed, it HERE is the awesome announcement video. They are doing daily countdown videos on their Facebook as well.

The details of the Kickstarter are being released in pieces as well. Below is the compiled images of what has been revealed for the Kickstarter tiers! So be on the lookout for that in the coming week!

That’s all the news for today. Tune in next week!



If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Quite a few topics to go over, since last we talked, so let’s get started.


Worlds details have been announced! While we knew it was happening, due to everything shifting, we were unsure of the date and location. Well, we finally got that!

It will be in November of this year. No exact day yet, but hopefully we will get that in the coming weeks. It also is being held in Osaka, which is a change from the normal locations. This is probably done in an effort to save money, but it’s happening still which is the important part.

We’ll keep you guys update as we get more information (once we get closer to the date).


So as you guys know, FOW keeps their own card database on the website. This has all the card images which are used for most everything, as they don’t have a watermark etc. Well it was noticed that spoilers had stopped (so no more images on Facebook for remainder of English cards), and there still was nothing on the website.

As of right now, there is still nothing on the website except a button to select Awakening of the Ancients as a set, but nothing pulls up. In a comment thread, former employee Jeff Finnigan seemed skeptical that they would bring back and maintain the database. However he was going to talk to them to try and convince them that it was important to have.

You can actually see some of these side effects of no database with things like TCGPlayer not having images for single cards you can buy. Also the independent FOW database can’t update for obvious reasons (and may just stop running if no cards are revealed in English). Things like Untap and Lackey also cannot update with proper English cards, making digital game play that much harder.

Luckily, thanks to an anonymous source, we have gotten a hold of the entire AOA set in English! We are hosting these cards on our website HERE. You can scroll and enlarge the photos pretty easily, unfortunately there is no search function currently, though if needed we may look into that.


So it was finally confirmed that we got another card locked behind multiple boxes. This isn’t a promo card, but a legit card that you can never pull out of a booster pack. The only way to obtain it is by buying 2 booster boxes. This is actually a pretty decent card that will most likely see play in the future as well, which sucks a bit more.

It’s double unfortunate, since the set releases a day before the GP this weekend, so people won’t physically be able to really play the card unless something happens to ease it. Or people with connections may be able to obtain and play the card, getting an advantage possibly.

In another comment thread, Jeff Finnigan noted that this change happened after himself and Eiji were kicked out. Saying that they had learned their lesson with TSW and were not about to repeat that.
Unfortunately this is not only annoying, but a potential bad strategy. Yes, you will possibly sell more boxes real quick, but in the long term you will hurt the game and damage trust with players that already is hurting. This will anger current players who now have to pay extra for a card they want to play (assuming it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of FOW, to Distributors, to Locals), and it will also deter players who may be interested in joining the game, as paywall cards are not favored in the community.

Hopefully enough of a negative reaction will stave off future paywall cards from happening. And this current one won’t blow up too much either.


One thing you may have noticed at your pre release this last weekend, is that some of the packs appeared to be opened. Don’t worry, this is not the distributor or locals trying to con you. This is actually a manufacturing thing, probably something wrong with the gluing process.

This is important to note so a blame game doesn’t happen, and also so you feel better opening said packs. Hopefully this problem is fixed by the time the booster boxes come out, and this is just a pre release kit problem. If the packs are opened in the boxes, not only does that lead to a host of problems with players and store, but it also does not help the longevity of said cards to be sitting in high humidity etc in an unsealed pack.

We’ll know soon enough in our box opening video if this is a consistent problem or not.


New monthly promo cards are here! As you can see above. These are not English, unfortunately. You can expect them to be in English, we are just unsure if they will be spoiled in English online.

But we got Bunbuku, the Legendary Tea Kettle that cheats out beasts, and Contract Demon that draws you cards and such.

These are pretty cool looking promos, however it is very unfortunate they haven’t continued the trend of printing promo versions of cards from the Starter Decks, since we will never see those reprinted. Here’s hoping we’ll get some next month!


There is a GP this weekend! TCGScrubs’ Oscar will be livestreaming the event, which we are very excited about after Vite Ramen sponsored the entire trip! The event will take place 1 day after set release so it should lead to some interesting decks and top 8!

You can watch the stream on our Youtube or Twitch channel, where we will have some cool stuff planned for your entertainment!


In other TCG News, Argent Saga has announced their pre-release! This will take place July 26-28! More information on this will be coming soon, but you can start talking to your locals on if they will be wanting to host this and get into this upcoming TCG.

If you guys have seen, we’ve been doing Argent Saga Week here on the TCGScrubs Youtube Channel. Each day we are going over a different Intro Deck, and finishing off with a pretty cool gameplay video!
So if you are curious be sure to check out those videos, and talk to your store to get ready for this release!

That about does it for today, thanks for joining and see you next time!



If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Let’s jump right into this!


The next cluster has been announced! Through a post on the official Facebook page for FOW they said this upcoming cluster we will be going back to Attoractia! This means Alice Cluster, Faria, Regalia? We don’t know what exactly it will hold, we’ve just had the image above. However this makes sense now when Jeff had said during our interview he had ideas to bring back Stealth in this next cluster.

With us revisiting this place and time it makes perfect sense to re introduce some old mechanics! One side thing that was interesting to note was that the artwork is all old art from the other clusters. Usually with a cluster announcement we have always gotten teased with some of the new art, even if it’s of old characters. Not sure why this is, but hopefully we get some more details soon!


A new event was just announced by Dylan Hunt of Gamer’s Lair! This is a Force of Will event in Canada. It has some awesome prizing, including custom tokens and acrylic trophies as you can see in the pictures.

There will be side events from what he said so look forward to this! There is currently a cap of 50 players that can enter, however if the total attendance gets close to this number he will start seeking out a bigger venue.

For more information, including full list of prizing etc be sure to check out the website link HERE.


If you missed it, we did a video and article going over all the details of the GP that is replacing the New York location. This event is relatively close to the old one and is taking place at the end of this month.

Some of the new updates for this event include:
VIP entry, where you can pay extra to get more awesome goodies.
Obtaining a store that will attend to deal in Force of Will Singles
Just adding misc. information for the event such as easy ways to get in touch with people for carpooling.

If you want to stay up to date on this event, be sure to check out the article on our website HERE where we will constantly update that with any new information that comes in.

Speaking of which, we here at TCGScrubs are looking to try and send Oscar there to stream the event, however we do not have the funds to do so. If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor us to go out there so a stream can be held please contact us on Discord, Facebook, or email (!


If you haven’t been paying attention, a new card game called Argent Saga is coming out from the company ARG. We’ve been folowing this and have lots of content planned going forward! In the coming weeks we will be coming out with full deck reviews of all the intro decks, as well as physical gameplay videos!

So be on the lookout for those, and if you have ideas for other Argent Saga content let us know! We are hoping cover this game on a consistent to semi-consistent basis in the future.

We will briefly go over how to play the game, however we highly recommend checking out the official Argent Saga Youtube channel where they have an in depth tutorial. You can see that HERE.

Another thing to look out for is Argent Saga just announced they will be at Anime North! This takes place May 24th-26th. They will be holding demos, and raffles for prizes exclusive to the event! If you plan on attending be sure to swing by there!


Just a reminder that pre-release for the next set, Awakening of the Ancients, is coming up soon! The prelease events can start to be held the 17th. Make sure your locals has everything in order, and that you start promoting it everywhere to try and get some attendance in!

As a reminder, the prizing mat and promo cards are below:


There are several small things I want to go over here before we go. First, if you missed it we did a podcast with DM073 from Ruler School! We talk about the current and future meta of the game, and just overall thoughts going forward. In the Patreon Mini podcast we talk about what goes into starting a Youtube channel as well! Main podcast can be found HERE

Colin also did a Vlog if you missed it! He attended and helped commentate the GP in MN and documented some of his adventures. Be sure to check that out HERE!

Lastly, as a side note Colin and Oscar will be attending RTX this year in Austin. If any of you guys plan on going let us know! We can do a meet up at the event and play some FOW! It’d be a lot of fun and our local store is the one hosting the board game area so there is lots of fun to be had!

That will about do it for today. Thanks for joining and see you next week!



UPDATES: Added New VIP Entry Image and Information Below. Card Singles Vendor and Carpool Information added at bottom as well! And we are now OFFICIALLY STREAMING the event! Oscar will be attending to stream, thanks to Vite Ramen (More info on them later). 

Here we will gather all the information for the GP in Bethlehem, PA, and update it with any new information as it comes out. So be sure to check by here often and reserve your tickets for the event!

Below are the graphics that go over the main information for the event. Additional information, including updates will be right below the graphics. Video summary of this information can be found HERE as well.

If you are interested in the event, or plan on attending, be sure to mark yourself as such at the event Facebook page HERE to get notified instantly of event updates!

So to clarify, there is the stone entry promo, but it is while supplies last.

Prizing is guaranteed after 40 people are guaranteed in attendance.

The event’s prizing will scale! So the more people that attend, the more prizing that will be added.

There will be a release event for the new set. And booster boxes will be available with NO purchase cap!

If you pre-register, you do get $10 off your first booster box.

Pre-registration can be done over the phone at (610) 419-8004

The event will cap out at 140 people.

The store will NOT have singles, as FOW is not their biggest card game, so plan accordingly.

For travel and parking information, among other things, check out the ‘Discussion’ section on the Facebook page for this event with Todd Dreisbach’s posts!

Side events will fire off based on individual demand.

New VIP Entry Added! Image and information as follows:

The following post accompanied the VIP Entry announcement:

Announcing VIP packages for WGPQ PA! $30 upgrade to base entry; you receive an extra FIVE promos AND an energize coin. 3 GP exclusives and 2 random promos. (Images in post.)
– 2 random promos
– Donut Drone
– Cat Ninja Scout
– Zero Energize Coin
– Choice of:
Eir, Valkyrie of Mercy OR Azazel, the Fallen Angel of Gloom

Thank you Svitlana Young for helping provide our event with another way for you all to get these exclusive promos that didn’t get mass USA release.

*These are limited please act fast and pre-register today*”

This page will be updated with any further information as it comes in. Any other information you think should be added (or questions needed answered) be sure to post them on the Facebook event or contact us to add it in here!


For the video version of the news, click below:
Otherwise we have a lot to go over. I’ll save the GP cancellation and reschedule for the last news item, so scroll down if you just want to see that!


So I saw the above post by Joshua Patton in the Force of Will Global Facebook Group. Joshua (who is apart of Rogue’s Guild, check out their Youtube channel!) pointed out that Potomac didn’t know the release date of the new Force of Will Set. In the comments he went on to say he had gone into his locals and asked for a pre release kit. The locals said they couldn’t with only 1 weeks notice. After Joshua said the set doesn’t come out for a month they called Alliance (their distributor) who said they have no clue when this set is even coming out.
To clarify real quick, in the comments Dylan Hunt pointed out that Potomac Distribution is not a distributor, just a large store for clarification. But the fact that this large store, and Alliance both have no idea when this set is coming out is a bit troubling.
The date of the set release has in fact been changed twice, but it looks like the company hasn’t done a great job at communicating this change. Local game stores should have a general knowledge this is happening, but larger places and especially distributors should have no confusion regarding this. Hopefully this is fixed by the time the set comes out so that locals with less attentive players still get the necessary support to keep going.


Another week, another set of promos revealed! This time we have God’s Choice and Sima Hui. God’s Choice is actually a pretty well played card as well.
Both look awesome though! These are part of the regular play promos, so be sure your local game store is using TCG Meister each time you guys play! This not only determines whether your store will receive promos, but also how man you’ll get!


The new Will Power Rewards are finally here! These are the rewards that were sent to anyone who got high enough ranks in that last month or 2 before the program stopped. If you were VIP from the WPR before that, you will be getting 2 of these at random.
So these cards are the remaining 5 NV rulers, and are pretty unique. The front side is that Uber look, as you can see above. It is also textured! Which is pretty cool.
The back side is much more…unique.
As you can see, a very unique looking design. According to Jeff Finnigan, they were originally supposed to be similar to the Pokemon Rainbow Rares, however after he left it looks like they changed it.
These were revealed to very mixed reception, some loving the unique look, others disliking the way it feels like they just took shortcuts to get these out visually. That’ll be up to you guys on whether you enjoy them!
But keep an eye on the mail, as they will come via Fedex and require a signature! Let us know if you get some.


Mr. Bowater (the artist) revealed the playmat for ARG Nationals! You can see it above.
This is the event where everyone who has invites etc can attend for some awesome prizing! And this playmat is further proof of the awesome quality items you have to look forward to!
For more information on this event be sure to check out ARG’s website or Facebook page! 



Spoilers have started for Argent Saga! If you haven’t been following, Argent Saga is a new card game coming out from ARG. It has a lot of familiar gameplay for those who play games like FOW. They started spoiling the Intro Decks and have already done a couple colors.
If you want to see them, be sure to follow the Argent Saga Facebook page, or just join the Facebook AS group where the spoilers are shared consistently as well.
We will be doing videos going over the spoilers for each specific Intro deck in the coming week as well so stay tuned!


As you can read above, it looks like the new company may be doing some shady stuff. Daiko is the printing company that took over FOW after Eiji was kicked out.
They are now accusing Jeff of purposely damaging the game and trying to hide the evidence, which if incorrect is straight up slander of character. Many of you probably know Jeff and everything he did for the game. If not, simply go to the Global Facebook page and read all the comments on this post. 

I would like to know where and what context these accusations were made, because this is very troubling. If Jeff wants to delve further into this I’ll update this article as needed, but he may want to stay as minimal as possible. Regardless on your thoughts of the current game state or new owners, slandering former employees in unacceptable and it should be vocally known by the players as such.
We’ll keep you guys updated, but thought this was important information to at least be aware of.


Alright now here’s the big set of news stories. If you missed it last week, the store running the New York GP, Kirwan’s was saying they may have to cancel the event since they had no communication with the company. This caused a lot of concern among players, especially those that had already bought plane tickets, hotels, or requested time off of work.

The event is still a month away, so there was still time for them to get in contact with the company and wait to receive prizing etc. Some players even were pitching in money to get a paid invite to first place to help give incentive for people to come play.

This past week though, the owner came and officially announced the event was cancelled. Before we get into too much details, I want to mention at the front that the company has already found a replacement event! I will go into more detail of that in just a bit.

In his post (screenshots below, as well as any other screenshots that are mentioned here) he said the company itself cancelled the event. He had heard the event was cancelled through a former employee. He went on to say he was probably going to cancel anyways as he didn’t have direct communication with the company and had not received all that was promised.

What it boiled down to that he was promised was:
Top Tier Judges
Streaming of the Event
Paid Invite

Of those he was for sure getting prizing, judges he would have access to as well, just had to make sure to set aside the judge promos to give them, stream would have been up to if Jeremy would get sponsored (or if he wasn’t busy), and the paid invite was being helped covered by the community.

So the only not guaranteed aspect was the stream. After making his post he stated he was leaving the Facebook group and could only be contacted by email. One thing I forgot to mention last week that was told to me by people who attend his store was that that store is not a big fan of FOW and has been slowly giving the impression of not wanting to support it anymore.

So this culmination feels expected, but still sucks. I reached out to the owner via email with some questions and got an email response (Once again, full email will be below). To summarize, he summarized about he was promised by Rob those different aspects I mentioned above. He said after the company change he attempted to talk to the company both via email and in person at GAMA and was unsuccessful.

He said Svitlana (Owner of Games n Geek) started to question him and put herself between him and FOW, even though she does not represent FOW which lead to communication problems. Interestingly, at the end of the email he suggested I talk to Svitlana since she is acting on behalf of FOW, which seems to contradict that first statement.

He went on to talk about specifics regarding judging and prizing he was hoping to have, but was unsure of. He said the former employee (Whom was Jeff Finnigan) contacted him after talking to Kim to say the event was cancelled, though he was going to cancel anyways because of the ‘Drama’ around it. I am unsure what drama he is referring to, as any drama regarding the event happened after he publicly said he was going to cancel it most likely.

He seemed to confirm he was okay with helping the players pay for a worlds invite to entice players to come as well.

At the end he said the biggest problem he had was he plans events months ahead of time, and since this event happens in a month there isn’t enough time to find judges, product, and venue.

One important thing to note is he has known of this event for 6 months, and he said he was aware of the management change and change in judges etc since it happened 2 months ago.

In response to asking if he’d ever consider hosting this event he basically said no he will not.

Now, on the flip side Svitlana was officially asked by FOW to communicate with him and others about these events, since they don’t have a good English translating side, or much experience with events. So everything she did was in official capacity.

As far as the company cancelling the event, that I’m not sure of. I can confirm that once the store owner threatened to cancel the event, FOW started looking for backups just in case he cancelled. I will update if I ever find out if they actually cancelled the event, or if there was just miscommunication and they were simply planning for the chance the event was cancelled.

I have seen evidence that FOW company did communicate with Kirwan’s store one the days he claimed to have no communication with them. In this evidence they asked if he had received promos for the event and prize support. The reply said no, and asked about judge contact information. In response, FOW asked for the estimated amount of players that would attend so they could start shipping the prize support, and after they had that information they would start discussing judge information. I didn’t see if there were any more responses in that chain.

Since cancellation, a replacement store was found almost instantly. The event is actually closer to the JFK airport than the previous, however it is a week later which is unfortunate for people who bought tickets etc. because this doesn’t help them. But the speed of the replacement is pretty great at least. And an interesting note is the prizing also changed for the event, with it now having one of the promos being the 5th stone of the promos stone series that we hadn’t seen come to the US yet.

So that’s the summary, make what conclusions you might from it and let us know your thoughts!


If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:
Not a lot of news, but a couple big items that we will go over.


If you guys remember, after the last set of Will Power Rewards, they ran one last short campaign for some more promo cards. We were pretty excited about this, but hadn’t heard anything at all since Eiji and Jeff were kicked out.
Well, it looks like we may finally be getting something! The above image was posted to the Force of Will Global Facebook group. This tracking information is identical to what is usually used for the WPR cards when they ship out.
If that’s the case, we are getting these cards randomly really soon! Not sure why there has been no word from the company about his, even just announcing the shipment of them. We also have no confirmation on what these cards even are.
Last we heard is they are indeed the remaining 5 Rulers that we didn’t get before. However they are still the original art, just a different print style. What exactly that means, we will find out.
Keep in mind, like I said there are no guarantees or word from the company regarding this, so take this with a grain of salt until we hear from the company or see pictures of product!
In the meantime keep an eye on your email and mailbox if you qualified for these rewards and there may be something!


So this news was brought to everyone’s attention by Todd Dreisbach in the Global Facebook group. The corresponding images will be posted below if you want to read it all, but he had an exchange with the owner of Kirwan’s Game Store (The store hosting the WGPQ) asking why there hadn’t been promotion of the event recently. The owner responded letting him know that he hadn’t had any contact with the company really since the exchange of ownership happened. He was supposed to have a call with them on Monday, but never received the scheduled call. He finished with saying the event would likely be cancelled. 
Now, I had a chance to talk with Martin May and  Andy Schroeder about this. They are both players on a team that have attended events at the store before. They actually had put together a proposal (Images below as well) to pay for the invite to Worlds themselves, with just a little bit of help from the store. The owner never responded to this proposal for various reasons. In a conversation the store owner had with Andy, he mentioned not getting promised prizing for the event from the company that was already agreed on. We haven’t gotten exact details yet (I reached out to the owner, and will update this if I hear back).
So it sounds like a case of the company not communicating again (surprise), and also a store that probably can run the event, but may not want to. Talking with Martin, he said the store owner doesn’t seem to enthusiastic about the game. Not seeming very into events like ARG, and having the store change hours to close when FOW meetups used to happen, which cut the attendance in half.
The simple fix to this is the company getting into contact with the store. If that doesn’t happen, Todd had raised this awareness in hopes that player demand would convince the shop to still run it. People already have bought flights, hotels, requested time off work, and more for this event. If it didn’t happen it would be the fault of the store, and company (unless one steps up). But at least we as players can try and keep it going by raising this awareness. 
I’ll keep you guys updated on what happens here and when it resolves, hopefully soon. There was a comment about there being an update from the company regarding it soon. Not sure where that information came from or when that update will happen (wasn’t able to get a reply in time). Pictures with more information below:

Todd’s Exchange

Andy’s Exchange


Well that does it for today! Just the two bigger stories. Let us know your thoughts, and see you next week!




If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

We got news for lots of things, including other games! So let’s go!


So there were several cool updates with Happy Little Hug Factory you guys should know about! 

First, they are now  carrying pre-constructed Pauper decks! These are really cool, easy ways to get people into the game, or yourself into Pauper. There are currently 3 decks, each with their own theme, following the rules of Pauper. You can pick one up off of the HLHF website for only $10, which includes an energize token (a simple, but effective one) and relevant dice where necessary.

Be sure to use our link when you go to the website to get some (just by clicking on any of the HLHF banners on this website).

The second thing is, as you guys may have seen, they are currently sold out on Caster Chronicles Starter Decks. However if you want some be sure to click on the backorder button! They are currently in the process of getting more, and you want to click that to guarantee some before they sell out again. You can watch us open a box of this starter deck HERE.


In case you guys haven’t been following, spoilers started! But this time, I genuinely have no idea how they work. If you’ve been following the Facebook pages, some languages get them at random times before others. 

In addition, the amount of cards varies day to day that are spoiled. There may be a pattern, but it ranges from 1, to 2, to 5 etc. As such, our spoiler videos will be a bit more random, as we won’t be making entire videos dedicated to single cards.

There are some cool stuff though, such as an Atom Master Rune so stay tuned for all of that!


Speaking of spoilers, one of the spoiler days was used randomly to show the promos we will be getting! These are all promos of cards we have yet to see spoiled in the set. But we got our Pre-release promo, Buy-a-box promo, Buy 2 boxes promo, and playmat for pre release.

If you are wondering how and why there is a buy 2 box promo, we have no idea. Obviously to enforce this they will have to go back to the old way of just giving distributors loose promos and hoping for the best. Does this mean the regular buy-a-box promo will be out of the box as well? Probably not (at least we hope so).

We will keep you guys updates as we go along for any information regarding this.


If you guys missed the podcast, be sure to check it out HERE. In it, we started what will be a weekly giveaway for the next couple podcasts!

We got  3 New Valhalla starter decks, courtesy Happy Little Hug Factory! These will be given away one at a time to Continental US residents each podcast until all 3 are gone. Be sure to tune in (at least to the beginning) of the podcasts to enter in!


The above email was sent from the new Force of Will Global group’s Ryan Dempsey (Join that new group HERE as well). This was in reference to the second batch of Will Power Rewards that we hadn’t heard any updates about. 

For those that don’t  know, the WPR system had set out a batch of rewards. However WPR was discontinued, so to help people who may of  had points built up (among other things) they decided to release one more batch of WPR cards, of which the point redemptions ended in December.

Ever since then we hadn’t heard a single thing regarding the program. Luckily this email finally sheds light on it! Middle of April is the new date, which is literally coming up on us real quick!

We have no idea what these are, how many cards there will be, or anything. Hopefully we find out before they start sending them out, but be on the lookout!


We reported previously in the news that My Will Studio was working with CryptoSpells to give them FOW artwork for their digital game. Now we finally have a look at it! 

Naturally Pandas are being used. But it is very interesting to see official FOW art being officially used in another game. This is a digital game that somehow is incorporated with crypto currency.

Seems interesting enough. They have plans at some point to bring the game to other regions/languages, but for now it is just Japanese.

You can see the full list of cards (and try spotting FOW artwork) at their website HERE.


In case you missed it all, the US Facebook group (the largest FOW Facebook presence outside the official FOW page) has been shut down. This was part of efforts of several people behind the scenes for various reasons.

Shortly after this group was shut down, an EU Facebook group was completely deleted (unrelated to the people who shut down the US group). It wasn’t an effort to kill the game, but rather bring attention to aspects of the company.

You can watch a more detailed breakdown of this and come to your own conclusions HERE. For now, be sure to join the new official channel for Facebook FOW HERE called Force of Will Global! 

We will  have more information regarding this (hopefully) at a later date.


Now we haven’t covered Transformers TCG in a while, but there is some pretty cool stuff going on there, especially in promotion of the new set!

Firstly, they introduced mini cards! I thought this was cool because the game officially has, normal size cards, big cards, giant cards, foldable cards that combine into bigger cards, and now mini cards! It feels like what a Transformers TCG should feel like.

The new set is also introducing essentially a ‘Stealth’ mechanic for some cards.

In addition, as seen in the image above, they are doing a launch day event with store promos!

So if you want to partake in that, be sure to contact your store about following the necessary steps to obtain them! There are lots of other details coming out for the new set, so if you’d like us to continue covering this let us know!

That’s all the news for today, thanks for reading and see you next time!


If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Also if you missed it, we did a podcast with J-Ruler! You can catch that HERE
Tons of news finally so let’s get going!




These promo leaks come courtesy of Chris Weekly FOW Update, who’s page can be found HERE. These are from the Wanderer League, and are two older, but popular cards.
The first is Cthugha, the Living Flame! A very popular and powerful card, that now has a much cooler version of it available!
The second is the versatile Xeex the Ancient Magic. This time getting a face lift right into Red Riding Hood!
We haven’t gotten anymore information on if the US will get these or when, but hopefully so because they look cool.



We got official confirmation of the first project in Jeff and Eiji’s new company, My Will Studio. Be sure to follow their Facebook page HERE.

They have announced they are teaming up with CryptoSpells! This is an up and coming digital card game that is based on crypto currency.

What that exactly entails I’m not sure. My Will Studio is not in charge of the game, they are simply leasing the IP. But they promise this is the start of many more projects to come. Check out the full statement below:

_____________________________________________ _________________________



So if you guys follow ARG, you may have noticed their upcoming event in MA does not have FOW as a listed event.
When asked about this, Jim (Owner of ARG) said they would love to keep doing FOW, but there is no communication. When asked further, he said:
FOW has been told recently we will run their events and had an opportunity to meet with me in Vegas. They did not take that opportunity.


So as of right now ARG is not hosting future FOW events (outside of the the upcoming store-run Easter event). Though they are still open to it, granted the company communicates anything at all. So we shall wait and see.


If you guys missed it, we did an interview with Svitlana Young of Games n Geek! In it we talked about the upcoming MN GP, the state of the company and her conversations with the new head of the game. You can watch that HERE
I’ll summarize a couple of the stand out points here:

-The MN GP at Games n Geek will have awesome tiered prizing (shown above). You can get the normal entry for the playmat and Glint of Insight promo. The next tier includes the exclusive Chibi coins. The final tier includes an exclusive mini plaque type of thing with the chibi art! (and also for free includes one of the old monthly promos most stores didn’t get).

-Kim and his company are the new owners of FOW.

-When she contacted Kim he replied quickly and answered all her questions.

-They met in person, where he said they were planning on doing company run GP’s again next year (possibly around 8, but they are still in the planning stages).

-She submitted a tournament structure proposal to them that includes regional prizing.

-She is optimistic about the game after speaking with him.

For more details and other information be sure to watch the interview!



_____________________________________ ___________________________

There’s a new format in town! FOW Italy did a post announcing an officially recognized legal format in the game, effective April 1st. 
In this, you use the most recent 4 sets (Including starter decks and extra sets).
So for example, if you were to play this right now the sets that are legal are:
Strangers of New Valhalla
New Dawn Rises
All 5 NV Starter Decks
Winds of the Ominous Moon
The Lost Tomes Starter Deck
Time Spinning Witch

As soon as a new set comes out, an old one rotates. So, when Awakening of the Ancients comes out, Time Spinning Witch and The Lost Tomes Starter Deck will rotate out. And this will constantly be happening with each set release.

It’s a pretty interesting idea, and I’m curious how it will exactly play out. The game already has a ban list, and like I mentioned, is legal as an official format.

You can read up the full information on the Italian website (with Google Translate) HERE




So, as you can see above, spoilers apparently started! This is much earlier (in relation to the release date) than spoilers usually begin.
We got several cards spoiled, 2 of which you can see above. It was at a much different time of day than usual, starting originally with spoilers in Italian before the English came out later.

We are not sure if these will be daily like usual, or what is going on really.

We should have started our spoiler videos though accordingly so be sure to check that out to hear our thoughts daily (or whenever spoilers do drop).




So with the spoilers came a couple revelations. The first thing people noticed was at the bottom of the cards, it no longer reads Force of Will CO. Instead it says Eye Spy Productions.
After questions about this, Robert Hebert (former head of US events) commented clarifying this.

He said basically that the company that controls it is Daiko Printing. Eye Spy is Eiji’s company that simply holds the IP rights. We won’t get much information though, as Robert says the company reverted back to the old days now of not communicating with anybody.

You can read his responses below which have a couple other details as well.



That’s about all for today. Hope that all is broken down well for everybody, and hope we didn’t miss anything!