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A huge week of things happened, so let’s get started.

As you guys might remember, awhile back Europe created their  own promo versions of all the duel stones. These were really cool looking, putting the fantasy characters against different European landmarks. 
It looks like they are doing it again! This time, however, they are doing basic stones. This is not only very fitting, considering the format we are in, but is cool because it will make these stones always relevant, as basic stones will never rotate etc.
So, you can take a look at them all below!


Speaking of promotional material, we got some word on the next set. This information comes from Chris Härtl, of Chris Weekly FOW News Update on Facebook. Apparently, according to the distribution form, the next set will not have a promotional playmat that is usually included with buying 6 boxes. 
We are not sure why this change is happening. It could be related to the small dip in quality we saw with this set’s pre release mat. Or they could be moving towards producing just less playmats in general.
But with this it was pointed out by someone that it looked like it may possibly be replaced with additional promo cards (though we don’t know what levels or how many).
With this new set’s information, we also got our first preview of a card in the next set, “Awakening of the Ancients”. This happened last set as well, when we got a look at Ruined Earth’s text ahead of time.

This time around we got a look at what could be a very strong card. Below is the full card text/cost:
Sapling of the Treasure Tree|[W]|AOA-013 SR
Resonator: Treasury Item ATK 0/ DEF 100
• [Rest], discard a card, remove this card from the game: Produce [W][W][W].
• [W], banish this card: Destroy target addition.
-The wills of many have coalesced over the years, giving birth to the treasure tree.
So there’s the card, basically a re-print of ‘Sprout of Treasure Tree’ as pictured above. At the time (and currently technically) Sprout was a crazy strong card in most formats. This is interesting that they are doing a functional reprint, that is actually super good in things like Brunhild, where it actually wants to discard cards.
An ideal scenario is turn 1, you play Treasure Tree. Turn 2 you banish for it’s effect, and discard a 3 cost card (like Alice), then use that 3 will plus your 2 stones to play Misteltein, use her free 2 will to play a Rune, then grab that 3 cost out of the graveyard (all on turn 2). Obviously there are counters and such to this, but it’s important to note the power level this could be at.

This is a weird one. So we had shown you guys the upcoming monthly promos awhile back, that we had obtained in a different language’s reveal of the cards. We then sat and waited for FOW to reveal the English (and also higher resolution version) of said cards.
We are still waiting on that. Looking back at old posts, these monthly promos are usually revealed between the 10th and 20th of every single month. We are currently on the 6th of this month and haven’t seen them revealed (so several weeks late). Hopefully they are still coming out on time, I just thought it was strange we never had them revealed to us in English.
I’ll go over this quick. If you guys haven’t already, I highly recommend watching it HERE  (Which there is also an article here on the site).
Post the ban I’ve been keeping updates to the situation on the article here on TCGScrubs.com. It’s at the very bottom of the article. The main updates since the video is that there was another instance of cheating I added that I wasn’t aware of, and that Robert (Head of US events) has come out to say he is banned.
Now we go into more detail regarding that in this week’s Podcast, however it is important to note that as of right now I haven’t gotten full confirmation either way on whether Quinn is still completely banned or not. I got word he is unbanned from the company, and word to the contrary from Rob. The company has yet to fully back what Rob said, or double down on what they said.
As of right now it seems he may be banned, but I’ll keep you guys updated on the situation.
Thank you all very much for the great feedback and support for the video though! I’m happy with how that all turned out.
It looks like the GP that was taking place in Japan was cancelled due to ‘Security Issues’. This was a month away I believe, and was the only remaining GP of the season over there (there is one that has been TBD since the beginning, so we’ll see if that plays out). 
There has been a lot of concern shown about this on Twitter, but we haven’t heard any details of why it was cancelled outside of ‘Security’ reasons. Hopefully that’s simply the real case, and new dates will be put for either it, or the TBD event.
In case anybody was living under a rock, Jeff Finnigan is no longer with Force of Will. This is a really sad turn of events and completely unexpected. Especially coming off the success of Jeff’s recent endeavors with Alpha Investments and more.
This took the community by surprise, with everyone voicing their concern and just generally not happy with this. Even Rudy of Alpha Investments seems generally shocked and upset with this turn of events when I mentioned it to him. It’s important to note we do not know why this departure is happening, however Jeff did clarify some stuff in a post. I’ll post the images of the original, and follow up Jeff did here:
So before anyone starts speculating, be sure to read BOTH of those! He clearly states that it had nothing to do with him talking to Rudy, or anything he did in general. What all this means, we don’t know yet as he has not done a follow up post as of now (02/05). 
One big takeaway for me on this was the statement that the company will also not be refilling his position. This is actually very concerning, as we have never been without at least someone literally or figuratively in this type of role before. 
Overall, we are very sad to see Jeff go, and hope to find out the reasons soon. It could be as simple as Jeff is too overwhelmed (he is also a University Professor don’t forget, in addition to this job). Though this doesn’t explain FOW not filling his position, as well as them holding out telling us what’s going on. 
I’ve never done this before, but I will (temporarily) ask if you guys want to be sure to Subscribe to our channel and hit the ‘Bell’ icon, at least for the next week or 2. We will be releasing videos related to this as quickly as we can, and I have heard of things that may be revealed soon that you will want to know about. So stay tuned.
Thank you very much for joining us this week! 

All Articles, FOW NEWS
So I thought I’d share my thoughts on the unbanning of Quinn Kotecki. With these thoughts I am also going to lay out some of the evidence/things I’ve found out regarding this individual, and why this all amounts to why he should remain banned. For those unaware, Quinn was a competitive player in Force of Will, Pokemon, MTG, and more. He went to FOW Worlds and topped many GP’s often placing top 8 in the many games and events he attends.
For anyone unfamiliar with the situation, I will go over the details of how this all started (and include screenshots when applicable).

Quinn was a competitive player in Force of Will. He attended Worlds and was even made into a promo card that FOW previously used as prizing for Worlds Winners. 
This all started with Force of Will in June of 2017 at the Toronto GP. The incident occurred with the late Alex Blandin. He played against Quinn and initially suspected that Quinn had drawn a card from the graveyard against him. At a later point Quinn had tapped the wrong will to play counter cards. Alex said he wasn’t paying too much attention to some of this (not making the assumption that Quinn might be cheating initially). It was then noticed Quinn may have placed a card on top of his deck as well. At this point Alex became more suspicious. 
After this game Alex shared his suspicion leading into top 8. This lead to him and someone else observing gameplay of him where they caught him definitively cheating. One specific play was where Ryan (Quinn’s new opponent) went to play Wind Secluded Refuge. In response Quinn played Rune of Sol to search for Ancient Knowledge (This card lets you draw 2 essentially). 
After finishing his search for Ancient Knowledge they noticed he put a card on top of his deck. Both Alex and his friend saw Quinn put the card on top of his deck, and then shuffle the other cards without moving it. Alex’s friend confirms to Alex that the card that was placed on top was a Seal of Wind and Light (A cancel that would counter the Wind Secluded Refuge).  They did end up calling a judge over, but since the judge hadn’t witnessed the event, he couldn’t do anything at that time. Since Ryan ended up winning the game anyways it wasn’t as relevant, but the two witnesses confirmed beyond any doubt he had cheated.
After that event is when Alex and Quinn both had walked out to the parking lot. Alex saw Quinn and called him a cheater, flipping him off. In response Quinn picked him up and body slammed him. He received a ban that would have lasted until June of this year initially solely for the body slam incident (unrelated to the cheating).

Following this, he started playing Final Fantasy TCG. In September of the same year (2017) there were reports of him cheating in the Nationals tournament. I looked into this, and while reports of this are near impossible to find for various reasons, I was able to confirm a couple things.
Firstly, this was his first time playing FFTCG. I only heard this from one person, but it lines up with at least some of what he was accused of (but not all).
The things he was accused of include:
Playing cards that weren’t written on his decklist
Drawing too many cards
Making illegal plays
Misuse of card zones
Some of these could possibly be excused for being new to the game. The 2 that stand out for me are the cards not being written on a decklist (he was a FOW Worlds competitor, this should be an easy one), and drawing too many cards. This could be a mistake as well, but it seems to follow a pattern.   It is worth noting that this was reported by multiple opponents, and he got one game loss for an illegal play (which sounds like a normal mistake for a new person to the game).    He was not banned, however it looks like he moved on from this game at some point.

Next he started up with Pokemon TCG. In this game he placed in the top 8 many times at major events, including getting top 4 and 2 spots. In June of 2018 there was a huge set of circumstances that, for all intents and purposes, proved he cheated multiple times.

This was during a tournament that had two separate incidents. You can read the full details in the pictures. In summary, the first incident was during Round 8 of the tournament. His opponent said he was absolutely positive Quinn was ‘palming’ cards into his hand whenever he played Elixer (a card drawing tool) among other cards. If I followed the events correctly, Quinn received a warning after this match.
The second incident was the following Round. This time his opponent caught him as he was ‘palming’ a card and called a judge over. His opponent said he had “Never seen a more blatant attempt that was so clear, intent to cheat is irrefutable.”

The judge came over and confirmed Quinn had an extra card in hand. However since the judge was not there when it happened, Quinn claimed he must have accidentally drew it at the beginning of the game (or some other scenario). He therefore was not DQ’ed, but rather received a QPL, even though this was the second instance of this exact thing happening.

These were both reported independently of each other. They did not (as far as I can tell) result in a ban due to judges not being present at the time of incident (similar to the other games).

At some point he left Pokemon.


Last game he was in (and most recently) was Magic the Gathering. He was also competitive in this, topping events etc. This instance happened during a large tournament in September of 2018. During this, he was caught and called out by MTG Pro Player, Oliver Tomajko. 



He recounted the incident in the provided image, which I will also summarize here:


It started during the game while Oliver was playing a combo. During the combo he saw Quinn look at his sideboard, then grab a card out of it. He didn’t say anything at that point because he wasn’t fully paying attention, but noticed his hand size was more then he remembered. He recounts some more specific plays that happened that seemed unlikely considering the deck Quinn was running. It then lead to Quinn passing turn, with definitively 0 cards in hand. Oliver did some plays, and when he looked up, Quinn was back to 1 card in hand. At this point he called a judge over. The judge verifies that Quinn is up 1 card (though Oliver knows there is something he is forgetting that is important). 



During this process Quinn asks the judge if he can just concede the game and move on (which Oliver said was strange since, if Quinn is in the right, he would win next turn). Oliver realized later that night that the thing he hadn’t realized was there was a set of cards in the graveyard that, considering plays that were made, show he drew an extra card in addition to grabbing a card from the graveyard. 


From what I understand (and I will update this post when I find out) at a later date Quinn was caught cheating again at a MTG tournament. This time it was witnessed and he received a ban from MTG until later this year.


All this brings us to today, and why this is all applicable. As mentioned Quinn was banned until later this year solely the body slam incident. As I mentioned, I feel the 2 year ban was already low for that. 



We already have an example of a player verbally assaulting people, and getting a lifetime ban. I personally feel physical assault is worse (in addition to the cheating).


During his 2 year ban, he has gone on to cheat in 3 other major card games (that we know of), and in each instance has never apologized or owned up to what he did. 


This brings us to now, where we find out that Quinn has been unbanned early! He can officially start attending any FOW event he wants, from locals to GP’s, to Worlds. I find this very troubling.


I would already make the case that his original ban should be extended. He is a habitual liar/cheater with no remorse, and is something this game just doesn’t need. FOW is in a great place right now, growing drastically, selling out, and bringing communities that have died back together. To bring in a controversial person like Quinn, who is guaranteed to cheat at some point, is just not what the game needs. So at minimum, I think his ban should be extended due to the continued cheating, and what I think was too light of a ban to begin with.


Now compound that with his ban being lifted early, I think this just doesn’t look good for the game, or anyone. If FOW decides to keep him unbanned and you are planning on attending a FOW event, please keep an eye out for him, and don’t be afraid to call judges! They are there to help, and as we’ve seen here, it just takes a split second for a judge to see a play gone wrong to remedy the whole situation.


Force of Will has said they unbanned him early due to his official ‘Ban Notice’ saying he would be unbanned in 2019 (with no specific date). So although the original intention was for 2 years, the notice gave the impression he could be unbanned in January. So they decided to unban in January rather than the posted date.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Let us know your thoughts on the situation as well.




So there have been some updates since publishing that I will put here. This will include if any changes happen to his status, as well as new discoveries.


Firstly, an instance of cheating I was not aware of. This was in the Pittsburgh GP for FOW. Quinn was playing against Aaron Miles. The short of it is Quinn played Cheshire Cat, drew 2 cards, but didn’t put one back on top. Aaron caught him and called a judge. Quinn said he put a card back on the deck, to which Aaron said Quinn should be able to tell the judge what card he put on top, and the judge could check. Quinn switched his tone and said he might have put it at the bottom instead, and then offered to ‘Put a second card on top of the deck’ anyways, and play continued.



This was all caught on video, starting at the 5:25

The second update is, as of right now, Robert Hebert has said Quinn will not be unbanned early, and will continue until the pre-determined date. He said all the relevant TO have been informed of this. This is contrary to what the company says so I’ll keep an eye on this

Third update, I just talked to a MTG player by the name of  Josh Thompson, after reading through replies on Twitter. I contacted him where he relayed this story below, which is a copy paste from something he relayed to the community awhile back (I’ll continue after the image)
I have since personally reached out and confirmed with 2 separate stores that he is, in fact, banned from playing at both of them. One of them also confirmed he is DCI banned (not sure if this is different than his original ban in MTG that we mentioned). 


 Fourth Update, I updated the FFTCG section to get rid of the DQ from the event, as it seems that was mis-reported. 


If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Okay let’s get started!
So just missed these last week, but there were the next promos “released” for us to see! Obviously they are in another language, but they are pretty awesome to look at.
First up we got we got a promo of Heaven Thundering Strike! (Below shows the regular and promo art of the card).
Next we have a promo of Wererabbit Warrior (Regular then Promo)
So let us know your thoughts on these promos! Really unique looking, and you can see they are already printing promos for the Starter Decks, which are currently in short supply. So that’s great to see as well.

So the story of Table Flip has been an interesting one. It had a broken combo possibility where it could be paired with Sandstorm (as an example) and potentially deal thousands of damage to your opponent.

Then they came out with an errata for it, that helped it get around things like Scarlet’s J-Ruler ability, but still kept the ability for said combo.

Now we finally have a new new errata for it (you can read all the card errata’s HERE).

Table Flip now says it only counters chants with a single target. So now Table Flip straight up won’t work at all with cards like Sandstorm, though it can work with an awakened Prismatic Flame. 

Really awesome the company, and specifically Jeff, were able to quickly follow through with this and fix it preemptively. This could have turned out to be a huge problem, though it is concerning this was able to make it through that easily with that wording. 

The other cards that were errata’ed were Sand Dragon (Now a Sand type) and the Secret Rare Athenia, fixing it’s Defense to be the correct 1000 it should have been.

Just so everyone knows who might have been looking, the GP Dates page is currently down on the FOW website. No worries though, nothing is happening. It seems they are just having a technical glitch that brought the page down. 
Hopefully that resolves soon, not sure why an entire page can’t be posted on a website. If nothing else, just make a new page or post. Hopefully that new website conversion Jeff talked about happens soon, because stuff like this shouldn’t be happening.
That’s all the news for today, a bit of a slower week. We’ll see you all next week!

If you prefer a video version of the news click below:


Otherwise we got some really awesome stuff to go over!


So if you guys missed it, Force of Will released their ban list! You can find the list with detailed explanations for the bans on their website HERE

The bans ended being (in New Frontiers):


And in Wanderer:

These were some well deserved bans for sure that people were expecting. Spirit Stone maybe people weren’t expecting them to actually ban it, but it was definitely needed in this new mono-color format. The ban of Distortion will really shake up the meta going forward as well. We will keep you guys up to date on tournament results so we can see if this will be the case.


The new set is about to release! As such we also had pre-release with lots of better looks at the new cards. With this we finally found out which cards are the secret rares!

If you don’t know, secret rares are alternate arts of 3 Super Rare cards. These will at most appear as 1 per case usually, making them very rare and valuable. 

The cards for this set were:


Zhuge Liang

and Misteltein

As you can see they look really cool! They obviously are full art and textured as well, so be on the lookout for that as the set is released!

That being said one important thing to note is there is a print error on Athenia. It shows her Defense as 1200, yet it is actually 1000. So no, you didn’t get a stronger version of the card. It’s unfortunate this had to happen, especially on the secret rare print since we will never get a second print run of this. 


Another thing that was noted during pre-release is that the playmats you get have dropped quite a bit in quality. This was most noticeable at our pre-release where we were giving the new mats, as well as some people were able to win old pre-release mats.
The new ones are made of much thinner material, almost like a normal mouse pad you would buy. And my playmat specifically seemed to have some ink bleed (though not significant).  
This is a little disappointing, since these mats house some great art and serve as great prizing. Not a big deal, but just something that was worth pointing out.


If you guys attended, or were aware of the 5K tournament that Games N Geek held last year, you should know they did not actually have GP prizing yet. Well they finally got it in! So if you attended be on the lookout for that, and if you didn’t attend take a look at mainly the Brunhild prizing here!


Speaking of GP stuff, we FINALLY got GP dates! The link to the full list is on the FOW website HERE. It’s been a long time coming, and unfortunately the closest one is only one month away. However it is nice that they are almost perfectly staggered at one per month.
The other thing to note is all of the pricing and formats are TBD. This is a little unfortunate, mainly for the TBD of formats, since that is a huge determining factor on what GP’s to go to. If something turns out to be limited format, and you’ve already bought a plane ticket and don’t want limited that could be very unfortunate. 
On the flip side this does open up the possibility that there could be Wanderer and Cluster events in addition to the majority likely New Frontiers events. 
So be sure to check out that list of GP’s and see what you can attend! We will be attending Richardson for sure among others. An important side not is it was confirmed talks are happening to try getting another GP in CA as well! So stay tuned for that.


Lastly we have GP Prizing! Most of this was already revealed, but here it is all in one place. I’ll also mention the Prizing that will be at the New Games N Geek 3K GP coming later this year!

Here are the entry promos (Will vary by event)

And here are the top 16 promos (Also varies by event)

Games N Geek announced that they will be giving first and second place a paid invite to Japan! They have stack downs as well, in case first already has a paid invite etc.

3rd and 4th place get $350 cash
5th to 8th get $200 cash
1st through 32nd will also get energize tokens exclusive to the event!

For even more details for that specific event be sure to check out their Facebook event HERE
Well that’s everything for today! See you all next week

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:
I hope you like promos, because here’s the news!

As you can see above (in case you missed it), we got some awesome GP prizing! Above is the mat for attending said GP’s, which uses the art from the corresponding ruler runes. 

Then below we have promo cards for GP’s. I apologize in advance, I’ll update the article when I verify which of the prizing are correct. I  know that below the Laurite/Blazer are for top 8/16, and Glint of Insight is for attendance. Not sure on Lightning Cave though. In any case, check it out! (Also seen is the Gold Uber prize card for Top 8)

If you want to see the GP Results, be sure to check out our ‘Top 8’ section of the website.
Speaking of cool promos, check out the Judge Promo! As always, it is a very colorful chibi version of a (usually) popular ruler. These rulers tend to be green as well I am just now noticing. But Hanzo looks great in chibi form! This ruler is only attainable by being a judge (or paying a lot of money in the secondary market)

What!? Another Promo card!? This time we have the Pre-release promo card and playmat! As you can see the playmat looks awesome. The promo cards  also look great, especially if you are a Dark Alice fan. Though I do love the artwork for that dragon as well. I am not sure which is the pre-release card, and which is the buy-a-box card. I’ll update once I find out.


To obtain these, be sure to attend your local pre-release! The playmats are usually given to top 2 or so, with the other raffled off. Cards are given to all attendees. The buy-a-box promo is attained by simply buying a booster box! 
So over this past week VIP reward recipients of the Will Power Rewards program have been receiving their rewards! They are now coming via FedEx packaging, complete with signature verification. This is an awesome added step that helps ensure both the delivery of the package, and avoiding confusion among customers.

You can see above what the WPR were, which they ended up being 4 Rulers, plus 1 ruler if you are VIP. Those first 4 rulers you will get a set of 2 for each one if you are VIP. So be on the lookout for that if you qualified! 
Remember WPR ends this December 31st so scan in everything you have! If you are VIP you are automatically qualified for this last stretch of rewards, however you can still scan to get even more prizing!

For more in tid bits of information regarding this and other news we will go over, be sure to check out our RECAP video of Jeff’s livestream QandA!
To also here our thoughts on the WPR’s, check out our most recent PODCAST.

So, while we are on the topic of WPR’s, it looks like Japan got their Caster Chronicles Rewards!

If you don’t know, Caster Chronicles used the same QR code cards as FOW, but outside of Japan if you played Casters and didn’t play FOW, you would still only get the FOW reward cards. Japan however did distribute Caster rewards cards, and it was in a similar fashion as the FOW rewards, with 4 cards that were given 2 of, and 1 VIP card. 

This has lead to a theory that the original plan was for the Caster and FOW rewards to be together (totaling 10 cards), but was changed at the last minute due to Caster Chronicles splitting into its own company. Obviously just wild speculation, but would explain a lot. 

The cards themselves are gorgeous looking, and you can see the high resolution versions of the cards below!


The last thing I wanted to talk about was another topic mentioned during Jeff’s QandA was regarding the starter decks and ubers going forward.

For the Starter Decks, it was told to us that we’d get a new set of them with each new booster box release, maintaining stock since these starter decks are so vital to the game. This looks like it won’t be the case unfortunately. We are unsure of the root cause, whether it’s LGS’ not requesting enough, distributors not wanting to carry the product, or something on the company’s end. This is unfortunate though, especially for game stores trying to get new players in. Hopefully a workaround is found for this, or and agreement with the distributors before the next set or 2 though.

Ubers will also be missed going forward. When speaking of the new print company they are working with, Jeff mentioned they do not have the capability of printing Uber cards anymore. This is really sad since this is such a staple of the game. I am unsure why this is though, but they are still able to print Gold Ubers for the GP. I’d be curious to know why (or maybe the Gold Ubers were printed ahead of time at the previous print shop). 
Maybe this will lead to a cool new type of card rarity, but hopefully eventually we’ll get back to the ubers we know and love.

That about does it for today, thanks for checking in and we’ll see you next week!



If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


So some pretty cool announcements, and recaps of last week’s news so let’s go!

DISCLAIMER: Article should be mobile friendly now. It is not as pretty for now as we figure out some things for the website to make it all look good, as well as work across platforms. Let us know if you encounter any issues!


So as you can see we got our first look at January promos! These haven’t appeared on the US FOW Page for some reason, but luckily they are around and in English!

Really excited about Lapis Dark Storm, the others are pretty awesome as well! Make sure your store is signed up through the company to receive promos now since they will no longer receive them from their distributors! 


If you guys missed it, the Will Power App is officially stopping. It will be replaced by some other method of rewards that will be more comprehensive in the future, but that most likely won’t take place until next cluster.

The app itself will shutdown after December 31st. You have until then to scan as much as you can for some sort of mini-reward we have yet to find out. 

For more information regarding this, be sure to check out Colin recapping the interview he did with Jeff Finnigan on what to expect from this change and more HERE.


From the German FOW Page

So we have our first complete look at 5 of the 10 rulers in the Will Power rewards! You can see them above here. The front side of the Isis ruler was spoiled during my interview with Jeff video. These are looking pretty cool so far, hopefully we get a look at the remaining 5 soon!

Keep in mind, because of this new art process for the rewards they will be sent out later than usual. Expect a ship date sometime in January at the earliest most likely.


If you’ve been living under a rock, spoiler season officially started! You can follow these on the FOW Facebook page, as well as our daily videos which will be released within 1 hour of spoilers being revealed every night. 

The company also started doing spoiler articles again! These were the articles that go over the cards that were spoiled each night, explain them and more. These articles may not be with every spoiler, but still great to have them. They can be found on the official Force of Will site.

They are also holding a giveaway for these spoilers. You simply need to share the Facebook post that has the spoiler images and article, and for every 100 shares the post gets they will give away the most popular card from that day’s spoilers to a random person! Pretty awesome incentive to share this around everywhere.


This weekend we are finally getting around to the Orlando ARG/GP event! This New Frontiers event should be something to follow. It won’t have the normal Force of Will livestream of the event, but hopefully ARG will have an equivalent up and running. Join our Discord if you aren’t on Facebook for updates regarding that.

We also got a look at some of the goodies at the event. One was these pins below, and another was this awesome promo card!

We weren’t able to attend, but hopefully lots of you guys get to go and let us know how it is!


Winter ARG is coming up. This is one that is held at multiple locations at different dates and carries the awesome Lich mat shown above! Events can take place anywhere between December 17th and January 6th so we may be seeing some stuff pretty soon!

For more information, including participating locations, check out the link to the official page HERE


Just so everyone is aware to get their stores ready for it, the new set is released on January 18th, with pre-release on the 11th! 

So make sure your local game store is ready for it, with their orders in and more since it is a slightly different time of release than usual. I know we are going to try to put together an event at our locals to make it big and fun for everyone!

That’s everything for today, thanks for reading!



If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


Not a big news week, but still some notable tidbits so let's dive in.


So it looks like we got some GP news for Australia! There may have been some other GP dates for other countries, but I couldn't find them. I'll update the article if I do.

Below is the image for all the dates in Australia (correction from earlier). Awesome news for anyone in the Australia area, or planning
to attend. It looks like several people are already planning on it, so lots to look forward to!


So we've been loosely following the Online Unofficial GP Tournament. This is the tournament that is using the unique format of every card between the
Faria Starter decks, and Vingolf 3. We officially cut to top 16!

 If you are following this, I'm about to do an info dump below. Below we will see the top contestants, what the prize distribution is, as well as graphs
breaking down the overall distribution of rulers/countries vs. top 16. All this information comes from Patrick Juan

Top 16 competitors:

Jaber Ali vs. Joshua Ernest Patton

Andy Liu vs. Thomas Atkins

Ryan Miles vs. Aaron Miles

Jorge Eduardo Chacon Korsun vs.Steven Booten

Ace Teow vs. Chris Härtl 

Benjamin B. Bargetzi vs. Rimba Azhara 

Sam Sheikh vs. Philip Johannes Chybiorz 

Jean-Paul Klintworth vs. Ronny Martin

Top 16 Prizing:

1. WOM Boosterbox

2. TSW Ruler plus $50 plus 4x JP Gwiber promos

3. TSW Ruler plus 25 promos from reiya

4. Gill Alhamat ruler (RDE) plus 5 band girls

6. Matsuri Pricia Box

7. All 7 king from Alice cluster in Uber and signed by Eiji

8. Alhamaat Banner

9. Cash $150

10. Cash $100

11. R/R Banner

12. Rezzard Banner

13. Sol Banner plus playmat

14. Japanese Magic stone set 10x All colors + magic stone lab box plus playmat

15. 4x Tama FA promo and 4x Lightning Strike FA promo plus Dark Faria (PR2015-035) - 2x, Jeanne d'Arc (PR2015-034) - 2x, Summoning from the fairy tale world (RL1706-2)

16. 4x Misty dragon pre PROMO, 3 playmats

And the graphs:


So this is a unique problem for Apple users. The Will Power App is no longer available to download from the App Store. This is most likely a simple thing of
somebody not keeping up with the proper signage etc. to keep an app on the App Store, however this is a problem that has been happening for a week or 2 now
as far as I can tell, with multiple attempts to ask people involved higher up.

There hasn't been any responses. A simple 'We are aware of the problem and are
working on it' would suffice. Hopefully it gets solved, and isn't indicative of anything else outside of small mismanagement. 

That's really about all the news for today, see you guys next week!



If you'd prefer a video version of the news, click below:


So we got a decent amount of news, a lot of it related to ARG in some fashion, so let's take a look!


So this past weekend we had ARG States! If you'd like to hear about Oscar and Colin's adventures with that, check out the podcast HERE.

While there are no definitive tracking data results from these ARG's, there was a poll in the Facebook US group. This poll asked people to
mark what ruler they won their ARG with. The results are below:

Not the most precise, but it's the best we have right now. As you can see, TSW seems to have dominated that top spot. Not necessarily affecting
Ruler diversity (that we can tell), just a very high success rate for placing.


We also got the mat revealed for the ARG Christmas games! This last ARG was the Isis playmat with the arrows pointing in reference to the whirlwind conflagration
meme. This time around they asked people to vote again, and the winner was Lich! So as you can see above it was made into a Christmas theme, complete with quite
an ingenious title of 'The Lich Who Stole Christmas'. I personally found this to turn out much better than I was thinking it would, so pretty excited about it now.


Speaking of, sign ups are now live for stores for this upcoming ARG event, as well as anyone else! Below is Jim McMahan's (Owner of ARG)
official post about this:

ARG Holiday Circuit Qualifier kits are now live to ALL Stores, Tournament Organizers and players. Unlike states anyone can purchase a
holiday Invitational Qualifier kit. Holiday ARG Invitational Qualifier events can be run between December 17, 2018 to January 6th, 2019.

For more information click the link below or email events@alterealitygames.com where our Circuit Series team can help you!

So be sure to get in on this action if you can! 


So this isn't actually a promo in the sense of alt art, but we are finally getting those TSW Rulers at our local stores! If you don't remember,
TSW is a ruler you could only get by buying 3 boxes of the set WOM. This also wasn't always guaranteed depending on whom you were
buying the boxes from. So we found out months ago they were sending TSW Rulers out to everyone's stores as regular promotional product,
we just didn't know when. Well now is the day! Our locals in particular just received our batch and are pretty excited about it. So stay on the
lookout if your store is already signed up to receive promos directly from the company! Glad they were able to solve this problem, and right
when TSW is becoming pretty big too.


So if you tuned in last week, we have an unofficial tournament going on online for FOW! It uses a pretty unique format where everything
from the Faria Starter Deck up until Vingolf 3 is legal. I had mentioned that top 16 would cut in early December, well they just moved
up the time tables. It will now cut November 25th, to allow the competition to conclude much sooner. I'll keep you guys updated after
that date as to what decks/rulers made it in this unique format.


Lastly, if you guys are free tonight at 9 pm CST our very own Colin, Jeremy (Ruler School), and Stephanie Shaw will be having a conversation
live on Twitch about Force of Will Content Creation! Should be a lot of fun. It will be located HERE on her Twitch channel. 

That's all the news for this week. Thanks for tuning in! 



If you'd prefer a video version of the news, click below:


It's been awhile since the last news. We have quite a spectrum of news items to go over so let's take a look!

Second GP Announced:

So we got official word on when the next GP is! It will actually be the big ARG event in Orlando, FL on
December 15th and 16th. Full information can be found HERE

This is exciting news, we will now have an ARG/GP hybrid with a lot of prizing and multiple possible
invites! (Worlds and ARG Invitational). I just hope going forward every GP isn't just randomly announced
a month ahead of time and we get an actual schedule of the GP's like normal. But it looks like they are
keeping to their promise of having GP's during what used to be the 'Off season'. 

It is interesting to point out as well that Jeff had mentioned during his last Q and A that the GP dates
would be announced the Friday after his Q and A (roughly). That was the 2nd of this month
(almost 2 weeks ago). Not sure why the huge delay and what is going on there.
Hopefully we hear something soon.

ARG States:

Speaking of ARG, ARG States is this weekend! If you don't know, States is the smaller events
held at local game stores across the US that come with all sorts of cool prizing and invites to
the Invitational etc. TCGScrubs' Oscar and Colin will both be attending the Dallas, TX and
Austin, TX State events! 

For more information on these, including locations that are participating, visit the link HERE.

Be sure to go if you can to continue and show support for the game, and ARG for hosting all of this! 

In case you missed it, this is the magical playmat that was made for these events:

New Monthly Promos:

As you can see above we got our first look at this month's promos! These are pretty awesome, especially the blade which will become quite a useful card going forward.

Be sure if your local store hasn't already, to check your store in with the official FOW software, and also to message Robert to get your monthly promos! They no longer
go through distributors, which means you are getting them directly now! If you are unsure, be sure to check out our previous News talking about it, or just shoot us or Robert a message!

Online "GP":

So there is a fairly big unofficial Online Tournament happening right now in case you missed it.
It's too late to enter in, but I'll go over the details of the tournament, as well as when to see results!
You can watch some gameplay from the tournament as well on the official FOW ARG Youtube Channel HERE

This Tournament is being hosted by Benjamin B. Bargetzi with about $2,200 worth of prizing!
The format is super unique, instead of New Frontiers or Wanderer, it is using a format they call
'Golden Age'. This format uses any cards that appeared between the Melgis/Faria Starter Decks
and Vingolf 3. As such it also adheres to the old ban list (no bans at that time essentailly).

It is completely online, and has about 151 people entered into it. Rounds are ongoing until after
Round 4 concludes on December 2nd. After that it goes into Top 16 until December 30th.

Below is the complete Ruler breakdown as well if you are interested. We'll update you guys as
results come in the future.

Judge Test L0:

We got our first official judge test this past week! If you don't know, the judge program was revamped,
so now there was a test available online for 72 hours for anyone to take. If you passed you become an
L0 judge, able to officially judge locals, small tournaments, and State ARGS (among others). 

If you missed or failed this test, don't worry, a new one will be available every quarter and will be
different from the current test. If you wish to become a higher level judge, simply visit a GP and take
the necessary steps from there. 

There was some technical problems it seemed initially with the judge test. It was scheduled to be
released the 1st (I think), but an incorrect version somehow got out, and we had to wait until around
the 9th for the test to be officially released for it's window of time. Hopefully that didn't hurt anyone's
chances of taking the test. 

If you are curious on what exactly the test was, be sure to watch our podcast where we go over it HERE!

Transformers TCG Coming to Canada:

So a big issue with the Transformers TCG was at the distribution level. For various reasons it couldn't
come to Canada upon release. There might have been some other places as well that it couldn't go,
but Canada was the main one. 

Well, the official page for the game just announced they are bringing the game to Canada now!
Not sure what they had to do to get this to happen, but I'm glad they were able to figure it out.
The game seems to be doing well so far, and with a new release of a deck this week it's the perfect
time to introduce new people to the game. 

Transformers Metroplex Deck:

Speaking of the new deck coming out, this weekend will mark the release of the Metroplex Starter Deck!
This is the deck that was teased a long time ago. 

It comes with 4 new bots, and several new battle cards as well. The deck also includes normal cards in it.
It's most noteable for the size of Metroplex the card, which is double the size of a normal bot card! It's a
really cool idea and I'm excited to get my hands on it. 

We'll have a video come out the day before the release of the deck going over the cards that come in the
deck etc. so look out for that!

Keyforge Card Game:

Last piece of news is a new card game coming out. We will be doing several videos on this in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that. This is a game where instead of buying booster boxes and singles, you just buy a pre constructed deck. No 2 decks will ever be the same in this game so each time you buy a deck will be a different experience!

These constructed decks, and a starter kit, go on sale this weekend as well so be sure to check your locals if you are interested. And keep an eye out for the upcoming content we will have in relation to this game!

That's about all for today. Thanks for joining and we'll see you next week!


All Articles, FOW NEWS

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


Alright some cool reveals, and a lot of talk about the future! Here we go...


So we got our first reveal of when the next set is coming out. On the Japanese site, it added placeholders for
February 2019 for the new starter and March 2019 for the 5th set! This is quite a large gap of time between
set releases however. Not quite sure the reasoning but glad to see it's still going.

Still no word if they'll be doing clusters like Force of Will every 4 sets or not. Also looks like they are
continuing the trend of only releasing 1 starter deck at a time. In any case we'll keep an eye out in the future
for this set!


The big news is the reveal of the name and poster for the next Force of Will set! As you can see above it is
called 'The Strangers of New Valhalla'. We can see it featuring characters (as far as we can tell) such as
Alice, Pricia, a Dark Alice doll? And more. As mentioned last week, the release is sometime in January of
2019, so keep an eye out for when a more exact date and pre orders go up.


We also got our first look at a card from that set! You can read the original FOW article HERE.
If you can't read/see the image, here is what it says:

Ruined Earth

Cost: [b][b][3]

Type: Chant/Rune | Divinity 2

-You can pay [1] less to play this card from a rune area

-Destroy target Magic Stone. Resonators your opponent controls gain [-400/-400] until the end of turn.

So there you have it. In the Rune area this is a 4 cost destroy target magic stone. I could
probably see some problems with it. It is a high cost at least though, which is nice.

So there you have it, the first card of the set! They also revealed the ratios of the set, being what you'd expect:

Super Rares: 10 

Rares: 20

Uncommons: 30

Commons: 40 

Secret Rares: ???

They also confirmed Alice is returning for sure! Still no word on Ubers or anything like that in the set, so we'll wait and see on that.


So if you were VIP level on the Will Power App (scanned in enough cards to reach VIP status) then you
should have received a notification in app to take a survey! If not, be sure to double check your app and
see if it was received in there.

I think this survey is important because it asks about people thoughts on this new set, what they'd like
to see in future sets, and what other product FOW could create. Definitely some important information
that could be conveyed so be sure to check it out!


We got our first look at the upcoming promos, and they are awesome! Looks like we are getting a
Rachel Promo, and Forbidden Arts. Really excited to not only see a promo for Rachel, which is a more
expensive card, but also a card from the Starter Deck 'Lost Tomes'. 

These could also be the first promos to be sent with the new system the company put in place
(I'm not sure if it will, but the timing could work out as such). 


So if you are a Local Game Store, there is a new method to get your Promos now. Originally it
was told to us that just by using the FOW system on their computer they would get their promos, etc.
However, that is no longer the case.

Below is the exact instructions from Robert Hebert himself:

They need to send the following information to the following address:

Store Name
Phone Number
Name of Contact

Along with links to photos or attached photos of play space and the store itself.

Please send this information to: FoWRob@gmail.com

October promos are going out asap and if you want to receive them I have to have your information for the new system. Thanks again for your continued support!!

Rob Hebert
US Director of Organized Play

So there you have it! Be sure to inform any local game store in the area of this new system that supports FOW. 


So Oscar is trying to add even more information of GP's to the website! But to do this he needs help.
If anyone has information as far as dates etc. for GP's that took place during Grimm Cluster please contact us!
You can reach us on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, etc. He wants our website to host as much GP information
as possible so help us get there!

That's all for this week, thank you for joining us!