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Not a big news week, but still some notable tidbits so let's dive in.


So it looks like we got some GP news for Australia! There may have been some other GP dates for other countries, but I couldn't find them. I'll update the article if I do.

Below is the image for all the dates in Australia (correction from earlier). Awesome news for anyone in the Australia area, or planning
to attend. It looks like several people are already planning on it, so lots to look forward to!


So we've been loosely following the Online Unofficial GP Tournament. This is the tournament that is using the unique format of every card between the
Faria Starter decks, and Vingolf 3. We officially cut to top 16!

 If you are following this, I'm about to do an info dump below. Below we will see the top contestants, what the prize distribution is, as well as graphs
breaking down the overall distribution of rulers/countries vs. top 16. All this information comes from Patrick Juan

Top 16 competitors:

Jaber Ali vs. Joshua Ernest Patton

Andy Liu vs. Thomas Atkins

Ryan Miles vs. Aaron Miles

Jorge Eduardo Chacon Korsun vs.Steven Booten

Ace Teow vs. Chris Härtl 

Benjamin B. Bargetzi vs. Rimba Azhara 

Sam Sheikh vs. Philip Johannes Chybiorz 

Jean-Paul Klintworth vs. Ronny Martin

Top 16 Prizing:

1. WOM Boosterbox

2. TSW Ruler plus $50 plus 4x JP Gwiber promos

3. TSW Ruler plus 25 promos from reiya

4. Gill Alhamat ruler (RDE) plus 5 band girls

6. Matsuri Pricia Box

7. All 7 king from Alice cluster in Uber and signed by Eiji

8. Alhamaat Banner

9. Cash $150

10. Cash $100

11. R/R Banner

12. Rezzard Banner

13. Sol Banner plus playmat

14. Japanese Magic stone set 10x All colors + magic stone lab box plus playmat

15. 4x Tama FA promo and 4x Lightning Strike FA promo plus Dark Faria (PR2015-035) - 2x, Jeanne d'Arc (PR2015-034) - 2x, Summoning from the fairy tale world (RL1706-2)

16. 4x Misty dragon pre PROMO, 3 playmats

And the graphs:


So this is a unique problem for Apple users. The Will Power App is no longer available to download from the App Store. This is most likely a simple thing of
somebody not keeping up with the proper signage etc. to keep an app on the App Store, however this is a problem that has been happening for a week or 2 now
as far as I can tell, with multiple attempts to ask people involved higher up.

There hasn't been any responses. A simple 'We are aware of the problem and are
working on it' would suffice. Hopefully it gets solved, and isn't indicative of anything else outside of small mismanagement. 

That's really about all the news for today, see you guys next week!



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So we got a decent amount of news, a lot of it related to ARG in some fashion, so let's take a look!


So this past weekend we had ARG States! If you'd like to hear about Oscar and Colin's adventures with that, check out the podcast HERE.

While there are no definitive tracking data results from these ARG's, there was a poll in the Facebook US group. This poll asked people to
mark what ruler they won their ARG with. The results are below:

Not the most precise, but it's the best we have right now. As you can see, TSW seems to have dominated that top spot. Not necessarily affecting
Ruler diversity (that we can tell), just a very high success rate for placing.


We also got the mat revealed for the ARG Christmas games! This last ARG was the Isis playmat with the arrows pointing in reference to the whirlwind conflagration
meme. This time around they asked people to vote again, and the winner was Lich! So as you can see above it was made into a Christmas theme, complete with quite
an ingenious title of 'The Lich Who Stole Christmas'. I personally found this to turn out much better than I was thinking it would, so pretty excited about it now.


Speaking of, sign ups are now live for stores for this upcoming ARG event, as well as anyone else! Below is Jim McMahan's (Owner of ARG)
official post about this:

ARG Holiday Circuit Qualifier kits are now live to ALL Stores, Tournament Organizers and players. Unlike states anyone can purchase a
holiday Invitational Qualifier kit. Holiday ARG Invitational Qualifier events can be run between December 17, 2018 to January 6th, 2019.

For more information click the link below or email where our Circuit Series team can help you!

So be sure to get in on this action if you can! 


So this isn't actually a promo in the sense of alt art, but we are finally getting those TSW Rulers at our local stores! If you don't remember,
TSW is a ruler you could only get by buying 3 boxes of the set WOM. This also wasn't always guaranteed depending on whom you were
buying the boxes from. So we found out months ago they were sending TSW Rulers out to everyone's stores as regular promotional product,
we just didn't know when. Well now is the day! Our locals in particular just received our batch and are pretty excited about it. So stay on the
lookout if your store is already signed up to receive promos directly from the company! Glad they were able to solve this problem, and right
when TSW is becoming pretty big too.


So if you tuned in last week, we have an unofficial tournament going on online for FOW! It uses a pretty unique format where everything
from the Faria Starter Deck up until Vingolf 3 is legal. I had mentioned that top 16 would cut in early December, well they just moved
up the time tables. It will now cut November 25th, to allow the competition to conclude much sooner. I'll keep you guys updated after
that date as to what decks/rulers made it in this unique format.


Lastly, if you guys are free tonight at 9 pm CST our very own Colin, Jeremy (Ruler School), and Stephanie Shaw will be having a conversation
live on Twitch about Force of Will Content Creation! Should be a lot of fun. It will be located HERE on her Twitch channel. 

That's all the news for this week. Thanks for tuning in! 



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It's been awhile since the last news. We have quite a spectrum of news items to go over so let's take a look!

Second GP Announced:

So we got official word on when the next GP is! It will actually be the big ARG event in Orlando, FL on
December 15th and 16th. Full information can be found HERE

This is exciting news, we will now have an ARG/GP hybrid with a lot of prizing and multiple possible
invites! (Worlds and ARG Invitational). I just hope going forward every GP isn't just randomly announced
a month ahead of time and we get an actual schedule of the GP's like normal. But it looks like they are
keeping to their promise of having GP's during what used to be the 'Off season'. 

It is interesting to point out as well that Jeff had mentioned during his last Q and A that the GP dates
would be announced the Friday after his Q and A (roughly). That was the 2nd of this month
(almost 2 weeks ago). Not sure why the huge delay and what is going on there.
Hopefully we hear something soon.

ARG States:

Speaking of ARG, ARG States is this weekend! If you don't know, States is the smaller events
held at local game stores across the US that come with all sorts of cool prizing and invites to
the Invitational etc. TCGScrubs' Oscar and Colin will both be attending the Dallas, TX and
Austin, TX State events! 

For more information on these, including locations that are participating, visit the link HERE.

Be sure to go if you can to continue and show support for the game, and ARG for hosting all of this! 

In case you missed it, this is the magical playmat that was made for these events:

New Monthly Promos:

As you can see above we got our first look at this month's promos! These are pretty awesome, especially the blade which will become quite a useful card going forward.

Be sure if your local store hasn't already, to check your store in with the official FOW software, and also to message Robert to get your monthly promos! They no longer
go through distributors, which means you are getting them directly now! If you are unsure, be sure to check out our previous News talking about it, or just shoot us or Robert a message!

Online "GP":

So there is a fairly big unofficial Online Tournament happening right now in case you missed it.
It's too late to enter in, but I'll go over the details of the tournament, as well as when to see results!
You can watch some gameplay from the tournament as well on the official FOW ARG Youtube Channel HERE

This Tournament is being hosted by Benjamin B. Bargetzi with about $2,200 worth of prizing!
The format is super unique, instead of New Frontiers or Wanderer, it is using a format they call
'Golden Age'. This format uses any cards that appeared between the Melgis/Faria Starter Decks
and Vingolf 3. As such it also adheres to the old ban list (no bans at that time essentailly).

It is completely online, and has about 151 people entered into it. Rounds are ongoing until after
Round 4 concludes on December 2nd. After that it goes into Top 16 until December 30th.

Below is the complete Ruler breakdown as well if you are interested. We'll update you guys as
results come in the future.

Judge Test L0:

We got our first official judge test this past week! If you don't know, the judge program was revamped,
so now there was a test available online for 72 hours for anyone to take. If you passed you become an
L0 judge, able to officially judge locals, small tournaments, and State ARGS (among others). 

If you missed or failed this test, don't worry, a new one will be available every quarter and will be
different from the current test. If you wish to become a higher level judge, simply visit a GP and take
the necessary steps from there. 

There was some technical problems it seemed initially with the judge test. It was scheduled to be
released the 1st (I think), but an incorrect version somehow got out, and we had to wait until around
the 9th for the test to be officially released for it's window of time. Hopefully that didn't hurt anyone's
chances of taking the test. 

If you are curious on what exactly the test was, be sure to watch our podcast where we go over it HERE!

Transformers TCG Coming to Canada:

So a big issue with the Transformers TCG was at the distribution level. For various reasons it couldn't
come to Canada upon release. There might have been some other places as well that it couldn't go,
but Canada was the main one. 

Well, the official page for the game just announced they are bringing the game to Canada now!
Not sure what they had to do to get this to happen, but I'm glad they were able to figure it out.
The game seems to be doing well so far, and with a new release of a deck this week it's the perfect
time to introduce new people to the game. 

Transformers Metroplex Deck:

Speaking of the new deck coming out, this weekend will mark the release of the Metroplex Starter Deck!
This is the deck that was teased a long time ago. 

It comes with 4 new bots, and several new battle cards as well. The deck also includes normal cards in it.
It's most noteable for the size of Metroplex the card, which is double the size of a normal bot card! It's a
really cool idea and I'm excited to get my hands on it. 

We'll have a video come out the day before the release of the deck going over the cards that come in the
deck etc. so look out for that!

Keyforge Card Game:

Last piece of news is a new card game coming out. We will be doing several videos on this in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that. This is a game where instead of buying booster boxes and singles, you just buy a pre constructed deck. No 2 decks will ever be the same in this game so each time you buy a deck will be a different experience!

These constructed decks, and a starter kit, go on sale this weekend as well so be sure to check your locals if you are interested. And keep an eye out for the upcoming content we will have in relation to this game!

That's about all for today. Thanks for joining and we'll see you next week!


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Alright some cool reveals, and a lot of talk about the future! Here we go...


So we got our first reveal of when the next set is coming out. On the Japanese site, it added placeholders for
February 2019 for the new starter and March 2019 for the 5th set! This is quite a large gap of time between
set releases however. Not quite sure the reasoning but glad to see it's still going.

Still no word if they'll be doing clusters like Force of Will every 4 sets or not. Also looks like they are
continuing the trend of only releasing 1 starter deck at a time. In any case we'll keep an eye out in the future
for this set!


The big news is the reveal of the name and poster for the next Force of Will set! As you can see above it is
called 'The Strangers of New Valhalla'. We can see it featuring characters (as far as we can tell) such as
Alice, Pricia, a Dark Alice doll? And more. As mentioned last week, the release is sometime in January of
2019, so keep an eye out for when a more exact date and pre orders go up.


We also got our first look at a card from that set! You can read the original FOW article HERE.
If you can't read/see the image, here is what it says:

Ruined Earth

Cost: [b][b][3]

Type: Chant/Rune | Divinity 2

-You can pay [1] less to play this card from a rune area

-Destroy target Magic Stone. Resonators your opponent controls gain [-400/-400] until the end of turn.

So there you have it. In the Rune area this is a 4 cost destroy target magic stone. I could
probably see some problems with it. It is a high cost at least though, which is nice.

So there you have it, the first card of the set! They also revealed the ratios of the set, being what you'd expect:

Super Rares: 10 

Rares: 20

Uncommons: 30

Commons: 40 

Secret Rares: ???

They also confirmed Alice is returning for sure! Still no word on Ubers or anything like that in the set, so we'll wait and see on that.


So if you were VIP level on the Will Power App (scanned in enough cards to reach VIP status) then you
should have received a notification in app to take a survey! If not, be sure to double check your app and
see if it was received in there.

I think this survey is important because it asks about people thoughts on this new set, what they'd like
to see in future sets, and what other product FOW could create. Definitely some important information
that could be conveyed so be sure to check it out!


We got our first look at the upcoming promos, and they are awesome! Looks like we are getting a
Rachel Promo, and Forbidden Arts. Really excited to not only see a promo for Rachel, which is a more
expensive card, but also a card from the Starter Deck 'Lost Tomes'. 

These could also be the first promos to be sent with the new system the company put in place
(I'm not sure if it will, but the timing could work out as such). 


So if you are a Local Game Store, there is a new method to get your Promos now. Originally it
was told to us that just by using the FOW system on their computer they would get their promos, etc.
However, that is no longer the case.

Below is the exact instructions from Robert Hebert himself:

They need to send the following information to the following address:

Store Name
Phone Number
Name of Contact

Along with links to photos or attached photos of play space and the store itself.

Please send this information to:

October promos are going out asap and if you want to receive them I have to have your information for the new system. Thanks again for your continued support!!

Rob Hebert
US Director of Organized Play

So there you have it! Be sure to inform any local game store in the area of this new system that supports FOW. 


So Oscar is trying to add even more information of GP's to the website! But to do this he needs help.
If anyone has information as far as dates etc. for GP's that took place during Grimm Cluster please contact us!
You can reach us on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, etc. He wants our website to host as much GP information
as possible so help us get there!

That's all for this week, thank you for joining us!


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An exciting announcement came out this week so we'll start with that!


So that 8K Tournament happening at Games N Geek in Minnesota is now the first official GP of the season! The announcement was made on Tuesday, October 2nd. Stephanie Shaw will be the
head judge for the tournament. They are currently working to get the official Top 8 prizing and promos from the company, in addition to the already crazy prize pool. 

This is shaping up to be one of the craziest, and biggest prized events I've ever seen. In case you need brushing up, below will be the official banner with the main prizing. To find out more
information, including signing up for the tournament, be sure to view the event HERE


This will be a quick post, but with the release of A New Dawn Rises, we got our first look at the following set in the form of a poster. In this poster we can also see the release
date is set for sometime in January.

Not a lot to go off of, but one interesting thing of note is the title. This could be an error, but instead of saying the cluster name 'New Valhalla' like we'd expect or have seen before,
it says 'A New Dawn Rises'. This is really weird and most likely simply an error, but just something interesting we saw.


So some cool updates, especially for the growth/health of the game in this new cluster. CoreTCG officially is carrying FOW again! They dropped out sometime during ENW. It looks
like they are back now, carrying all the product and singles associated with this new cluster. I'm not sure if they had carried singles before but they do now. This is a large source of
TCG's so that's awesome to see!

An update on the Alpha Investments front, he had listed his product for A New Dawn Rises booster boxes, and within 2 days he completely sold out! He even had to refund people since
he wasn't aware of how popular it was becoming. He stated in the future he would be sure to buy more product for it. It's good to see though that this is universally popular, and being embraced
no matter where it shows up.


So Ryan Miles, the Captain of Team ARG is putting together a tournament! It's a really neat idea, where you go into a tournament with some crazy/unique rules, and fight it out.
This is a place where people with higher than average deck building skills will shine. On top of that, first place will get a Force of Will Artbook from this year's Worlds! For more
information, including how to sign up, be sure to check out his video HERE


We finally have on official source for explaining what exactly you can and cannot do with Runes, as well as explaining other new abilities etc that were introduced in this cluster.
On the main Force of Will website they released the article HERE

It's a great resource and should definitely be shared with anyone coming into the game, or just unfamiliar with how the new cluster works.


Lastly just wanted to mention we finally got updated lists on the New Frontiers Revenge Tournament from Worlds! Thanks to Ryan Lilly, we have the top 8 decklists and order. You
can check these out on the 'Top 8' section of our website and click the corresponding article. Hopefully we'll slowly get more information on Worlds in the coming week as well!

That's about all for today. Thanks for joining and see you next week!


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Alright so we had Worlds happen, among other things so let’s get into it! If you’d like to see the results of the WGP, be sure to check it out on our website in the ‘Top 8’ section!
So there was a lot of cool stuff both given to competitors, and won by competitors at Worlds. I thought it’d be cool to showcase some of that here! Just for anybody curious. 
Items given:
Items won/bought:

. .

So there were some open ended questions we are coming into contact with, so I’ll put them into this question section!


what happened to that giveaway for Starter Decks? Remember? When they announced New Valhalla, they had that website you could go to, fill out a form, and be entered into a drawing to win some (or all) of the starters. Well we haven’t heard about that since. If there was a winner, not only have we not seen anything from said winner, but the company never followed up to say who won. Kind of weird and I’d be curious to see what’s going on with that.
more starter deck issues? So it looks like we possibly have some more printer issues. There have been reports of burnt edging, incorrect quantities of cards, and more. Some decks might have 5 of one card, and 3 of another that should have been 4 and 4. Some people said they didn’t get Master Runes, and more. Our starter deck opening showed at minimum there is no rhyme or reason to where cards are in the deck (as far as matching up with the correct mini deck and ruler, etc). Jeff was alerted to this yesterday, so hopefully we’ll find out what is going on.
sort of random but no official postings on the WGP winner? We know who won, and I think the top 8 was posted to the FOW website. However, usually for some GP’s and especially for Worlds FOW will make a Facebook post congratulating the winner etc. In fact, if you look at FOW’s Facebook, it really hasn’t been active in a while now. Not sure what’s going on, but just another open ended question there.
So it looks like we got final confirmation on what is going on here. There looks to be only 3 Secret Rare cards in this set. That is a bit unfortunate considering we have no Rulers, no guaranteed cards in a box, and now we don’t even have all 5 colors for a card you could possibly pull. I love blue from the new set, so I have no motivation to try digging for those Secret Rares. They are still awesome looking cards, just a bit unfortunate I think.
Also looks like there are no Ubers. This is the first set since the introduction of that rarity to not have Ubers. We aren’t quite sure why that is, and where we could see them pop up again. It brings that question up of what is going to make these boxes valuable long term? There are only 3 high rarity cards to pull, and they are random and don’t really cover a variety of decks/colors. We’ll see what happens though, I feel it’d be better if this was all cleared up for us so we can better evaluate if this is actually a really good thing for this set etc.
There was a poll held almost 2 weeks ago asking people’s opinions on the new Rulers. The full article is HERE (since it wasn’t shared on their Facebook). But if you are curious, here is the top answer to each question:
What are your favorite New Valhalla Rulers?
Isis/ Isis, the Hundred Weapon Master
What ruler do you think will win WGP 2018?
Brunhild/ Brunhild, Caller of Spirits
Just a little fun information to have.
This Friday is when the new set finally drops! If you haven’t already, be sure you locals is getting that product in! If you unfortunately don’t have a locals for product, be sure to click those banners on our website to visit Happy Little Hug Factory to get some! The Starter Decks were released this past weekend during pre-release so be sure to stock up on that as well!
That about does it for today, thanks for dropping by!

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So a couple cool and interesting things came up this week, so let’s go over it!


We finally got an article explaining the new and improved judge program! You can read the article with full details HERE

Otherwise, here is a breakdown:

-New Leveling System-

New Judge levels 0, 1, 2 and 3

Level 0: Can Head Judge Level 0 events and can floor judge Level 1 or lower events such as Locals, Ruler League, and ARG
Level 1: Can Head Judge Level 1 or lower events and can floor judge Level 2 or lower events. They also gain access to the Worldwide Judges group if they wish to inquire about card interactions/rulings and policies. They can participate in ARG Circuit Series, and Large Tournaments
Level 2: Can Head Judge Level 2 or lower events and can floor judge Level 3 or lower events. They also gain access to the Worldwide Judges group if they wish to inquire about card interactions/rulings and policies. Can do WGP Qualifiers and GP Tournaments

Level 3: Can judge WGP

-New Exams-

You can now take the Level 0 exam online, once per quarter to retain your status.

Level 1 and up requires attendance to a GP to take the exam, among other qualifiers for the higher levels.

Level 1 and up judges must judge a WGP Qualifier in some capacity once per year, otherwise they will lose their status. 

-New Standard-

There will also be an expected level of professionalism associated to being a judge. This is applied both in person, and online via social media. The penalties are as follows:

Small or moderate offenses: Single Warning
Large offenses: Double Warning (Two Warnings)
Extreme cases or Accumulation of Three Warnings: Automatic Stripping of Judge Status

There are other details obviously associated with all this information. If you are curious about becoming a judge, be sure to read over the original article!


Along with the judging changes, we also got changes to tournaments! Once again, if you’d like the full detailed article, click HERE

One thing to note before going into this is that local game shops will now report their events using the FOW software. They should already have access to said software (You can read on that in the article). This will inform not only whether they receive promos etc, but also some other information going forward.

-WGP Qualifiers-

So we are being introduced to this new type of competition. Basically to help accommodate a larger number of sections of large countries like the US, as well as more isolated areas that still have a decent following of the game, they are giving us what’s known as a World Grand Prix Qualifier. The company will give large shops the chance to hold their own, completely supported, FOW event.

This would act similar to a GP, complete with GP prizing (that depends on attendance). Stores that use the FOW software to report their locals will be given priority in this selection process. 

Their goal is to have 8 WGP Qualifiers, as well as 2 of the normal company run GP’s.

This will be interesting to see how it plays out, as well as more details from the company as we go forward. It seems like a very interesting prospect, but also lends itself to what would seem to be smaller events overall.


So for those of you not familiar, a gentleman named Rudy runs the Youtube channel, Alpha Investments. Here he talks about different (mainly finance related) topics for the main TCG’s. He dropped out of Force of Will some time ago for various reasons, and now it looks like he’s coming back.

So 2 separate things happened. Firstly, he announced he was buying a lot of pallets of old FOW product. He intends to sell it at a larger than normal discount, especially to his qualifying Patrons.
We asked him (before the announcement that we’ll get to) if he was fully getting back into Force of Will, and why. He responded:

Yes I am going back into Force of Will a lot heavier moving forward. They have shown the discipline on cutting print runs and stability. I like it a lot, they grew up as a company and have stabilized the relationship with distributors and everyone is happy internally now. I will be offering the new Force of Will sets at an unbeatable price 🙂

So that is cool to hear that both himself, and others are happy with the direction Force of Will has taken in recent months. If you are a fan of him this is especially good news. He just came out with a statement yesterday about Force of Will going forward as well. You can read the full statement on his Patreon, but the main point is that:

-His ‘Big Box Special’ will go on sale next weekend (I believe this is the pallets of old product)

-He will be selling the new set (A New Dawn Rises) at $69.99 shipped.

-He acknowledges that this will cause anger among competitors (Important note, this pricing is available to his $15 Patrons)

-Not mentioned, but important to note that he has no indication of carrying the Starter Decks, which are incredibly important.

So those are the facts of the  matter. Opinions on this will vary, but it’s important to know since he is such a large retailer/distributor of product.


So this is the last news before worlds, so the rest of the news will be a big info dump related to that.

-Worlds his happening this weekend! Be sure to watch it live on the official FOW Twitch stream! That’s at where Jeremy of RulerSchool will be commentating the days!

-Thanks to Jeremy we know there will be a special Pre-Release event during Worlds! This will be open to the public for a set amount of money, however if you are competing in Worlds you get free entry. This is pretty awesome and really adds to the overall fun and celebratory atmosphere of the Worlds event.

-Oscar spotted a post on Twitter by Yamada (an employee of FOW) who posted this very pixelated image, saying it’s a souvenir for anyone who participates in the WGP. No details on what it could be, but now I’m super curious what that could mean.

-Also don’t think this is related to Worlds technically, but it could be running  side by side. Casters is having some sort of Japanese event Championship. There is this photo of the trophy as well. Not sure what it means, when it happens, or if it’s related to worlds but there you go!

That about does it for today, have fun watching Worlds!


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Quite a bit to go over so here we go!


In case you missed it, the official CR came out updated! There were a lot of changes in it, if you’d like to see them all be sure to check out our video from last week where Joey and Colin discuss all the changes HERE

The main highlights are as follows:

Runes are color locked to whatever color the Ruler is! Rune/Chants can be put in whatever deck you’d like though.

You CAN NOT sideboard Runes. You have to use whatever is in your Rune Deck at the start.

The keyword ‘Eternal’ applies to all old resonators and abilities that say ‘Cannot be destroyed’.

Master Runes are considered Runes while on the chase (This is important when applied to Hanzo’s Master Rune)

Those are the main points at least. Be sure to check out the video or the official CR to make sure you are ready going forward!


With those updates came a bunch of card erratas! There wasn’t necessarilly anything game changing, mostly grammatical errors, or errors in translation that could lead to misunderstanding. Also a couple weird typing errors. We went into detail on the podcast, but below are the before and after changes for the cards:

Karmic Reversal:
If damage would be dealt to target J/resonator you control this turn, it’s dealt to your opponent instead.
If damage would be dealt to target J/resonator you control, it’s dealt to your opponent instead.

Phul, the Administrator of the Moon

This card gains [+200/+200] and [Barrier] during your opponent’s turn.
This card gain [+200/+200] and [Barrier] during your opponent’s turn.

Fu Xi (Typing Change)

Arthur, King of Machines
[Enter] ⇒ Look at the top five cards of your deck. Choose up to two Machine resonators from among them and remove them from the game. Put [+100/+100] counters equal to the combined total cost of cards removed this way on this card. Put the rest into your graveyard. (When this card enters the field ? Perform the effect.)
[Enter] ⇒ Look at the top five cards of your deck. Choose up to two Machine resonators from among them and remove them from the game. Put [+100/+100] counters equal to the combined total cost of cards removed this way on this card. (When this card enters the field ⇒ Perform the effect.)

Lich, the Saint of Death (Typing)

Grand Bird of the Lost Isles
Grand Bird of the Lost Isles
Grand Bird of the Lost Aisles

Magic Stone of the Undead
[Rest]: Put the top card of your deck into your graveyard.
[Rest]: Put the top of your deck into your graveyard.


The form to fill out for you Will Power Rewards is live! Make sure you go and fill that out ASAP. I attached pictures above to show you where to go in the app to fill out the form. You’ll get an email confirmation after you fill it out telling you your rank and confirming your information.

BE SURE TO FILL OUT EVERYTHING FULLY AND CORRECTLY. Just double check your address etc. It’s inconvenient for yourself and everybody involved if you just rush through the form without double checking and mess up. Good luck to everyone though on getting those rewards in!


So we recently found out what the WillPower Rewards were going to be for Force of Will. Now people were wondering how they were going to handle Caster Chronicles. Casters used identical code cards for the app in order to get the WP Rewards after all, and many of them don’t play FOW. Well since the sign up just happened we have unofficially found out! They get…Nothing!
There was no option when filling out the form to select which game you played, and no distinction in placement on what type of codes you might have scanned in. It’s super unfortunate but it honestly feels like the company doesn’t care about Caster players currently. Hopefully that changes but for now, oh well.


We have not gotten confirmation that these are actually the chase cards or not, but it’s assumed they are. These were seen during a stream FOW did in Japan where they opened a booster box of the new set. In that were these 2 alt art cards. It’s interesting because during Jeff’s QandA he pointed out that the new chase cards would be more rare than before.

The old chase cards were guaranteed 1 per box and this stream pulled 2 in a box. This might mean it follows similar ratios to rulers in the last couple sets, where you might get 2, 1, or 0 rulers per box completely at random. It’ll be cool to get confirmation of the ratios and what the remaining chase cards are.


So it was revealed what the prizing for the WGP is this year, and surprisingly it is different than in years past! In addition to the normal prizing and other things you can see above, you also get boxes of each release for the remainder of the cluster. I thought that was a really cool idea and it just adds that value and retention to the competition. They are also re introducing the bingo giveaway with prizing (which I believe was absent last year) as well as T-Shirts! Lots of stuff to look forward to.


They revealed the promo card that comes with the starter decks when you buy them above! Looks really cool, so be sure to keep an eye out for that, and hopefully distributors don’t horde it from your local scene.


Pre release is coming up! If you haven’t already, be sure to talk to your locals about getting a kit to hold a pre-release event! It will be taking place the weekend of the 21st (1 week prior to the set being released). There is lots of cool stuff to look forward to, including the prizing above! 


We also started a giveaway! This giveaway will last one week. We are giving away 3 (already opened HERE) starter decks for Warhammer Champions TCG! This will also include 1 holo rare card as well. If you are a Patron and win, you will also get the playmat in the separate Patreon giveaway we’ll be doing as well! To enter into the starter deck giveaway click HERE. The playmat giveaway you are already automatically entered in if you are a Patron. 


Lastly, as was the case last year, while Jeremy is at worlds he will be doing Takeover week on his channel Ruler School. This is where different FOW creators guest host a video on his channel. TCGScrubs will have a bonus Podcast that week so be on the lookout for that! Team ARG will have a video as well.

That’s all the news for today. Thanks for reading!



If you prefer the video version of the news click below:

Quite a bit happened this past week, so let’s jump right in.


So there was a bit of drama that happened this past week. It was revealed that someone (most likely in the company, or with special access to information) leaked the full set of cards in New Dawn Rises to Pro Players in Europe. It may have been shown to other players in other countries, but the details are very limited. 

Due to this unfortunate circumstance the company decided to reveal the entire set of cards for the new booster and starters, to maintain an even playing field going into Worlds (where this knowledge will literally make or break how you play).

While it kind of sucks having the hype die down this early due to there being no more spoilers, I am glad the company reacted so quickly and did proper judgement to fix the damage that had been done. I hope we can find whomever leaked the cards/who they leaked them to, because those are the types of people we do not want to be part of this game.

The last thing we also learned from the full set reveal is that [Variant] typing of cards is gone! This is probably for the best, since most of these are terrible and disappointing to pull. But it is interesting this happened without any news or mention.


So we finally got an update on will Power Rewards (kinda). In case you missed it, the final day to scan in all of your codes is the 31st! So less than 2 days away from today. 

They have not yet revealed the rewards (though they might shortly after this article is published). They did confirm that the top 500 ranked in the app will get a card with specific numbering and a symbol on it. It is assumed that this will probably be the Time Spinning Witch ruler (similar to last year’s Alhamaat). We’ll update you guys when more information comes out.


We got our look at the promo and playmat for New Dawn Rises! The Promo card is what you get for buying a box. The playmat is what you get for buying a case (6 boxes). 

I think we had already seen the playmat a while back, but now it’s revealed again with a pretty cool looking card!


It looks like we got official confirmation that Dual Stones will finally rotate out. There was a lot of speculation about this, but the final decision the company came to was to let them move out of New Frontiers. 

This is overall really good for the health of the game. Especially going into New Valhalla, multiple colors with easy access could prove very strong with the new Rune system. It also helps nerf slightly old Reiya rulers so that they are on a better level with the newcomers. 


We also got our first high definition look at the starter deck and booster box packaging! And as you can see above, the booster box is yellow! This is the first time the company has done a booster that wasn’t red or black. It looks really interesting and really stands out, going in a new direction like the rest of the game feels like.

Below you can see all 5 starter decks. Really cool design I think, once again really feels like they are standing apart.


Credit to Crystal Beeton

So we got a ban list early this time around! Usually the ban list is revealed/takes effect around the time the new set is released. This time around it was revealed and will take effect on the 7th of September. 

The ban list’s most noteable thing was the ban (finally) of Sherry! The article goes into detail on why this was banned as well as the other cards if you are interested (or our most recent podcast, where we go over the article and bans in depth).

Because of this ban they unbanned Evil Djinni, Eve, and Ruined Story which is awesome. In Wanderer they banned Lumia, Apollo, and Play Dead. All for pretty obvious reasons, Lumia mainly because of the change to the ‘Enter’ keyword ability to older cards.


Just a quick update that the FOW Lackey Plugin was in fact updated with all the new cards! So you can get on and play on there (and I assume Untap as well)! If you are unsure how to play Lackey or install the plug in, be sure to check  out the homepage on this website.


Last quick note, just wanted to let you guys know that the previous GP’s/Tournaments have all been updated by Oscar with Gachalog images of the deck lists! So be sure to check those out and come back as Worlds and other events happen!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time!



If you prefer a video version of the news click below:

We had several tournament results from over the weekend. If you are interested in those, be sure to click the ‘Top 8’ section at the top of the page! 

Not a lot of news this week outside of spoilers, but we’ll do a rundown of some important points to remember.

If you want to keep up with these daily spoilers, be sure to check out our daily spoiler videos on our channel!


So there seems to be some confusion on what exactly a starter deck will entail. Below is a quote from icv2 on what will come in it exactly:

Each Starter includes 68 cards: two different Rulers (foil), 40 card main deck (10 sets of 4 cards, 8 of which are foil), 10 Rune cards, 12 Magic Stones. Each deck is playable on it’s own, but it can also be split into two half decks for two player games. The Starter also includes a playsheet, rulesheet, and game manual.

That goes over the specifics. Essentially there are enough main deck cards for one deck, however the starter is designed so that you can split it into 2 mini decks. Each deck would have it’s own ruler, 5 card rune deck, 6 magic stones, and 20 card deck. 

You essentially get more than your money’s worth since you can either do the 2 player format, or create your own deck, fully customized with a booster box. The rulers will be the same throughout the cluster so it’ll be important to have it anyways. And at $15 it’s hard to beat.


More questions people have been having are in regards to runes. As a quick breakdown, here is how runes work and the different types of runes.

-You can only have 1 copy of any Rune card in your Rune deck
-You can have a Rune Deck with up to 5 total runes of any varying will cost and Divinity cost. 
-Each ruler has a Divinity of 10. This means you can keep playing Runes from your Rune deck until you meet that 10 requirement (ex. You play a Rune card with Divinity 3, then one with Divinity 2, Divinity 4, Divinity 1. You now have met the maximum 10. Even though you have 1 more card in your Rune deck, you CAN NOT play it for the rest of that game.)
-If a Rune says Rune/Chant or some other typing besides chant that might exist, you may run it in your main deck too if you so choose. You can only run 3 in your main deck though if you have 1 in your Rune deck.

-Runes that simply say ‘Rune’ for their type, can only ever be played in a Rune deck.

-Runes that say ‘Master Rune’ are only to be used specifically with the ruler they say they correspond with (this may extend to certain color rulers as well)

-Runes play at Chant speed unless they have quickcast.

-You can only reveal a Rune if you have paid it’s cost before/during reveal. You cannot simply reveal a Rune and not pay for it

Hopefully that helps clear things up! Let us know of any other questions/points we can add to this list.


If you guys haven’t seen it already, we did an interview with Jeff Finnigan (Global Liaison) on our Podcast this week! You can watch that HERE

On it he talked about Runes, New Valhalla, and more with some interesting insight and explanations for things that will happen. I highly recommend giving it a listen! 

That’s about all for today. Hopefully these helped clear up some points! Be sure to check out the Top 8 results of the Asia Championship, GP Denver, and ARG Nationals!