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So we got some exciting announcements this week so let’s get into it!


The above promos have been revealed! These came to us via the promotional materials sent to local game stores. On it it advertised these for upcoming events. The one at the front is significant because it is the first naturally  0 cost card! Whether that is good or bad will be for you to decide.

The second card in the back seems to say ‘Arrive – Send the top three cards of your deck into the discard zone’. Or at least that is the most likely scenario. This obviously is meant to work really well with Ergon. 

These seem pretty interesting! Both seem very playable and potentially high power levels as well, so look forward to that. 


In a livestream video, Argent Saga previewed a box opening of the upcoming set, Genesis. They opened several boxes showing off the packaging, cards and how they look, including the foils they opened above! If you want to watch the video in its entirety, check it out HERE

One good thing from the video is it looks like this set for sure uses the foiling method from the 2.0 run of Betrayal, meaning cards will be legible, which is always nice.


In that same video mentioned above, we were given the first look at some Argent Saga branded sleeves! Now, these are in beta currently and I’m not sure if a release date was mentioned, but they can’t be too far off now.

There were 3 versions shown above. The stones and card back are sort of the expected generic sleeves, which is still cool to have. The shard sleeves in particular will be nice to have and use exclusively on the Shard deck. The art sleeves I’ll be looking forward to though like the one shown above. I’d pay top dollar if they are ever able to do that in Art Matte form as well.


In case you missed it, re-release events have started! This is another release event for Betrayal, for anyone who might have missed them the first time around. There were already events last weekend, with more this upcoming and future weekends. 

Be sure to check in with your locals store to find out when yours is. It is probably too late to order a box if your store didn’t get one, so be sure to ask your store to stay on top of it in the future! This one came with some cool promos and prizing shown above.


So details regarding Game Masters was given by Argent Saga. If you don’t know, this is the program where you can sign up to basically help promote the game at stores that they go to.
It’s a very interesting idea for a program, and sounds like it has benefits outside of just promoting the game. The full details were given below:

I am not sure we have posted much about the Game Master program we are creating. You have to be a judge, so I know it has been posted in the official judge group.

We were able to launch Argent Saga so successfully since many of you decided to take some locally printed demo decks and fan out across parts of the United States demoing Argent Saga and with the success we have put into action a program very similar which we will call Game Master.

Here are a few details and requirements of the Game Master program.

⁂ Be a judge in good current standing.
⁂ Focus is on areas with out current Argent Saga OP
⁂ Have store sign up for LGS
⁂ Start with Demo Days/Nights
⁂ Start a weekly tournament. The Game Master can TO or partner with the store. Build a community.

Game Masters will apply and be interviewed and full support and compensation from Argent Saga. Maybe the store gets motivated and takes over, maybe the store lets the Game Master show up and run weekly tournaments we are looking for GM’s who are business minded and can change the mind of store owners who might be unwilling to take a risk or our complacent.

There are many more details, but I promised my team I keep it as short as I can here in the public official group, think about becoming a Judge Game Master.

For more information on becoming a Game Master contact

So as mentioned above, people who participate will get full support and compensation from Argent Saga. They want to make sure you are a Judge and are promoting it in an area that does not already have OP. Plus various other details. I highly recommend reading above is you want to participate or contacting the above email as well! 

You can actually officially apply to be a Game Master by going to the link HERE


Side events were announced for Indianapolis! You can read them all above, where it has everything from the normal 8 man pods, to battling a champion.

If you plan on attending, don’t forget to register at the official page HERE! It ends Friday at 9 PM CST

That’s all the news for this week, see you next time!


Argent News

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Otherwise we have a lot of catch up to do this week and a ton of news!


Just a couple reminders I thought we should go over, especially for people newer to the game. 

Firstly, if you are wanting to connect with the community at large, get questions you have answered, etc be sure to join the Argent Saga Facebook group! It is located HERE

For any judge questions, such as questions on how cards/card interactions work or general gameplay inquiries, be sure to join the Argent Judge group and ask it there instead of the normal Facebook group. You can find that HERE

For selling and buying card singles, or any transaction really on Facebook be sure to check out the official group since it isn’t allowed in the above groups. Get to it HERE

And lastly, be sure to check into our website here for Top 8 lists/breakdowns of all major Argent Saga events, in addition to our weekly news here both in video and article form.


This Friday we here at TCGScrubs will be streaming a mini competition of Argent Saga at Shenanigans Esports and Gaming Venue! This is an Austin vs. San Antonio event that will serve as a preview of what we might see later on, as it is allowing people to proxy cards they need from the next set ‘Generations’ in addition to any promo cards they may need that are not readily available. 

This will also serve to help test the stream for when we will be driving out to broadcast the Regionals at the same store later this month! So be sure to follow both Shenanigan’s Youtube and Twitch, as well as ours to see that this Friday and later this month!


A new Championship was announced! This one will be taking place in Ohio where Argent Saga is located at! This will be taking place November 2nd-3rd with $5,000 in cash prizes on the line. There will also be side events that Friday to win Prize Wall items and more! 

There is also the $100 VIP package which includes 10 promo stones, Buckeye promo, Ruka Promo, custom dice, and more! For full details check out the event page HERE


So Wave 2.0 of Betrayal is out! If you missed it or your locals haven’t gotten it, here is a look above at what the foiling is now. As you can see, they are now legible! The foiling no longer goes over the text box or name of the card, making it much easier to see what it says.

The scratch foiling I personally am still not a fan of, because you straight up can’t see the art on the card (and since there are no normal versions of these cards, the art will never get its full due). But the other foiling looks superb now for sure. I haven’t seen any complaints as of yet on card quality or scratching etc that plagued the first set. We’ll let you know if that comes up, or any difference for the numbered full art cards since we haven’t seen anyone pull that from 2.0 yet as well.


In case you missed it, Generations, the mini expansion set for the game was fully spoiled! You can see these spoilers on their website HERE. We will have a video going over everything in detail later this week or next week hopefully. In the meantime check out the website, or our video where we exclusively spoiled a card from the set and went into detail of it.


We got several new promos! These were revealed via the Argent Saga website. I’m not sure if there has been a designation of what they are all tied to, but keep a lookout for events or locals that my get them in some fashion!

On the subject of promos a new promo was unlocked for Indianapolis! This was unlocked since 100 people registered for the event already! It is the GZ Promo, which a lot of people have been having trouble getting. This is pretty cool, and is automatically unlocked if you are getting the VIP package. So be sure to get that, which also comes with all the other promos and extras as well!


They also added a bunch of new Regionals! These are the smaller events held at various gamestores across the country. You can check out the official list HERE for every single one.

There is now 30 total events! Some, like in TX, have multiple events in similar locations over the next couple months, which is really cool for people like us that are near them. The website shows how many people they can hold, locations, contact information, and more!

Unfortunately, it does look like 2 events on the list are cancelled. One is at Kirwan’s Game Store who have been big advocates for Argent Saga. They cancelled because they didn’t like that their event was at the same time as the Argent Championship. While the timing could be a little unfortunate, it does seem weird to straight up cancel the event. There were already posts from several people saying they were planning on attending that event and cannot attend the Championship, so now they have nowhere to go.

Kirwan did something similar when they ran Force of Will. They were the official store for a WGPQ event, and ended up cancelling it even though the attendance was there and even people willing to upfront cash to increase prizing and guarantee no store loss. Whenever something happens they don’t like, they seem to cancel the event regardless of player input, which is unfortunate for everybody since as of right now they were the only NY store running a Regional event. 


So one thing that a lot of people have been asking for is the possibility of drafting. This is a very popular thing in card games as it brings excitement during things like releases, and a random different type of game that you can constantly do on a whim. 

From the get go it felt like the possibility of draft was not going to be realized, especially due to the logistics of making a game structured like Argent Saga into a draftable format. However it seems like the company might be getting close to it, especially after the burst in the game’s popularity. 

In a Facebook post, Jim (owner of AS) said that he had just come out of a meeting where they were discussing draft in future sets. Questions came up obviously for how things like Affinity would work, access to Champion/Spirits etc. We don’t know any details or when this integration may happen, but it’s great to hear it’s happening at some point! He re-iterated they are working on this during a livestream he did as well.

Slightly related to this was another announcement that could be used for drafting in the future. It is going to be used for Set 2: Revelations, and is a Sneak Peek event. This was described as a format that will possibly act as a pre-release (details aren’t all there). It would take place in November. 

He ran a poll asking what people would like to see in the event, and by far the clear winner is people wanting to just pay $20 and get 5 packs of the new set plus a promo. I like the sound of this and it could be a lot of fun depending on how it’s executed. Considering they are just now doing a poll for it, it’s probably too early to tell for sure what this could end up looking like.


Speaking of Revelations, it is up for Pre-Order now! The link and announcement was posted on Facebook, showing that you can now pre-order it through a distributor. This means you most likely can pre-order at your locals or wherever relevant. 

It’s important to get pre-orders in, as it allows a minimum allocation of product, as well as guaranteeing you don’t miss out on the set if it proves to be popular. The release date is November 11th, with Pre-

Orders needing to be locked in by October 3rd! If you are curious on card distribution, numbers, etc check out the listing HERE


A new event is possibly announced! This one is near and dear to us since it’s closer. Jim posted on the Facebook group again announcing that he’d be visiting Dallas area in Texas and will be running an event! 

He ran a poll asking what day of the month people would prefer, and the biggest winner so far was January 3rd-5th. We don’t know what type of event or scale this could be, but over 100 people voted in the poll which is promising. Dallas events have tended to have pretty big crowds from the couple card games I’ve seen. I look forward to hopefully hearing more of this!

That’s all the news for this week (or past 2 weeks)! If I missed anything please let us know, especially if it’s important enough to cover next week. And with that we’ll see you next week!


Argent News

By: Erin Jade Hess (She/Her)

This is an opinion piece.

Both the calls and memes of “Ban Ergon!” can be heard resounding from every Argent Saga Facebook group, Discord channel, Untap room, and local event. The people are revolting against our Gargoyle overlord currently sweeping up wins across the meta.

I have a passing interest in Ergon, The Tragic Gargoyle in a purely mechanical sense, but I can’t say with any kind of certainty whether or not I want to build with him. What drew my eyes initially was his striking resemblance to the popular Magic: The Gathering deck Dredge.

When playing Dredge, your graveyard effectively becomes your hand, each of the cards either activating in the graveyard, filling the graveyard, or otherwise interacting with it. This allows you to drop a large body out of seemingly nowhere and win the game. If you want to read more specifically about this deck, check the Further Reading section at the bottom.

Do you notice the similarity here? Fill the grave, interact with the grave, play from the grave. Ergon is all of Dredge in one card; he’s busted. Busted in context to other card games? Hardly. Busted in context to our young, current meta and game? Absolutely.

I want to argue that Ergon does NOT need to be banned, as I am afraid that doing so would set an unhealthy precedent moving forward. Instead of coming up with answers to challenging builds, it would encourage the dismissal of anything deemed ‘too powerful’. I understand the implications of power creep in this instance, but I’d like to take this time to bring something else to the table… not printing overpowered cards to combat others or banning the ones already here, but printing cards that increase the diversity of effects in the game.

Meet these two bad boys; Macro Cosmos, and Leyline of the Void.

Their effect is simple and has an immediate influence on the game; the graveyard is officially turned off. Done. Cards get sent there? Nope. They slip into the aether. The only way to turn the graveyard back on is to deal with these cards, in Yu-Gi-Oh! with MST or similar spell/trap removal, or with enchantment removal in Magic.

What could this look like in Argent Saga? The way I see it, this effect could be approached a couple of different ways. I’ll list them from least likely to most in my own humble opinion.

1. ‘Expel all cards sent to the discard pile’ effect is printed on a legendary shard. There’s currently no way to get rid of shards, and I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.
2. ‘Expel all cards sent to the discard pile’ effect is printed on a Champion or Spirit. There’s also no way to deal with a Champion, but it could appear as a Soulburst on a spirit, perhaps?
3. ‘Expel all cards sent to the discard pile’ effect is printed on an Augment. This would effectively be similar to Leyline of the Void. It dies to removal, but only Augment removal. Get your Acid Mongers sleeved up, Ergon players.
4. ‘Expel all cards sent to the discard pile’ effect is printed on a Unit. If we are to get an effect of this calibre, it would be the easiest to deal with in this state. Unit die to removal, simple as that. They are very fragile in the grand scheme of things and can be dealt with by Target Attack, Towers, Spells, Effects, you name it. This ability feels right at home on a Darkness or Water unit with a handful of answers ready to protect it.

The answer at this point to Ergon is to pack lots of bounce abilities into your deck, as he can’t do anything to cards that are in the deck or hand until they are recast and defeated again. In the future though, (perhaps in the Revelations expansion, pretty please?) we may just see a new brand of sideboard hate get printed.


Stay caffeinated,
Erin Jade Hess

Further Reading:

Art Credit:
“Leyline of the Void” (M11), Rob Alexander. “Leyline of the Void” (M19), Noah Bradley. “Macro Cosmos”, Kazuki Takahasi and Konami.


Argent News

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There was quite a bit that happened this past week again, so let’s go!


We got some regional dates announced! These are the store-run tournaments that are run across the country. You just need to check out the main website HERE to find out where and when your local area will be holding one! We here at TCGScrubs will be at the San Antonio event so keep an eye out for us! 

If you are a store looking to run a Regionals, there might still be time to do it in that same link I posted above. No guarantees though.

Also at Regionals will be a new promo and prizing! You can see the image below the top half will get Demon of the Evil Eye, a brand new promo card! As well as a FA promo/playmat for participation, and a FA Metal card for top 8! Full details at the link and image below! Prizing varies depending on the month the Regional event takes place.


On a bit of less exciting news, people who are getting their Kickstarter Rewards found out via the mail received that the Metal Towers were not in the packaging. According to Jim (CEO of Argent Saga) he had forgotten to order those with the other prizing. Good news is the order is placed so he said to expect those in the next 3 weeks or so.

It’s a little disappointing, especially for anyone looking forward to show them off at any locals/tournaments about to happen. But at least they are coming. And Kickstarter prizing outside of those should be arriving everywhere! So if you backed them on Kickstarter keep an eye out!


We got some new details for the Argent Saga Championship coming up! This is the event that takes place September 14th/15th. There will be a Swiss format main event held on Saturday, then on Sunday top cut will happen along with a full separate Regional tournament!

As you can see from the picture above, you can now do a VIP package for $100 which includes the participation playmat/promo, the set of 7 custom dice, the Buckey FA Promo, and a set of TEN FA Shards! Also a VIP Lapel Pin. This is genuinely really cool, and if I were to attend would probably be the first time I spent money on a VIP package in a TCG. The value for the Shards and Dice alone is enough for me.

For full information on the tournament, including registration and deals on Hotels, visit their website link HERE


So if you have had a chance to open booster packs, you will probably have seen there is a chance to pull ‘Shard Point’ cards. These are cards we were told could be redeemed at some point for product of some kind. Well it looks like we finally got (most of) it! 

On the website there is now a Redeem Shardpoints Section under the Community tab (you can find it HERE) where there is a tone of awesome items already ready to go! Everything from exclusive shirts, to playmats, booster boxes/packs, dice, and more! And more stuff yet to be announced which include Art prints, Metal Towers, Promos etc!

You can see some of it below, but it’s a really cool idea that should be fun to try saving points for!


So announced was a series of events for Canada soon! This weekend actually, there will be lots of events going on, all leading to a big tournament! 

This tournament will take place on August 18th, and will actually give the winner a choice of any NA event to get a paid flight to! In addition to an Esports gaming chair!

These events will be at the CNE-Gaming Garage and will require a convention badge to enter. For complete details and how to register visit the Facebook event page HERE


Along with the new prize wall section on the Argent Saga website is a Playmat section. Here it shows off every single past and upcoming playmat for the game, including the dates that the playmats were released during. This is a really cool and handy resource for people wondering where and when playmats were released, how rare they could be, etc. 

Another thing that came from this section was in some of the previews of playmats was some new art! This would be from one of the 2 new sets coming up, and includes some interesting looking stuff. You can see in some of the images below, and check out that website section HERE


So a couple issues were brought up recently that we’ll briefly go over. The first was the power level of Ergon. This is the card pictured above that discards things, then fixes the top of your deck as its two abilities. As seen in recent tournaments (which you can view in the Argent Saga Top 8 section on this website) he has been very prevalent. Even at our locals his power level was taken note of. 

This has caused the community to ask this power level to be addressed, which in response it looks like the company is taking a look into it. What this might entail we don’t know, but it could be a ban, errata, or we may simply just have to wait until a later set to gain the counters to it. It’s important to note that with only intro decks and one set that balance will be an issue be default. However something like a temporary ban on him until a set with counters comes out would be a good solution, especially with how many events are happening between now and then.

On a similar note, another gameplay related thing that came up was timing of rounds. Currently the time limit is 45 minutes  (50 minutes for Grand Prix level events). The 45 minutes though is for locals and regional events, which is the main one being called into question. There have been pretty consistent complaints from the inception of the game (though more prevalent now) that there simply isn’t enough time to play out games. Because of this ties happen often or just incomplete rounds. 

The feedback from the company on this hasn’t been super clear. It sounds like they might be taking a look into it, but at the same time they sounded pretty confident where it was at. So we might just be waiting until after the tournament season to see if there is a consistent outcome from these match times, or if this only a small problem mostly relegated to people still familiarizing themselves with the game.


Speaking of Floor Rules with time limits, a new floor rule was recently added. This one is the Clarified End of Match Procedure (3.5). The following 2 additions were added:

If a new game is begun while already in the end of match procedures, reset the count of extra turns

Drawing Extra Cards now always carries a Game Loss penalty

Obviously the first rule change is pretty mundane, the second one however is pretty interesting. It’s basically saying no matter what, no matter the circumstance, if you draw an extra card by accident (could be drawing 2 cards instead of 1, or drawing a card too quickly before your opponent finishes a sequence they were doing), you instantly get a game loss with no attempt to remedy the situation. 

This is an interesting ruling that has already caused some discontent with members of the community. It was pointed out that other card games do not do this, most noteably MTG. Game loss is an extreme measure for a situation that has alternative ways to remedy it. The one proposed by Brandan Bremont was to use the MTG method, which is the offender reveals their hand to their opponent, the opponent chooses a card and that card is inserted somewhere into the deck. 

This creates huge disadvantage to the offender, while not throwing the entire game away. Avoiding automatic game losses should be the point of rulings and judges, not necessarily to create as many instant game loss conditions as possible. I know I personally have accidentally drawn cards several times, whether it’s form card draw abilities or drawing slightly out of sequence. None of it malicious and definitely not deserving of a game loss. 

So we’ll see how this plays out in the future and if they end up listening to some of this community feedback.


A new mini season of spoilers has started! This is for the mini-expansion set ‘Generations’. This is a set that costs $25 and has some new cards, reprints, and FA variants of old cards.

It’s a pretty cool idea that I’m excited for. You can see an example of a spoiled card above! There was some criticism though, as 5 cards were spoiled that turned out just to be vanilla (you can see an example below). This caused people to ask why they would get a set that had reprints combined with some of the new cards are  (at the moment) unplayable vanilla cards. 

This is a good question, as vanilla cards usually are best delegated to intro decks and booster boxes. It could be that the remaining cards are pretty high power levels so it balances it out overall, but it still would have been nice for these to at least be somewhat higher than average stats or something to help them stand out. We’ll be doing spoiler video coverage of these as they come out so stay tuned on our Youtube channel to get our full thoughts of ever single card as they come out!


Do you have a local Argent Saga Facebook page? Well Argent Saga wants to hear from you! Jim posted asking people to follow a Google Docs HERE to fill out a form where you say where you are located, and link your Facebook group. 

What this could completely entail is unknown, but it did hint at sending promotional material to possibly help build your locals, which would be awesome! It could also be used for them to create a database on their website so people can easily find regions and stores that support the game. Jim also said if you have a group to add him to it so he can help grow the game!

As a side note somewhat unrelated, he mentioned in a separate conversation that they might possibly be looking at ‘Autograph’ cards in addition to the numbered cards in the future as a rarity. Just a quit tidbit I thought I’d share.


Last piece of news was the announcement of the Argent Saga Re-Release! This was announced to Retailers to do in September. This will basically be another Pre-release, especially for stores (like ours) that didn’t get a chance to run an event like this.

It was stressed that your store must schedule the event through ERRES and can be held any day during that month. You can email for more information regarding it. Top 8 gets Full Art Foil Cards, up to 16 players get participation FA cards, Top 8 gets mats and lapel pins as well. This should be an awesome string of events so should be exciting! 

That’s all for this week, hopefully that’s enough news for you all. See you next week!


Argent News

For a video version of the news, click below:

We got a couple things to go over so let’s get started!

Before we officially go into the news, be sure to check out the recent top 8 events from GenCon here on the website! There was a 5K and Regionals that we have the full breakdown, and top 8 lists! Just hover over ‘Argent Saga’ above, then click on top 8!


We got our first look at the mat for regionals! This is the smaller events that are usually held around the country. They usually come with mats and promos sometimes, so we got a look at that at least! These regionals take place in September so keep an eye out for that.

Full information for Regionals, or any other Argent Saga event can always be found on their website HERE


TCGPlayer officially has Argent Saga now! This was mentioned awhile back that it would happen eventually, and it did. It had started with the obvious booster box, starter decks, and packs, but now it is full of singles in different varieties. It is still a settling market so prices feel a bit high for some cards, but that can be expected to (hopefully) go down after the second print run comes out, or at worst the second set comes out. 

Not a lot of the high rarity cards on there though I noticed, those are still mostly being sold on the Argent Saga Facebook Marketplace currently. But it’s awesome it’s on TCGPlayer now, which is a big resource for people who want singles. And because it’s alphabetical, it’s easy to find under the ‘Other’ menu!


We got our first look at a future card now as well! You can see it quite blurry above, but it’s there! It was also mentioned that there will be another green card being spoiled, possibly soon, that the community will love. 

This one above though, if it’s hard to read, roughly says:

Gain a counter for every tower you have destroyed. You can remove one counter and exhaust this card, exhaust a unit.
Or you can remove 4 and exhaust, destroy a unit and stand up 2 shards.

This is a rough idea of what it says, we’ll know more when it is revealed proper!


I’ve been seeing this pop up a lot so thought I’d do a quick general reminder that Yuki (the Kickstarter promo) will be available at LGS tournaments this October. It is still unfortunate in the meantime the shortage and price of them (currently around $60-70 per card), but hopefully the release of these will lower the price, plus make access to them much easier. They seem to be sticking to the idea of tournament locked cards, but maybe if the community isn’t overall a fan of them, it could change. 

By not having tournament locked cards and instead having really cool (and rare) alternate arts of popular cards, you disappoint nobody. By having these, you definitely disappoint and frustrate a significant portion of players. We’ll wait and see what happens though!

That’s all the news for this week. Finally, a shorter one! See you next week


Argent News

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


So there is a ton of Argent Saga News again this week! So let’s dive in.


So Pre-Release just happened this past weekend, and with it we go the full reveal of a lot of the items in the set. One of these was the different foil/full art variations of cards.

We’ll start with the full arts. So it looks like we do in fact have Full Art cards, but in a very interesting way. Some cards (it looks like a mix of Champions, Units, etc) are numbered between 1-1000 in full art form! So when you get a box or booster pack, you have a chance of pulling one of only 1,000 cards in existence of that variant. This is a pretty cool idea, though I’m still a bit bummed that full art cards aren’t just the standard for card rarities. This at least is a cool unique take on high rarity pulls!

The second thing is we got a look at the normal foils! As reported last week, the foiling differs based on the rarity of the card. You can see below we have rainbow foiling, scratch foiling, and a sort of curvy foiling (probably more I’m forgetting). Some of these are pretty cool looking, and make it easy to identify rarity and add some variety to the foiling. Jim (owner of ARG and Argent Saga) said that they ended up doing this to include all 6 foiling options the community had chosen back on the Facebook page when they were going through this process. 

However, some of it makes it especially hard to read the cards. That seemed to be the most consistent complaint from people online, and feedback from stores. Even posting pictures there is almost no way to tell what card is being photographed, let alone what any of the text says. It may come down to preference as far as who likes the foiling, but readability is something that is separate from the foil preference. Luckily it sounds like this will be addressed, which we will talk about later in here.

Overall the cards look cool, and I’m excited to see how the foiling will evolve as the game progresses! 


So with the release of product we got a look at the quality of printing as well. Now it’s important to preface that (obviously as far as we know) none of these problems that are listed are Argent Saga’s fault, it is the fault of the printer, and they are actively working to fix them. But it’s important to list so everyone knows what is the norm and what to expect. 

Scuffing – So it looks like cards are having like ‘dirt’ marks, dents, and dings in the corners and sides of the cards. You can see some of that in the images. This is a bit unfortunate, and is attributed to the printing and finishing process of the cards that leads to that. It even happened on some of those rare 1/1000 cards with large dents etc. This is a bit unfortunate as it automatically takes away that shiny new feeling of the cards, and devalues them out of the pack.

Alpha Demo Decks – If you guys remember, the printer had messed up the Alpha demo decks by printing the wrong finishing on them, causing concern on playability and just overall asthetic. It was revealed they also hadn’t printed/included the instructions, so Argent Saga themselves actually had to print those out to send with all the product. 

Print Delay – The product/Kickstarter product was supposed to be printed and arrive on July 1st, however they didn’t even receive it until the 20th. This caused potential delays in Kickstarter back product among other issues.

Collation Problems?  – This was being looked into so we will wait to see, but it was mentioned there may be a collation problem with the commons in packs etc. In the meantime it was suggested stores shuffle the packs up a bit inside the box before selling the single packs. 

Squared Edges – It looks like there is a small chance of some the cards having squared off edges. Instead of the rounded corners they get this squared off look you can see in the pictures. Not sure how common this is, but it will be important to know the legality of these or if they will just be random collection items essentially. 

Box Toppers  – If you opened a box or saw one opened, you would see that a box has FIVE box toppers in it! This was definitely not the intent, as they were only supposed to have 1 in each box.

Now, once again this is nothing about Argent Saga itself, just wanting to point out problems the printer came up with in the set. They used the US based printer that does MTG (different than the one Force of Will used when they had their printer problems, I believe that was the EU based MTG printer). Jim did address all these problems though which was great, and we will go over that now.


So Jim did an update video on Facebook, going over the problems with printing, as well as teasing different things from the future! This was super cool and nice to get a one on one update there, where he was also interacting with the community who was commenting during it. So I’ll go over everything he said bullet by bullet similar to above!

Halted Production – So in light of a lot of the mentioned issues above, production was temporarily halted on the set. They are now calling what has been printed so far ‘Wave 1’. Everything after will be ‘Wave 2’ or ‘2.0’. So the only product currently is at the distributors, Gen-Con, etc and it will be the ‘Wave 1’. He assured us though that there is enough to fulfill orders currently and then some, at least until the new wave is printed. Wave 2 will arrive sometime in August. This set will feature all the corrections I’m about to list.

Box Toppers – Wave 2 will have the corrected box topper count, instead of 5 I think he said it will have 1 or 2 now as it’s supposed to.

Scratching – They are working on the ‘scratched’ and ‘dirty’ look the cards have. He was told it’s an issue called Blooming that will be fixed. The scuffing on the edging will be fixed as well by adjusting the press a bit. They will also add a heavier coat on the cards to prevent normal scratching that was occurring.

Foiling – Jim did say they are looking into stuff with the different foiling on the cards to make them easier to read, which will be much appreciated.

Promos – He did mention if you get a promo, those actually have the correct foiling and finishing options that Wave 2 will have, in case you wanted to see what that will be like.

Gen Con Tournament – He said you can play in the Argent Saga tournament, even if you have a ticket for another game’s tournament.

Shard Points – They are going to be doing the Shard Points system for 3 or 4 sets, after that they will switch to QR code cards for prize redemption (I assume similar to how FOW used to do it).

Yuki Promo – Confirmed that in October there will be other ways to get the Yuki card outside of Kickstarter Rewards.

Product – Jim mentioned that they are working possibly with Dex Protection, Ultra Pro, or someone else to create sleeves and deck boxes for the game!

Cloth Mats! – He announced they are making cloth mats as well! He showed off 2 designs, one of which has the card and zone outlines. These will be available through distributors at some point so your local store can order and sell them to you! Check them out below! They will be around $30 and there will be limited VIP mats later on for a lot more (I assume at events). 

Kickstarter Rewards – During this he also announced that Kickstarter Rewards are sent out! His team actually ended up working through the weekend to get this all done. So most people should either have received them, or should expect them this week! Be sure to check Kickstarter to make sure your form was filled out correctly if you haven’t received it, and any questions contact them through Kickstarter or Email!


More details were released for some of the tournaments being ran at Gen-Con! You can see some of the details above, but there will be a Pre-Release Tournament and Intro Deck Tournament it sounds like. Some of the promo prizing will have unique stamps on them for Gen-Con exclusively! There are tons of tournaments being ran throughout the weekend with lots of prizing so be sure to check it out on the website! 

They will have booster boxes for sale there as well, it sounded like around $80 per box, and they will each come with the Shard promo card as well!


We got a look at some cool designs for shirts above! These shirts will be available it sounds like through the Shard point system. Shard points are cards you can randomly get in a booster pack, and eventually redeem for prizing. They range from 5-20 points about. 

The purple version of the shirt will only be available at Gen-Con, possibly to buy like normal it sounds like.


A new thing was also revealed this past weekend, and that is another new tournament! This one is the Win-A-Car tournament. You can get an invitation for it by pulling a ‘Golden Ticket’ randomly out of a booster pack. The full details are yet to come, but it will be sometime next year in Cleveland. The obvious prizing will be a car, but there will be full details for it like I mentioned coming later.


Last bit of Argent news is that Tokens are in the set! Or at least one type of token, they said more will be coming in later sets to satisfy all the token requirements in the game. It’s awesome they are doing this right off the bat, I personally like collecting different tokens in games.

The only confusing bit is the omission of ‘Token’ anywhere in the name. It simply says ‘Unit’ instead of ‘Token Unit’. This is not a mistake, they thought this would be the better route to take since there is no cost on the card. A lot of people did find this confusing and thought it’d be easier to have the Token typing somewhere on the card. They said they might look into it, so we will wait and see! I don’t think it’s too big a deal without the Token wording, but it doesn’t hurt to have it and would help clear some confusion.

That’s all the Argent Saga news from this week! Hopefully we got it all, and we’ll see you next week!


Argent News

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:


This week was very Argent Saga heavy on news, since we took a week off so let’s dive into it all!


A new set for Argent Saga was announced! This is the follow-up to the first set releasing soon. This new set is coming out this November, and you can see the preview of it above! 

It’s pretty cool that this was already announced, so just as people are finally getting set 1 and letting that hype sink in, they immediately have something more to look forward to. No other details have been released yet, and we shouldn’t expect much information for it until probably a month out of set 1 or so. 


Speaking of new product, there was even more announced! Argent Saga is coming out with a mini set, Genesis, on October 11th! This set will include five brand new towers and 17 brand new ‘playable’ cards. Exact details of the set (such as if it’s booster packs, or all the cards in one thing) is still unknown. 

This is such a cool idea though. This is something several card games have done to varying success, so we will wait and see how this turns out. However, the fact that something like this already exists after Set 1 is very cool and will lead to not a lot of downtime, which is very good for the beginning of a card game. It will help keep that momentum going. Things like this also help with slight updates to the meta, so it doesn’t get stale in between sets, but also doesn’t drastically change it either.

We’ll keep you guys up to date on this, since more details and spoilers will be coming for this sooner than Set 2 for sure.


On the Argent Saga Facebook Group page, Jim McMahan (owner of ARG and Argent Saga) streamed a brief opening of some of the booster packs, offering us our first looks at the cards. 

The biggest takeaway is the foiling. He mentioned there is different foiling based on the card’s rarity. It is the sort of sketchy line foiling similar to Pokemon Play cards on some of them at least. You can check out the video for yourself HERE

The other thing of note is there looks to officially be no Full Art cards. I’m not entirely sure if this was every fully confirmed or not, but it is a little disappointing for me personally. I really liked the promo cards we’ve seen that are Full Art and was hoping that would carry over into the set (FA Cards are my favorite collection item in card games, especially textured). However I’ll wait and see what these look like in person, and it could always change in the future. I’m glad it’s at least dynamic foiling instead of plain on every single card.


Another thing revealed in that video (and slightly confirmed after) is that each booster pack has a chance of pulling a Shard Point. These it sounds like (based on a later post by Jim) can be redeemed for Argent Saga branded merchandise! How it will be redeemed has yet to be revealed (redeemed online, in person at events, etc) but it’s a cool idea to have off the bat. So many card games don’t delve too much into actual reward systems or even branded product, so it’s also cool this is doing it right out the gate.

The image below was posted asking what people would like to see be redeemed for points. These are just examples, nothing is actually set in stone but this should give an idea of what we can expect once this system launches. 


So there are a couple cool things they are doing for some of the remaining cards to fill. One is they are doing a cosplay card! This is most familiar to people coming from Force of Will. With this they say to simply email them at It sounds like this will fill one slot (maybe more, not sure if it’s set in stone) so be sure to get on that!

The other thing they are doing is an art contest! They are taking this opportunity to fill in the tokens that are needed for the game. If you are interested, simply go to their website’s art contest page HERE  and read over the instructions on how to enter. They simply give general outlines for what they need, so choose which tokens you want to try for and go for it! You have until August 7th so get on that soon!


Just a reminder, this weekend is pre-release for the new set! If your store or a nearby story has a pre-release kit be sure to check it out! It comes with cool prizing, promos, and even starter decks! 

The week right after will be the official release of the set! So once again check in and make sure you and your store’s orders are in and ready to go for both the booster box and starter decks. We’ll try getting a hold of some product to open here on the channel as well hopefully so stay tuned for that.


It looks like we got official word on the Alpha Starters legality. If you don’t know, the full use of the Alpha decks was brought into question since the cards were mistakenly printed with the wrong raised print pattern on them, making them identifiable. Ryan Miles of Argent Saga came out with the official ruling, which you can read below:

So as you can see, they are officially okay to use (with opaque sleeves) in your main deck! The towers however need to all be of the same type, whether it’s a normal card, alpha card, or metal card. The main deck would obviously follow the same rules for metal, where they need to either be all or no metal cards. Which the sound of that makes it seem like we will get enough metal prize cards to make an entire deck one day!? 


Each day leading up to Gen-Con we are being shown different cards that will be available there. The first 3 are exclusive promos, the next one seems to be a normal card you can just get. You can see the original 3 above and the new one below. 

So if you are there be sure to drop by and nab some of this product! And stay tuned on the Facebook page for the reveals of the remaining cards as well, one should be revealed sometime today!


At this GenCon will be the first Argent Saga Championship! Here it will start as Swiss format the 14th of September, and then cut to top the next day. The creators of the game will be there as well in addition to exclusive prizing! Full details can be found HERE

Entry is $40 which includes entry, a participation playmat, and promo. VIP entry gives you the normal playmat and promo, in addition to a mysterious VIP playmat and promo. So stay tuned to find out what that will be eventually!


Lastly, here on the website we have officially added an Argent Saga section! We have already added in the 3 tournaments Argent Saga has held so far with attendance, Champion/Spirit breakdown, and top 8 lists. We will continue to do so for future tournaments, and since no other website is hosting all these results in one place, be sure to check back here whenever a tournament happens for everything you need! Simply scroll up and click on the ‘Argent Saga’ tab then ‘Top 8’! (Or any other section that interests you)

As you can see we are also testing Argent Saga only news, separate from TCG news. If this is something you like, keep watching/reading and tell people about it! The more popular it is the more likely we are to continue and dedicate this much time to Argent Saga! If you happen to join us over at let us know so we can start doing Patreon exclusive Argent Content!

That’s all for this week, thank you for reading!