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To start, there are seven different factions in the game, each representing a different concept:

  • Solis (Orange), representing gluttony. Solis allows you to force the opponent to consume their own resources or consume your own for a burst of power.
  • Luna (Yellow), representing greed. Luna is focused on gaining resources, primarily through card draw.
  • Ignus (Red), representing wrath. Ignus is focused around combat strength and eliminating opposing servants.
  • Aqua (Blue), representing envy. Aqua revolves around strategy and control.
  • Silva (Green), representing sloth. Silva focuses on slowing down the game and playing strong creatures to overpower the opponent.
  • Aes (Pink), representing lust. Aes allows you to take control of enemy servants and switch their positions.
  • Terra (Purple), representing pride. Tera cards are physically weaker and often take unique routes to battling the enemy rather than fighting them head-on.

The Caster Chronicles is a very different game then Force of Will. Although it still involves playing creatures (called Servants) and spells (Conjures) by using mana (which is referred to as Aether in this game), the core gameplay mechanics are very different. Your Aether is generated by cards known as Casters (equivalent to magic stones or lands). Following the trend of Magic: The Gathering these are shuffled into your 50 card deck and must be drawn and played from your hand.  Also like Magic, they can only be placed once per turn. This is where the similarities between Magic and Caster Chronicles end as you are able to play cards from your hand facedown to produce colorless Aether should you not draw enough casters.

  Most Casters have a unique ability that can be applied instead of producing Aether, but this is balanced by the fact that you can only control 1 caster of each name, all others have to be placed face down in order to use them as a caster. An exception is Lvl2 casters, which require you to play them on top of an existing caster and usually allow you to banish the Lvl1 version to gain an extra ability.

In order to play a card, you need to be able to produce at least 1 Aether of its color, but the rest of the cost can be paid with Aether of any color. This means it is much harder to play low-cost cards of a different color, while high-cost cards are very simple to play.

Another big difference that sets the game apart is the life mechanic. Each player places 7 cards from the top of their deck into the field face-down as an Orb and when another player attacks them directly they choose an orb to corrupt. When an Orb is corrupted you add it to your hand, but if it has the {Break} keyword you can play it immediately at instant speed. I like this a lot, as it is very similar to the rune mechanic from my favorite digital card game Elder Scrolls Legends (Kaijudo fans will also recognize this).

Having the Orb mechanic allows a player who is getting hit very early to have a way to fight back, as not only do you draw the card they corrupt, you have a chance of getting a very powerful ability or servant that your opponent will have trouble dealing with.

The Orb mechanic is a very important gameplay component and fits very well with the system of combat. Like most games, Attack and Defense are both extremely important. Unlike most other games, when a servant is put into play it can attack immediately, with the exception of the first turn. A servant can either attack another servant or make an attack on an Orb, corrupting it. If a Servant is reversed (upside down), the attacking player is not able to corrupt an Orb unless it is removed from the field or its position is changed. The only time the servant defending an attack is destroyed is when the attacker has more attack then they do. If you attack a reversed creature, you compare the defender’s defense to your attack instead. Finally, if you attack a player and there is no Orb to corrupt, you win the game.

Caster Chronicles is a very interesting game that combines powerful mechanics from other games with a unique and polished twist. I look forward to seeing the game grow and expand and will continue to experiment with deck ideas and card interactions to see what these cards can do.

This article was originally posted at https://duelkingdom.ca/2018/07/04/what-is-caster-chronicles/


Hi everyone! My name is Dylan Hunt and I came in second place at GP Montreal with Toolbox Lumia. Going into the tournament I knew that Lumia can out value other control decks from a mixture of re-triggering enter abilities and a large variety of cancel spells and hand refills, so I felt very confident in my deck choice.

I made a few last-minute changes to the deck that paid off in the tournament. The first was swapping one of the Magic Stone of Nature’s Beauty and 1 Blasting Waves into Magic Stone of Black Silence. This was purely to cast the flip side of Flourishing Hope as my only non-targeting removal and it worked extremely well. The second change was adding two final battle to the sideboard which immediately became a very consistent side in for me.

Lumia, the Fated Rebirth // Lumia, Saint of the Crimson Lotus

Main Deck:
2 Sorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee
1 Flourishing Hope
4 Sacred Elf
2 Null Page
3 Rachel, the Ancient Library Researcher
4 Lumia, Saint of Creation
4 Severing Winds
4 Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind
1 Miscalculation
1 Release
1 Scarlet’s Agony
3 Faerur’s Spell
2 Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly
2 Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance
1 Shining Demon, Mephistopheles
1 Shackles of Ice
3 Frigg, Goddess of Abundant Harvests

Stone Deck:
2 Magic Stone of Black Silence
4 Magic Stone of Gusting Skies
1 Magic Stone of Nature’s Beauty
3 Magic Stone of Blasting Waves

3 Scarlet’s Agony
1 Faerur’s Spell
1 Miscalculation
1 Separation of Fates
2 Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian
3 Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid
2 The Final Battle
1 Destruction of the Portal
1 Flourishing Hope

Round 1 – Faerur
I knew this matchup would be a thing since it was a very powerful deck last format but the addition of Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian and Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid made the deck lose a lot of traction.
Regardless, it was a deck I had to respect due to incredible tempo and I had to load my sideboard accordingly.
Game 1: He resolved a turn 3 misty dragon and there was no way for me to respond to it in a timely fashion. This game was easily won on the back of Misty Dragon Spirit and despite my efforts to stabilize all it took was a Faerur flip and there was enough damage to push lethal.
Game 2: I sided into The Final Battle as well as Laurite and Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid as I knew that this matchup was decided entirely by his board presence and that I needed to whittle his board down as quickly as possible. I used The Final Battle after his flip using all of my will and reducing my life to 400 so that everything he had after flipping died and he couldn’t regain tempo afterword.
Game 3: I opened with Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid, Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance, 2 The Final Battle and Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind. I opened the early game getting free value from Tama until he played a Misty Dragon. I was forced to use The Final Battle to clear it which left him feeling safe enough to invest into flipping his faerer to reestablish board presence. He went into a Tia Letoliel, Archer Princess of Elves with her Falcon and used her effect to clear my Sacred Elf I had drawn from Tama and hit me for 2 damage. At the end of his turn, I played Powerless Dragonoid to strip his counters so that on my turn I could play the second Final Battle for a board clear. At 200 life he thought he could slowly rebuild until I flipped my Lumia removing Nyarlathotep and started taking a huge comeback in life points that he couldn’t recover from.
Round 2 – Ayu
I wasn’t really expecting ayu since Scheherazade has a very strong matchup against it but I had a main deck Scarlet’s Agony just in case the matchup occurred.
Game 1: I opened really strong but he was able to hit me with a few burn spells early game and managed to final battle me after I used my agony. I had to play a Frigg, Goddess of Abundant Harvest to get it back and he had the Faerur’s Spell to cancel and end the game.
Game 2: He managed to resolve an early game copy of Ancient Barrier which made all of my spells very expensive. This was effective against the Severing Winds I miraculously topdecked every turn after he played it. Regardless, Agony was only a 3 cost with the addition and I sided into another 3 copies meaning the game was very much in my favor. Once I played a Shining Demon, Mephistopheles I was able to keep his ruler tapped which secured me the game.
Game 3: I knew very quickly that this game was in my favor when I drew into an opening hand that included Severing Winds ,  Faerur’s Spell, Sacred Elf, Agony and Mephistopheles. He made the right call to flip early and to try and hit me before I drew more answers but Agony kept me in the game. Mephistopheles then hit the field and was able to tap his ruler forcing him to play flutes water dragon to tap for stones. I had Mephistopheles attack and kill the dragon to sustain my lock and protected him with Faerur’s Spell long enough for Frigg to pick up Agony each turn and to totally lock down his board. Finally, Rachel was drawn and locked out his top decks as well which put me in full control of the match.
Round 3 – Control Scheherazade
This was a matchup I had playtested against very much and I was absolutely ready for this.
Game 1: I resolved a turn 1 Tama which proceeded to carry the entire game on his back with free advantage as the dolls were all canceled by the spells Tama drew and the deck had little in the ways of small resonator removal, and the life damage stacked up by Tama was about 1600. Each card he plucked from my hand with scorn or
Thought Control was met by me getting another card by a drawn Lumia, Saint of Creation, Tama or Frigg. Eventually my board was large enough that I made an effective push on him that he was unable to stop.
Game 2: This one was a lot more of a back and forth, but the Lumia, Saint of Creation proved her viability by providing cards that couldn’t be plucked by discard, which meant cards like Frigg were fair game. I baited the Evil Elemental Uprising and used Release as another way to gain an advantage, and once the uprising was used my grave was accessible by the Frigg I blinked each turn.  I flipped Lumia at this point with Nyarlathotep and started healing to 6900 life. Time was called but since I had 6900 life and there was no way for him to end the game we drew game 2 securing me the match win.
Round 4 – Discard Lumia
This was not a deck I had practiced for but I knew Blazer, the Legendary Thief was a powerful resonator and I needed to watch out for him. Billy Buttons was playing the deck and we caught up with each other as we hadn’t talked since worlds in Japan.
Game 1: I played the same way as round 3 (with less ridiculousness from Tama), it was very back and forth but I was able to get Mephistopheles on the board and tap down Blazer so it couldn’t attack me anymore. Billy decided to flip his ruler which was a mistake since I was able to tap it down and effectively turn it off for the game. Ultimately I feel this was a game in his favor as the Blazer was proving too hard to remove and had he not flipped he likely would have been able to stabilize by removing Mephistopheles.
Game 2: This was very much the opposite of the previous game. I tried extremely hard to out value him but neglected to Severing Winds the Blazer by keeping up the 4 stones to hard cast it and ultimately it was too hard for me to clear multiple copies of it. He whittled me down in time and took the game making the match a draw.
Round 5 – Control Scheherazade
This was actually someone from Untouchables Sportscards and I knew them from the ARG event we hosted at Gamer’s Lair. I was interested to see his take on the deck.
Game 1: He won the dice roll and opted to use Thought Control. After seeing my hand he decided to take Lumia, Saint of Creationfrom my hand instead of Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly. On my turn 1 I used energize to play it for Shackles of Ice and ultimately there was no way for him to stabilize as I built a solid board presence without him being able to access his extra deck.
Game 2: This was ultimately the same with me opening Shackles, but this time my luck was not as fortunate as he had a very solid resonator hand that was able to take early game board control. I was unable to deal with this effectively and he took the game.
Game 3: We went into time very early and neither of our decks was quick enough to win in a few turns. Ultimately given his early game board and my lack of cancel spells I don’t have any doubt he would have won this if not for timer making the round a draw
Round 6 – Aimul, Princess of Despair
This was not a matchup I had played against, and I had very little idea what to expect other than the fact that her front side can prevent me from blinking my creatures by standing them in response. As it was Ryan Miles piloting the deck I had no doubt the deck would offer some unique tricks. Since we were both undefeated with two draws this was the match to make or break either one of our standings.
Game 1: I opened Sacred Elf which I knew was safe to blink because him standing it was effectively the same result. He flipped pretty early in the game putting a Rachel in play and I had a Shackles stuck dead in my hand. I managed to draw Mephistopheles and used it to keep his ruler tapped for a few turns. He tried to destroy his ruler with Karmic Retribution to prevent me from tapping it and I used Severing Winds to prevent him from doing so. He was able to successfully remove Mephistopheles in the next few turns but he realized too late his life was too low to actually survive me flipping and attacking and I took game 1 by attacking him with Sacred Elf and my Ruler.
Game 2:  This game was incredibly intense. He took an early lead with Rachel and I had an uphill battle dealing with them. I tried to flip with Nyarlathotep but he used
Separation of Fates to remove my swiftness and prevent me from healing. Then he flipped his ruler after stacking Grimm, Hope from the Future on his deck with Rachel and used his inverse ability to remove my imperishable and destroy my ruler. As I tried to answer his board as he would sack resonators with the Soul Returning Altar to clear my board and search with Rachel to keep my board presence low. I won this game mostly to both of us not realizing that Grimm had flying so I was able to clear it two turns later with Burgeoning Despair. His last shot was to attack me with his flying ruler for lethal but my sideboard Separation of Fates was able to keep his ruler from attacking as I recycled it with Frigg each turn by flashing and ultimately stole the game.

Top Cut

As best I can remember, top cut was composed of the following:

1 Discard Lumia

1 Toolbox Lumia (Me)

1 Kirik

1 Ayu

3 Control Scheherazade

1 Doll Tempo Control Scheherazade


Elimination Round 1 – Discard Lumia


Having played against Billy, I knew Blazer would be the sticking point in this matchup so I played accordingly. I also saw his decklist and knew he didn’t play 4 Severing Winds so I knew cancel wars would almost always be in my favor.


Game 1:  I don’t really recall much about these games, just that Mephistopheles very much had the game on lockdown very quickly. I was able to Null Page a Blazer and kill another so he wasn’t able to play any more copies, and from there I was able to flip my ruler with Nyarlathotep and get the continual life and board advantage with Frigg and Rachel.


Game 2: I wasn’t able to clear Blazer in a timely fashion, despite my best efforts with the side deck burgeoning despairs as he spread his board very wide with Laurite


Game 3: This came down to time, I was able to go toe to toe in life with tama attacking, but I was then able to flip my ruler (without Nyarlathotep ) and go for his face very quickly. Burgeoning despair was setup for the next turn so that he had no resonators to attack with, which meant I won the game and the match.



Elimination Round 2 – Control Scheherazade


This was a very interesting list since he played lots of non-doll quickcast creatures like Sorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee and
Fiethsing, the Fate Spinning Winds. He also had 4 Jeanne d’Arc, Mad Maiden which I knew would be a pain if I allowed him to set it up.


Game 1: I opened very well, 1 Sacred Elf , 1 Severing Winds, 1 Faerur’s Spell, 1 tama and one Rachel. I was able to get elf up early and got tama out as well. Faerur’s Spell cancelled a doll that tried to block Tama and I was able to get another turn of advantage. When I played Rachel he used ruined story and I let Tama be banished. He cast a Melfee and Fiethsing on my next turn which I didn’t cancel since they were not relevant to my board presence.

He casted Jeanne d’Arc on my turn and I used a hard casted Severing Winds to stop it, only for him to cast another one right afterword. He opted to not attack the Rachel, so on my turn I was able to remove it with Null Page before it dealt any damage. After I cleared his board he had to flip to regain board presence but my Lumia flipped with Nyarlathotep and was able to whittle away his board with advantage.



Game 2: This was very similar to Game 1, but he used Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic to prevent the trigger of Rachel when she left the field and used final battle to mop up my board.  Burdening despair ultimately cleaned up his board, and I poked him with a Nyarlathotep, powered Lumia  until he was dead.


Elimination Round 3 – Doll Tempo Control Scheherazade


Having seen his decklist, it became quite clear that this was a poor matchup for me. Rather than effigy, he played the smaller dolls that became larger with stories revealed in the extra deck and the rest of his deck was dedicated to protecting them while they punched me.


Game 1: I poked him very often and he used final battle to clear the board. His hand discard ate a lot of my hand and I didn’t manage to resolve any cards to refill it. I was forced to flip early with Nyarlathotep, and managed to get him down to 1000, but a main deck separation of fates killed Lumia and ended the game.


Game 2: This was the same as game 1 but my hand was depleted even faster due to additional sideboard hate for my resonators.


Ultimately I was very happy with the decks performance. There was a lot more control decks that I would have anticipated, but this worked in my favor as generally I out value most control matchups. I think my decks ultimate weakness was resonator based aggro, and ultimately I think the meta is diverse enough that you can’t have a deck that dominates all of the other decks with one particular ruler or color combination. I was excited to see the American players willing to take a risk with Aimul, Princess of Despair, and was very happy that me and my friend Jean-Luc (who got third with Kirik) were both able to secure 2 invites for Canada. The games I played were all extremely intense, and it felt like every tech choice I made flowed coherently into a finely tuned machine. I’m looking forward to GP Toronto where I will try to secure my 1st place paid invite.


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If you’d prefer the video version of the news, click below:

Hey guys! And welcome to a new week! Not a whole lot going on this time around besides lots of visual goodies for the next month and set. 

To start off though just want to let you guys know we’ve been adding deck lists/profiles to the site! Most recently Joe added his Dusk Girl list. If you want to check that out, along with the other decks we have added simply click the ‘Deck Profiles’ button at the top of the page here. We’ll be adding more lists as we come up with them so check back often.

Minneapolis GP:

This weekend will be a new GP! This time at Minneapolis. If you are in the area obviously prepare to go. Be sure to check back on our website during the weekend under ‘Top 8’ as we will update the article for the event with the Ruler/Card breakdown, top 8, and whatever else might come out as that information comes in! 

Possible Promo:

So we got to see this promo over the weekend. This is Magic Stone of Light Vapors if anybody was wondering. A couple things to note. First, it hasn’t been revealed in English so it might be region exclusive (as some stones have been in the past). Secondly (though I think is not the case), it came out April 1st. It seems pretty real though. If it does come out in English that would be interesting, since we are currently waiting to find out if Duel Stones will rotate or be reprinted. It could be a clue as to whether they might stay (though it could also be a Wanderer League Promo). Just something to look out for.

Actual Promos:

We also got our look at the monthly Ruler League Promos! As you can see, we got Keez’s Call, and the Spirit Stone. Some pretty cool looking artwork, especially the Spirit Stone. So now we have 3 out of the 5 Special Magic Stones from the starter decks, leaving only God Pandas and Kirik! I’m pretty excited to get to those when we do, since I run mostly mono decks for those 2 rulers. 

Spoiler Images for WOM:

We got 3 separate spoiler images for Winds of the Ominous Moon! The first is what looks like Reiya in her final form.

Pretty cool looking, and makes me think that this artwork might be the one used for the ‘unique’ ruler that Jeff teased during his last livestream QandA.

Next we have that same Reiya going crazy or something. Not quite sure what, but I’m sure if you read the lore you might know what’s going on. We also got Taegrus leading an army of Pandas on Chocobos! It looks awesome, and like some  crazy battles are about to go down.

So that about does it this week. Let us know your thoughts and I’ll talk to you next week!


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If you’d prefer the video version of the news, click below:


For extensive information about the GP results, be sure to click our articles below!



GP Results:

As mentioned if you’d like detailed results, be sure to visit the links above! The quick top 8 is as follows:

GP Padova

Top 8 (no specific order)

Federico Zoppini -Scheherazade
Isaac Rancic – Scheherazade
Alessandro Rocchi – Kirik
Stefano Rossano – Scheherazade
Davide Lega – Kirik
Gianluca Di Clemente – Lumia
Alessio Campagna – Scheherazade
Gaetano Pippa – Lumia

GP Montreal

Top 8 (After Swiss)

Andrij Rybsky-Shaw –  Scheherazade
Johnathan Lejare – Ayu
Dylan Hunt – Lumia
Benjamin Bargetzi – Scheherazade
Darell Tibbles –  Scheherazade
David Nikolaus – Lumia
Marc-michel Henaire-caroal –  Scheherazade
Jean-luc Mckean – Kirik

Winds of the Ominous Moon Art:

We got some more previews of the next set! This time is a lot more interesting. As you can see, Welser is alive! We don’t know how, but he survived his demise and is now super old. So that’s awesome, and I wonder if he’ll get a ruler again or just a lot of cool support finally! 

Next is what appears to be the return of Vivian! This was a really cool fairy card back in the day. So not only is it cool seeing her back, but could it possibly be hinting at things to come? Most notably, the return of fairies!?

Casters Image:

So here is  some interesting artwork from Caster Chronicles. It was thrown up on their Twitter account. The translation equals “Akariya Kaguen 50th Sports Festival” (or something roughly like that). From reading around, it looks like it might (possibly) be pointing towards an event for Casters that will happen at a later date in Japan. Their also seemed to be hints of possibly a Casters GP event, maybe piggy-backing off of a FOW event.

Around this same time Casters also finally uploaded a How-To video on their Youtube channel, as well as a livestream of some sort of Casters event. Just as a side note.

New Patreon Giveaway:

Hey going to start a new Playmat Giveaway on Patreon! To enter you just have to be any level Patron (which the $1 has access to our Mini-Podcast now)! You get more entries and perks the higher up you go. This time around I’m just going to have the winner pick any 2 playmats from my collection (rather than the set 1, pick 1). Good luck guys and hope you enjoy!


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Hey and welcome back to the news! For a video version of the news, click below:

Before we start, just a reminder that we have T-Shirts and such available for anybody interested. Click below!

New WOM Images:


We got the new images shown above! Infer what you might from these. My takeaway is that we have an amazing panda with a cute Ra it looks like. Sherry and Reiya are doing something super shifty it looks like as well. But yeah, nothing too much other than cool artwork to start hyping up the next set. It’s similar to what Caster Chronicles usually does leading up to their new sets as well.

GP/ARG in California:

New GP Dates were announced! If you guys remember, there were originally GP locations announced for CA before they were randomly cancelled (I don’t think we ever found out why). So Jim from ARG and Robert have put together what is essentially a GP! (It’s run by ARG, but the prizing etc are all official GP sanctioned). It is in San Jose, CA and will take place on April 14/15th. 
It’s assumed it will be New Frontiers format so look forward to that! It will have the Ruler exchange program there in case you still have a misprint that needs updating.

GP’s this weekend:

Speaking of GP’s, we have 2 this upcoming weekend! One in Montreal, Quebec the other in Padova, Italy. If you are in the area and attending these be sure to sign up ahead of time if needed! We will be reporting on the results of these GP’s in their own individual articles as they come out so tune in Sunday or Monday for those articles right here!

New Caster Chronicles Set (Kind of):

So we have a weird thing going on here. Caster Chronicles had released a Japanese only mini-set based on an Anime back in December I think it was. It was exclusive to Japan and therefore not printed in English or legal in the US. It looks like one of those things are changing. Casters has decided to release this booster in the US, without translating to English… So we will have a completely legal booster set, with cards that will probably be used in a lot of decks all in Japanese that you will have to google the translations for every game you play.

The company has said all they will do is create an English database for reference. People are understandably pretty upset about this news. We had wanted this set in the US for sure, but not if it’s in a foreign language. There are even talks about people getting out of the game because of it. I agree, and a theory is that the game is not doing as well as the company had hoped in Japan so they are essentially trying to offload a ton of product onto US buyers to recoup some of that loss (instead of giving us proper English boxes). If that’s the case, that’s pretty dirty. I can’t think of another reason they would not reprint in English.

That being said, they  gave a promo image of a card, as well as the playmat if you buy 6 boxes below:

So that’s an idea of the card you’d be playing with. It would essentially serve as a deterrent for new players getting into an already very small game. 

Caster Spoilers:

Casters has also revealed the first spoilers of the next set! These are of the Starter Decks. I won’t go into detail here, I’ll save that for my weekly videos once spoilers go into full swing. But I really like these cards and the mechanics they are hinting at. It’s getting me pretty excited for this upcoming set/starter

That’s all the news for today, thanks and we’ll see you guys next week!


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If you’d prefer the video version of the news, click below:

Welcome to a new week of news! Not a whole lot happened this past week, so it will be brief. However there were still a couple cool things to go over.

R4 Revealed:

Force of will revealed the new set on their website! As you can see, it is called ‘Winds of the Ominous Moon’, or WOM. I’m really digging the visual design of the logo. We were  also shown a couple of promo pieces below:

As you might have caught on, we are getting Pig God! Flying into battle! In all seriousness though these images look pretty awesome. The article confirmed the return of ‘Spirit Magic’ and ‘Mystery Counters’. Why they only mentioned these two, and not things like gems etc I’m not sure. Especially considering we have plenty of Spirit Magic support. 
They did also reveal the names of 2 new mechanics, ‘Auras’ and ‘Time Will’. Time Will sounds super awesome, so I’m excited about that.
I’m still hoping for a Colossal Ruler from this set, especially with the confirmation that The Time Spinning Witch herself will be entering this world.

My Will, My Power Game:

The My Will, My Game rewards have started coming in! If you signed up for the event, be sure to keep an eye out on your mailbox for the next week at least to find out if you were chosen! Myself and Oscar were lucky enough to get some in the mail yesterday. The main thing of note (I’m not sure if I missed this announcement) is that they come with 2 cards, instead of just 1! This is awesome and makes it way easier to get this hard to find card in Wanderer. Let us know if you got some!


Well duh, you’re on it. But we re-launched the website! Be sure to check out all the  new sections we have, and give us feedback/suggestions/etc. Or just let us know  if you think it’s awesome! Thank you for all your guy’s support and we look forward to more awesome stuff in the future. 🙂


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If you’d prefer to watch the video version of the news, click below:

Article for the Top 8 at Singapore: http://tcgscrubs.com/2018/03/07/singapore-gp-top-8-deck-lists/ 

Now, onto the news!

GP News:

If you are looking for news about Singapore GP, simply scroll back up and click the link! The London GP announced they do have limited seating. So if you are planning on attending be sure to check into that! Toronto GP recently announced that their event will take place at Anime North. So that’ll be something to look forward to if you plan on attending as well.

Ruler Misprints and Ubers: So in case you missed it, all rulers inside of this set (with the exception of Ubers) are misprinted. By that we mean the front side of the Ruler will have 1 type of Ruler (such as Kirik), and the back side will be a different J-Ruler (such as Shaela). So, if you pull one of these rulers they are (obviously) not legal for use. You can keep it for collection purposes though. To get the normal version (which would be the Ruler side of the card) you simply need to follow the instructions that pertain to your specific country. For information regarding that, simply click below:


As far as Ubers go, you guys might have noticed that they are getting pulled a lot. The reason for this is because the starter deck rulers have Uber versions of themselves with their sealed abilities unlocked, but still using the old art.These specific cards are in the ‘chase’ slot of booster boxes. This means you are guaranteed at least one of these inside of each booster box (not including actual uber rarity cards that apply to the new rulers etc.). Whether this is good or bad for the market as a whole is hard to tell, but was going to be an unfortunate side effect of these ‘Sealed Abilities’ that the company introduced.

Caster Chronicles Release: We got a release date for Caster Chronicles!

June 5 of this year! This is pretty exciting. The set is called ‘The New World Order Admissions’. Pretty weird, but I like it! Not much other information to go off other than the normal 84 cards in the set announcement etc. They did however, also announce a new starter deck! This starter will have all 7 colors inside of it! And it will be based on ‘idols’! If you aren’t excited about that, check out the picture below:

So yeah, that’s about all the news for today. Thanks for joining us and we’ll talk next week!


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Hey guys! Today we are going to go over the cards to look out for at a Pre-Release (or any Sealed event) for The Time Spinning Witch! If you’d like to watch the video instead, click below:

Okay onto the cards! First up is Angel of Hope.

This is a great card because it is a 1 drop flyer that gains life. It gets bigger the more it gains life (keeping the counters upon flip). This gives it the potential to become huge. Add destruction on top of that and you’ve got all you need.

Next is Gem Hammer Panda.

So anything that is a 3 cost 800/800 is going to be good in a limited format. There are only 4 or so in this entire set with that stat, not counting Ultra Dragon. The gem creation comes in real handy for other card effects, even if you never get the full 10 needed for his continuous ability.

Light Castle/Dark Castle

This card is a solid way to stop a stall and get your guys bigger. For 2 cost you buff everything on your field permanently. When it flips it weakens (and potentially kills) your opponents resonators. Inside limited buffing and destruction are always strong, so getting 2 in 1 is something to keep your eye out for.

Magic Transforming Warrior

This is just a big dude who can bomb in limited. His gem effects are super solid, and having the freedom to basically choose his buff by what you banish is a solid versatile addition to any deck (that can produce gems).


This guys is another 3 cost 800/800 like we talked about earlier. Resonators entering the field rested means it’s easier to pick off stuff (or possibly combo with other cards in the set). The flip side is great too, killing low health resonators or at least weakening them. As well as being basically an Abdul inside limited! That’ll come in handy with how many enter effects there are in here.


This is probably the best removal in the set. 1 cost to destroy a resonator, regardless of stats etc? Grab it! The

Jewel Princess

2 cost removal is a decent effect to have, as well as gaining a gem. It’s conditional, but still worth it, especially if you combo it with the previous Mephistopheles.

Ancient Impact

This is a late game bomb that essentially closes the game out when you drop it. It can’t be cancelled, so it’s basically guaranteed damage. Just gotta pay the high cost. Apprentice Martial Artist This is a really good, super aggro card. The cost is amazing. A 2 cost 700/700? That beats out any other 2 cost we have seen. In addition to that you get to pump him to get even stronger! Just gotta make sure you have the strength counters to put him out, otherwise you risk him dying when you pass turn. Dino-Rider He’s a bomb with giant stats and destruction. In addition to him possibly clearing the field, if a resonator dies to his enter effect he’s a 1400/1400 with swiftness! At that point your opponent might just give up! Domesticated Dragon He’s a high stat  resonator with flying. That’s extremely helpful inside of this format. If you can empty your hand he’ll also unlock the ability to pump him into oblivion. Fictitious Fire This is simply a version of a previous card. As before, 2 cost damage to anything on the field or the player is very versatile and helpful. Definitely a must (not to mention the possibility of  more damage with Null) Flying Dragon of Mt. Hoelle If you have strength counters, this is a 900/700 flyer at only 2 cost! That’s crazy! Once again if you are running the needed counters this is a must have. Even if you aren’t it’s still something to look into. Heaven Sundering Card This is basically a lightning strike, with the option for destruction on top of it! Even if you don’t run strength counters, the ability choices are too good to pass up. Home of the Ultra Dragon This card is very interesting. It kills almost any card that is 2 cost in limited format except for a couple of the really good fire cards. Basically adds a lot of control against your opponent, giving you time to ramp up. Mad Sacarlasodon A 3 cost 1000/1000? If we’ve learned anything, it’s that high stat 3 costs are great in here. Discarding a card is a small price to pay for him and could possibly unlock his null. If you have no cards in hand, then he is a normal 3 cost! Pialle Eille This is a super strong card. It’s essentially a 2 drop 900/900. The search function could be good if you pull piggy as well. But even without that this card is amazing (even better if you run a strength counter deck). Piggy, Hoelle’s Great Hero Pig Basically a Flying, Swiftness Pig God 500/700 for only 2. If not him he has the option to continually give flying and/or swiftness to other resonators throughout the game. Scarlet’s Vision Super good card if you are able to trigger the Null. It’s essentially a quickcast boardwipe then. Board wipes in limited are always great to have. Twin Dragon Claw As always, removal cards are a must when you come across them. This one can remove 2 items. Outside of limited it might not be as good, but inside it shines. Ultra Dragon Flame Sphere For 5 cost this card’s effect is really good. A board wipe that also clears out the draft rulers (with 1000 defense). If you pulled this and the Ultra Dragon then boy, you are in for a treat. Ultra Dragon Shooting Star This is one of the best cards you can pull in this format. A 3 drop 1000/1000 with flying and barrier against 2 colors!? Not sure if his passive will be too effective, but that aside this is a must have! Giga Thunderfish I take everything back. Ultra Dragon is shit. This is the best card ever. He wins you the game in 3-4 turns. It’s great. Rebellious Soul Ayu This is a cool card to have. Stealing resonators is a really great mechanic. Can’t do the tap ability unfortunately, but still a good card to have. Thunder Wave A 2 cost bounce is a sold addition to a deck. If you are able to change the weather then it suddenly becomes a great card with draw power and everything. Thunderstorm This clears the board by bouncing resonators back to their decks. And it has quickcast! Approaching the Truth A great 1 cost with quickcast that gives you draw power and fixing of your deck. Especially inside of a smaller deck this can be extremely useful. Enormous Effigy This is a decent bomb. If you need a large resonator for a green deck then this is your go to card. Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid This is a great counter to a lot of J-rulers, including the draft rulers! It gets rid of their limit counters! Plus cancelling a fire chant could prove useful. Laurite Activate and Automatic abilities are very prevalent, especially in limited for this set. Being able to cancel them, while also adding a body onto the field is crazy good here. Laurite’s Deletion Magic Decent cost cancel. Obviously works best inside of limited format, where cancels of any form become very strong. Laurite’s Wind Good defensive cancel spell. Protects not only your field, but you as a player against burns etc. Null Page 3 cost removal is really good. The second ability isn’t too great inside limited, since the odds of the person running multiple of a card isn’t very high. Rachel She’s a beast. Gives you reliable deck fixing and fetches literally anything in your deck for any situation that might arise. Doesn’t matter what format this is, she is a must have. Scarlet’s Agony This card helps to stop aggro, and gives you a chance to draw a card. Pretty straight forward. Black Star This panda is a beast. If he gets a couple hits in, you have just passively a better chance at winning due to having a great card advantage. Black Tears This is decent removal depending on the deck you are playing against. Inverted cards have a cost of 0 so may help dealing with some of the stronger ones once they have flipped as well. Black Wing Dragon Even with a couple cards in your hand this is still a solid 2 cost flyer. With 0 cards in hand he is great. Dark Impact Even if you can’t put a dinosaur into the field, destruction is still a decent thing to run inside your deck. If you do have a dino this card becomes amazing. Dark Riding Hood Has the potential to be a 2 drop 800/800 with barrier just by running Butler as your ruler. Embrace of Darkness It’s a bit restrictive, but not a big deal inside limited. 2 cost removal is still a great thing to have. Final Words It’s an average removal, especially for the cost. However being able to kill a J-ruler is very strong. Considering inside limited you usually just trade rulers in battle, this gives you the chance to kill theirs while keeping yours. Grimm This guy is really strong. Being able to possibly buff him, he has barrier, and he flips too! His flip side gains flying and can destroy almost anything you can think of. Gets rid of any graveyard potential they had as well. Look of Despair I like hand discard effects a lot, and this one is pretty good. If you can get the Null effect off it can be crazy devastating. Lurker in the Null This card is deceptively amazing. He is a removal, but can also bring himself back for possibly an infinite stall late game when you can freely activate his Null. Thought Control Early discards and being able to scout out potential threats. The additional benefits of this card are quite a lot when you think about it. Voidasaurus This is only good with the Null ability. If you can get that off he is an absolute beast. Null Darkness This is actually the best removal in the set. It destroys, but also has the possibility of killing a J-Ruler on top of that! Ruined Story 2 of the modes are good, the wall of wind, and the banish resonator effect. Those 2 make this a solid card. Twin Blades The best combat trick you can use in the set. Absolutely insane trading potential. It is a possible 2 for 1 if you -600/-6– something and buff the guy fighting. The flip side is insane too. Dropping 5 cost dudes from the grave is always a great thing to have, on top of destruction. There is no reason not to run this at every possible chance you have. Removal/Combat Tricks to Watch Out For Cards to be careful of going into this: Flourished Hope Karmic Retribution Miscalculation Sacred Knight of Atonement Separation of Fates Ferocious Attack Fictitious Fire Heaven Sunder Scarlet’s Vision Biri Biri Ball Thunder WAve Thunderstorm Laurite’s Wind Scarlet’s Agony The Puppet’s Last Days Disaster at Sasaru Palace Embrace of Darkness Final Words Soul Concentration Null Darkness Twin Blades

removal/combat tricks to watch out for floursihed hope Karmic retirbution miscalculation sacred knight of atonement separation of fates ferocious attack ficitious fire heaven sunder card scarlet’s vision biri biri ball thunder wave thunderstorm laurit’es wind scarlet’s agony the puppet’;s last days disaster at Sasaru palace embrace of Darkness final words soul concentration null darkness twin blades

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If you would prefer the video version of the news, click below: https://youtu.be/L7VxjaQEbss For the article on GP Berlin: http://tcgscrubs.com/2018/02/14/gp-berlin-top-8-ruler-breakdown/ GP Taiwan: http://tcgscrubs.com/2018/02/14/taiwan-gp-top-8-ruler-breakdown/ and GP Richardson: http://tcgscrubs.com/2018/02/14/richardson-sealed-gp-top-8/ Now, onto the News! Caster Chronicles Release: The new set of Caster Chronicles just came out! We did a box opening on our Youtube Channel if you are curious. This set brought with it new mechanics in the form of an Extra Deck and Soul Bonds. They also brought a lot of the art up to speed with what people want and expected with reprints. I highly recommend getting this set if you were interested in the game. With all that came updates to the Casters CR. Be sure to check that out before going back to play it! I will make a video going over the CR changes at a later date (soon). New FOW Global Liaison: Force of Will has named Jeff Finnigan their new Global Liaison! He will help with community outreach/management and various other responsibilities going forward to help improve the game itself and how they interact with the community. This is very awesome news and I am excited to see where this will take us. Will Power Reward: With the announcement of Jeff they also introduced ‘My Will, My Game’. This is a system that will replace the old ‘Quest Clear’ system. All you need to do is log into your Will Power Reward App starting today (the 14th) and click on ‘Events’ to sign up! A selected few will receive the above Full Art (visually updated) Cheshire Cat! This is included in an effort to boost up the Wanderer format going forward. Whether all of these promo cards will be Wanderer is yet to be seen. LiveStreams: Jeff also announced he will be doing monthly livestreamed Q and A’s! These will be similar to what Jordan use to do weekly. He’s hoping with monthly people will have more time to curate and refine questions, and also open up communication between the company and the community again. I am very excited for this and will keep you guys updated as they come! Starter Deck Info: We also found out information about the new starter deck! Some random mechanics of it include resonators that will all work in tandem with each other to take down your opponent. Also they mentioned the Ruler, when activating judgment, will help you come back from any situation in the game. We also are getting a True Magic Stone again! If you don’t remember, these are special magic stones with extra strong abilities that you can only run 1 of in your stone deck. This starter deck will include 1 such card.   Well, that is all the non-GP related news for this week. Enjoy!


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Alright so some big news happened this week. Quite a bit to go over so we’ll get into it. If you’d rather watch the video version of the news click below: https://youtu.be/C_s03l8ogsA Pre-Release Information: We got our first look at the pre release promotional materials! And the logo for the Time Spinning Witch set, which I personally love. Take a look below! As you can see they are sticking with the trend of Vingolf 3 card reprints. I’m really digging the mat as well. TSW Booster Box and Promos: So we got our first look at the next set’s materials as well. First the booster box. You might notice this booster box is back to the old style, rather than the new one that you could store your cards in. I’m not sure why the change, since the new style was universally loved, unique, and high quality. This box also looks to me like the older style of booster box with the flimsy cardboard rather than the nicer boxes we got with BFA and beyond. Not sure why they are doing this, it’s kind of disappointing. We also got a look at the Playmat and Promo! One interesting thing to note, the playmat now only comes to you if you buy a case of 6 boxes, rather than the previous number of 3. This is more in line with most card games, however will come as a disappointment for people who always got the 3 boxes and a playmat. It’s an understandable change though. New Starter Deck: We got a new starter deck coming! Or at least ‘constructed deck’. This seems to hint that maybe it’ll consist mostly of cards in this set or previous sets, put together. The ruler itself is for sure new, and if you zoom in on the picture you can see he also has a sealed ability that has yet to be unlocked. It also says the deck contains 5 special magic stones. Now, this might be a stretch, but that could hint at us getting a true stone again (a playset of 4 duel stones, and 1 true stone). If so, that would be amazing. They also released this promo image for the starter deck, which contains a lot of cool goodies. You can look around for yourself, but we can see a young version of multiple characters, including Sylvia! New Mechanics: If you guys haven’t been following, they started spoilers for the next set! We release daily videos covering the spoilers for you guys to follow. Couple just quick note-able new mechanics they introduced were inversion, and drain. Inversion as far as we can tell, is just a new version of Shift. Except now it can be used on chants, and has interesting new interactions. Drain just means when it deals damage, you gain that much life. Third Caster Chronicles Booster Box: So the 3rd box for Caster Chronicles seems to have been revealed! This one will be released May 11th in Japan, so probably within a month of that for the US. You can see the image below, but best I can translate it is “Magical Girl: The Duel”. So looking forward to that! GP Format Changes: Alright here’s the big one. The CEO had announced they were changing the format for the GP’s, including possibly Richardson (the closest GP that is sealed as well). They made the full announcement which is as follows: Richardson remained Sealed, Denver switched from Sealed to Constructed, Collinsville switched from Sealed to Constructed, and Providence switched from Sealed to a Wanderer Constructed. This is very interesting. The first note-able thing is we have our very first Wanderer GP! This is very exciting. And before you mention it, yes, this GP takes place after the next set is released so we WILL have a ban list updated for it before then. The interesting thing I found was the CEO made it sound as if Sealed GP’s were something they might have wanted to change (hence the hint at changing Richardson). However, they only downsized by 1 Sealed event. Which is fine, but the strange thing is they didn’t downsize by removing 1 Sealed event. .They downsized by removing 2 sealed events, then switching a constructed to Sealed. If you aren’t confident in sealed, why switch a constructed to sealed? Why not just leave a sealed location sealed? You are now angering people who wanted to do constructed at a GP which is now sealed, as well as angering people who wanted to do sealed at the other 2 locations, but it is now constructed. It just sounds like really weird reasoning that I don’t understand. An interesting thing to note, is that Robert (the TO of the main 6 GP’s) was not aware of these changes until they were announced to the public. So it wasn’t a matter of coordination (he even said he has to now make sure they are ready to accommodate these new changes). On the other side, Jim from ARG said after these announcements he was excited and hinted at the possibility of the ARG invitational hosting all 3 formats in the game. Just in the couple of hours that a Wanderer GP was announced he saw a spike in sales of older cards! Now, there are 2 missing GP’s. If you look at the article, you’ll notice CA and HI are no longer on there. The page still says 8 GP’s, though it only shows 6 now. We aren’t quite sure yet why that is. It’s important to note that those 2 GP’s are run by different TO’s than the other 6, which are run by Robert. We reached out to CoreTCG, who would most likely host the CA GP, and they said they had not heard anything about not doing the GP. They just recently saw they weren’t on the article and will be looking into it. We’ll update you guys once we hear more. That’s all the news for today! Hope you guys have fun at the GP’s!