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So a couple cool and interesting things came up this week, so let’s go over it!


We finally got an article explaining the new and improved judge program! You can read the article with full details HERE

Otherwise, here is a breakdown:

-New Leveling System-

New Judge levels 0, 1, 2 and 3

Level 0: Can Head Judge Level 0 events and can floor judge Level 1 or lower events such as Locals, Ruler League, and ARG
Level 1: Can Head Judge Level 1 or lower events and can floor judge Level 2 or lower events. They also gain access to the Worldwide Judges group if they wish to inquire about card interactions/rulings and policies. They can participate in ARG Circuit Series, and Large Tournaments
Level 2: Can Head Judge Level 2 or lower events and can floor judge Level 3 or lower events. They also gain access to the Worldwide Judges group if they wish to inquire about card interactions/rulings and policies. Can do WGP Qualifiers and GP Tournaments

Level 3: Can judge WGP

-New Exams-

You can now take the Level 0 exam online, once per quarter to retain your status.

Level 1 and up requires attendance to a GP to take the exam, among other qualifiers for the higher levels.

Level 1 and up judges must judge a WGP Qualifier in some capacity once per year, otherwise they will lose their status. 

-New Standard-

There will also be an expected level of professionalism associated to being a judge. This is applied both in person, and online via social media. The penalties are as follows:

Small or moderate offenses: Single Warning
Large offenses: Double Warning (Two Warnings)
Extreme cases or Accumulation of Three Warnings: Automatic Stripping of Judge Status

There are other details obviously associated with all this information. If you are curious about becoming a judge, be sure to read over the original article!


Along with the judging changes, we also got changes to tournaments! Once again, if you’d like the full detailed article, click HERE

One thing to note before going into this is that local game shops will now report their events using the FOW software. They should already have access to said software (You can read on that in the article). This will inform not only whether they receive promos etc, but also some other information going forward.

-WGP Qualifiers-

So we are being introduced to this new type of competition. Basically to help accommodate a larger number of sections of large countries like the US, as well as more isolated areas that still have a decent following of the game, they are giving us what’s known as a World Grand Prix Qualifier. The company will give large shops the chance to hold their own, completely supported, FOW event.

This would act similar to a GP, complete with GP prizing (that depends on attendance). Stores that use the FOW software to report their locals will be given priority in this selection process. 

Their goal is to have 8 WGP Qualifiers, as well as 2 of the normal company run GP’s.

This will be interesting to see how it plays out, as well as more details from the company as we go forward. It seems like a very interesting prospect, but also lends itself to what would seem to be smaller events overall.


So for those of you not familiar, a gentleman named Rudy runs the Youtube channel, Alpha Investments. Here he talks about different (mainly finance related) topics for the main TCG’s. He dropped out of Force of Will some time ago for various reasons, and now it looks like he’s coming back.

So 2 separate things happened. Firstly, he announced he was buying a lot of pallets of old FOW product. He intends to sell it at a larger than normal discount, especially to his qualifying Patrons.
We asked him (before the announcement that we’ll get to) if he was fully getting back into Force of Will, and why. He responded:

Yes I am going back into Force of Will a lot heavier moving forward. They have shown the discipline on cutting print runs and stability. I like it a lot, they grew up as a company and have stabilized the relationship with distributors and everyone is happy internally now. I will be offering the new Force of Will sets at an unbeatable price 🙂

So that is cool to hear that both himself, and others are happy with the direction Force of Will has taken in recent months. If you are a fan of him this is especially good news. He just came out with a statement yesterday about Force of Will going forward as well. You can read the full statement on his Patreon, but the main point is that:

-His ‘Big Box Special’ will go on sale next weekend (I believe this is the pallets of old product)

-He will be selling the new set (A New Dawn Rises) at $69.99 shipped.

-He acknowledges that this will cause anger among competitors (Important note, this pricing is available to his $15 Patrons)

-Not mentioned, but important to note that he has no indication of carrying the Starter Decks, which are incredibly important.

So those are the facts of the  matter. Opinions on this will vary, but it’s important to know since he is such a large retailer/distributor of product.


So this is the last news before worlds, so the rest of the news will be a big info dump related to that.

-Worlds his happening this weekend! Be sure to watch it live on the official FOW Twitch stream! That’s at where Jeremy of RulerSchool will be commentating the days!

-Thanks to Jeremy we know there will be a special Pre-Release event during Worlds! This will be open to the public for a set amount of money, however if you are competing in Worlds you get free entry. This is pretty awesome and really adds to the overall fun and celebratory atmosphere of the Worlds event.

-Oscar spotted a post on Twitter by Yamada (an employee of FOW) who posted this very pixelated image, saying it’s a souvenir for anyone who participates in the WGP. No details on what it could be, but now I’m super curious what that could mean.

-Also don’t think this is related to Worlds technically, but it could be running  side by side. Casters is having some sort of Japanese event Championship. There is this photo of the trophy as well. Not sure what it means, when it happens, or if it’s related to worlds but there you go!

That about does it for today, have fun watching Worlds!


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Quite a bit to go over so here we go!


In case you missed it, the official CR came out updated! There were a lot of changes in it, if you’d like to see them all be sure to check out our video from last week where Joey and Colin discuss all the changes HERE

The main highlights are as follows:

Runes are color locked to whatever color the Ruler is! Rune/Chants can be put in whatever deck you’d like though.

You CAN NOT sideboard Runes. You have to use whatever is in your Rune Deck at the start.

The keyword ‘Eternal’ applies to all old resonators and abilities that say ‘Cannot be destroyed’.

Master Runes are considered Runes while on the chase (This is important when applied to Hanzo’s Master Rune)

Those are the main points at least. Be sure to check out the video or the official CR to make sure you are ready going forward!


With those updates came a bunch of card erratas! There wasn’t necessarilly anything game changing, mostly grammatical errors, or errors in translation that could lead to misunderstanding. Also a couple weird typing errors. We went into detail on the podcast, but below are the before and after changes for the cards:

Karmic Reversal:
If damage would be dealt to target J/resonator you control this turn, it’s dealt to your opponent instead.
If damage would be dealt to target J/resonator you control, it’s dealt to your opponent instead.

Phul, the Administrator of the Moon
This card gains [+200/+200] and [Barrier] during your opponent’s turn.
This card gain [+200/+200] and [Barrier] during your opponent’s turn.

Fu Xi (Typing Change)

Arthur, King of Machines
[Enter] ⇒ Look at the top five cards of your deck. Choose up to two Machine resonators from among them and remove them from the game. Put [+100/+100] counters equal to the combined total cost of cards removed this way on this card. Put the rest into your graveyard. (When this card enters the field ? Perform the effect.)
[Enter] ⇒ Look at the top five cards of your deck. Choose up to two Machine resonators from among them and remove them from the game. Put [+100/+100] counters equal to the combined total cost of cards removed this way on this card. (When this card enters the field ⇒ Perform the effect.)

Lich, the Saint of Death (Typing)

Grand Bird of the Lost Isles
Grand Bird of the Lost Isles
Grand Bird of the Lost Aisles

Magic Stone of the Undead
[Rest]: Put the top card of your deck into your graveyard.
[Rest]: Put the top of your deck into your graveyard.


The form to fill out for you Will Power Rewards is live! Make sure you go and fill that out ASAP. I attached pictures above to show you where to go in the app to fill out the form. You’ll get an email confirmation after you fill it out telling you your rank and confirming your information.

BE SURE TO FILL OUT EVERYTHING FULLY AND CORRECTLY. Just double check your address etc. It’s inconvenient for yourself and everybody involved if you just rush through the form without double checking and mess up. Good luck to everyone though on getting those rewards in!


So we recently found out what the WillPower Rewards were going to be for Force of Will. Now people were wondering how they were going to handle Caster Chronicles. Casters used identical code cards for the app in order to get the WP Rewards after all, and many of them don’t play FOW. Well since the sign up just happened we have unofficially found out! They get…Nothing!
There was no option when filling out the form to select which game you played, and no distinction in placement on what type of codes you might have scanned in. It’s super unfortunate but it honestly feels like the company doesn’t care about Caster players currently. Hopefully that changes but for now, oh well.


We have not gotten confirmation that these are actually the chase cards or not, but it’s assumed they are. These were seen during a stream FOW did in Japan where they opened a booster box of the new set. In that were these 2 alt art cards. It’s interesting because during Jeff’s QandA he pointed out that the new chase cards would be more rare than before.

The old chase cards were guaranteed 1 per box and this stream pulled 2 in a box. This might mean it follows similar ratios to rulers in the last couple sets, where you might get 2, 1, or 0 rulers per box completely at random. It’ll be cool to get confirmation of the ratios and what the remaining chase cards are.


So it was revealed what the prizing for the WGP is this year, and surprisingly it is different than in years past! In addition to the normal prizing and other things you can see above, you also get boxes of each release for the remainder of the cluster. I thought that was a really cool idea and it just adds that value and retention to the competition. They are also re introducing the bingo giveaway with prizing (which I believe was absent last year) as well as T-Shirts! Lots of stuff to look forward to.


They revealed the promo card that comes with the starter decks when you buy them above! Looks really cool, so be sure to keep an eye out for that, and hopefully distributors don’t horde it from your local scene.


Pre release is coming up! If you haven’t already, be sure to talk to your locals about getting a kit to hold a pre-release event! It will be taking place the weekend of the 21st (1 week prior to the set being released). There is lots of cool stuff to look forward to, including the prizing above! 


We also started a giveaway! This giveaway will last one week. We are giving away 3 (already opened HERE) starter decks for Warhammer Champions TCG! This will also include 1 holo rare card as well. If you are a Patron and win, you will also get the playmat in the separate Patreon giveaway we’ll be doing as well! To enter into the starter deck giveaway click HERE. The playmat giveaway you are already automatically entered in if you are a Patron. 


Lastly, as was the case last year, while Jeremy is at worlds he will be doing Takeover week on his channel Ruler School. This is where different FOW creators guest host a video on his channel. TCGScrubs will have a bonus Podcast that week so be on the lookout for that! Team ARG will have a video as well.

That’s all the news for today. Thanks for reading!


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If you prefer the video version of the news, click below:

We have a decent amount of things to talk about after skipping last week’s news, so let’s get started.


So we got another live streamed discussion with Jeff this month! This time around he also had a special guest in the from of FOW CEO Eiji! If you’d like to see a more detailed video summary of it, click HERE.

Otherwise here is a more condensed version of the highlights:

There are GenCon figurines! If you are lucky enough to attend GenCon there will be little custom FOW figures as pictured! Those leaked images are all we really know about it but looks cool!

GenCon Exclusives:
More on GenCon is some exclusives! So Cody Jennings revealed in the Facebook US group that there will be a redemption sheet. You will complete this via QR codes it sounds like. You will then be able to redeem it for prizing. It sounds like some of the prizing might have to do with the image below that but we’ll see for sure at the event.

There will also be FOW energize tokens, an exclusive GenCon card (pictured below) and a tournament at GenCon so we’ll be sure to keep you guys up to date on that!

They also mentioned they are working on different marketing strategies to help in the advertisement department. As we’ve talked about before, I think advertising is one of FOW’s biggest shortcomings, so it’s great to hear that is something they are working on going into the next cluster.

Will Power:
Will Power Rewards will be announced sometime in August so keep an eye out for that and scan your codes!

Two major green abilities will be moving out into other colors this next cluster. We don’t know what they are, but will figure it out pretty quickly when spoilers start (August 6th). Cancel is still in green, but it has been dialed back pretty heavily according to Jeff.

Printing Company:
There is a new printing company! After the honestly mediocre print quality/consistency of the last 2 sets, FOW is switching print companies! Hopefully this will help restore the card quality back to what we are used to in this game.

No word on whether booster boxes will switch back to the better designs or not, Jeff said it depends on the print companies capabilities.

Artwork Spoiled:
We got some artwork revealed as well as you can see below! The artwork varies from being on Rune cards to Resonators so something to look forward to!


So over the weekend 3 GP’s happened. You can see the results by clicking the ‘Top 8’ tab on our website and scrolling to the bottom. Malaysia was New Frontiers, the other 2 were Reiya Cluster so keep that in mind as you look over them!


So this isn’t really a piece of news as much as an observation. After the Collinsville GP there was a decent amount of speculation that Sherry was going to be Emergency Banned due to here consistent power showing.

After that didn’t happen it was thought the company was waiting to see the results of the Japan GP to make a final decision. 
However, the Japan GP has long come and gone. During that GP there was a 30% showing of Sherry, however she took up 6 of the top 8 spots. Since then there has been no word on a ban for her, which leads us to pretty assuredly say she won’t be banned.

I’d love to know how they decided to not ban it. Hopefully the next cluster helps balance it out at least, otherwise the game is in for some trouble ahead.


So that’s a real image of a starter deck set for Transformers. You can see a normal size card on the left, behind it is a Commander sized card. That card on the right is much, much bigger and something actually used for play! That is both hilarious and awesome at the same time. The card that is large is Metroplex, which is meant to be the size of a city so I love the flavor of it being big. 

If you guys want to follow the little bits of Transformers news be sure to join either the US Group HERE or the Transformers Card Game Group HERE. We also did a little video introduction to the game you can watch HERE if you are new.


According to a couple stores in Canada, due to a licensing issue Canada might not be able to get the game. Not sure the specifics and how it plays into it, but if that is true that would really suck both for the game and the people there. We’ll keep this updated as we find out more.

That’s about all the news for today! Let us know what you think, and we’ll see you next week!


Resonators are annoying. Let’s face it — they’re a let down in a whole lot of ways. They die pretty easily when you don’t want them to, stay on the board when you do. And they’re always grinning at you with those smug little mana producing, effect flickering faces. So, let’s make the game more fun! Let’s try and teach everyone how enjoyable the game will be when no one gets to use resonators and everyone gets to play the game with anything else! You know that everyone will have fun with this way of playing for sure — because at the end of the  day, when cards are raining down from the sky in a mixture of fire and glory, you’ll be laughing plenty for all involved. Rain’s coming. Get your umbrellas.

Epic Stories Deck Tech
Machine Gun Scarlet



Now, the synergy here should be very obvious very swiftly. The Dusk Girl enjoys pitching cards like baseballs, except towards people’s teeth rather than a wooden bat. Usually its a big sacrifice to have to throw away your own cards to keep the board clear, and you can find yourself without a hand in a hurry. Of course, that usually means you can then Judgment her for the same price as a cheap side of fries, however that doesn’t quite help you in the long run if someone can deal with her.

On the other side, we have Flute. She taps. She draws a card. As simple as that. Giving us access to blue is plenty fine since it gives us access to all sorts of different draw cards — plenty that we’ll never have to use or care about. Because Flute is all we really need! The beauty of her is that she draws us cards entirely for free, ensuring that we can keep our mana open to continue slinging mud at our opponents.

Thus an award winning combination is forged in which we can perpetually make our opponent’s boards realize their own mortality and we win the game! Done deal, done deal. Of course, it isn’t quite that simple. We still have to deal with multiple opponents and a tremendous amount of life points, and if the game goes on for long enough we’ll still be chewing through more of our resources than we need to.
Thankfully, that’s what we have 60 other cards for. The interesting thing about running a deck like this is that Scarlet’s effect runs two-fold. Certainly we can watch the entire world’s resonators burn to the ground — but at the same time all of the cards in our hand are capable of doing other things! Discarding, disabling, and generally making the world a living hell for anything that breathes — that’s the name of the game. But how do we get to rule this hellish wasteland and make it our own?
That all starts with

The Early Game

So, as it typically is with the early game, we’re trying to ensure that all of our plays are being set up nicely. While drawing through our deck with Flute,our goals are trying to do the following;

  • Pitch — Pitching huge, brick cards that don’t do us any good early game is a fantastic way to start setting up the graveyard for our secondary strategy, Recursion. Throwing out big dumb idiots like Yamata-no-Orochi, Umr, and Remote Control Golem can really help us set up for some thoroughly insane plays later on in the game, especially once we upgrade with some Valhalla shenanigans!
  • Control — Unfortunately it will still remain true that we won’t be able to keep the board entirely clean forever. Picking away at our opponent’s hands can be very thoroughly useful, though being able to rush either a Home of the Ultra Dragon, Al-Haber, or Realm of the Dragon King can very quickly turn the game towards our favor, making it very thoroughly dangerous for our opponents to play basically anything for likely the rest of the game.
Of course, we can only keep this up so long — and what’s the point if we’re not going to try and do something really big, really dumb, and really explosive? Really, it tends to start with just one, single little card. Once one of the more laughed at cards in the game, the second it reaches the battlefield both you and everyone else will swiftly know —
They’ll know you’ve entered

The Mid Game

If we were applying pressure earlier, we’re now starting to strangle people. The moment Leviathan hits the field, that field kind of isn’t even really there anymore. Things are made a lot stronger if he’s cheated out in some way. It should be relatively simple to do that with cards such as Valentina, the Crumbling Illusion, Umr (with Valhalla shenanigans), and other such cards. Having a fully stocked hand when Leviathan enters the field essentially means 1 of 2 things.

  • Your opponent’s field is going to be empty.
  • Your hand’s also going to be empty.

Being able to cheat this out with Valentina is very most ideal, since you essentially get to clean up shop for free. In this way you can just pay a measly 1 to bring out Scarlet and start beating people to death. A free sucker punch for 1000 damage is great. Even better if they’re not actually able to deal with her. Because that means the very next turn that’s another 1000 damage. And another 1000. And another. Even if she gets Black Moonbeamed, she can pitch a few cards and come right back out anyway. And what’s more?

You still have a 1500 Leviathan on the field who’ll also be punching someone in the teeth. If they can’t deal with your Leviathan as well (since most Resonators are probably not going to last very long) then that’s another 1500 damage coming their way. But even better.
If Valentina’s also on the board, then if they don’t deal with her, then Leviathan is simply going to come right back and continue doing what it was doing before.

So, we’ve essentially taken the old formula from before (keeping the board pretty squeaky clean from creatures, save for the blood and smoke) and turned it up a notch by actually adding face to fist contact. But it’s not quite over as of yet. Because, now that we have a damaging engine online, chances are we’re going to start coming under some pretty heavy scrutiny. Thankfully we can start running through yet more cards thanks to being able to draw 2 cards every turn. But, where does this leave us?

This leaves us with a very well stocked graveyard.
This leaves us with a decent mana supply.
This leaves us at

The Late Game

Now, with certain combinations of cards we can actually set up some pretty stupid value engines (such as with Crumbles + Guin + Duplication Mirror), but at this point we essentially want to close out the game. And we have several ways of doing this. Our biggest and likely most common routes being;

  • Beat Them all to Death — With a well stocked graveyard we can either bring out Corpse Gorger like cards (such as Deep Ones, Elder Things, and Prokaryotic Being) which at this point could have as little as 1000 attack, and upwards to as much as 3000 attack without breaking much of a sweat. There’s also a lot of other big dumb idiots such as Azathoth and Remote Control Golem that not only put on more pressure, but actually stick pretty gosh darned well until the game’s over.

  • Big Damage Spells — Sometimes your opponent won’t listen to your resonators however. Sometimes they’ll only listen to a top decked damage spell. It’s like the old days wherever someone would win by top decking a Thunder. Except its a 2,000 damage spell that can’t be cancelled.

  • Politics — If you’ve been playing a decent political game this entire time, then you can pretty quickly finish off the game regardless. Keeping your mana and your cards up means that for a large portion of the game your opponents have been more focused on weeding out each other rather than you. This also means holding onto key combo pieces all the while, such as access to Yamata-no-Orochi and Nightmares of Ry’leh, which can single handedly remove a player from the game if left unblocked.

Valhalla Upgrades

Now, if there’s anything that this deck is pretty lacking in, is cheap and/or multi-faceted ways of recurring creatures and very quickly refilling on an empty hand. Upgrading to Valhalla grants us the ability to do both! In fact, this also makes Umr a lot more empowered than he was before, allowing him to quickly grab both Book of Eibon and Oath of Dead to quickly resurrect two resonators for the price of one, very valuable!

New Stream is also thoroughly valuable in this situation. Whether you’re trying to quickly recover from Leviathan’s hand puking efforts or simply offload a pretty dead hand while there aren’t any resonators on the field, it’s a pretty useful card.
Oath of Dead is a thoroughly cheap card you can use to animate a dead thing in your graveyard. With the inclusion of this card and others I’d highly suggest changing the deck’s format to become way more reanimation heavy — and I’d also thoroughly suggest the inclusion of cards such as Shadow Doppelganger and Dance of Shadows to get the reanimation train going strong.

In Conclusion

This deck isn’t quite the flashiest and relies on quite a bit of talking and combo pieces to start becoming a doomsday engine of pain and agony. But, with a very strong early game that ensures either your opponents remain miserable or you’re entirely safe and protected this deck’s biggest advantage is being the rattler at the table. Always try and leave that as an option, and if offers are thrown your way for your opponents to keep their creatures on the field, maybe give them a listen, as long as they point their advantage towards someone other than yourself. This can be a very fun deck to play if you like watching your opponents suffer, but to actually win the game you still need eliminate three other players. And this is just how we do it!

More than anything else — talk with the table, and sooner or later you’ll be able to become the big bad King of Heck in no time.

So! What do you guys think? Is a reanimation strategy viable in a format where Dark Alice can run rampant? Think you’ll still be able to keep any of your friends after you’ve played this deck? Comment below and let me know!

And until next time, I’m going to polish my gun.
Which happens to be a girl.


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Hello, everyone~! Monica here. If you haven’t heard of the format, Epic Stories is a super interesting format that’s super close to the Commander/EDH format in MtG. If you’re interested I encourage you to take a look at this article written by Frank here (in this text that is also a link but also text but also a link!) and take a look at any of the super cool Epic Stories matches hosted by TCGScrubs themselves (this one’s a personal favorite). When you’ve gone ahead and done that you can go ahead on, and this information will become a lot more relevant~ Because today’s article (which also just so happens to be my first) will be building off of the fundamentals of Epic Stories. We’ll be going more into the theory of deck building. Or just read ahead anyway! I’m a witch, not a cop.

Now, when I first got into Epic Stories the idea of having two rulers was fantastic. It gave a huge amount of freedom, more so than when I had delved into the world of Commander. Choosing your general was a fantastic way of expressing myself as an individual I thought. But before long I realized that there was a massive flood of Commanders that were considered awful and suboptimal, that even if you poured thousands of dollars into a deck they’d still barely be playable at a decently focused table. However, in Force of Will, basically every Ruler is not only playable, but they can be made superbly strong. And every single color combination is available from the get go, without having to use a very very limited number of commanders. The idea of crazy insane combos came to mind too! Can you imagine making a bunch of elves with Fiethsing and sacrificing them for Kyubi’s effects? And with how cheap (most) Rulers are, I was a child in a candy store with all the money in the world. But that’s when I begun to realize something. When you’re granted this much freedom it suddenly becomes very difficult to choose. What combinations are the most optimal? What two Rulers would work best together? Do I make a deck that cares about these Rulers at all? When you’re granted this much freedom it becomes a difficult to choose who has…

The Right to Rule
Choosing your Ruler

So, a swift reiteration of the basics. You can choose any two Rulers to be your own for any given deck. Only one of these Rulers can be used to call for a stone, and you can only have one of them do Judgment per turn. Furthermore, and most importantly, the cards you can use in your decks are determined by which Ruler you decide to use — specifically only the colors of cards that correspond with their Color Identity. This is determined by using both the colors of the Rulers on both sides and all of the colored will symbols in their text boxes. 

So — with that out of the way, when it comes to choosing Rulers it could be a very daunting task! There’s quite a few Rulers that look like they’d work very well together, and a few that just seem to make very great utility. Do you choose based off of combos alone? Or, maybe you should chose two rulers with a lot of great utility, so that way your deck is a Jack of All Trades, Master of None? Or the right choice might be to choose for the colors alone and let the other 60 cards do the talking for you? Both of these questions are simply answered as Yes or No not because they’re the right answer (because they’re both right), rather the answers to these questions are based on the player themselves.

Regardless — try and think of your strategy, what you want out of the game. It can be as simple as “I want to kill everything,” or “I want to cast really big dumb spells” to something very intricate and complicated, a fantastic puzzle that when all of the pieces are put in the right place the word Doom is spelled out for your opponents. Either way, once you have a decent picture of what you want that’s when you should start choosing which two Rulers would best represent that strategy. At this stage when choosing a Ruler(s) a good rule of thumb is thinking of one Ruler as your “Primary” Ruler, and the other Ruler as your “Secondary” Ruler. Of course, that doesn’t change the question — how exactly should I go about choosing which Ruler is which? How do I choose;

Who Sits On the Throne

Primary Rulers are the big play-makers. They tend to present the essential strategy that your deck revolves around. Whether it be trying to rush your opponent down as quickly as possible, heavily control the board until you’re able to set up some great master plan, or revolve around a fantastical combo between the effects of one Ruler and another — the Primary Ruler is the one that facilitates these possibilities. 

Need some good examples of some fine Primary Rulers? Look no further;

Pricia, True Beastmaster is a strong choice for people who enjoy trying to beat their opponents senseless, as calling for Fire stones can give your early game creatures the means of swiftly knocking someone’s teeth in.

The Dusk Girl is a card that can very easily start controlling the board by using hand advantage to keep the board clear of threats for a decently cheap cost. She’s very thoroughly effective at making sure that damage isn’t going to be pointed at you as long as you have cards in your hand — though the same can’t quite be said for your opponents.

The Observer is not only thoroughly outdated, but he’s also much slower than his $200 counterpart. Even so, during his original printing he was hardly used and often times somewhat of a laughing stock. Some people tried to make him work, and some people did find moderate success, but nothing that was ever jaw-droppingly good. How in the world can this Ruler survive in a format with 8,000 lifepoints though?
Another thing of note with Primary Rulers is that, a lot of the time in a huge format like Epic Stories, they can very quickly fall short just on their own. They tend to be far, far too slow even for a format such as this one, waste way too many resources to actually be useful in a game that typically involves 3 other players, or one that’s simply irrelevant in a game with a huge amount of life points and an inconsistent deck construction. Where 4,000 points of damage can typically kill someone in a normal game, now you’re forced to deal about 24,000 to actually win in a typical game of Epic Stories — just the same in a game where you can’t repeatedly abuse many copies of the same spells or stones for consistency certain strategies that looked all powerful and unbeatable suddenly become unreliable or just plain impossible.
Thankfully — we still have the choice of;

Who Advises the King

A Secondary Ruler has the very, very important task of filling in as many gaps of weakness in both your deck and your Primary Ruler as possible. They tend to fall under a variety of different uses, the main three of which being;

  • Color Fixing — The biggest difference between Magic the Gathering and Force of Will is the stone system. While it’s awesome that we’ll always be able to hit every single one of our land drops, the problem still remains that under most circumstances we can’t quite choose what sort of stone we’ll get each turn — and that can be very devastating in Epic Stories — especially if we’re running three or more colors. Color Fixing Rulers such as Sylvia or Blazer can very much help alleviate this problem.

  • Stabilizing — Whether it be stabilizing through raw card advantage ala Dragon Shrine Maiden or Christie, keeping boards clean through the use of cards such as Ebony Prophet and Alucard, or other means of supporting your deck’s overall ability to survive or pull off a particular strategy, these sorts of Rulers tend to be very strong general use cards to keep your head above water and give you an overall advantage in the resource game.

  • Enabling — Some cards are just very hard to use on their own. They’re too slow or too impossible. Or, sometimes its the exact opposite. Some Rulers are immensely strong, but they’re missing a key piece to make that strength consistent, either in New Frontiers or in Epic Stories. An Enabler takes that Ruler’s ability and escalates it to the next level into the realm of absolute absurdity. Sometimes you don’t get fixed colors out of the deal. Sometimes you’re not entirely all that stable either. But when the moon doth glow and the grass doth grow, these two Rulers together can sometimes create a combination of effects powerful enough where even those things don’t quite matter, or their overabundance is made very shockingly known.
Now, if you’ve been paying attention, the Primary Rulers listed above actually work very strongly with the Secondary Rulers listed below! And for more than just filling in a few gaps as Color Fixers, Stabalizers, and Enablers. When trying to put combinations of certain Rulers together, try and make sure that they’re fulfilling as many roles as possible — never settle for just one! Ask yourself;
  1. Does this combination ensure that I have an Energize token?
  2. Does this combination give me the colors that I need to do what I want to do?
  3. Does this combination not only grant me advantage/fixing, but also somehow aid in my Ruler’s overall strategy as well?
For the examples listed above, each of these Ruler combinations actually fill a multitude of different Roles at once.
  1. In the case of Sylvia and Pricia, always having access to both Green and Red is fantastic as you can proc off either of Pricia’s abilities.  But Pricia is aggro as heck. It makes it so you don’t have to run a single non-basic stone, also making it harder for certain decks to counteract you while also making your colors absolutely consistent. However, it also comes with the added benefit of making every single one of your stones Fire in some way without having to sacrifice that absolute consistency, basically making it so that Pricia’s secondary ability will always take place, ensuring that you can almost always grant something Swiftness as well.
  2. In the case of Scarlet and Flute, not only are we granting Black and Red access to one of the strongest colors for drawing in the game, but we’re also giving ourselves an extra draw during each of your turns. That’s fantastic under any other circumstance, but the fact that Scarlet’s biggest gimmick revolves around emptying your hand to empty the field means that you can quickly use Flute to feed into Scarlet’s strategy like feeding bullets into a gun. 
  3. In the case of Alisaris and Malefic Yggdrasil, this is a very significant case of a very strong combo strategy. On the surface it’s nice that we can have a Red, Black, Green color combination as this gives us access to ramp and lots of removal. Giving Alisaris the chance to have Energize without having to pay 200$ is also pretty fantastic. If that’s all this did, it would be fine. However, this is taken another step further in the fact that Malefic Tree’s own big gimmick is removing cards from the game. Your cards. While that’s a grave disadvantage in a format such as Epic Stories, Alisaris can very easily thrive off of this — being able to quickly Judgment if your opponent dares to start trying to attack you, and when your deck is running thin from taking a lot of damage you can God’s Art and shuffle your remove from play back into your graveyard, creating a combination that can be very fearsome while also holding interesting plays on their own! Of course, this is at the disadvantage of not having perfect color fixing or an excess in card or board advantage, but to some, that may very well be worth it.

In Conclusion

While the task may seem very easy at first, it can become daunting in a hurry. But that only speaks volumes of the incredible freedom that having two Rulers can give you — the only sort that can quickly take you from feeling as though you’re flying high on the winds of your own will to locked away in a cage without bars. Even so hopefully this — and the coming deck lists — can help you reach a better understanding of what you’d like.

Though, the very best way to help you find what you’d like to play is through testing! Thankfully the game is very much cheap enough — and we have many awesome tools at our disposal through the Force of Will Database and programs such as Untap. And of course there’s always the friends you have at your local card shop (or bitter rivals).
In the end, this is a very young format in a very young game. Who knows what exciting combinations that have yet to be discovered, and what combinations have yet to come!
For the viewers at home; What sort of combinations have been your most favorite so far? Are there any that you feel are too powerful? Too weak? Comment below and let me know!

This is Monica, saying something at the end of an article because I’m very bad at ending things that aren’t matches~


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If you’d like to see the video version of the deck profile, click HERE

So as many of you know, I love me some Panda. However the panda deck does have some trouble in the current climate. Everything from Severing, to Laurite, to just all around resonator hate makes it a hard deck to pilot. So I decided to instead go all in on the ruler himself, Taegrus. I have the deck list/image below, as well as the top 5 cards. These are the cards that I personally think have to stay in the deck no matter what. You can change and alter the deck as needed, but once you start switching these out it becomes a different deck and/or not as functional.

Taegrus Pearlshine x 1

Main Deck x 40
Winds of Vitality x 2
Power of the Emperor x 2
Magic Sweets x 4
Rapid Growth x 2
Faerur’s Spell x 2
Approaching the Truth x 4
Arrival of the Hero x 4
Miscalculation x 3
Severing Winds x 3
Discovery x 4
Escaped Jeweler x 4
Gem Mallet Panda x 4
Sprinting Flame Horse x 2

Stone Deck x 10
Magic Stone of Gusting Skies x 4
Pricia’s Memoria x 4
Magic Stone of Heat Ray x 2

Top 5 Cards:

Winds of Vitality

This and Power of the Emperor are identical cards, in case you were wondering. But this is the big hitter in the deck. This puts your panda at the necessary damage (minus 2) needed to nearly OTK your opponent. Without this, or with any lesser damage card in the deck the whole thing just slows down.

Gem Mallet Panda

This card is beyond essential. It gives you TWO gems per turn you put it in. This is absolutely necessary ramp. Even if they laurite it, you still get the light gem off of Taegrus. It also taps to banish gems for will, which helps in sticky situations (such as banishing a green gem to play Faerur’s spell), or ramp situations (such as producing light will to judgement super early, or judgement with will to spare). It’s an obvious necessity.


This card is necessary because draw power is really important here. Getting stuck with not very useful cards can hurt really bad in OTK decks. Not only does this help combat that, but it also helps with your gem generation! Which is very important to get your combo off. I mention in the video that you need a minimum of 3-4 light gems, and 1 dark gem or 1 blue gem before you even judgement.

Arrival of the Hero

I shouldn’t have to explain this one too much. But it’s a free destruction card that gets rid of resonators that would block your ruler when it swings in. Even if it’s cancelled, you’ve lost out on no will and still have access to your darkness gems if needed. It can also be used for just destroying problem resonators before you swing in to help  you survive as well.

Escaped Jeweler

Lastly is this guy. Now technically, he isn’t specifically essential. However if you are to take him out, you must replace him with some other type of gem generation. I’ve tried the deck without him and it just doesn’t produce enough gems consistently. The reason I like this card though is because not only does he produce gems, but with just 1 card you can keep bouncing him  and producing more and more gems, all the while you are resting problem resonators your opponent has. Resting them can either prevent possible damage, or resting can help you set up your J-Ruler for swinging in with no blockers!

That’s about it for this deck. Let us know what you think and we’ll see you later!


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To start, there are seven different factions in the game, each representing a different concept:

  • Solis (Orange), representing gluttony. Solis allows you to force the opponent to consume their own resources or consume your own for a burst of power.
  • Luna (Yellow), representing greed. Luna is focused on gaining resources, primarily through card draw.
  • Ignus (Red), representing wrath. Ignus is focused around combat strength and eliminating opposing servants.
  • Aqua (Blue), representing envy. Aqua revolves around strategy and control.
  • Silva (Green), representing sloth. Silva focuses on slowing down the game and playing strong creatures to overpower the opponent.
  • Aes (Pink), representing lust. Aes allows you to take control of enemy servants and switch their positions.
  • Terra (Purple), representing pride. Tera cards are physically weaker and often take unique routes to battling the enemy rather than fighting them head-on.
The Caster Chronicles is a very different game then Force of Will. Although it still involves playing creatures (called Servants) and spells (Conjures) by using mana (which is referred to as Aether in this game), the core gameplay mechanics are very different. Your Aether is generated by cards known as Casters (equivalent to magic stones or lands). Following the trend of Magic: The Gathering these are shuffled into your 50 card deck and must be drawn and played from your hand.  Also like Magic, they can only be placed once per turn. This is where the similarities between Magic and Caster Chronicles end as you are able to play cards from your hand facedown to produce colorless Aether should you not draw enough casters.

  Most Casters have a unique ability that can be applied instead of producing Aether, but this is balanced by the fact that you can only control 1 caster of each name, all others have to be placed face down in order to use them as a caster. An exception is Lvl2 casters, which require you to play them on top of an existing caster and usually allow you to banish the Lvl1 version to gain an extra ability.

In order to play a card, you need to be able to produce at least 1 Aether of its color, but the rest of the cost can be paid with Aether of any color. This means it is much harder to play low-cost cards of a different color, while high-cost cards are very simple to play.

Another big difference that sets the game apart is the life mechanic. Each player places 7 cards from the top of their deck into the field face-down as an Orb and when another player attacks them directly they choose an orb to corrupt. When an Orb is corrupted you add it to your hand, but if it has the {Break} keyword you can play it immediately at instant speed. I like this a lot, as it is very similar to the rune mechanic from my favorite digital card game Elder Scrolls Legends (Kaijudo fans will also recognize this).

Having the Orb mechanic allows a player who is getting hit very early to have a way to fight back, as not only do you draw the card they corrupt, you have a chance of getting a very powerful ability or servant that your opponent will have trouble dealing with.

The Orb mechanic is a very important gameplay component and fits very well with the system of combat. Like most games, Attack and Defense are both extremely important. Unlike most other games, when a servant is put into play it can attack immediately, with the exception of the first turn. A servant can either attack another servant or make an attack on an Orb, corrupting it. If a Servant is reversed (upside down), the attacking player is not able to corrupt an Orb unless it is removed from the field or its position is changed. The only time the servant defending an attack is destroyed is when the attacker has more attack then they do. If you attack a reversed creature, you compare the defender’s defense to your attack instead. Finally, if you attack a player and there is no Orb to corrupt, you win the game.

Caster Chronicles is a very interesting game that combines powerful mechanics from other games with a unique and polished twist. I look forward to seeing the game grow and expand and will continue to experiment with deck ideas and card interactions to see what these cards can do.

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Hi everyone! My name is Dylan Hunt and I came in second place at GP Montreal with Toolbox Lumia. Going into the tournament I knew that Lumia can out value other control decks from a mixture of re-triggering enter abilities and a large variety of cancel spells and hand refills, so I felt very confident in my deck choice.
I made a few last-minute changes to the deck that paid off in the tournament. The first was swapping one of the Magic Stone of Nature’s Beauty and 1 Blasting Waves into Magic Stone of Black Silence. This was purely to cast the flip side of Flourishing Hope as my only non-targeting removal and it worked extremely well. The second change was adding two final battle to the sideboard which immediately became a very consistent side in for me.

Lumia, the Fated Rebirth // Lumia, Saint of the Crimson Lotus

Main Deck:
2 Sorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee
1 Flourishing Hope
4 Sacred Elf
2 Null Page
3 Rachel, the Ancient Library Researcher
4 Lumia, Saint of Creation
4 Severing Winds
4 Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind
1 Miscalculation
1 Release
1 Scarlet’s Agony
3 Faerur’s Spell
2 Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly
2 Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance
1 Shining Demon, Mephistopheles
1 Shackles of Ice
3 Frigg, Goddess of Abundant Harvests

Stone Deck:
2 Magic Stone of Black Silence
4 Magic Stone of Gusting Skies
1 Magic Stone of Nature’s Beauty
3 Magic Stone of Blasting Waves

3 Scarlet’s Agony
1 Faerur’s Spell
1 Miscalculation
1 Separation of Fates
2 Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian
3 Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid
2 The Final Battle
1 Destruction of the Portal
1 Flourishing Hope

Round 1 – Faerur
I knew this matchup would be a thing since it was a very powerful deck last format but the addition of Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian and Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid made the deck lose a lot of traction.
Regardless, it was a deck I had to respect due to incredible tempo and I had to load my sideboard accordingly.
Game 1: He resolved a turn 3 misty dragon and there was no way for me to respond to it in a timely fashion. This game was easily won on the back of Misty Dragon Spirit and despite my efforts to stabilize all it took was a Faerur flip and there was enough damage to push lethal.
Game 2: I sided into The Final Battle as well as Laurite and Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid as I knew that this matchup was decided entirely by his board presence and that I needed to whittle his board down as quickly as possible. I used The Final Battle after his flip using all of my will and reducing my life to 400 so that everything he had after flipping died and he couldn’t regain tempo afterword.
Game 3: I opened with Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid, Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance, 2 The Final Battle and Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind. I opened the early game getting free value from Tama until he played a Misty Dragon. I was forced to use The Final Battle to clear it which left him feeling safe enough to invest into flipping his faerer to reestablish board presence. He went into a Tia Letoliel, Archer Princess of Elves with her Falcon and used her effect to clear my Sacred Elf I had drawn from Tama and hit me for 2 damage. At the end of his turn, I played Powerless Dragonoid to strip his counters so that on my turn I could play the second Final Battle for a board clear. At 200 life he thought he could slowly rebuild until I flipped my Lumia removing Nyarlathotep and started taking a huge comeback in life points that he couldn’t recover from.
Round 2 – Ayu
I wasn’t really expecting ayu since Scheherazade has a very strong matchup against it but I had a main deck Scarlet’s Agony just in case the matchup occurred.
Game 1: I opened really strong but he was able to hit me with a few burn spells early game and managed to final battle me after I used my agony. I had to play a Frigg, Goddess of Abundant Harvest to get it back and he had the Faerur’s Spell to cancel and end the game.
Game 2: He managed to resolve an early game copy of Ancient Barrier which made all of my spells very expensive. This was effective against the Severing Winds I miraculously topdecked every turn after he played it. Regardless, Agony was only a 3 cost with the addition and I sided into another 3 copies meaning the game was very much in my favor. Once I played a Shining Demon, Mephistopheles I was able to keep his ruler tapped which secured me the game.
Game 3: I knew very quickly that this game was in my favor when I drew into an opening hand that included Severing Winds ,  Faerur’s Spell, Sacred Elf, Agony and Mephistopheles. He made the right call to flip early and to try and hit me before I drew more answers but Agony kept me in the game. Mephistopheles then hit the field and was able to tap his ruler forcing him to play flutes water dragon to tap for stones. I had Mephistopheles attack and kill the dragon to sustain my lock and protected him with Faerur’s Spell long enough for Frigg to pick up Agony each turn and to totally lock down his board. Finally, Rachel was drawn and locked out his top decks as well which put me in full control of the match.
Round 3 – Control Scheherazade
This was a matchup I had playtested against very much and I was absolutely ready for this.
Game 1: I resolved a turn 1 Tama which proceeded to carry the entire game on his back with free advantage as the dolls were all canceled by the spells Tama drew and the deck had little in the ways of small resonator removal, and the life damage stacked up by Tama was about 1600. Each card he plucked from my hand with scorn or
Thought Control was met by me getting another card by a drawn Lumia, Saint of Creation, Tama or Frigg. Eventually my board was large enough that I made an effective push on him that he was unable to stop.
Game 2: This one was a lot more of a back and forth, but the Lumia, Saint of Creation proved her viability by providing cards that couldn’t be plucked by discard, which meant cards like Frigg were fair game. I baited the Evil Elemental Uprising and used Release as another way to gain an advantage, and once the uprising was used my grave was accessible by the Frigg I blinked each turn.  I flipped Lumia at this point with Nyarlathotep and started healing to 6900 life. Time was called but since I had 6900 life and there was no way for him to end the game we drew game 2 securing me the match win.
Round 4 – Discard Lumia
This was not a deck I had practiced for but I knew Blazer, the Legendary Thief was a powerful resonator and I needed to watch out for him. Billy Buttons was playing the deck and we caught up with each other as we hadn’t talked since worlds in Japan.
Game 1: I played the same way as round 3 (with less ridiculousness from Tama), it was very back and forth but I was able to get Mephistopheles on the board and tap down Blazer so it couldn’t attack me anymore. Billy decided to flip his ruler which was a mistake since I was able to tap it down and effectively turn it off for the game. Ultimately I feel this was a game in his favor as the Blazer was proving too hard to remove and had he not flipped he likely would have been able to stabilize by removing Mephistopheles.
Game 2: This was very much the opposite of the previous game. I tried extremely hard to out value him but neglected to Severing Winds the Blazer by keeping up the 4 stones to hard cast it and ultimately it was too hard for me to clear multiple copies of it. He whittled me down in time and took the game making the match a draw.
Round 5 – Control Scheherazade
This was actually someone from Untouchables Sportscards and I knew them from the ARG event we hosted at Gamer’s Lair. I was interested to see his take on the deck.
Game 1: He won the dice roll and opted to use Thought Control. After seeing my hand he decided to take Lumia, Saint of Creationfrom my hand instead of Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly. On my turn 1 I used energize to play it for Shackles of Ice and ultimately there was no way for him to stabilize as I built a solid board presence without him being able to access his extra deck.
Game 2: This was ultimately the same with me opening Shackles, but this time my luck was not as fortunate as he had a very solid resonator hand that was able to take early game board control. I was unable to deal with this effectively and he took the game.
Game 3: We went into time very early and neither of our decks was quick enough to win in a few turns. Ultimately given his early game board and my lack of cancel spells I don’t have any doubt he would have won this if not for timer making the round a draw
Round 6 – Aimul, Princess of Despair
This was not a matchup I had played against, and I had very little idea what to expect other than the fact that her front side can prevent me from blinking my creatures by standing them in response. As it was Ryan Miles piloting the deck I had no doubt the deck would offer some unique tricks. Since we were both undefeated with two draws this was the match to make or break either one of our standings.
Game 1: I opened Sacred Elf which I knew was safe to blink because him standing it was effectively the same result. He flipped pretty early in the game putting a Rachel in play and I had a Shackles stuck dead in my hand. I managed to draw Mephistopheles and used it to keep his ruler tapped for a few turns. He tried to destroy his ruler with Karmic Retribution to prevent me from tapping it and I used Severing Winds to prevent him from doing so. He was able to successfully remove Mephistopheles in the next few turns but he realized too late his life was too low to actually survive me flipping and attacking and I took game 1 by attacking him with Sacred Elf and my Ruler.
Game 2:  This game was incredibly intense. He took an early lead with Rachel and I had an uphill battle dealing with them. I tried to flip with Nyarlathotep but he used
Separation of Fates to remove my swiftness and prevent me from healing. Then he flipped his ruler after stacking Grimm, Hope from the Future on his deck with Rachel and used his inverse ability to remove my imperishable and destroy my ruler. As I tried to answer his board as he would sack resonators with the Soul Returning Altar to clear my board and search with Rachel to keep my board presence low. I won this game mostly to both of us not realizing that Grimm had flying so I was able to clear it two turns later with Burgeoning Despair. His last shot was to attack me with his flying ruler for lethal but my sideboard Separation of Fates was able to keep his ruler from attacking as I recycled it with Frigg each turn by flashing and ultimately stole the game.

Top Cut

As best I can remember, top cut was composed of the following:

1 Discard Lumia

1 Toolbox Lumia (Me)

1 Kirik

1 Ayu

3 Control Scheherazade

1 Doll Tempo Control Scheherazade


Elimination Round 1 – Discard Lumia


Having played against Billy, I knew Blazer would be the sticking point in this matchup so I played accordingly. I also saw his decklist and knew he didn’t play 4 Severing Winds so I knew cancel wars would almost always be in my favor.


Game 1:  I don’t really recall much about these games, just that Mephistopheles very much had the game on lockdown very quickly. I was able to Null Page a Blazer and kill another so he wasn’t able to play any more copies, and from there I was able to flip my ruler with Nyarlathotep and get the continual life and board advantage with Frigg and Rachel.


Game 2: I wasn’t able to clear Blazer in a timely fashion, despite my best efforts with the side deck burgeoning despairs as he spread his board very wide with Laurite


Game 3: This came down to time, I was able to go toe to toe in life with tama attacking, but I was then able to flip my ruler (without Nyarlathotep ) and go for his face very quickly. Burgeoning despair was setup for the next turn so that he had no resonators to attack with, which meant I won the game and the match.



Elimination Round 2 – Control Scheherazade


This was a very interesting list since he played lots of non-doll quickcast creatures like Sorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee and
Fiethsing, the Fate Spinning Winds. He also had 4 Jeanne d’Arc, Mad Maiden which I knew would be a pain if I allowed him to set it up.


Game 1: I opened very well, 1 Sacred Elf , 1 Severing Winds, 1 Faerur’s Spell, 1 tama and one Rachel. I was able to get elf up early and got tama out as well. Faerur’s Spell cancelled a doll that tried to block Tama and I was able to get another turn of advantage. When I played Rachel he used ruined story and I let Tama be banished. He cast a Melfee and Fiethsing on my next turn which I didn’t cancel since they were not relevant to my board presence.

He casted Jeanne d’Arc on my turn and I used a hard casted Severing Winds to stop it, only for him to cast another one right afterword. He opted to not attack the Rachel, so on my turn I was able to remove it with Null Page before it dealt any damage. After I cleared his board he had to flip to regain board presence but my Lumia flipped with Nyarlathotep and was able to whittle away his board with advantage.



Game 2: This was very similar to Game 1, but he used Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic to prevent the trigger of Rachel when she left the field and used final battle to mop up my board.  Burdening despair ultimately cleaned up his board, and I poked him with a Nyarlathotep, powered Lumia  until he was dead.


Elimination Round 3 – Doll Tempo Control Scheherazade


Having seen his decklist, it became quite clear that this was a poor matchup for me. Rather than effigy, he played the smaller dolls that became larger with stories revealed in the extra deck and the rest of his deck was dedicated to protecting them while they punched me.


Game 1: I poked him very often and he used final battle to clear the board. His hand discard ate a lot of my hand and I didn’t manage to resolve any cards to refill it. I was forced to flip early with Nyarlathotep, and managed to get him down to 1000, but a main deck separation of fates killed Lumia and ended the game.


Game 2: This was the same as game 1 but my hand was depleted even faster due to additional sideboard hate for my resonators.


Ultimately I was very happy with the decks performance. There was a lot more control decks that I would have anticipated, but this worked in my favor as generally I out value most control matchups. I think my decks ultimate weakness was resonator based aggro, and ultimately I think the meta is diverse enough that you can’t have a deck that dominates all of the other decks with one particular ruler or color combination. I was excited to see the American players willing to take a risk with Aimul, Princess of Despair, and was very happy that me and my friend Jean-Luc (who got third with Kirik) were both able to secure 2 invites for Canada. The games I played were all extremely intense, and it felt like every tech choice I made flowed coherently into a finely tuned machine. I’m looking forward to GP Toronto where I will try to secure my 1st place paid invite.


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Hey guys! And welcome to a new week! Not a whole lot going on this time around besides lots of visual goodies for the next month and set. 

To start off though just want to let you guys know we’ve been adding deck lists/profiles to the site! Most recently Joe added his Dusk Girl list. If you want to check that out, along with the other decks we have added simply click the ‘Deck Profiles’ button at the top of the page here. We’ll be adding more lists as we come up with them so check back often.

Minneapolis GP:

This weekend will be a new GP! This time at Minneapolis. If you are in the area obviously prepare to go. Be sure to check back on our website during the weekend under ‘Top 8’ as we will update the article for the event with the Ruler/Card breakdown, top 8, and whatever else might come out as that information comes in! 

Possible Promo:

So we got to see this promo over the weekend. This is Magic Stone of Light Vapors if anybody was wondering. A couple things to note. First, it hasn’t been revealed in English so it might be region exclusive (as some stones have been in the past). Secondly (though I think is not the case), it came out April 1st. It seems pretty real though. If it does come out in English that would be interesting, since we are currently waiting to find out if Duel Stones will rotate or be reprinted. It could be a clue as to whether they might stay (though it could also be a Wanderer League Promo). Just something to look out for.

Actual Promos:

We also got our look at the monthly Ruler League Promos! As you can see, we got Keez’s Call, and the Spirit Stone. Some pretty cool looking artwork, especially the Spirit Stone. So now we have 3 out of the 5 Special Magic Stones from the starter decks, leaving only God Pandas and Kirik! I’m pretty excited to get to those when we do, since I run mostly mono decks for those 2 rulers. 

Spoiler Images for WOM:

We got 3 separate spoiler images for Winds of the Ominous Moon! The first is what looks like Reiya in her final form.

Pretty cool looking, and makes me think that this artwork might be the one used for the ‘unique’ ruler that Jeff teased during his last livestream QandA.

Next we have that same Reiya going crazy or something. Not quite sure what, but I’m sure if you read the lore you might know what’s going on. We also got Taegrus leading an army of Pandas on Chocobos! It looks awesome, and like some  crazy battles are about to go down.

So that about does it this week. Let us know your thoughts and I’ll talk to you next week!

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For extensive information about the GP results, be sure to click our articles below!

GP Results:

As mentioned if you’d like detailed results, be sure to visit the links above! The quick top 8 is as follows:

GP Padova

Top 8 (no specific order)

Federico Zoppini -Scheherazade
Isaac Rancic – Scheherazade
Alessandro Rocchi – Kirik
Stefano Rossano – Scheherazade
Davide Lega – Kirik
Gianluca Di Clemente – Lumia
Alessio Campagna – Scheherazade
Gaetano Pippa – Lumia

GP Montreal

Top 8 (After Swiss)

Andrij Rybsky-Shaw –  Scheherazade
Johnathan Lejare – Ayu
Dylan Hunt – Lumia
Benjamin Bargetzi – Scheherazade
Darell Tibbles –  Scheherazade
David Nikolaus – Lumia
Marc-michel Henaire-caroal –  Scheherazade
Jean-luc Mckean – Kirik

Winds of the Ominous Moon Art:

We got some more previews of the next set! This time is a lot more interesting. As you can see, Welser is alive! We don’t know how, but he survived his demise and is now super old. So that’s awesome, and I wonder if he’ll get a ruler again or just a lot of cool support finally! 

Next is what appears to be the return of Vivian! This was a really cool fairy card back in the day. So not only is it cool seeing her back, but could it possibly be hinting at things to come? Most notably, the return of fairies!?

Casters Image:

So here is  some interesting artwork from Caster Chronicles. It was thrown up on their Twitter account. The translation equals “Akariya Kaguen 50th Sports Festival” (or something roughly like that). From reading around, it looks like it might (possibly) be pointing towards an event for Casters that will happen at a later date in Japan. Their also seemed to be hints of possibly a Casters GP event, maybe piggy-backing off of a FOW event.

Around this same time Casters also finally uploaded a How-To video on their Youtube channel, as well as a livestream of some sort of Casters event. Just as a side note.

New Patreon Giveaway:

Hey going to start a new Playmat Giveaway on Patreon! To enter you just have to be any level Patron (which the $1 has access to our Mini-Podcast now)! You get more entries and perks the higher up you go. This time around I’m just going to have the winner pick any 2 playmats from my collection (rather than the set 1, pick 1). Good luck guys and hope you enjoy!