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Here is the bullet point summaries of the Interview we conducted with Jeff Finnigan. I highly recommend watching the videos for the full responses, as well as fun interaction that won’t be in this summary. Links below:
HERE for Part 1
HERE for Part 2
Is Eiji going to be okay?
Yes he’ll be fine. He does have the normal royalties and stuff financially. Eiji still wants FOW to do well.
Would you (Jeff) want to still work at FOW post-management change?
He would if the philosophy of the company stayed the same. As an aside though, he was crazy busy working at the company. Not only was he Global Liaison to all the different countries, companies, and social avenues, but also did tons more internally since he was the only English speaker. Which can lead to burnout.
He loves the game but he doesn’t want to work there if he can’t do anything. Also wouldn’t if he doesn’t understand them completely, or doesn’t agree with their philosophy.
Would you recommend the game to new players at this current time?
Hopeful side says yes, the game is still fun and super cheap. As long as you enjoy it, that’s the main thing that matters regardless of financial incentives etc.
If you are looking for investments, probably not, but that isn’t (in his opinion) a really a good reason to get into a TCG to begin with.
What’s going on with Starter Deck availability?
It kills him because he told them last year, about this time, that they have to reprint those decks every set. They said that’s no problem. But problems ensued, Jeff kept telling them over and over again they have to get these decks out but it seemed they didn’t pay much heed.
Also as an aside, was told Ruler would be the Will Power rewards, but was not told it’d only be half the rulers.
With you gone, will things like pre-errata Table Flips (Overpowered cards) be more likely to surface more often?
Unfortunately, yeah. The issue is nobody besides Jeff had the power to really alter the power of the cards. Without him there to tell them what’s strong and what’s not it will happen. They don’t think too much about that, they are more focused on lore related flavor etc. and less how the power affects the game. Their belief is in the “fun”, not necessarily the balance. 
His biggest concern is without him he doesn’t know how they’ll do ban lists. He did everything and heavily pressured them to even do ban lists. Without him those may not continue.
When will the management changes take effect as far as power levels?
He left after V3 was already done, though it is very strong. He only changed a couple cards (including sprout). He was hoping sprout was going to be much weaker than what it turned out to be.
They were complaining for awhile that Jeff was making cards ‘Too Fair’. The sales team thinks people just want to buy broken cards, and the sales team blames poor sales on sets not having broken cards in them. The sales team loves cards like Sherry, R/R, etc. They only focus on the initial reaction of people buying the set in order to get cards just to not lose. And they don’t think about the future repercussions.
Jeff’s philosophy became letting them do what they want a little bit, and then just banning it afterwards. So without him there is no barriers blocking these cards. He’s hopeful though, because he still knows people behind the scenes that he can appeal to update ban lists if it’s really needed.
Will you continue your original plan for an online tournament?
He wants to, but was postponed due to the other online “GP” that took place. And now he is very busy among other things. So he still wants it to happen, just not sure when at this point.
Do you think the game is still worth collecting in the West?
Absolutely. No matter what happens, he loves the artwork. He loves collecting and it’s still worth it.
Are you going to take a break from card games?
Probably. Force of will was his baby. At this point he is just tired after all the work he’s been doing the past year and more. He was disappointed with leaving, but it does at least give him a chance to breathe and catch up on other things as well.
What happened to Casters?
Different Philosophy. Eiji and Jeff wanted to focus on FOW and the World, and Casters is more popular in Japan. Casters is a more focused game, with harder deck building etc. The companies working on it together weren’t getting along super well either. They are going to be run/owned by the same company now though as FOW.
What happened to Architects?
They still want to make Architects. The designs and artwork are all done. They just don’t have future plans. They are already short staffed and needed to prioritize FOW. There was interest, but it was a bit hollow. If it’s not going to last you should wait until it’s perfect then set it out. They wanted to make 3 card games for 3 levels of players such as casual level, normal level, and competitive level, which Jeff disagrees with how card games work on that level since these levels are represented in all card games no matter what.
What happened to ‘Bestow’ mechanic?
Jeff was trying to bring back Addition:Resonators. He likes Bestow, just thought it was boring. It was just Artifacts but in FOW. He prefers Additions to have global effects etc. Bestow is pretty low on his likes.
The cluster he was working on had ‘Milling’, ‘Self Milling’, ‘Burn’, ‘Creature Based Combos’, and he was bringing back ‘Stand by’ cards.
Did you know you were leaving ahead of time?
He knew about 3rd week of January (he did his post on leaving on Feb 1st). Eiji was in a board meeting that Jeff was unaware of. After he called and told Jeff “Something terrible has happened” and told him about him leaving. Jeff wasn’t sure if he’d be affected, but he was. It was a shock, but also expected. Analogy used was in a Civil War, usually in history you get rid of Everyone associated with the losing side, in this case that’s Eiji being the losing side and Jeff being apart of that.
What does the game need to do if it wants to continue supporting the US?
Hire him or someone like him to communicate to the Japanese company in some capacity. And not just as a face, have to have the same power as Jeff did before. He had a relationship with the CEO to make things happen. Everything Jeff did he stands behind, and is always informative and honest with everyone about what’s going on. Which is different than right now where the new company is doing things in secret. A good company that he can get behind is acknowledging mistakes (such as his Rudy video) and being honest. He hopes they recognize that in order for America market to succeed.
Thoughts on cancelled GP’s/Revoked invites?
The person running the company right now doesn’t think very highly of paid invites and that it eats up money. He doesn’t see it as PR, just as pure cost with no benefit. Jeff has experienced at stores around the world that locals sell more and see more traffic when events happen. Which is why he tried expanding to more events. Since those 2 GP’s were run by FOW directly, they were marked as pure cost and therefore cut (unlike WGPQ’s). Which is probably why Jeff and Rob were cut as well. Just financial cuts.

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So I thought I’d share my thoughts on the unbanning of Quinn Kotecki. With these thoughts I am also going to lay out some of the evidence/things I’ve found out regarding this individual, and why this all amounts to why he should remain banned. For those unaware, Quinn was a competitive player in Force of Will, Pokemon, MTG, and more. He went to FOW Worlds and topped many GP’s often placing top 8 in the many games and events he attends.
For anyone unfamiliar with the situation, I will go over the details of how this all started (and include screenshots when applicable).

Quinn was a competitive player in Force of Will. He attended Worlds and was even made into a promo card that FOW previously used as prizing for Worlds Winners. 
This all started with Force of Will in June of 2017 at the Toronto GP. The incident occurred with the late Alex Blandin. He played against Quinn and initially suspected that Quinn had drawn a card from the graveyard against him. At a later point Quinn had tapped the wrong will to play counter cards. Alex said he wasn’t paying too much attention to some of this (not making the assumption that Quinn might be cheating initially). It was then noticed Quinn may have placed a card on top of his deck as well. At this point Alex became more suspicious. 
After this game Alex shared his suspicion leading into top 8. This lead to him and someone else observing gameplay of him where they caught him definitively cheating. One specific play was where Ryan (Quinn’s new opponent) went to play Wind Secluded Refuge. In response Quinn played Rune of Sol to search for Ancient Knowledge (This card lets you draw 2 essentially). 
After finishing his search for Ancient Knowledge they noticed he put a card on top of his deck. Both Alex and his friend saw Quinn put the card on top of his deck, and then shuffle the other cards without moving it. Alex’s friend confirms to Alex that the card that was placed on top was a Seal of Wind and Light (A cancel that would counter the Wind Secluded Refuge).  They did end up calling a judge over, but since the judge hadn’t witnessed the event, he couldn’t do anything at that time. Since Ryan ended up winning the game anyways it wasn’t as relevant, but the two witnesses confirmed beyond any doubt he had cheated.
After that event is when Alex and Quinn both had walked out to the parking lot. Alex saw Quinn and called him a cheater, flipping him off. In response Quinn picked him up and body slammed him. He received a ban that would have lasted until June of this year initially solely for the body slam incident (unrelated to the cheating).

Following this, he started playing Final Fantasy TCG. In September of the same year (2017) there were reports of him cheating in the Nationals tournament. I looked into this, and while reports of this are near impossible to find for various reasons, I was able to confirm a couple things.
Firstly, this was his first time playing FFTCG. I only heard this from one person, but it lines up with at least some of what he was accused of (but not all).
The things he was accused of include:
Playing cards that weren’t written on his decklist
Drawing too many cards
Making illegal plays
Misuse of card zones
Some of these could possibly be excused for being new to the game. The 2 that stand out for me are the cards not being written on a decklist (he was a FOW Worlds competitor, this should be an easy one), and drawing too many cards. This could be a mistake as well, but it seems to follow a pattern.   It is worth noting that this was reported by multiple opponents, and he got one game loss for an illegal play (which sounds like a normal mistake for a new person to the game).    He was not banned, however it looks like he moved on from this game at some point.

Next he started up with Pokemon TCG. In this game he placed in the top 8 many times at major events, including getting top 4 and 2 spots. In June of 2018 there was a huge set of circumstances that, for all intents and purposes, proved he cheated multiple times.

This was during a tournament that had two separate incidents. You can read the full details in the pictures. In summary, the first incident was during Round 8 of the tournament. His opponent said he was absolutely positive Quinn was ‘palming’ cards into his hand whenever he played Elixer (a card drawing tool) among other cards. If I followed the events correctly, Quinn received a warning after this match.
The second incident was the following Round. This time his opponent caught him as he was ‘palming’ a card and called a judge over. His opponent said he had “Never seen a more blatant attempt that was so clear, intent to cheat is irrefutable.”

The judge came over and confirmed Quinn had an extra card in hand. However since the judge was not there when it happened, Quinn claimed he must have accidentally drew it at the beginning of the game (or some other scenario). He therefore was not DQ’ed, but rather received a QPL, even though this was the second instance of this exact thing happening.

These were both reported independently of each other. They did not (as far as I can tell) result in a ban due to judges not being present at the time of incident (similar to the other games).

At some point he left Pokemon.


Last game he was in (and most recently) was Magic the Gathering. He was also competitive in this, topping events etc. This instance happened during a large tournament in September of 2018. During this, he was caught and called out by MTG Pro Player, Oliver Tomajko. 



He recounted the incident in the provided image, which I will also summarize here:


It started during the game while Oliver was playing a combo. During the combo he saw Quinn look at his sideboard, then grab a card out of it. He didn’t say anything at that point because he wasn’t fully paying attention, but noticed his hand size was more then he remembered. He recounts some more specific plays that happened that seemed unlikely considering the deck Quinn was running. It then lead to Quinn passing turn, with definitively 0 cards in hand. Oliver did some plays, and when he looked up, Quinn was back to 1 card in hand. At this point he called a judge over. The judge verifies that Quinn is up 1 card (though Oliver knows there is something he is forgetting that is important). 



During this process Quinn asks the judge if he can just concede the game and move on (which Oliver said was strange since, if Quinn is in the right, he would win next turn). Oliver realized later that night that the thing he hadn’t realized was there was a set of cards in the graveyard that, considering plays that were made, show he drew an extra card in addition to grabbing a card from the graveyard. 


From what I understand (and I will update this post when I find out) at a later date Quinn was caught cheating again at a MTG tournament. This time it was witnessed and he received a ban from MTG until later this year.


All this brings us to today, and why this is all applicable. As mentioned Quinn was banned until later this year solely the body slam incident. As I mentioned, I feel the 2 year ban was already low for that. 



We already have an example of a player verbally assaulting people, and getting a lifetime ban. I personally feel physical assault is worse (in addition to the cheating).


During his 2 year ban, he has gone on to cheat in 3 other major card games (that we know of), and in each instance has never apologized or owned up to what he did. 


This brings us to now, where we find out that Quinn has been unbanned early! He can officially start attending any FOW event he wants, from locals to GP’s, to Worlds. I find this very troubling.


I would already make the case that his original ban should be extended. He is a habitual liar/cheater with no remorse, and is something this game just doesn’t need. FOW is in a great place right now, growing drastically, selling out, and bringing communities that have died back together. To bring in a controversial person like Quinn, who is guaranteed to cheat at some point, is just not what the game needs. So at minimum, I think his ban should be extended due to the continued cheating, and what I think was too light of a ban to begin with.


Now compound that with his ban being lifted early, I think this just doesn’t look good for the game, or anyone. If FOW decides to keep him unbanned and you are planning on attending a FOW event, please keep an eye out for him, and don’t be afraid to call judges! They are there to help, and as we’ve seen here, it just takes a split second for a judge to see a play gone wrong to remedy the whole situation.


Force of Will has said they unbanned him early due to his official ‘Ban Notice’ saying he would be unbanned in 2019 (with no specific date). So although the original intention was for 2 years, the notice gave the impression he could be unbanned in January. So they decided to unban in January rather than the posted date.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Let us know your thoughts on the situation as well.




So there have been some updates since publishing that I will put here. This will include if any changes happen to his status, as well as new discoveries.


Firstly, an instance of cheating I was not aware of. This was in the Pittsburgh GP for FOW. Quinn was playing against Aaron Miles. The short of it is Quinn played Cheshire Cat, drew 2 cards, but didn’t put one back on top. Aaron caught him and called a judge. Quinn said he put a card back on the deck, to which Aaron said Quinn should be able to tell the judge what card he put on top, and the judge could check. Quinn switched his tone and said he might have put it at the bottom instead, and then offered to ‘Put a second card on top of the deck’ anyways, and play continued.



This was all caught on video, starting at the 5:25

The second update is, as of right now, Robert Hebert has said Quinn will not be unbanned early, and will continue until the pre-determined date. He said all the relevant TO have been informed of this. This is contrary to what the company says so I’ll keep an eye on this

Third update, I just talked to a MTG player by the name of  Josh Thompson, after reading through replies on Twitter. I contacted him where he relayed this story below, which is a copy paste from something he relayed to the community awhile back (I’ll continue after the image)
I have since personally reached out and confirmed with 2 separate stores that he is, in fact, banned from playing at both of them. One of them also confirmed he is DCI banned (not sure if this is different than his original ban in MTG that we mentioned). 


 Fourth Update, I updated the FFTCG section to get rid of the DQ from the event, as it seems that was mis-reported. 


as of 2/8/19 GP Richardson, and GP Collinsville officially Canceled. Additionally going forward only three paid invites will be handed out, two of these invites have already been taken earlier this year (Orlando GP, and Games n Geek GP) and only 10 unpaid invites will be issued this year. The third and final paid invite mentioned above will be handed out during the Vegas GP. UPDATE ***

** Second UPDATE
WGPQ Northfield which is being run by Games n Geek will contain one trip sponsored by the store! UPDATE **

Las Vegas, NV
Alexis Park All Suite Resort
375 E Harmon Ave,
​Las Vegas, NV 89169
FEB 16/17

Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Convention Center
501 S College St
Charlotte, NC 28202
MAR 16/17

Northfield, MN
Archer House River Inn
212 Division Street S.,
Northfield, MN 55057
APR 27/28

Catskill, NY
Kirwan’s Game Store
369 Main St.
Catskill, NY 12414
MAY 18/19

Richardson, TX
411 W. Arapaho Rd. Suite # 105
Richardson, TX 75080
JUNE 22/23

Collinsville, IL
Gateway Convention Center
One Gateway Drive Collinsville, IL 62234
JULY 27/28

Glendale, AZ
Jesse James Comics
5140 W Peoria Ave
Glendale, AZ 85302
AUG 17/18


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Hello readers,
My name is Ronan Morris, I am an Australian L1 official judge, I have judged at the GP level.
I recently took the online Level 0 judge test to see what the questions were like and I scored 100%.  I was invited to write a breakdown of the correct answers to each question by the TCG Scrubs team in order to help everyone understand the rulings and further their Force of Will game knowledge 🙂
I will be referencing relevant CR excerpts, which stands for the “Comprehensive Rules” document, which can be found on the official Force of Will site and contains detailed breakdowns of all the rules for this game.
Question 1) D
Automatic abilities can be identified by the arrow (=>) that separated their trigger condition from an effect
CR “”906.1. Abilities described as “<trigger condition> => <effect>” are automatic abilities.””
Question 2) A
Because Speaker’s ruler ability directly instructs the player to “play the copy” of the revealed card as a part of its effect, you may ignore normal timing rules on the card. E.g. you can play Black Tears (A normal Chant card) at Quickcast speed.
Gill Lapis’ J-Ruler ability is different, because it says that “you may play the card without paying its cost until end of turn”, which just gives permission for the player to play it normally means that you must still meet timing and condition restriction of the card that you are playing.  E.g. You cannot play a normal chant from you opponents removed area at Quickcast speed.
Question 3) B,C,D
Cards that do not display a printed cost are treated as if they had a total cost of 0.  If an Inverse card is moved from the field to another zone via a non-playing method, the card moves to the new zone Hope side up.
CR “”203.5a. If a card doesn’t have any cost, the total cost of that card is 0.””
CR “”1302.3e-i. If an Inverse card moves to a zone by a non-playing method, unless otherwise specified, that card moves to the new zone physically hope side up.””
Question 4) B
During a priority sequence in Force of Will, rules processes (such as checking if a resonator has 0 or less defence) are checked before triggered automatic abilities are played onto the chase.  So, Nicole plays Alisaris and his “enter the battlefield” ability triggers, but before it is played onto the chase, Alisaris immediately dies and his “put into a graveyard” ability also triggers.  Now that rules processes have been applied, Nicole may play triggered automatic abilities.  As there are multiple triggered automatic abilities that happened at the same time, Nicole may choose which order she plays the abilities.
CR “”602.1. When players perform a priority sequence, do the following:
602.1a. If there are any rule processes to perform, do them. Repeat this while there are still rule processes left to perform left.
602.1b. Choose and play triggered automatic abilities “”

CR “”603.2. If more than one automatic ability is triggered, the turn player chooses one among them that they control, if any exist. If none of them are controlled by the turn player, the non-turn player chooses one among them.
603.4. If any ability is chosen, repeat this priority sequence from the beginning “”
Question 5) A,D
Sha Wujing’s ability applies an additional cost to his opponent’s chants, and this does not affect the “total cost” of a card, so Excalibur can be cancelled. 
X values in card costs DO contribute to total cost, so Final battle is not cancelled. 
Severing winds can be played using an alternate cost if conditions are met; however its total cost is still considered to be “4”.  
As “The eternal tower’s” ability is an automatic effect, it its still able to cancel “Evil elemental uprising” as using automatic abilities is exempted from the definition of “chasing” in the CR.
CR “”203.5. The total cost is the number of wills needed for the attribute cost plus the number on the free cost.
203.5a. If a card doesn’t have any cost, the total cost of that card is 0.
203.5b. If a card has a free cost of X, X is the value you chose when paying for the card, while the card is on the chase. When that card is anywhere else, treat the value of X as zero. “”
CR “”1008.2. An effect that says, “cannot chase” to a card or an ability means “as long as the card or ability is in a chase area, you cannot put another card, or an ability that is not an automatic ability into the chase area”. “”
Question 6) A,C
As per CR 201.5, if a card refers to just “resonators” without specifying a zone, a card in the field is affected.  Therefore, Keez’s call is only able to cancel abilities of resonators in the field.  Although misty dragon and gem beast are not on the field at the time of their abilities being on the chase, misty dragons delayed trigger was created when it WAS on the field, so it is cancellable and the source of “enters the graveyard” triggers are of resonators in the field, per CR section 906. 7 & 906.7b.
A resonator played via stealth is not considered an automatic ability, it exists as a resonator spell on the chase.
Wilful samurai spirits automatic ability triggers moving from hand to graveyard, it never exists on the field so Keez’s call cannot cancel it.
CR “”201.5. If a card is referred to by its type name without specifying what zone it’s in, the card in the field or a ruler area is affected. If a card is referred to by its “(type name) card” in a zone, it refers to a card with that type in that zone. “”

CR “” 906.7. Some automatic objects trigger when a card moves from one zone to another. If these objects refer to the moved card or other cards moved at the same time, they refer to the information or status of the card as below:””
“”906.7b. If the card moved from a ruler area or the field to an area that is not a ruler area or the field, or vice versa, the ability refers to the card when it’s in the field or a ruler area””
Question 7) B
All effects that occur to the right of the colon ( : ) in an activated ability are part of the effect of the ability and only happen upon resolution of the ability. As naming a card is not a part of the standard procedure for “playing an ability” (CR 903) you are not required to name until the ability successfully resolves.
God’s art effects “once per game” limitation is based upon the name of the ability, so even if you play a separate Alice, or remove and play the same one again, only 1 “Azure Bonds” may be used the whole game.
CR “”1112.2. “[God’s Art] <ability name> < activate ability >” means “<ability name> You can play <ability name> only once per game.””
Question 8) A
                The steps for playing a spell or ability are laid out, in order, in CR 903.
CR”” 903.2c. If the card being played has an [Awakening] (1109), choose whether or not to awaken that card or not.””

CR”” 903.2e. If a card or ability has the text “choose (number)”, the player chooses that number of options in that text. Options not chosen are treated as if they didn’t exist””

CR”” 903.2g. If the card or ability needs targets, the controller chooses legal ones. If they cannot choose a legal target, they cannot play the card or ability.””

CR”” 903.2j. Do the things required to play the card or ability. If they cannot do any part of them, they cannot play the card or ability. If any part of them is replaced by a replacement effect, it is still treated as if they did it.””
Question 9) B
                The “Battling” condition is applied in CR 804.5
CR”” 804.5. From this point, the attacking battles with another J/resonator as long as the condition is met.””
Question 10) D
You may use abilities that Rest your ruler in response to your own Judgement, as Judgement only cares about your ruler’s orientation at the time it is played onto the chase, it is NOT checked again when it resolves.  Orientation of the Ruler is maintained as it enters the field.
CR”” 705.1. The turn player may play a judgment process if it is main timing, they have a recovered ruler with [Judgment] in their ruler area, and they haven’t played a judgment process this turn.””
CR”” 705.3. When a Judgment process on the chase resolves, perform the following procedures.
705.3a. If that ruler is in a ruler area, the player who performed the judgment puts their ruler into the field under their control, J-ruler side up. From that point onward, the card is a J-ruler””
CR”” 302.3. If a card moves from one zone to another, if it moves from the field to a ruler area, or from a ruler area to the field, it’s treated as the same card and keeps its orientation.””
Question 11) C
Charlotte’s protector is discarded as part of resolving Heavenly Fruit. Automatic abilities cannot be placed on the chase in the middle of a card resolving so you finish resolving fruit first. Fruit gets removed because its effect is applied and then it attempts to move from the chase to grave, but now the replacement effect is active, so it gets removed. Now that the card has finished resolving, triggered automatics are placed onto the chase.
CR “”602.1. When players perform a priority sequence, do the following:
602.1a. If there are any rule processes to perform, do them. Repeat this while there are still rule processes left to perform left.
602.1b. Choose and play triggered automatic abilities “”
Question 12) B, D
Dawn of the Earth’s first effect will prevent Niddhogg from entering the field again, as it is entering the field without being played.
Aimul’s ruler ability will recover Niddhogg, making it an illegal target upon the resolution of Lumia’s ability since Lumia’s ability requires a rested target.
Barrier on a resonator only protects from the opponent of the resonator’s owner, so because it is Andy’s resonator he can still target it.
End of days doesn’t affect Lumia’s ruler ability since it replaces the “remove target resonator form the game” part of the ability with “remove from the game” essentially having no effect since it is still going to the same place, thus Lumia can still “see” it there. This is unfortunately not really clarified anywhere in the CR but the ruling has been passed down from official FoW staff and can be found in the Facebook ruling pages.
CR”” 903.3a. If the card or ability requires you to choose target, check the target at this point. If it’s not legal, all effects involving it are not applied. Even if all the targets of the card or ability are illegal, the other effects not related to the targets is still resolved.””
CR”” 1120.2. If a card has “[Barrier]”, it means “This card cannot be targeted by spells or abilities controlled by a player other than the controller of this card.””
Question 13) A,B
Scarlett’s agony explicitly states it stops attacking, which removes the resonator from battle and changing control ceases the attack per CR 803.5a.
CR”” 803.5a. In this battle, if the attacking J/resonator becomes a non-J/resonator, loses its ATK or DEF, moves to a non-field zone, or changes its controller, the J/resonator stops being the attacking J/resonator.””
Question 14) B,C
Both Limit and Drain are automatic abilities, so if a resonator has multiple instances of either, then each instance will trigger separately and resolve separately, giving them functionality in multiples.
CR”” 1118.2. “[Limit] ” means “This card comes into the field with limit counter(s) on it.” and “Whenever this card attacks or blocks => remove a limit counter from this card.”.””
CR”” 1135.2. „[Drain]‟ means, „Whenever this card deals damage ⇒ You gain that much life‟.””
Question 15) B,D
Intervention of Reality requires an addition to be targeted for its Legend 3 effect, since Legend is considered additional text.
Soul concentration can be used to gain 3 mystery counters.
Null darkness requires a resonator to be targeted as Null is also additional text.
Encounter with Cthulhu can still be played since it does not target any resonators.
Question 16) A
You can call a stone and then judgement, if your ruler is still recovered. You cannot call a stone if a judgement process has been performed already.  This is because the rules for calling a stone say you cannot have judgemented this turn, but the rules for judgementing only require a recovered Ruler.
CR”” 710. Call a Magic Stone
710.1. The turn player rests his or her ruler or J-ruler if it is main timing, he or she hasn’t called a magic stone and they haven’t played a judgment process this turn””
CR”” 705.1. The turn player may play a judgment process if it is main timing, they have a recovered ruler with [Judgment] in their ruler area, and they haven’t played a judgment process this turn.””
Question 17) E
Cheshire cannot gain any of these abilities since those cards are granted these symbol skills by an effect, and the effects that grant them symbol skill are only applied once they are in the field.  So they are not considered to have those symbol skills either in the hand or in the removed from game zone.
Question 18) A,B
A “will ability” is defined as an activated ability which requires no target and produces one or more will. 
Sacred Elf’s ability is a will ability, so is not affected by the Seal of Neo barrier, but is affected by the first ability.
Sprit Stones “banish” effect is NOT a will ability, so Nicole will not be able to use it.
Majin stones “2 will ability” is still a will ability, so it is still usable.
Fiery Fox’s ability is NOT a will ability, so it is unable to be played.
Flute’s water dragon is a continuous ability and is not any sort of activated ability, so it is completely unaffected by Neo barrier of shadows.
CR”” 907.1. Activate abilities that need no target and produce wills are will abilities””
CR”” 901.1a. Activated abilities are abilities with text “<cost> ( : ) <effect>””
Question 19) B
If there are multiple effect that are modifying the stats of a resonator, they are all applied in the order that they were played. So, Alice world is applied first, then it is buffed by rapid growth, and then it becomes a 4/4 so the final stats are 4/4.
CR”” 909.3. If two or more continuous effects are applied at the same time in the above conditions, apply them in the order below:
“”909.3b. If the order is not decided after this, apply the effect earlier applied first. The timing of an effect applied is determined as this; at the time the continuous ability became active, or the time the effect is made by an ability. In the case of an addition added to a card where that addition creates a continuous effect, the effect becomes active when the addition is added onto that card. If, for any reason the timing is still the same, the turn player at the time decides which one applies first.””
Question 20) D
Because planting beans states that the card first moves to the graveyard and then hand, as it moves through a public zone it becomes public knowledge.
None of the other options state for you to reveal the card, and they all have a card moving from a hidden zone to another hidden zone.
CR”” 302.2. Each zone is divided into “public zone” and “hidden zone”. Each player can see information of the cards in a public zone. Each player cannot see information of cards in a hidden zone, except for a player specifically allowed to see them by rules or effects.””
CR”” 304.2. Each player has their own main deck zone, it’s hidden and the order of the cards is managed. The order of cards is managed by stacking them.””
CR”” 305.2. Each player has their own magic stone deck zone, it’s hidden and the order of the cards is managed. The order of cards is managed by stacking them.””
CR”” 309.2. Each player has their own graveyard, its public and the order of the cards is managed.””
Thank you everyone who made it to the end, I hope these explanations helped you better understand WHY certain scenarios work they way they do. 
If anything here is unclear or you have any ruling questions of your own, I would like to suggest that you head on over to the Facebook page “Force of Will Judge Questions”, you can search through a wealth of previous rulings, and there are pretty much always judges online who can provide you with rulings you may need 🙂
Finally, I would like to thank the team at TCG Scrubs for hosting my article, as well as inviting me onto their YouTube channel to explain these answers as well.

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Ruler: Frayla//Frayla, the Revolutionist

Gachalog Code:77126733

Ruler x 1
Frayla, the Revolutionist x 1

Main Deck x 40
Shade Assassin x 2
Dark Elf Gravekeeper x 4
Majin Dark Elf x 4
Lily, the Last Flower x 3
Frayla, Servant of Demon Fire x 3
Dark Riding Hood, Messenger of Truth x 2
Rei, the Black Owl x 4
Hilda, Frayla's Left Hand x 3
Saffina, Frayla's Right Hand x 2
Jeanne d'Arc, Mad Maiden x 4
Hilda and Saffina x 1
Life Severing Blade x 3
Faith in the Darkness x 4
Heavenly Fruit x 1

Stone Deck x 10
Null Magic Stone x 4
Stone from the Dark Castle x 4
Demonic Soulstone x 2

Sideboard x 15
Dark Riding Hood x 2
Azazel, the Fallen Angel of Gloom x 2
Black Tears x 2
Ceaseless Devotion x 2
Evil Elemental Uprising x 3
Look of Corruption x 3
Majin Subjugation x 1

Hi Everyone,

Here is the general breakdown of what each card in this decklist is trying to accomplish:

Shade Assassin – Excellent way to snipe off big creatures. Forces your opponent to work around it in the early game.

Dark Elf Gravekeeper – 75% of the time I put a Saffina, Frayla’s Right Hand into my graveyard with this card because playing a turn two Hilda, Frayla’s Left Hand that also
puts a Saffina on board feels really good. If I have a second one, I usually put the Hilda and Saffina in the graveyard to pull out after Frayla’s judgement.
This card also powers up Lily and can help you sustain your aggro push into the late game with Frayla’s ruler ability.

Majin Dark Elf –If you call a null magic stone turn 1 there is no better play you can make right out of the gate.

Lily, the Last Flower – Excellent spot removal mid to late game. Drain also keeps you alive if you get too low. All around fantastic card.

Frayla, Servant of Demon Fire – This card is amazing in conjuction with your J-Ruler to quickly give all your dark elves swiftness and swing in for lethal. This card is a key
enabler/utility resonator that you are always happy to see at least 1 of.

Hilda, Frayla’s Left Hand – Playing this on turn two and pulling a Saffina, Frayla’s Right Hand out of your graveyard is really good. This deck also commonly gets under 2000
life making this card even better in the late game.

Saffina, Frayla’s Right Hand – The goal is not to play this card from your hand but to put them in the graveyard with Dark Elf Gravekeeper. I always mulligan these and try
to keep a Dark Elf Gravekeeper and a Hilda, Frayla’s Left Hand in my opening hand if possible.

Jeanne D’Arc, Mad Maiden – Main backbone of your midgame. This deck consistently has enough creatures on board to trigger its swiftness and indestructible ability.

Rei, the Black Owl// Zero – This card is really hard to deal with. Fantastic way to keep your board alive when dealing with decks with lots of spot removal.

Dark Riding Hood, Messenger of Truth – Still testing this out. The stone base allows for this card to flip pretty frequently and it can be quite hard for some decks to deal with.

Hilda and Saffina – The sole purpose of this card is to get it in the graveyard with Dark Elf Gravekeeper and then pull it out with Frayla’s J-Ruler enter ability to swing in for lethal.

Life Severing Blade – This card is great as your resonators will be dying a lot.

Faith in the Darkness – Obvious synergy with Jeanne. Running 4 in this deck is pretty good as there are so many 2 drops.

Heavenly Fruit – My last name is Fruit. How could I not play a card with Fruit in its name. This card is also nuts late game if you can pull it off.

Majin Subjugation – I will usually banish a rested resonator that just attacked to pull out a Majin Dark Elf or Frayla, Servant of Demon Fire to swing in for extra damage. Extra
spice in the sideboard.

Black Tears – Aimul matchup or any deck that runs lots of inverse resonators. If I put these in I will pull out at least 3 of my inverse resonators in my main deck.

Evil Elemental Uprising – General graveyard hate.

Look of Corruption – Control Matchup. Pull out key board clears or bounce cards and generally disrupts their strategies.

Ceaseless Devotion – Ayu Matchup. Also protects you from a big burn spell.

Dark Riding Hood – Aggro Matchup. Still on the fence on this card…

Azazel, The Fallen Angel of Gloom – Still testing this one out against fast decks that get real low on hand size quickly.

General Comments:

This deck is load of fun to play and cleans up really well at locals. People really underestimate what Frayla can do. This deck is very fast and can actually survive a
couple of board wipes pretty well. With the recent meta shift Frayla is a lot better than she used to be and can compete pretty well with a lot of the Tier 2 and 1.5 decks
out there. I know I won’t ever win a GP with her… but that’s not going to stop me from trying!

P.S. --- I’m working on a pretty insane wanderer list with her that utilizes Athena, Titan of Revenge. It won’t be the most competitive thing out there but should be loads of fun!

Article written by guest author and TCG Scrub Patron Jason Fruit


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If on mobile, switch to Desktop View (Having issues formatting for mobile)

There is one card in the current New Frontiers format that is adequately poised to deal a crushing blow
to the meta-game as we know it. That card is “The Eternal Tower” from Advent of the Demon King.
At first glance this card appears to be unplayable; and for the longest time it was. This card reads:
Whenever a chant with total cost 1 or less is played, Cancel it.

Being an addition, this card can just sit on the board and retain its value until the opponent manages
to destroy it or develop an effective game-plan around it. This card can put a stop to a surprisingly
large percentage of cards in the current meta. I’ve taken the liberty of recording some percentages
based on the results from WGPQ Minneapolis to exhibit the kind of damage this card is capable of.
The following percentages represent how many cards in each Top Deck are susceptible to The Eternal
Tower’s ability:
  • Time Spinning Witch – 1st Place: 37.5% of the Main Deck, 46.7% of the Sideboard
  • Ayu – 2nd Place: 47.5% of the Main Deck, 66.7% of the Sideboard
  • Chamimi – 3rd Place: 29.3% of the Main Deck, 46.7% of the Sideboard, 20% of the Rune Deck
  • Kirik – 4th Place: 42.5% of the Main Deck, 13.3% of the Sideboard
  • Chamimi – 5th Place: 22.5% of the Main Deck, 60% of the Sideboard, 20% of the Rune Deck
  • Chamimi – 6th Place: 30% of the Main Deck, 40% of the Sideboard, 20% of the Rune Deck
  • Gill – 7th Place: 33.3% of the Main Deck, 66.7% of the Sideboard
  • Ayu – 8th Place: 47.5% of the Main Deck, 66.7% of the Sideboard
Of the total 458 cards played between all Main Decks, Sideboards, and Rune Decks… The Eternal 
Tower could cancel 177 of them. This means that, in the given event, The Eternal Tower would
consistently have a 38.6% chance of stopping whatever your opponent was about to play. The amount
of different cards from the Top 8 Decks in Minneapolis that can be stopped by The Eternal Tower is
astounding: 43. 43 different cards in the Top 8 Decks can be stopped by a 3-cost addition. This
laundry-list of cards includes, but is not limited to:

Across the Top 8 Decks, there were 14 cards capable of removing an addition from the board:
12 copies of Destruction of the Portal, none of which were played in the Main Deck; and 2 copies of
Shaela’s Foresight, which was played in the Main Deck by both Ayu’s. Assuming that each Destruction
of the Portal can get two uses and will not be canceled by another spell, there were effectively 24
Destruction of the Portal across 8 decks and 2 Shaela’s Foresight, for a grand total of 26 cards/uses
that could remove an addition after it is played. This percentage (even with each Destruction of the
Portal being counted twice) is 5.6% of all cards played in the Top 8 Decks. If you only count the
Destruction of the Portal as one card…that percentage drops to a sickeningly low 3.1%.

Barely three percent of all cards played at WGPQ Minneapolis could deal with The Eternal Tower
and almost thirty-nine percent of all cards played could be cancelled by The Eternal Tower.

It is my belief, based solely on observation and probability, that if a deck could be designed to play
The Eternal Tower as early as Turn Two, the current meta would struggle greatly to accommodate for its presence.

This being said…The Eternal Tower costs (Wind)(Wind)(1), and the only Wind Ruler that can
reliably produce three will by Turn Two, is Faerur Letoliel. Combined with cards like Spirit
Caller Elf or Absolute Awareness, Faerur can consistently have three magic stones by Turn Two,
whether he goes first or second. Playing four copies of the Eternal Tower may seem excessive,
but if that the line of play you choose to take, then it becomes essential.

Example List:

Wind offers a lot to control strategies and even aggro strategies. So, to develop a successful
midrange deck with the King of Wind, you would need some cancels that cannot be stopped by
your own addition, likely in the form of Ruined Story and/or Song of the Fairies. You would need
something to answer resonators your opponent is likely to land, for this you have access to Laurite,
and Laurite’s Disciples. For draw power, you have cards like Fairy of the Lost Isle to protect you
from flying resonators, and Ciel’s Familiar Mikay, to handle spot removal. Lastly, you will want
something to make use of Faerur’s Judgment; here we have Cecil and Tia, or Tia and her Falcon…
Either of these are acceptable, depending on the desired application, Cecil and Tia for board control,
or Tia and Falcon for pushing through that last bit of damage.

Coupled with some Speaking Stones and Spirit Stones, an additional 5+ Basic Wind Stones will provide
a stone base that can consistently produce the desired board state and offer ways to defend it.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more good reviews on bad cards!

TL;DR…The Eternal Tower = Good.

Guest Authored by Ryan Lilly


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If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


Alright some cool reveals, and a lot of talk about the future! Here we go...


So we got our first reveal of when the next set is coming out. On the Japanese site, it added placeholders for
February 2019 for the new starter and March 2019 for the 5th set! This is quite a large gap of time between
set releases however. Not quite sure the reasoning but glad to see it's still going.

Still no word if they'll be doing clusters like Force of Will every 4 sets or not. Also looks like they are
continuing the trend of only releasing 1 starter deck at a time. In any case we'll keep an eye out in the future
for this set!


The big news is the reveal of the name and poster for the next Force of Will set! As you can see above it is
called 'The Strangers of New Valhalla'. We can see it featuring characters (as far as we can tell) such as
Alice, Pricia, a Dark Alice doll? And more. As mentioned last week, the release is sometime in January of
2019, so keep an eye out for when a more exact date and pre orders go up.


We also got our first look at a card from that set! You can read the original FOW article HERE.
If you can't read/see the image, here is what it says:

Ruined Earth

Cost: [b][b][3]

Type: Chant/Rune | Divinity 2

-You can pay [1] less to play this card from a rune area

-Destroy target Magic Stone. Resonators your opponent controls gain [-400/-400] until the end of turn.

So there you have it. In the Rune area this is a 4 cost destroy target magic stone. I could
probably see some problems with it. It is a high cost at least though, which is nice.

So there you have it, the first card of the set! They also revealed the ratios of the set, being what you'd expect:

Super Rares: 10 

Rares: 20

Uncommons: 30

Commons: 40 

Secret Rares: ???

They also confirmed Alice is returning for sure! Still no word on Ubers or anything like that in the set, so we'll wait and see on that.


So if you were VIP level on the Will Power App (scanned in enough cards to reach VIP status) then you
should have received a notification in app to take a survey! If not, be sure to double check your app and
see if it was received in there.

I think this survey is important because it asks about people thoughts on this new set, what they'd like
to see in future sets, and what other product FOW could create. Definitely some important information
that could be conveyed so be sure to check it out!


We got our first look at the upcoming promos, and they are awesome! Looks like we are getting a
Rachel Promo, and Forbidden Arts. Really excited to not only see a promo for Rachel, which is a more
expensive card, but also a card from the Starter Deck 'Lost Tomes'. 

These could also be the first promos to be sent with the new system the company put in place
(I'm not sure if it will, but the timing could work out as such). 


So if you are a Local Game Store, there is a new method to get your Promos now. Originally it
was told to us that just by using the FOW system on their computer they would get their promos, etc.
However, that is no longer the case.

Below is the exact instructions from Robert Hebert himself:

They need to send the following information to the following address:

Store Name
Phone Number
Name of Contact

Along with links to photos or attached photos of play space and the store itself.

Please send this information to:

October promos are going out asap and if you want to receive them I have to have your information for the new system. Thanks again for your continued support!!

Rob Hebert
US Director of Organized Play

So there you have it! Be sure to inform any local game store in the area of this new system that supports FOW. 


So Oscar is trying to add even more information of GP's to the website! But to do this he needs help.
If anyone has information as far as dates etc. for GP's that took place during Grimm Cluster please contact us!
You can reach us on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, etc. He wants our website to host as much GP information
as possible so help us get there!

That's all for this week, thank you for joining us!


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If you prefer the video version of the news, click below:


An exciting announcement came out this week so we'll start with that!


So that 8K Tournament happening at Games N Geek in Minnesota is now the first official GP of the season! The announcement was made on Tuesday, October 2nd. Stephanie Shaw will be the
head judge for the tournament. They are currently working to get the official Top 8 prizing and promos from the company, in addition to the already crazy prize pool. 

This is shaping up to be one of the craziest, and biggest prized events I've ever seen. In case you need brushing up, below will be the official banner with the main prizing. To find out more
information, including signing up for the tournament, be sure to view the event HERE


This will be a quick post, but with the release of A New Dawn Rises, we got our first look at the following set in the form of a poster. In this poster we can also see the release
date is set for sometime in January.

Not a lot to go off of, but one interesting thing of note is the title. This could be an error, but instead of saying the cluster name 'New Valhalla' like we'd expect or have seen before,
it says 'A New Dawn Rises'. This is really weird and most likely simply an error, but just something interesting we saw.


So some cool updates, especially for the growth/health of the game in this new cluster. CoreTCG officially is carrying FOW again! They dropped out sometime during ENW. It looks
like they are back now, carrying all the product and singles associated with this new cluster. I'm not sure if they had carried singles before but they do now. This is a large source of
TCG's so that's awesome to see!

An update on the Alpha Investments front, he had listed his product for A New Dawn Rises booster boxes, and within 2 days he completely sold out! He even had to refund people since
he wasn't aware of how popular it was becoming. He stated in the future he would be sure to buy more product for it. It's good to see though that this is universally popular, and being embraced
no matter where it shows up.


So Ryan Miles, the Captain of Team ARG is putting together a tournament! It's a really neat idea, where you go into a tournament with some crazy/unique rules, and fight it out.
This is a place where people with higher than average deck building skills will shine. On top of that, first place will get a Force of Will Artbook from this year's Worlds! For more
information, including how to sign up, be sure to check out his video HERE


We finally have on official source for explaining what exactly you can and cannot do with Runes, as well as explaining other new abilities etc that were introduced in this cluster.
On the main Force of Will website they released the article HERE

It's a great resource and should definitely be shared with anyone coming into the game, or just unfamiliar with how the new cluster works.


Lastly just wanted to mention we finally got updated lists on the New Frontiers Revenge Tournament from Worlds! Thanks to Ryan Lilly, we have the top 8 decklists and order. You
can check these out on the 'Top 8' section of our website and click the corresponding article. Hopefully we'll slowly get more information on Worlds in the coming week as well!

That's about all for today. Thanks for joining and see you next week!


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If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:
Alright so we had Worlds happen, among other things so let’s get into it! If you’d like to see the results of the WGP, be sure to check it out on our website in the ‘Top 8’ section!
So there was a lot of cool stuff both given to competitors, and won by competitors at Worlds. I thought it’d be cool to showcase some of that here! Just for anybody curious. 
Items given:
Items won/bought:

. .
So there were some open ended questions we are coming into contact with, so I’ll put them into this question section!

what happened to that giveaway for Starter Decks? Remember? When they announced New Valhalla, they had that website you could go to, fill out a form, and be entered into a drawing to win some (or all) of the starters. Well we haven’t heard about that since. If there was a winner, not only have we not seen anything from said winner, but the company never followed up to say who won. Kind of weird and I’d be curious to see what’s going on with that.
more starter deck issues? So it looks like we possibly have some more printer issues. There have been reports of burnt edging, incorrect quantities of cards, and more. Some decks might have 5 of one card, and 3 of another that should have been 4 and 4. Some people said they didn’t get Master Runes, and more. Our starter deck opening showed at minimum there is no rhyme or reason to where cards are in the deck (as far as matching up with the correct mini deck and ruler, etc). Jeff was alerted to this yesterday, so hopefully we’ll find out what is going on.
sort of random but no official postings on the WGP winner? We know who won, and I think the top 8 was posted to the FOW website. However, usually for some GP’s and especially for Worlds FOW will make a Facebook post congratulating the winner etc. In fact, if you look at FOW’s Facebook, it really hasn’t been active in a while now. Not sure what’s going on, but just another open ended question there.
So it looks like we got final confirmation on what is going on here. There looks to be only 3 Secret Rare cards in this set. That is a bit unfortunate considering we have no Rulers, no guaranteed cards in a box, and now we don’t even have all 5 colors for a card you could possibly pull. I love blue from the new set, so I have no motivation to try digging for those Secret Rares. They are still awesome looking cards, just a bit unfortunate I think.
Also looks like there are no Ubers. This is the first set since the introduction of that rarity to not have Ubers. We aren’t quite sure why that is, and where we could see them pop up again. It brings that question up of what is going to make these boxes valuable long term? There are only 3 high rarity cards to pull, and they are random and don’t really cover a variety of decks/colors. We’ll see what happens though, I feel it’d be better if this was all cleared up for us so we can better evaluate if this is actually a really good thing for this set etc.
There was a poll held almost 2 weeks ago asking people’s opinions on the new Rulers. The full article is HERE (since it wasn’t shared on their Facebook). But if you are curious, here is the top answer to each question:
What are your favorite New Valhalla Rulers?
Isis/ Isis, the Hundred Weapon Master
What ruler do you think will win WGP 2018?
Brunhild/ Brunhild, Caller of Spirits
Just a little fun information to have.
This Friday is when the new set finally drops! If you haven’t already, be sure you locals is getting that product in! If you unfortunately don’t have a locals for product, be sure to click those banners on our website to visit Happy Little Hug Factory to get some! The Starter Decks were released this past weekend during pre-release so be sure to stock up on that as well!
That about does it for today, thanks for dropping by!