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We got a whole lot of news this week so let’s get going!


It was recently announced on the official FOW Facebook page and website that there will be a Ghost in the Shell mini set! This came out of nowhere and is quite a pleasant surprise.

This set will be based on the upcoming Netflix show ‘Ghost in the Shell SAC: 2045’ which is a continuation of the original SAC anime series. To start we will get the above pictured promo card with the purchase of the new starter decks coming out! The set itself will release in conjunction with the anime next year (which, according to Netflix is the second quarter of next year). 

No other details were given, but that’s something to look forward to! Hopefully the set itself will have backgrounds behind the characters separate from this promo. This is overall once again a similar move that was done in Caster Chronicles, where they had a mini booster set based on an anime. You can read up on the main website about this HERE


We officially have our looks at Memorial cards! If you don’t remember, Memorial cards will be existing as one card per pack. These are NOT legal in New Frontiers (unless their counterpart is legal), but are legal in limited formats. They are reprints of old promo cards with updated and unique border designs.

These are pretty cool looking, and have a much better border design in my opinion than the Stranger cards. They also have harder to get promo reprints such as the EU dual stones. 

Some other notes from the image above is the inclusion of tokens it looks like, energize cards, and life point cards. Not sure what token it is or the relevance of the life point cards, but the energize card is a cool idea. We’ll have to wait and see what the ratios in the packs are, because this could increase the number of cards that could potentially show up in packs, making the odds of pulling good cards much lower.

Through these spoiler images a couple I’d like to mention are the fact that Lancelot and Guinevere are both confirmed reprinted. We talk about this at length in the recent spoiler video on our channel. Also a new special magic stone that is essentially another free dual stone in your deck. I personally am very against this (I am even against normal dual stones with no draw backs), but this gives you 8 dual stones with 0 drawbacks which could prove problematic. Also two versions of Percival now exist, one red and one white with slightly altered abilities.


We got a new Chibi Judge Promo! You can see it above and it looks quite amazing. As always this is something for the judges, though someone had mentioned (I can’t verify this) that it could also be used as normal prizing as well. It’s nice to have the chibi art back though.

It will be interesting to see how this is handled, specifically in the US since the judge program no longer exists officially. 

In the same post it was revealed that the Italian Masters will be getting Vingolf 3 basic magic stones as their entry promo. It’s assumed these will be foil, so that could be interesting if people are interested in that.


It was also revealed that the Starter Decks do in fact have foiling, but in a method we have seen before. When you buy a starter, you will get a playset of all the cards, and one of each of those four cards will be a full art foil! 

I personally love this, because it gives shiny-chasers something to go after while still maintaining the specialty of full art foil cards. It’s also incentive to buy multiple starter decks, which is always good. Unless, of course, they don’t reprint the starters again in which case this could backfire horribly. I’m looking forward to blinging my decks out though with some of these.


A quick note is that an official errata was posted. This was kind of random, but on the official FOW website they are simply making it so Angrboda, Giant of the Setting Sun targets the addition it can destroy, similar to how it targets the J/Resonator. I think it was assumed this is how it works, but the clarification is nice.

I’d say based on the randomness of this, combined with how nicely written the article on the site is HERE that this was probably suggested and done by a 3rd party (similar to how the recent CR was made).


If you guys follow the channel, you’d know that we covered an up and coming card game called ‘Gem Blenders’ recently. We did 2 videos on the gameplay and overall impressions, and it’s actually pretty fun!

Well, they have officially launched their Kickstarter! You can check it out HERE. There are some pretty cool rewards, and I highly recommend checking it out. They already met their goal, with several weeks to spare so be on the lookout for potential stretch goals in the future!


In case anyone missed it, we came out with an awesome video on Godzilla! In it we go over each of the Showa-era related cards in Chrono Clash and give a brief lore backdrop, as well as how that lore flavor impacts how the card works. 

You can check that out HERE and please share it around! I’d love to do more on this and other lore topics in the future.


Now it’s been a while since we covered Transformers, but this news was too cool to pass up on. They recently announced their Energon Edition! This set features some of the most popular Transformer cards and characters reprinted (including exclusive cards). 

It is all packed up in the above Energon cube, which has storage beneath it. The cards displayed above are actually a clear plastic base (acrylic perhaps) to add to that special edition flavor! It retails for $200 which is a lot, but in my opinion for what you are getting is not bad at all.

Well that’s all the news for today! Let us know your thoughts and we will see you all next week!


Argent News

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Not a whole lot of news to go over, but we’ll get into it. If you’d like to check out the top 8 results from the recent Championship, navigate to the Top 8 section above!


The Buy-a-box promo for the the previous set was just revealed! And it’s Dragonholt. It looks really cool and for fans of the card, like myself, this is great incentive to get a box. This was part of a program for certain stores to sign up for, and now if you buy the original booster box ‘Betrayal’ at a participating store you will get this promo! Check out which stores near you might be apart of this by going to the link HERE

The downside of this, is because it is a Champion the incentive to keep getting multiple boxes for a playset isn’t quite there. But it’s cool nonetheless, and the art looks great as always.


In a post on Facebook, it was revealed that the third set of Argent Saga is currently being built with drafting in mind! This has been a long asked for feature, but with how long sets take to make, it wasn’t possible to even attempt that in the first couple boxes.

Now, how they intend to do this will be interesting since you need a Champion and a Spirit to play. Will it follow Force of Will and create vanilla cards that will be included in the box top/pre release kit? How will color locking work? I’m excited to see how these questions are handled, which should make for some fun gameplay going forward.


On the Argent Saga website they have a store where you can purchase playmats, posters, and more. There are some cool official artwork here, and a new one was just added! It is, as you can see, of the now infamous yet to be released Mutation 002!

So if you want to be ahead of the curve go ahead and start ordering this to show your resolve about this card.

Well that’s all the news for this week, if we missed anything let us know and we’ll see you all next week!



Here is the available information for the most recent Championship!

Unfortunately it looks again like information isn’t readily available. So things like Champion/Spirit breakdown, easy to read decklists etc are not available. 

There were 124 players in attendance. 

Alex Blandin ended up winning the whole thing.

Top 8 lists are as follows:


Argent News

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A ton of news happened this past week so let’s get to it!


So Jim (CEO of Argent Saga) did a livestream on the Argent Saga Facebook group. In this he went over a bunch of new information for things to look forward to, as well as addressing some issues.

Here is the bullet points of the main things he brought up:

-Introducing ‘Saga Team Wars’ (Name might change). This will be a new thing that will happen at Championships. When you sing up, you can sign up as a team of 3 people. You will earn points during the event that will lead to a final face off at the end for a whole new set of prizing. You have to stay on the established team you sing up on for the duration of the tournament unless team members are released, traded, etc. Winners will possibly get a uniform for everyone designed and made for all three of you.

-There won’t be any product in December as we wait for a brand new Expansion Pack in January. It will be called Conviction. This will be slightly different than the previous 2 mini expansion packs. It will not have the random foil pack per 12. It will go from $25 to $20 and will not have Towers, Champions, Spirits, or Legendaries (basically any one-of’s). It will not contain any future cards, only new cards or full art versions of popular cards. They acknowledged Expansion 1 and 2 had problems they are seeking to remedy.

-February/March is the tentative release date for the 3rd Booster box! With this at some point, there will be brand new intro decks as well. They will try making the decks somewhat competitive to help give value to players.

-A lot of content is coming on the website such as Tournament Reports, Deck related things, and more.

Those are the main points, let me know if I missed anything.


Another thing mentioned during that livestream is the announcement of a new ban list! This will be effective November 14th, when set 2 releases.

So officially on that date, in addition to Ergon being legal to play again, they are banning:

Sylphia, Spirit of Air
Grim Oligarch

And have a watch list for potential future bans for:

Grand Sorceress
Mutation 002

The ban of Grim Oligarch gets rid of the Mutation 002 infinite combo at least. There are still concerns about the card, but we will wait and see how those play out. Sylphia was a crazy strong and versatile card so that ban is understandable. The only downside is it was a good counter for Mutation 002 that is now gone. To stay up to date make sure to check in on their BRL page HERE


New sets of Regionals were added! These are for the month of January, and you can check them all out on their website once they are added HERE. These will be the first regionals of the new Revelations Season and even feature new prizing!

The top 8 Metal Card will be Kyte, the Air Spirit, as you can see as well as a couple cool promos. These are Treat, for the top half of the players, and Queen of the Sandsea as the participation promo. You can see that all above, it looks really cool and should be fun to play for!


We got new Championship announcements! The first of which is in January at Fort Worth, TX. This will take place on the 4th-5th, with Pre-Registration to get a mystery VIP Promo ending on December 30th.

The prizing for this on entry is the playmat you can see above, and Liyu, Avarice Reborn promo card! If you decide to go VIP you get 5 Argent Shards, 1 Foil Argent Shard, a Promo Pack, and the new Serial Number Pack. Definitely some awesome stuff to look forward to, and I know we will try attending that event specifically as well!

You can also see the metal cards for this event is Jemial, top half of placement will get a Blazewalker Rookie Promo, and top 64 will get a Raging Shardbeast promo! Full details for this event can be found HERE

Also announced was Vegas Championship! This will obviously be in Las Vegas, NV and take place from February 22nd-23rd. Pre-Registration to get the mystery promo card ends on February 17th. This entry gives you the above playmat, as well as Valtier, the Magical Marksman promo. VIP is identical to the previous one for this event.

The metal cards for this event is actually Ergon! Top half of placement gets Ravenous Acidic Monger promo, and top 64 gets the new Ella, Corrupted by Love promo (which looks amazing). Full details for this event can be found HERE


A New LGS Kit is now coming out for the new month. This kit includes a playmat with art from Nanatsu, as well as the promo card for Nanatsu as well (16 of them). It will also include 2 sets of Argent Saga Sleeves. This is pretty cool, each one comes with 65 sleeves and it is 2 different sets of art (as you can see above). The single promo card is Glittering Whelp, which looks pretty awesome even if we don’t know what it does yet.

It is also mentioned for this and other events to be sure to collect the stickers (pictured below). These will be used for a bingo event later for huge prizing! For more information on that and the LGS kit be sure to visit the webpage HERE.

That’s all the news for this week, hope you all enjoy and see you all next week!



If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:


Lots of stuff happened this past week in FOW, as well as a couple other TCG’s so let’s get started!


So spoiler season is in full swing for the next set ‘Alice Origin’ in the ‘Alice Origin’ cluster. Oscar has been tracking the cards throughout this whole time and now it’s pretty much official that there will be no Green cards in this set. 

This obviously hasn’t been done before and is a very interesting move. It makes sense though with the smaller sets, there isn’t much room for cards that don’t directly support their rulers in the set. Especially with the sheer volume of reprints being introduced. This is a good compromise overall, though it will be frustrating for anyone running a specific color deck that will potentially just ignore entire sets since they don’t support them even in color identity. 

We’ll wait for full spoilers but it’s safe to assume there is no green. There will probably be green in Memorial cards, but those are expected to not be legal in the set so that’s not as relevant. 


Speaking of the new set’s reprints, lots more have been shown! This comes hand in hand obviously with the spoilers season, but wanted to mention a couple notable ones in case you missed it. 

Thunder has made a return! This was one of the most popular red cards back in the day, so people are excited to see it back. Rukh Egg also returns, bringing some potentially crazy and strong combos with it (especially with Altar and the reprinted Red dragon). Also a ton of Alisaris support cards, which is an easy way to shortcut support for the new removal mechanics that are being introduced in this set.

If you want to hear our thoughts, check out the video tomorrow where we will go over the past week’s worth of English spoilers. Still no word on the Reprints that are happening via Memorial cards though.


We got another news update regarding Vite Ramen! Not necessarily news news, but the Circuit Series is fully underway so be sure to check your surrounding areas for any events to attend and get that Nationals invite! 

This past weekend we went to Dallas for a Vite Ramen event there which was lots of fun. You can check out the Livestream footage that was done over on WLTCG’s Youtube channel HERE. They also posted the top 8 lists for anybody interested. Those can be found on Facebook HERE.

Be sure to attend or inquire about the kits so you can attend as well!


We recently got a very brief look at an open booster box from the upcoming set. This was via the Italy page, and besides the relatively cool box design there was one thing that stood out. There was no mini box in it (as is usually seen holding the draft rulers, basic magic stones, and promo card).

Now, this could simply be because the person who shot the brief video had already set that box aside. But there seems to be evidence that there is in fact no box containing said materials. If there are simply no basic magic stones in the box, that isn’t too big of a deal at least. Basic stones are literally littered everywhere, and I assume at least a couple will be seen in the Starter Decks as well, though having them in that box was super nice for brand new players and for people wanting to draft.

The possible bad outcome would be the basic magic stones retaking their old spots in the booster packs. This was a process that was abandoned a while ago to the joy of literally everyone. There are few things more annoying than pulling a basic stone in a booster pack. This would also shrink the already hard to pull card pool in this upcoming set. We probably won’t know for sure until we hit release but something to look for.

The other thing is the absence of draft rulers. Once again, they could exist exclusively in pre-release kits, which could somewhat make sense if you are trying to cut costs. Let’s just hope the draft rulers are included, since there is no physical way to pull rulers during pre-release or draft and the previous draft rulers are useless. Not to mention you’d be pulling dead cards in the form of Strangers that can’t be played without Rulers with Stranger counters on them.


This will probably be the final follow up on this, but several weeks back we had reported that another country said that reprints of DBV were coming out. At the time I praised the company for not only remedying the problem, but doing so quickly. However, based on the length of time since then and no word from distributors it’s safe to say that information was incorrect. Or it could have been correct for only that region.

This is a bit unfortunate due to the distribution problems that occurred during that time frame leading to such a low quantity of product. There could be a remedy for it in the future but there is no telling.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to confirm or communicate this concern with the company, as we just recently passed the 4 month anniversary of the company ‘Q and A’ held on Facebook that never got a response from the company, and are near the 3 month mark since being told the company had a response and was getting ready to post it (I wouldn’t hold my breath at this point).


Eiji, the former CEO of Force of Will and creator of it is working on a new game! This has been known for awhile but people aren’t quite sure what it is still. Well a Facebook page was made for it, and it is called ‘Alternate Souls: Arena Card Game. 

If anybody knows what an Arena Card Game is, please let us know. It is speculated it could have something to do with the figure based game Eiji has been wanting to do for quite some time now. On his page he has been doing posts about his past FOW experiences each day all leading up to a reveal that he said will happen (possibly today). So stay tuned for more information on that and reveals in the coming week! We will be covering all of it as it is revealed.


If you guys don’t know, Flesh and Blood is a new TCG that is gaining quite a bit of popularity. Oscar came across it and thought it was a cool design for a game. We recently actually got sent product for the game from the company that we will be opening and doing gameplay for so look forward to that as well! 

One of the big appeals though is it’s tournaments. They just had their first tournament (known as Callings) in Auckland. You can read the full recap, including deck breakdowns on their website HERE. But a total of 69 people attended there.

There is another Calling in Austin on December 8th! This, like all their other events will have a $10,000 prize pool and will be a sealed event. So you simply need to show up, pay the entry fee and participate from there! First place walks away with $5,000!

We’ll be covering this game a bit more going forward so if it’s something you like let us know!


Lastly we just got some Godzilla Chrono Clash updates to keep everyone in the loop. Unfortunately we weren’t able to film gameplay when we wanted, however the video we have been working on going over the Godzilla Lore as it relates to the cards releases this week finally! This is the first of 4 videos, and the first is releasing almost exactly on the 65th anniversary of Godzilla which is fitting. So look forward to that and please share it around when it comes out!

We will also have another box opening for Godzilla Chrono Clash, but one that may prove to be a bit more exciting so stay tuned as soon as that comes in the mail. 

That’s all the news for this week! Happy Halloween!



If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

We got a whole lot to cover so let’s jump in!


The official English spoilers have started for FOW! There have been some interesting things with it that we will go over today. First of which is the lack of Green cards.

Spoilers usually follow a color pattern of what is revealed, and that pattern seems to have completely skipped over green. The theory is that potentially green cards won’t be in this set. A German distributor does claim that there is a small amount of green in the set. Whether that means there is 6 cards or only 2 is yet to be seen (or any at all). This would be an interesting move for this set to skip an entire color, though it could be just end up having 2 of that  color, which I am fine with. 


I will be putting the rest of the new set information here. The first of which is more reprints. Currently we have Memorial cards (yet to be revealed) which are reprints of old promo cards. We now are confirmed to also have a significant percentage of the ‘Normal’ rarity to be reprints as well. And the new card type ‘Stranger’ is new cards but with reprinted artwork. That’s a lot of recycling going on this set.

The normal card reprints are completely legal inside New Frontiers (Memorial cards are rumored to not be legal). You can see some examples below. An interesting note is some of these cards used to be R/SR rarity, but have now downgraded to Normal. I’ll be curious to see how this affects Pauper/Commoner format or anything else similar to that.

A new type of card was revealed, Strangers. We got a hint of this when the Ruler was revealed last week. These card types are in a side deck, similar to Runes and following similar rules. They are mostly resonators so far and even have a new border! I personally am not a huge fan of this new border, it comes across kind of cheap looking but it’s cool to see a new design in the game nonetheless. It seems mostly, unlike Runes, so far Strangers are pulled out of the deck randomly rather than you choosing. You can see an example of these cards below.

The Faria Ruler was spoiled as well! You can see it below also. Really cool to see her again, especially since I collect Faria cards personally. The downside though is it confirms that all the rulers will just use the same art on both sides unfortunately. It was hoped by some that maybe art was used twice on the first ruler due to it being a ‘promo’ but that is not the case. Also upon reading the abilities, it seems the rulers may be following a pattern. Rather than having rulers with a wide variety of abilities, they all have very similar things just with tiny alterations. Arthur De Faria in the Facebook group put the template perfectly as:

If regalia of main attribute enters the field choose up to 1, if it’s their regalia choose up to 2 instead:
-Add Random Stranger to hand
-Resonator Removal of some sort
-Card Draw of some sort
-Judgment for 0.

Maybe they will break this for other Rulers in the next set, but for now it comes across a bit copy paste. 


More stuff on Vite Ramen and their Circuit Series! Firstly, if you missed it we interviewed the CEO of the company to discuss the Circuit Series and FOW in general. You can check that out HERE. A lot of cool information was discussed that got me excited for what this could hold going forward.

Secondly is the Vite Ramen Circuit Series is going to start its full swing. If you are in the Dallas area Oscar and Colin will be attending that even there. Should be a lot of fun, especially if you want to get invites for Nationals. To order kits for yourself or your store be sure to check out the link HERE to order some. It can only be gotten through that link so share it around!


We got a look at the November promo card! This time around we got another promo from the starter decks, which is great. This is one of the lesser played starter deck cards, but I personally love it. 

Lots of jokes are made regarding the art, most noteably the happy expression of the demon. I’ll leave that to you guys to interpret as you will. But be sure to attend your locals/inquire at your locals to get ahold of this promo!


So at this point it’s important to note we haven’t heard any word on when we will get the new CR or rotation. The CR is important because the new set introduces huge new mechanics, keywords, interactions and more. It’s more important for a CR update to come with the set release than before where they waited over a month. Hopefully this CR will come speedily. 

The rotation is a bigger point. There has actually been no official word on when rotation wil ltake place. It’s important to note that even though rotation feels consistent, it actually has never occurred in the past unless the company has officially stated so. It doesn’t happen passively. Of course we assume it will occur, but without an official statement it will be sort of up in the air. Usually it would occur the week before set release.

I’m hoping we hear something about this, though considering we never heard from that big QandA that was held for the company however many months ago (in addition to between 2-4 times of promised communication that didn’t happen) it is probably unlikely.

That’s all the news for this week, quite a bit but we shall see you all next week!


Argent News

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:


We got a smaller bit of news, but still some really cool things so let’s take a look!


We are now in the full swing of spoiler season! There have been new units, abilities, and much more. You can see these revealed on the official Argent Saga page. 

There are also other spoilers being revealed via events and content creators. Be sure to follow the Facebook group to stay up to date on these. We here at TCGScrubs got our own to spoil as well! You can check out the video where we go over all 3 cards HERE. Otherwise the cards we got can be seen above.


The VIP Package (and entry) for Columbus has been changed! This was recently announced, showing that the Buckeye promo has now changed to a promo envelope that has a serial number card in it. If you still want the Buckeye just let them know at registration and they will honor that.
This is pretty cool, as it adds some more value potentially to your VIP entry, and randomized stakes (which you might like or dislike). 

The other thing that I personally love, is they added a Registration Reward! If you register by Monday, the 28th, you will automatically get the alt-art Dragonholt promo card (pictured above). This is actually a really cool design and is basically free if you plan on attending anyways. If you weren’t, this is great incentive as well.


With the recent spoilers came a potential problem card. It is Mutation 002. You can read what the card does above.

There were concerns obviously about the base power level, but also how it combos with other cards due to its passive targeting, since the owner of the card can target it to trigger its effect. 

One such combination is an infinite loop, where you play it with Gloom Oligarch and just have one other creature on the field. You are able to infinitely create tokens off of Mutation 002 as long as they are on the field.

Hopefully this will be addressed, whether by an errata or some other form but we shall wait and see.


A new line of Voidfire product was announced! If you don’t know, Argent Saga has a storefront on their website where you can buy licensed apparel, metal 5×7 cards, and much more. 

They just announced the Voidfire line you can see above that consists of playmats, metal oversized cards, and more! The art on these is awesome and would be great to get your hands on. You can check out the storefront HERE if you are interested.

That’s all the news for this week, let us know if we missed anything and see you all next time.



Here is the full results for the Argent Saga Championship Richmond!

Unfortunately there is not a lot of information released from this event. As such there is no Champion/Spirit breakdown etc.

There were 140 players in attendance.

Top 16 was the lists as follows (Will hand type the lists shortly for easier view and copy/pasting into Untap):

1 Luna, the Dark Spirit
1 Jemial, Cryptic Caster

1 Tower of Light
1 Tower of Water
1 Tower of Fire
1 Tower of Darkness
1 Tower of Air

Main Deck:
1 Delayed Poison
1 Silver Watchwoman
2 Celestial Magic: Chronostasis
2 Soul Transfer
3 Omega Magic: Mizu
3 Omega Magic: Yami
3 Ancient Serpent’s Breath
3 Phantasmal Guards
1 Mei-Yu, Grand Sorceress
3 Mr. Kins, Cryptic Familiar
3 Azure Seer
3 Azure Guardian
1 Great Stormfish
2 Kako, Brother of Destiny
3 Iakuma Wave Bender
3 Iakuma Juggernaut
2 Golem of Vengeance
1 Harbinger Of Vabriel

Shard Deck:
1 Corona, the Spirit Ruby
3 Nightmare Crystal
5 Argent Shard
1 Z crystal

1 Crystal Dimensional Dragon
3 Acid Monger
1 Great Stormfish
3 Amateur Witch
1 Taphael, Fallen Celestial Of Rottar
3 Cryptic Deflection
1 W crystal
1 Silver Watchwoman
1 Leviathan, the Ancient Serpent

1 Kyte, the Air Spirit
1 Auron, the Golden Rose

1 Tower of Light
1 Tower of Fire
1 Tower of Air
1 Tower of Water
1 Tower of Air

Main Deck:
1 Royal Deflection
1 Omega Magic: Kaze
1 Winds of Cloudsea
3 Arbor Carbuncle
1 Sylphia, Spirit of the Air
1 Garga, Keeper of Gales
3 Shining Shardagger
3 Blessed Shardcloak
3 Longinus
1 Vrscika, The Scorpion Hammer
3 Kalibur, the Sacred Shardsword
3 Mel Corum
3 Supply Deal
1 Professor Rudy, Magical Engineer
1 Iskandar, the Mythical King
1 Silver Watchwoman
3 Corum War Room
1 Finishing Ray
1 Yuki, The Lightning Flash
1 Black Rose Knight
3 Statue at the Argent Tower
2 Standard Shardsword

Shard Deck:
3 Z crystal
1 Corona, the Spirit Ruby
6 Argent Shard

2 Disintegration Shot
1 Lightning Shot
2 Royal Deflection
1 Brant, The Wicked Judge
2 Yuki, The Lightning Flash
3 Omega Magic: Hikari
2 Omega Magic: Kaze

1 Liam, Traitor of Knights
1 Kyte, the Air Spirit

1 Tower of Air
1 Tower of Fire
1 Tower of Light
1 Tower of Darkness
1 Tower of Water

Main Deck:
3 Omega Magic: Kaze
1 Greathawk of Cloudsea
1 Sylphia, Spirit of the Air
2 Nanatsu, the Pure Shinobi
1 Royal Deflection
1 Iskandar, the Mythical King
2 Artred, the Luminous Warrior
3 Mel Corum
3 Yuki, The Lightning Flash
2 Finishing Ray
3 Omega Magic: Hikari
3 Corum Squire
1 Supply Deal
1 Longinus
3 Kalibur, the Sacred Shardsword
2 Standard Shardsword
2 Shining Shardagger
1 Blessed Shardcloak
3 Statue at the Argent Tower
1 Professor Rudy, Magical Engineer
1 Silver Watchwoman

Shard Deck:
6 Argent Shard
1 Corona, the Spirit Ruby
3 Z crystal

1 Konost, the Aerial Fortress
2 Silver Watchwoman
1 Brant, The Wicked Judge
1 Luna, the Dark Spirit
1 Holy Slash
3 Demon Of The Evil Eye
3 Omega Magic: Yami
1 Finishing Ray
1 Golem of Vengeance
1 The Greatest Heist

1 Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer
1 Kyte, the Air Spirit

1 Tower of Light
1 Tower of Fire
1 Tower of Air
1 Tower of Darkness
1 Tower of Water

Main Deck:
1 Hellish Guardhound
3 Shrieker
3 Failed Golem #1
1 Golem of Vengeance
2 Golem of Allurement
3 Golem of Avarice
3 Golem of Devourment
1 Philosopher’s Stone
3 Hidden Laboratory
2 Silver Watchwoman
3 Returning Shadows
3 Omega Magic: Yami
3 Delayed Poison
3 Dusk Strike
1 Nanatsu, the Pure Shinobi
1 Dagger
1 Sylphia, Spirit of the Air
1 Greathawk of Cloudsea
1 Garga, Keeper of Gales
3 Omega Magic: Kaze

Shard Deck:
3 Z crystal
6 Argent Shard
1 Corona, the Spirit Ruby

3 Raging Shardbeast
1 Professor Rudy, Magical Engineer
3 Argent Egg
3 Skyship Engineer
1 Golem of Vengeance
2 Golem of Indolence
2 Acid Monger


Argent News

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Some really cool announcements to get into today so let’s go!


The Comprehensive Rules (CR) for the game have been updated! This includes clarifications on how certain interactions etc work, and future proofing for other things as well. 

You can read the full CR HERE where all the new additions are highlighted in blue. It includes clarifications on Shard interactions, ability costs while on the chase, adjusting tower requirements to fit the new towers, and more!

I highly recommend checking these out before you continue playing, to make sure you are playing correctly and so you can convey it to your fellow players as well.


The next set to come after Revelations has been shown! If you are at an LGS, they will often get promotional materials for current and future products of the games they sell. In this case, they got a poster!

As you can see above, it is a set called ‘Ascension’. It continues the trend of all the sets consisting of a single word, and they all seem to be following a path almost of a single person (Betrayed, gets a revelation after betrayal, makes it on their own into ascension). The artwork shown is really awesome as well, and I’m looking forward to see if the rest of the set follows suit!


The recent Championship this weekend (Results will be added to this website soon) had a new addition to the $100 entry last minute. With this VIP entry it was announced you would get a Promo Pack.

At the time of announcement it was unclear what exactly was included in said pack. Surprisingly not a lot of people posted about these packs that I saw outside of one, who showed that it had a Full Art promo of Phantasmal Guards! This is a pretty cool addition, especially considering nothing else was expected outside the previous announcements. 

On a side note, the envelope it was housed in was a last minute thing. The envelope they were supposed to use was unfortunately delayed by the printer. So next Championship it should be nice and shiny!


If you missed it, the mini Expansion 2: Genesis was released this past week! With it came new cards, reprinted cards, and our very first brand new towers!

As covered last week, the towers are locked to the Champion color so it is impossible to run multiple of them. But it is exciting to finally add some variety to the tower dynamics.

Each expansion pack comes with 1 of each card, so you will need to buy 3 to get a playset. You also have a chance of buying a pack that is completely foil so keep an eye out for that as well!


Speaking of sets coming out, we are getting close to the new set, ‘Revelations’ coming out! And with that, spoilers are now officially starting for this new set. 

You can see a couple above, but there are already new card types, interactions etc that we can see starting. It also is building on existing mechanics (such as gears, darkness discard etc). Whether darkness needs more support is yet to be seen though.

I’m not sure if these spoilers will be releasing daily, every other day or what, or what quantity they will consistently release either. But quite a few were spoiled with more on the way so there will be lots to discuss! We will have videos covering these spoilers as well weekly while they are coming out so stay tuned!


A post was made in the official Facebook group, floating around the idea of an Argent Saga comic! This wasn’t confirmed, nor is it for sure going to happen. The post was meant to garner interest and see if this is something people would like to see in the game going forward.

Lots of people chimed in, but it seemed like the majority would like to see it happen. The mock up they made above already looks cool, and giving the Lore buffs something to physically collect besides cards would be pretty awesome. We’ll be sure to follow this if it comes to fruition sometime in the future.


Lastly for anyone wanting more Argent Saga content, stay tuned! Over on our Youtube channel we are working on possibly having a consistent flow of Argent Saga content besides the news and spoiler videos. Due to time constraints we haven’t been able to, but new developments may change that soon! 

So thanks for the support and we hope to see you guys around the channel! Until next week.



If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Okay so a lot of exciting things just happened, so let’s dive into it!


That’s right, we got the CR updated! This actually happened literal minutes after our news was posted last week. You can find the full CR HERE. All of the new items are marked in red text making it easy to find.

I’d highly recommend checking these changes out, and sharing it with everyone at your locals so everyone is on the same page.

The biggest addition to it was adding that Alice is considered every race in the game, and even listing every single race in existence. So it adds a handy guide for anyone curious, and confirming what we all assumed to be true.

In a separate post, however (not in the CR) FOW also clarified the Lucifer resonator. The question people had was what counted towards his ability of gaining life back at the end of the turn. In the official FOW post, they said most things, including damage taken from battle, count towards his ability. This comes across as perhaps a bit too strong for me, but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.


Caster Chronicles is having a big tournament in Canada! With this is some awesome prizing. As you can see above, some really cool collectible Casters are on the line! Obviously these aren’t game legal or anything, but are really cool collectible items for a game with some great art. I personally would love to get these, especially Arthur there. 

This is in addition to the already great prizing, including Chibi cards. For full details check out the tournament site HERE


So Memorial cards are in the next set, which have been confirmed to be reprints of past promo cards. The big question on people’s minds are how distribution would work. There are 80 memorial cards and only 67 new cards after all. Will these flood the packs, making them annoying after thoughts that are just pack filler? Or will it be not that many per pack, making them pointless as a reprint who’s purpose is to get it into the hands of people who don’t have access.

Well we may have an answer thanks to Chris Weekly FOW Updates. It looks like it is confirmed to be ONE Memorial card per pack! This, in my opinion, is the best case scenario for the quantity of cards we have. That being said, I do think if they do something to distinguish the cards and make them collectible (such as new art, or a new golden border or stamp etc) then this could turn out to be a good gameplan in the end. As long as the useage of the reprinted cards extends to the old versions as well I would be happy with the overall plan of said reprints.

But that’s the full confirmation there, one Memorial card per pack! We’ll see how the rest of the distribution works hopefully soon as well.


We got our first look at a new ruler! You can see it above. This is not the ruler in the starter decks, but will in fact be in the booster box. So we are getting Three rulers this first set for sure.

This is considered the ‘Buy a Box Promo’ card, meaning when you buy a booster box you will automatically get this card. That is actually a pretty good idea for introducing rulers outside of a starter deck, but not inside booster packs. Most people will get it in the cheaper booster boxes, and there will be lots of them so it will be cheap on the secondary market. 

It introduces lots of new effects and terminology that we will have to wait and find out about. You can check out our videos if you would like to hear our thoughts in detail.

One big thing that was pointed out obviously, is the lack of art on the back side. It is literally the same piece of art, with some slight alterations on both sides of the ruler. This is a bit unfortunate as the big thing FOW is known for is their art, and this will be the only version of this ruler so there is no chance currently for a better art version. Hopefully this isn’t the trend for all the rulers going forward, as that is one of my personal favorite aspects of the game is the cool rulers and their flip sides etc.


Also with that ruler reveal was possibly the start of spoilers? It isn’t the official spoiler season, but we did get the two cards shown above. Whether that means we will get more from the same source, or if it will officially start elsewhere is yet to be seen. 

If you are curious as to the unofficial translations of the cards, it is as follows: 

Resonator: Dragon [Flying] [Enter] => Target J/resonator opponent controls losses all it’s Effect until end of turn, then destroy it, if J-Ruler destroyed this way, that card losses all effects until end of game.

Chant (Sword Art) [Quickcast] Choose 1 or Choose 2 if u Control “Lars, Knight of the Holy Soul” [1~ Remove target resonator with power 900 or more] [2~Search your deck for a “Five Heroes” card, then reveal it and put into your hand. shuffle your deck

(Thanks to @JetsetSensei for those translations)


In case you missed it, the FOW Festival happened this past weekend. It was all streamed on the Ruler School Channel if you want to go check out some of the matches. 

A total of 54 people ended up showing up. We will have a full breakdown of the event on our website here later this week, but it was a success! TSW Rulers were given out, tons of prizing, Vite Ramen and their Circuit Series mats were given out and much more. It ended up being a very interesting showing of Rulers and breakdowns as well!

Hopefully this leads to lots more successful tournaments, especially as the Vite Ramen Circuit Series starts to fire off.


Speaking of which, we did an interview with the CEO of Vite Ramen! Check us go over it on the podcast, and look for the interview by itself later this week (Or on our Patreon right now). In it we discuss the Circuit Series, the final tournament it’s leading to, what got him and the others into FOW and more!

It’s a fun and interesting conversation so check it out soon as you can!


Lastly I have a Godzilla video incoming! It will be based on the new Chrono Clash card game, and will feature Colin going over each of the cards in the game, and how they relate to the  lore and history of Godzilla. 

It will feature the card itself, with video from the movies in the background and the relevant music. It will be four separate videos in total and requires quite a bit of effort, so please check it out if you are interested! Even if you aren’t too interested in the card game itself, the lore parts should prove to be quite interesting.

Well that’s all the news for this week, see you next week!