Welcome everyone, to a probably terrible prerelease primer!  I hope you enjoy the wild ride as I take you through some of the cards that I think are going to range from, “good” to, “OMG why are you not playing this in your deck?”  Let’s just JUMP RIGHT INTO IT!!!


Grimmia is pretty good.  I would only play this card with some Aura support.  Decent Bomb for sure.

Aura of Hope

Decently playable in sealed.  Very solid card overall.  Definitely strong.  It doesn’t win you games though.

Spirit Searching

This is a chant tutor that can be really strong with the right search conditions. If you have a good tutor option for a game finisher, for example, this could be very strong.

Black Leaf

Very good card. Removal on a body and inheritance is a good combat trick. -4/-4 hits enough things and threatens blockers when they consider blocking.

Dark Bokuro

Very playable. Huge wall, and protects things during your turn. Overall very decent and incredibly annoying in a format like this.


Minimum 7/7 for 2 is big enough to see play. He beats out other 2 costs resonators, and has precision. He’s good enough to earn himself a slot.

Dragon Lord Ragnarok

Absolute bomb!  Absolute biggest dude in the format.  Amazing card to drop.  Easy chance to win you the game the turn it comes out, if you’re in a stalled board state or having trouble with anything.  Removal is absolutely amazing, and it’s one of the only things that kills J-rulers.  This card is probably the best card in the format.

Glint of Insight

Strong discard, but weak in sealed.  Mystery counters in general are really hard to justify in sealed because of the butler’s mystery counter generation.  Also it would be pretty difficult to actually name a card during a prerelease, because let’s be honest, nobody is going to have the set memorized or even know what half of these cards even do, let alone what their damn name is. On second thought don’t play this card at all.

Pialle’s Cook, Sylvia

Very strong in sealed. Lets you push over bigger resonators and attack with unfavorable odds. Also has the potential to ping stuff down for -4/-4.  Really strong upside.

Red Leaf

Decent card, the removal is nice to have which is why I would play it.

Kaiser Phoenix

Super good removal. Playable even outside of a strength counter deck. The strength counter removals is just gravy, and the recycle ability is amazing for card advantage and replayability, which is key in limited.

Burnt Cooking

Good pump possibly, also functions as removal, even better in certain decks.  Definitely worth taking a look at.

Resuscitating Will

Very good in sealed. Functions as a second attack for resonators or J-Rulers. Extremely useful for blocking too. Overall good card, the extra attack makes it great.

Life or Death Struggle

Functions as good removal, but the discard effect hits both. still playable.


He’s a bomb and super good.  Absolutely amazing as a resonator on top of a super solid god’s art to copy a chant.  Absolutely game winning, but not as game winning as ragnarok.

Honorable Thief Guild Member

Honorable mention for making games last entirely too long and being super janky.

Arrival of the Hero

Very good options.  Saves a lot of resonators, while also functioning as removal.  Also gets through any blocking resonators.

Xiang Xiang

3 cost 8/8 is better costed than most other 3 costs, so it is playable.  Becomes very good with panda support as it can function as small removal.  God’s art is so janky, I love it.


Amazing bomb, hard to get rid of, and removes pesky things every turn.  Seriously if you get this thing to stick for maybe two or three turns the game WILL snowball out of control.  You will have killed off any resonators and pulled way, way ahead.

Hoelle Pig Squadron

Really strong card, even without the combo.  There are a lot of 3 cost 8/8 cards in this set though, so he’s not as oppressive as he could be.

Ground and Air Supremacy

Useless card in sealed, throw it in the trash, and then go back and get it because
it’s amazing in constructed.

Rei the black owl/Zero

This card is a decent bomb. Protects all your guys and can possibly win games with how fast it is.

Cecil and Tia

Good card in this limited format where you will have a lot of leftover will to ping stuff.  The ramp potential is also quite nice. Good attack and defense.  Overall very nice.

Beyond the Threshold of Time

Good card for ramping up your mana base, could get you ahead but not going to win you games.

Every Last Ounce of Strength

Draw three cards is alwasy really good, and the cost on this one is really nice in limited.  It can get you that extra gas needed at the end of the game.

Naughty Child’s Chastising

Great card in limited, the removal is really valuable.

Vice-leader of the Chivalrous Thieves

Amazing card in limited, he gets you ahead, and can make you stay ahead very easily. Hard to remove and if he stays out more than a couple turns he will put you so far ahead. absolutely ridiculous upside, with no downside.

Inheritor of the Stars.

Amazing bomb, incredibly strong and versatile.  If you can get the synergy with
elementals he becomes quickly unstoppable.  Protection from a ton of cards and can’t be removed by almost anything in this format.

Earthquake Observer

Lowkey, maybe one of the strongest cards in the set.  Big stats, and on top of that any time your opponent tries any removal he gains barrier to check himself before he wrecks himself.  Super underrated and very resistant to pesky combat tricks.  Nothing can remove him, and he dodges the only board wipe in the set.  Just watch out for combat tricks, or attacking stupidly into a bigger thing, and that’s all.


Good cheap board wipe and hits a lot of stuff.  I love board wipe, great card.  Won’t kill a J-ruler though.  Limited bomb for sure.

Drifting Little Moon

Really good in limited.  Can ping stuff down fairly easily, kind of like a pseudo Artemis Bow.  This is a very deceptively good card.


Good for stalling out.  Can get you through blockers at the end of the game.  Probably worth playing.

The Dragon Lord’s Breath

Really strong limited card.  Good tempo and a lot of utility.  Useful for blinking out blockers and stalling stuff.  Becomes much better with synergy.

Laurite’s Seven Disciples

Surprisingly strong card.  Comes out of the gate with swiftness, and then can follow up consecutive turns with flying or drain buffs.  Very  versatile and has a lot of options when you start the turn.

Essence of the Void

On top of being high stats, he also has the potential to destroy damaged cards.  Fairly playable in limited.

Sleeping Vampire

Don’t sleep on this resonator!  Eh?  Eh?  But seriously he’s deceptively good.  Starts picking up turn 2 and doesn’t turn off the heat.  He’s a very strong turn 1 play.

Dragon Hunter

Good card, the swiftness is very nice, and the high defense means he can survive a lot of punishment.  He is also very efficient against dragons and beasts.

I do need to stress something.  There are much more 800/800 3 cost resonators lately.  I always say play your 3 cost 800/800 cards, because they will be big stat sticks/beat sticks/big dudes that can really dominate and take over mid game based on stats alone. However, with the unflux of more 800/800 resonators with that stat line they might need an extra push to take a slot in your deck.

As an additional thought, I stress that any removal or combat tricks are almost always worth taking.  Being able to trade efficiently is a huge part of this game, and burn, combat tricks, or straight up removal are all things that let you do that.  They take care of the huge threat that you otherwise would have no answers to.  So keep that in mind while compiling your decklist out of your sealed pool.

Whelp that’s it for this long article.  I hope you gleaned some sort of insight from it, and I hope your prerelease goes well because of it.  ABOVE ALL HAVE FUN!!!!  HAPPY PRERELEASE!!

Deck Profiles
It’s been a while since I’ve contributed anything to the website, but here goes.

I’m going to be talking about the new TSW ruler, The Dusk Girl and what I think of her.  

So here she is, in all her discardy glory.  The concept of her is honestly super interesting, and something I definitely want to explore more of.  Her support is pretty meh in all honesty with only one or two cards I would consider running.  Having an aggro ruler that is designed around giving you more gas, after you run out of gas, is a great concept on paper, but unfortunately she has a few issues with her.

The main issue I find is that one of the key points in a TCG is card advantage, and not having card advantage is bad.  Scarlet takes that concept and runs with it.  Her mechanics reward her for running out of cards and topdecking, but that isn’t really a viable way to run a deck.  The best way to play her, in my opinion, is in an aggro shell focused around dumping your hand and then getting your gas from her mechanics.  The issue with an aggro shell is that it’s not very viable in the control meta right now, especially not with Scheherazade running around. 

Let’s look at some examples of what I consider good card choices, and I’ll explain further why she is interesting, but not viable competitively.
In an aggro shell, I wanted to run something that many typical aggro deck should run, and I think the best thing to run right now is the Jeanne package.
This combo is really great for aggro.  It’s a 2 drop chant that will almost guarantee a good resonator is coming out, and Jeanne is a really strong resonator.  Along with a lot of the other good 2 drops in the deck, I think it’s very nice.  I would recommend this in a ton of other aggro decks as well, as it slots into a lot of good decks.  Something else I really like about Faith in the Darkness is the ability to grab Majin Dark Elf while bypassing his restrictive ability, along with grabbing Frayla while you have no resonators out.
The best thing about Faith in the Darkness, and the reason it’s so good, is the ability to get stuff from deeper in your deck.  These two are great aggro cards on their own, but with Faith in the Darkness they both become much better.   Being able to look 5 cards deep is deceptively good, and lets your deck become much more consistent in landing an aggro resonator.  Faith in the Darkness lets you dig into your deck for your better resonators, and then rewards you for finding Jeanne.  It’s definitely a mainstay in the aggro package.

Next I’ll talk about what actually makes the Dusk Girl such an interesting ruler to run.  Her support cards are pretty bleh in all honestly.  None of them really are terribly strong on their own.  The only two cards I really think have potential are Heavenly Fruit, and Hollow Flame Soldier.
Heavenly Fruit is far and away the most interesting support Dusk Girl has right now.  It is an amazingly flexible card and really has a lot of potential in an aggro deck.  Something aggro decks want to do is dump their resources into killing you as fast as they possibly can.  This almost always ends in the aggro player bringing you to a low life and then gassing out.  Aggro doesn’t run card draw, and it doesn’t have ways to bring the game back if you go long.  The reason Heavenly Fruit is so good is that it gives you that extra gas you need to possibly end the game.  You rarely want to play Heavenly Fruit with cards in your hand.  It is always a card you play last to essentially reach into your graveyard and get that gas you’ve already used.  Being able to pay 1 for Heavenly Fruit on an empty hand, and get a variety of options is really excellent.  Think of Heavenly Fruit as access to a second hand.  You have options to recast your dead aggro resonators, which is the only reason Hollow Flame Shadow is in the deck. 

Hollow Flame Shadow’s only use is to get discarded by Dusk Girl via her ability, or dumped into the grave with Heavenly Fruit, and then recast for a quick swiftness attack.  I’ll be honest I don’t actually like the combo very much.  It’s a card that could easily be dropped for something way better, but I like the flavor of casting him.
Let’s get into some other cool stuff that Dusk Girl is really good at.  Things like, “Oh man I run red black so Null Darkness is pretty much an auto include!”  and “Hey look I’m aggro red black so I’mma play Null Magic Stone into Majin Dark Elf”
These cards are pretty much another great reason to run her.  Null Darkness is good, solid, amazing removal that can also deal with J-Rulers fairly reliably with the deck.  You also have the Majin Dark Elf package that is an absolutely killer potential opening.
Finally, I’ll talk about The Dusk Girl herself.
Just like Heavenly Fruit, she gives you gas after you run out of cards.  She’s a really excellent finisher, and excels at getting past blocking resonators.  Her ability to swing twice is really good, and her ability to survive damage and flip again is also really excellent.  Her ruler side makes every card in your hand a shittier Lightning Strike, so if you need to have dead cards, or need to kill something, you can ping them for 5 via her ability.  Don’t underestimate her cheap judgement.  If you want to run her with Scarlet’s Vision, it’s an amazing board wipe combo, but is really tricky to pull off.
Now I know what you’re thinking.  Oh man she sounds like so much fun!  I want to try and run a super interesting deck based around Heavenly Fruit now too!!  Well too bad, because people want to ruin your fun.  They were blue players in Magic, and are green control players now, and they got access to a super, baller, control hoser, called Scharezarde.  Now Scherzarde is an amazing ruler who essentially gets another hand that she can play whenever she wants too.  And the card that hoses this deck is 
Access to this card means that Schrrreddaze can basically always chase your Heavenly Fruit with this card, and that basically defeats the purpose of this deck.  This card really defeats the purpose of getting that extra gas with Dusk Girl, and a competent Sherryzard player will more than likely always have a stone up for it.  

So in conclusion, Heavenly Fruit is the only reason I think Dusk Girl is viable, and the only thing I think keeps her from being dead weight.  Without the option of getting more gas via this card, I think the deck falls flat after dumping your resources.  I believe that Dusk Girl’s Judgement ability alone is not good enough by herself to justify a playstyle where you want to dump all your cards so you can J-activate with her.  In competitive play, I think any competent Scheherazade player will wipe the floor with the deck, and control in general is in too good of a spot right now for aggro to outpace it.  For a fun brewing deck, I think it’s pretty funny to go as hard as you can, while you topdeck cards to try and win you the game.  Overall she’s really fun to play though!

Deck Profiles
This is an article detailing my thoughts on what makes a good Faerur Deck.  After testing out a couple different ideas this is mainly what I’ve settled on. I first started with the idea of running Faerur’s Command as a ramp and combo piece, however the deck was too fragile to function.  I toyed with the idea of adding beefier resonators and decided on a mid range variant. With that in mind I set out to make a deck focused on ramping out will, and playing big mid-range threats. The ramp The ramp this deck utilizes is fairly simple.  You play Spirit Caller Elf into Sacred Elf for 4 will on turn 2.  The deck also utilizes other stone ramp in the form of Magic Stone Analysis and Absolute Awareness.  The best thing about Faerur is that his ramp is instant with Spirit Caller Elf.  Unlike the Wind Dragon ruler or regular Sacred Elves, as soon as you play Spirit Caller Elf you can utilize Faerur’s ability to recover a stone, essentially making them a free card.  With other ramp centric rulers you need to wait for summoning sickness to wear off to utilize their abilities.  Faerur allows Spirit Caller Elf to be used immediately to gain a stone advantage. The mid-range threats Next, we have the threats you’ll be playing ideally on turn 2.  Mariabella is the best 4 drop we have.  She allows more ramp while controlling the board, if she can gain a couple resonance triggers.  Tia Letoliel is similarly, a surprisingly solid card.  With 5 will you can put a 900/900 body on the field, a 200/200 flyer, and ping something to destroy it.  She only gets better when you J-Activate Faerur.  Faerur brings out Tia, who in turn brings out her falcon.  From here you can really start controlling the board with gale counters from Faerur, and destroying pesky resonators with Tia.  Sneaking in damage post blockers by dumping gale counters into an unblocked elf is also a good line. Counters Before I start with this section, this deck does not run Faerur’s Spell.  It probably should, because Faerur’s Spell is an excellent 1 drop counter spell, and it can be enabled during the opponent’s turn using Faerur’s ability to recover magic stones.  Future decks iterations may include this card, but as of now it doesn’t fit the resonator heavy theme of the deck. Severing Winds is a different story, as it’s just too good of a card not to run. Overall, The deck is surprisingly fun to play, and solid.  You should be aiming to close out the mid-game with Mariabella and Faerur, as they can handle a lot of the troublesome resonators.  The unique style of ramp Faerur allows really lets the deck shine and is definitely the cornerstone of the deck.  Hope you enjoyed the article, and my take on a Faerur mid-range deck.   – Joe