TCG NEWS! Ghost in the Shell Set!? Chibis, Gem Blenders, and More!

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

We got a whole lot of news this week so let’s get going!


It was recently announced on the official FOW Facebook page and website that there will be a Ghost in the Shell mini set! This came out of nowhere and is quite a pleasant surprise.

This set will be based on the upcoming Netflix show ‘Ghost in the Shell SAC: 2045’ which is a continuation of the original SAC anime series. To start we will get the above pictured promo card with the purchase of the new starter decks coming out! The set itself will release in conjunction with the anime next year (which, according to Netflix is the second quarter of next year). 

No other details were given, but that’s something to look forward to! Hopefully the set itself will have backgrounds behind the characters separate from this promo. This is overall once again a similar move that was done in Caster Chronicles, where they had a mini booster set based on an anime. You can read up on the main website about this HERE


We officially have our looks at Memorial cards! If you don’t remember, Memorial cards will be existing as one card per pack. These are NOT legal in New Frontiers (unless their counterpart is legal), but are legal in limited formats. They are reprints of old promo cards with updated and unique border designs.

These are pretty cool looking, and have a much better border design in my opinion than the Stranger cards. They also have harder to get promo reprints such as the EU dual stones. 

Some other notes from the image above is the inclusion of tokens it looks like, energize cards, and life point cards. Not sure what token it is or the relevance of the life point cards, but the energize card is a cool idea. We’ll have to wait and see what the ratios in the packs are, because this could increase the number of cards that could potentially show up in packs, making the odds of pulling good cards much lower.

Through these spoiler images a couple I’d like to mention are the fact that Lancelot and Guinevere are both confirmed reprinted. We talk about this at length in the recent spoiler video on our channel. Also a new special magic stone that is essentially another free dual stone in your deck. I personally am very against this (I am even against normal dual stones with no draw backs), but this gives you 8 dual stones with 0 drawbacks which could prove problematic. Also two versions of Percival now exist, one red and one white with slightly altered abilities.


We got a new Chibi Judge Promo! You can see it above and it looks quite amazing. As always this is something for the judges, though someone had mentioned (I can’t verify this) that it could also be used as normal prizing as well. It’s nice to have the chibi art back though.

It will be interesting to see how this is handled, specifically in the US since the judge program no longer exists officially. 

In the same post it was revealed that the Italian Masters will be getting Vingolf 3 basic magic stones as their entry promo. It’s assumed these will be foil, so that could be interesting if people are interested in that.


It was also revealed that the Starter Decks do in fact have foiling, but in a method we have seen before. When you buy a starter, you will get a playset of all the cards, and one of each of those four cards will be a full art foil! 

I personally love this, because it gives shiny-chasers something to go after while still maintaining the specialty of full art foil cards. It’s also incentive to buy multiple starter decks, which is always good. Unless, of course, they don’t reprint the starters again in which case this could backfire horribly. I’m looking forward to blinging my decks out though with some of these.


A quick note is that an official errata was posted. This was kind of random, but on the official FOW website they are simply making it so Angrboda, Giant of the Setting Sun targets the addition it can destroy, similar to how it targets the J/Resonator. I think it was assumed this is how it works, but the clarification is nice.

I’d say based on the randomness of this, combined with how nicely written the article on the site is HERE that this was probably suggested and done by a 3rd party (similar to how the recent CR was made).


If you guys follow the channel, you’d know that we covered an up and coming card game called ‘Gem Blenders’ recently. We did 2 videos on the gameplay and overall impressions, and it’s actually pretty fun!

Well, they have officially launched their Kickstarter! You can check it out HERE. There are some pretty cool rewards, and I highly recommend checking it out. They already met their goal, with several weeks to spare so be on the lookout for potential stretch goals in the future!


In case anyone missed it, we came out with an awesome video on Godzilla! In it we go over each of the Showa-era related cards in Chrono Clash and give a brief lore backdrop, as well as how that lore flavor impacts how the card works. 

You can check that out HERE and please share it around! I’d love to do more on this and other lore topics in the future.


Now it’s been a while since we covered Transformers, but this news was too cool to pass up on. They recently announced their Energon Edition! This set features some of the most popular Transformer cards and characters reprinted (including exclusive cards). 

It is all packed up in the above Energon cube, which has storage beneath it. The cards displayed above are actually a clear plastic base (acrylic perhaps) to add to that special edition flavor! It retails for $200 which is a lot, but in my opinion for what you are getting is not bad at all.

Well that’s all the news for today! Let us know your thoughts and we will see you all next week!