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ARGENT NEWS! Promos, Drafting, and a Playmat

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below then jump to the time stamp in the description:

Not a whole lot of news to go over, but we’ll get into it. If you’d like to check out the top 8 results from the recent Championship, navigate to the Top 8 section above!


The Buy-a-box promo for the the previous set was just revealed! And it’s Dragonholt. It looks really cool and for fans of the card, like myself, this is great incentive to get a box. This was part of a program for certain stores to sign up for, and now if you buy the original booster box ‘Betrayal’ at a participating store you will get this promo! Check out which stores near you might be apart of this by going to the link HERE

The downside of this, is because it is a Champion the incentive to keep getting multiple boxes for a playset isn’t quite there. But it’s cool nonetheless, and the art looks great as always.


In a post on Facebook, it was revealed that the third set of Argent Saga is currently being built with drafting in mind! This has been a long asked for feature, but with how long sets take to make, it wasn’t possible to even attempt that in the first couple boxes.

Now, how they intend to do this will be interesting since you need a Champion and a Spirit to play. Will it follow Force of Will and create vanilla cards that will be included in the box top/pre release kit? How will color locking work? I’m excited to see how these questions are handled, which should make for some fun gameplay going forward.


On the Argent Saga website they have a store where you can purchase playmats, posters, and more. There are some cool official artwork here, and a new one was just added! It is, as you can see, of the now infamous yet to be released Mutation 002!

So if you want to be ahead of the curve go ahead and start ordering this to show your resolve about this card.

Well that’s all the news for this week, if we missed anything let us know and we’ll see you all next week!