Argent News

ARGENT NEWS! New Mini Expansion, Huge New Events, and More!

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

A ton of news happened this past week so let’s get to it!


So Jim (CEO of Argent Saga) did a livestream on the Argent Saga Facebook group. In this he went over a bunch of new information for things to look forward to, as well as addressing some issues.

Here is the bullet points of the main things he brought up:

-Introducing ‘Saga Team Wars’ (Name might change). This will be a new thing that will happen at Championships. When you sing up, you can sign up as a team of 3 people. You will earn points during the event that will lead to a final face off at the end for a whole new set of prizing. You have to stay on the established team you sing up on for the duration of the tournament unless team members are released, traded, etc. Winners will possibly get a uniform for everyone designed and made for all three of you.

-There won’t be any product in December as we wait for a brand new Expansion Pack in January. It will be called Conviction. This will be slightly different than the previous 2 mini expansion packs. It will not have the random foil pack per 12. It will go from $25 to $20 and will not have Towers, Champions, Spirits, or Legendaries (basically any one-of’s). It will not contain any future cards, only new cards or full art versions of popular cards. They acknowledged Expansion 1 and 2 had problems they are seeking to remedy.

-February/March is the tentative release date for the 3rd Booster box! With this at some point, there will be brand new intro decks as well. They will try making the decks somewhat competitive to help give value to players.

-A lot of content is coming on the website such as Tournament Reports, Deck related things, and more.

Those are the main points, let me know if I missed anything.


Another thing mentioned during that livestream is the announcement of a new ban list! This will be effective November 14th, when set 2 releases.

So officially on that date, in addition to Ergon being legal to play again, they are banning:

Sylphia, Spirit of Air
Grim Oligarch

And have a watch list for potential future bans for:

Grand Sorceress
Mutation 002

The ban of Grim Oligarch gets rid of the Mutation 002 infinite combo at least. There are still concerns about the card, but we will wait and see how those play out. Sylphia was a crazy strong and versatile card so that ban is understandable. The only downside is it was a good counter for Mutation 002 that is now gone. To stay up to date make sure to check in on their BRL page HERE


New sets of Regionals were added! These are for the month of January, and you can check them all out on their website once they are added HERE. These will be the first regionals of the new Revelations Season and even feature new prizing!

The top 8 Metal Card will be Kyte, the Air Spirit, as you can see as well as a couple cool promos. These are Treat, for the top half of the players, and Queen of the Sandsea as the participation promo. You can see that all above, it looks really cool and should be fun to play for!


We got new Championship announcements! The first of which is in January at Fort Worth, TX. This will take place on the 4th-5th, with Pre-Registration to get a mystery VIP Promo ending on December 30th.

The prizing for this on entry is the playmat you can see above, and Liyu, Avarice Reborn promo card! If you decide to go VIP you get 5 Argent Shards, 1 Foil Argent Shard, a Promo Pack, and the new Serial Number Pack. Definitely some awesome stuff to look forward to, and I know we will try attending that event specifically as well!

You can also see the metal cards for this event is Jemial, top half of placement will get a Blazewalker Rookie Promo, and top 64 will get a Raging Shardbeast promo! Full details for this event can be found HERE

Also announced was Vegas Championship! This will obviously be in Las Vegas, NV and take place from February 22nd-23rd. Pre-Registration to get the mystery promo card ends on February 17th. This entry gives you the above playmat, as well as Valtier, the Magical Marksman promo. VIP is identical to the previous one for this event.

The metal cards for this event is actually Ergon! Top half of placement gets Ravenous Acidic Monger promo, and top 64 gets the new Ella, Corrupted by Love promo (which looks amazing). Full details for this event can be found HERE


A New LGS Kit is now coming out for the new month. This kit includes a playmat with art from Nanatsu, as well as the promo card for Nanatsu as well (16 of them). It will also include 2 sets of Argent Saga Sleeves. This is pretty cool, each one comes with 65 sleeves and it is 2 different sets of art (as you can see above). The single promo card is Glittering Whelp, which looks pretty awesome even if we don’t know what it does yet.

It is also mentioned for this and other events to be sure to collect the stickers (pictured below). These will be used for a bingo event later for huge prizing! For more information on that and the LGS kit be sure to visit the webpage HERE.

That’s all the news for this week, hope you all enjoy and see you all next week!