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Lots of stuff happened this past week in FOW, as well as a couple other TCG’s so let’s get started!


So spoiler season is in full swing for the next set ‘Alice Origin’ in the ‘Alice Origin’ cluster. Oscar has been tracking the cards throughout this whole time and now it’s pretty much official that there will be no Green cards in this set. 

This obviously hasn’t been done before and is a very interesting move. It makes sense though with the smaller sets, there isn’t much room for cards that don’t directly support their rulers in the set. Especially with the sheer volume of reprints being introduced. This is a good compromise overall, though it will be frustrating for anyone running a specific color deck that will potentially just ignore entire sets since they don’t support them even in color identity. 

We’ll wait for full spoilers but it’s safe to assume there is no green. There will probably be green in Memorial cards, but those are expected to not be legal in the set so that’s not as relevant. 


Speaking of the new set’s reprints, lots more have been shown! This comes hand in hand obviously with the spoilers season, but wanted to mention a couple notable ones in case you missed it. 

Thunder has made a return! This was one of the most popular red cards back in the day, so people are excited to see it back. Rukh Egg also returns, bringing some potentially crazy and strong combos with it (especially with Altar and the reprinted Red dragon). Also a ton of Alisaris support cards, which is an easy way to shortcut support for the new removal mechanics that are being introduced in this set.

If you want to hear our thoughts, check out the video tomorrow where we will go over the past week’s worth of English spoilers. Still no word on the Reprints that are happening via Memorial cards though.


We got another news update regarding Vite Ramen! Not necessarily news news, but the Circuit Series is fully underway so be sure to check your surrounding areas for any events to attend and get that Nationals invite! 

This past weekend we went to Dallas for a Vite Ramen event there which was lots of fun. You can check out the Livestream footage that was done over on WLTCG’s Youtube channel HERE. They also posted the top 8 lists for anybody interested. Those can be found on Facebook HERE.

Be sure to attend or inquire about the kits so you can attend as well!


We recently got a very brief look at an open booster box from the upcoming set. This was via the Italy page, and besides the relatively cool box design there was one thing that stood out. There was no mini box in it (as is usually seen holding the draft rulers, basic magic stones, and promo card).

Now, this could simply be because the person who shot the brief video had already set that box aside. But there seems to be evidence that there is in fact no box containing said materials. If there are simply no basic magic stones in the box, that isn’t too big of a deal at least. Basic stones are literally littered everywhere, and I assume at least a couple will be seen in the Starter Decks as well, though having them in that box was super nice for brand new players and for people wanting to draft.

The possible bad outcome would be the basic magic stones retaking their old spots in the booster packs. This was a process that was abandoned a while ago to the joy of literally everyone. There are few things more annoying than pulling a basic stone in a booster pack. This would also shrink the already hard to pull card pool in this upcoming set. We probably won’t know for sure until we hit release but something to look for.

The other thing is the absence of draft rulers. Once again, they could exist exclusively in pre-release kits, which could somewhat make sense if you are trying to cut costs. Let’s just hope the draft rulers are included, since there is no physical way to pull rulers during pre-release or draft and the previous draft rulers are useless. Not to mention you’d be pulling dead cards in the form of Strangers that can’t be played without Rulers with Stranger counters on them.


This will probably be the final follow up on this, but several weeks back we had reported that another country said that reprints of DBV were coming out. At the time I praised the company for not only remedying the problem, but doing so quickly. However, based on the length of time since then and no word from distributors it’s safe to say that information was incorrect. Or it could have been correct for only that region.

This is a bit unfortunate due to the distribution problems that occurred during that time frame leading to such a low quantity of product. There could be a remedy for it in the future but there is no telling.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to confirm or communicate this concern with the company, as we just recently passed the 4 month anniversary of the company ‘Q and A’ held on Facebook that never got a response from the company, and are near the 3 month mark since being told the company had a response and was getting ready to post it (I wouldn’t hold my breath at this point).


Eiji, the former CEO of Force of Will and creator of it is working on a new game! This has been known for awhile but people aren’t quite sure what it is still. Well a Facebook page was made for it, and it is called ‘Alternate Souls: Arena Card Game. 

If anybody knows what an Arena Card Game is, please let us know. It is speculated it could have something to do with the figure based game Eiji has been wanting to do for quite some time now. On his page he has been doing posts about his past FOW experiences each day all leading up to a reveal that he said will happen (possibly today). So stay tuned for more information on that and reveals in the coming week! We will be covering all of it as it is revealed.


If you guys don’t know, Flesh and Blood is a new TCG that is gaining quite a bit of popularity. Oscar came across it and thought it was a cool design for a game. We recently actually got sent product for the game from the company that we will be opening and doing gameplay for so look forward to that as well! 

One of the big appeals though is it’s tournaments. They just had their first tournament (known as Callings) in Auckland. You can read the full recap, including deck breakdowns on their website HERE. But a total of 69 people attended there.

There is another Calling in Austin on December 8th! This, like all their other events will have a $10,000 prize pool and will be a sealed event. So you simply need to show up, pay the entry fee and participate from there! First place walks away with $5,000!

We’ll be covering this game a bit more going forward so if it’s something you like let us know!


Lastly we just got some Godzilla Chrono Clash updates to keep everyone in the loop. Unfortunately we weren’t able to film gameplay when we wanted, however the video we have been working on going over the Godzilla Lore as it relates to the cards releases this week finally! This is the first of 4 videos, and the first is releasing almost exactly on the 65th anniversary of Godzilla which is fitting. So look forward to that and please share it around when it comes out!

We will also have another box opening for Godzilla Chrono Clash, but one that may prove to be a bit more exciting so stay tuned as soon as that comes in the mail. 

That’s all the news for this week! Happy Halloween!