TCG NEWS! More Reprints, Strangers Revealed, Promos, and More!

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We got a whole lot to cover so let’s jump in!


The official English spoilers have started for FOW! There have been some interesting things with it that we will go over today. First of which is the lack of Green cards.

Spoilers usually follow a color pattern of what is revealed, and that pattern seems to have completely skipped over green. The theory is that potentially green cards won’t be in this set. A German distributor does claim that there is a small amount of green in the set. Whether that means there is 6 cards or only 2 is yet to be seen (or any at all). This would be an interesting move for this set to skip an entire color, though it could be just end up having 2 of that  color, which I am fine with. 


I will be putting the rest of the new set information here. The first of which is more reprints. Currently we have Memorial cards (yet to be revealed) which are reprints of old promo cards. We now are confirmed to also have a significant percentage of the ‘Normal’ rarity to be reprints as well. And the new card type ‘Stranger’ is new cards but with reprinted artwork. That’s a lot of recycling going on this set.

The normal card reprints are completely legal inside New Frontiers (Memorial cards are rumored to not be legal). You can see some examples below. An interesting note is some of these cards used to be R/SR rarity, but have now downgraded to Normal. I’ll be curious to see how this affects Pauper/Commoner format or anything else similar to that.

A new type of card was revealed, Strangers. We got a hint of this when the Ruler was revealed last week. These card types are in a side deck, similar to Runes and following similar rules. They are mostly resonators so far and even have a new border! I personally am not a huge fan of this new border, it comes across kind of cheap looking but it’s cool to see a new design in the game nonetheless. It seems mostly, unlike Runes, so far Strangers are pulled out of the deck randomly rather than you choosing. You can see an example of these cards below.

The Faria Ruler was spoiled as well! You can see it below also. Really cool to see her again, especially since I collect Faria cards personally. The downside though is it confirms that all the rulers will just use the same art on both sides unfortunately. It was hoped by some that maybe art was used twice on the first ruler due to it being a ‘promo’ but that is not the case. Also upon reading the abilities, it seems the rulers may be following a pattern. Rather than having rulers with a wide variety of abilities, they all have very similar things just with tiny alterations. Arthur De Faria in the Facebook group put the template perfectly as:

If regalia of main attribute enters the field choose up to 1, if it’s their regalia choose up to 2 instead:
-Add Random Stranger to hand
-Resonator Removal of some sort
-Card Draw of some sort
-Judgment for 0.

Maybe they will break this for other Rulers in the next set, but for now it comes across a bit copy paste. 


More stuff on Vite Ramen and their Circuit Series! Firstly, if you missed it we interviewed the CEO of the company to discuss the Circuit Series and FOW in general. You can check that out HERE. A lot of cool information was discussed that got me excited for what this could hold going forward.

Secondly is the Vite Ramen Circuit Series is going to start its full swing. If you are in the Dallas area Oscar and Colin will be attending that even there. Should be a lot of fun, especially if you want to get invites for Nationals. To order kits for yourself or your store be sure to check out the link HERE to order some. It can only be gotten through that link so share it around!


We got a look at the November promo card! This time around we got another promo from the starter decks, which is great. This is one of the lesser played starter deck cards, but I personally love it. 

Lots of jokes are made regarding the art, most noteably the happy expression of the demon. I’ll leave that to you guys to interpret as you will. But be sure to attend your locals/inquire at your locals to get ahold of this promo!


So at this point it’s important to note we haven’t heard any word on when we will get the new CR or rotation. The CR is important because the new set introduces huge new mechanics, keywords, interactions and more. It’s more important for a CR update to come with the set release than before where they waited over a month. Hopefully this CR will come speedily. 

The rotation is a bigger point. There has actually been no official word on when rotation wil ltake place. It’s important to note that even though rotation feels consistent, it actually has never occurred in the past unless the company has officially stated so. It doesn’t happen passively. Of course we assume it will occur, but without an official statement it will be sort of up in the air. Usually it would occur the week before set release.

I’m hoping we hear something about this, though considering we never heard from that big QandA that was held for the company however many months ago (in addition to between 2-4 times of promised communication that didn’t happen) it is probably unlikely.

That’s all the news for this week, quite a bit but we shall see you all next week!