Argent News

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:


We got a smaller bit of news, but still some really cool things so let’s take a look!


We are now in the full swing of spoiler season! There have been new units, abilities, and much more. You can see these revealed on the official Argent Saga page. 

There are also other spoilers being revealed via events and content creators. Be sure to follow the Facebook group to stay up to date on these. We here at TCGScrubs got our own to spoil as well! You can check out the video where we go over all 3 cards HERE. Otherwise the cards we got can be seen above.


The VIP Package (and entry) for Columbus has been changed! This was recently announced, showing that the Buckeye promo has now changed to a promo envelope that has a serial number card in it. If you still want the Buckeye just let them know at registration and they will honor that.
This is pretty cool, as it adds some more value potentially to your VIP entry, and randomized stakes (which you might like or dislike). 

The other thing that I personally love, is they added a Registration Reward! If you register by Monday, the 28th, you will automatically get the alt-art Dragonholt promo card (pictured above). This is actually a really cool design and is basically free if you plan on attending anyways. If you weren’t, this is great incentive as well.


With the recent spoilers came a potential problem card. It is Mutation 002. You can read what the card does above.

There were concerns obviously about the base power level, but also how it combos with other cards due to its passive targeting, since the owner of the card can target it to trigger its effect. 

One such combination is an infinite loop, where you play it with Gloom Oligarch and just have one other creature on the field. You are able to infinitely create tokens off of Mutation 002 as long as they are on the field.

Hopefully this will be addressed, whether by an errata or some other form but we shall wait and see.


A new line of Voidfire product was announced! If you don’t know, Argent Saga has a storefront on their website where you can buy licensed apparel, metal 5×7 cards, and much more. 

They just announced the Voidfire line you can see above that consists of playmats, metal oversized cards, and more! The art on these is awesome and would be great to get your hands on. You can check out the storefront HERE if you are interested.

That’s all the news for this week, let us know if we missed anything and see you all next time.