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ARGENT NEWS! New Set Announced, Spoilers Start, CR Update

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Some really cool announcements to get into today so let’s go!


The Comprehensive Rules (CR) for the game have been updated! This includes clarifications on how certain interactions etc work, and future proofing for other things as well. 

You can read the full CR HERE where all the new additions are highlighted in blue. It includes clarifications on Shard interactions, ability costs while on the chase, adjusting tower requirements to fit the new towers, and more!

I highly recommend checking these out before you continue playing, to make sure you are playing correctly and so you can convey it to your fellow players as well.


The next set to come after Revelations has been shown! If you are at an LGS, they will often get promotional materials for current and future products of the games they sell. In this case, they got a poster!

As you can see above, it is a set called ‘Ascension’. It continues the trend of all the sets consisting of a single word, and they all seem to be following a path almost of a single person (Betrayed, gets a revelation after betrayal, makes it on their own into ascension). The artwork shown is really awesome as well, and I’m looking forward to see if the rest of the set follows suit!


The recent Championship this weekend (Results will be added to this website soon) had a new addition to the $100 entry last minute. With this VIP entry it was announced you would get a Promo Pack.

At the time of announcement it was unclear what exactly was included in said pack. Surprisingly not a lot of people posted about these packs that I saw outside of one, who showed that it had a Full Art promo of Phantasmal Guards! This is a pretty cool addition, especially considering nothing else was expected outside the previous announcements. 

On a side note, the envelope it was housed in was a last minute thing. The envelope they were supposed to use was unfortunately delayed by the printer. So next Championship it should be nice and shiny!


If you missed it, the mini Expansion 2: Genesis was released this past week! With it came new cards, reprinted cards, and our very first brand new towers!

As covered last week, the towers are locked to the Champion color so it is impossible to run multiple of them. But it is exciting to finally add some variety to the tower dynamics.

Each expansion pack comes with 1 of each card, so you will need to buy 3 to get a playset. You also have a chance of buying a pack that is completely foil so keep an eye out for that as well!


Speaking of sets coming out, we are getting close to the new set, ‘Revelations’ coming out! And with that, spoilers are now officially starting for this new set. 

You can see a couple above, but there are already new card types, interactions etc that we can see starting. It also is building on existing mechanics (such as gears, darkness discard etc). Whether darkness needs more support is yet to be seen though.

I’m not sure if these spoilers will be releasing daily, every other day or what, or what quantity they will consistently release either. But quite a few were spoiled with more on the way so there will be lots to discuss! We will have videos covering these spoilers as well weekly while they are coming out so stay tuned!


A post was made in the official Facebook group, floating around the idea of an Argent Saga comic! This wasn’t confirmed, nor is it for sure going to happen. The post was meant to garner interest and see if this is something people would like to see in the game going forward.

Lots of people chimed in, but it seemed like the majority would like to see it happen. The mock up they made above already looks cool, and giving the Lore buffs something to physically collect besides cards would be pretty awesome. We’ll be sure to follow this if it comes to fruition sometime in the future.


Lastly for anyone wanting more Argent Saga content, stay tuned! Over on our Youtube channel we are working on possibly having a consistent flow of Argent Saga content besides the news and spoiler videos. Due to time constraints we haven’t been able to, but new developments may change that soon! 

So thanks for the support and we hope to see you guys around the channel! Until next week.