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ARGENT NEWS! New Towers, Promos, Bans, and More!

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

So we took some time off, so let’s play some catch up!


So we are in the midst of a new spoiler season! This is for the next mini expansion set, ‘Genesis’. We here at TCGScrubs got our own 2 exclusive cards we covered on the channel with a guest from True Duelist! Link HERE if you want to check that out. 

But some things of note to point out were a new ability on cards, and new towers! The new ability is ‘Brawler’. It is explained as ‘This unit may attack active and exhausted units the turn it comes into play’. So that’s really cool, basically giving it Quickness as well as Target Attack all in one for one turn! There should be some pretty cool decks that slot these types of cards in going forward.

The big thing is the inclusion of new towers! These were spoiled by TCGPlayer, and add an interesting dynamic, as you can see below:

So you can basically only run one of these towers at a time, and they add some very cool and interesting dynamics to the game! In addition to now being a true mystery as to what towers you might face up against next. The power levels of some of the towers, mainly the dark tower are a little concerning. But we’ll wait for this and the next booster box to come out to find out if there is a reason for this bigger spike.


So here will be some different bits of information that are related to Championship events. The first bigger news is there is a championship in Florida! You can see from the image above it takes place in December on the 13th to the 15th. The big takeaway from it is from the images for prizing, which includes a new card called ‘Daylon’, in addition to a really cool mat. 
There is also a mysterious Promo Pack that is available to get. The details of this are unknown, though it is teased to maybe be revealed at a later date.

The other news is for anyone traveling to the Championship in Richmond, just so everyone knows the new expansion ‘Genesis’ comes out the same day as the tournament, and will be completely legal! So make sure you are testing and planning for that before the event.


We got a look at several other promos as well in addition to the new Daylon just shown above. Two of them are going to be promos during the October LGS tournament structure.

In addition to Yuki finally being available to normal people there will also be 2 new full art Promos called Shrieker and Song of the Skys! You can check them out below:

So those are some crazy strong abilities potentially, even introducing the first natively zero cost card! What the power level of that could be we’ll have to wait and see. But these are available in the tournament kits already out for this month, so be sure to attend your local LGS to get some!

Another promo that will be available is in Richmond for the Championship. This is Silvermist Phoenix, of which you can read the ability below. Seems like a solid card, and it is neutral in color which I think makes it much more fun to get as a player since it can be slotted in any deck technically. 

Also revealed was the Pre-Release promo! It is Ketsu, a new Augment Gear. It allows continues recycling of itself to buff units, in addition to only being a 1 cost card.


So Jim (Owner of Argent Saga) made a post with some information for anyone looking to be a Judge, for LGS’s, and just players in general. The full post you can read above, but I’ll give a summary quick here.

-They are working on a Judge Rank program
-Texting matches at Championships, as well as Team Tracking at events
-Sanctioned tournaments need at least 4 players, and need to be logged in ERRES

And some other quick notes on there as well you should read. Main thing is for yourself and your LGS to familiarize yourselves with ERRES and be sure to use it as needed.


So after the most recent Championship, Ergon has been suspended. Ergon was one of, if not the most popular champion for people to use in most events. At the most recent championship it not only was the largest percentage in attendance, but also the biggest showing in top 8. In addition to this, he was pointed to as one of the reasons games stalled out and went slow (or at least the reason for consistency on that front).

In response to all this, the company suspended him right after the event. This is not an outright ban, as he will become playable again after Set 2 releases (so don’t panic if you like him). It is great that the suspension hammer dropped so quickly, though it is a little bit of a bummer that a card got so out of control already in the game. 

I still think this is in relation to the fact that just not enough cards are out yet. If the problem persists after he returns in set 2, then there might start to be more widespread concern about power levels in my opinion. But we shall wait and see.


It was also announced that we will be getting tokens at some point! These it is assumed would be in the set, as was the case with the last booster box. This time around they are doing something unique.

A poll was held in the Argent Saga Facebook group on if people wanted the tokens to be just copy/pasted art from the related card, slightly altered coloring of that card, or a vector style art of the card. The winner was Vector, as you can see above. This is a cool idea for tokens (while obviously saving them money on not getting new art) and should make a cool addition to your deck. I personally love official tokens so I’m glad they are going this route so quickly.


So November 8-10th will be Pre-Release for Argent Saga: Revelations! This has been referred to as ‘Sneak Peek’ in some posts as well, but is a pre-release. 

As you can see above, it includes the previously mentioned promo, 3 booster packs, and an intro deck. The question mark makes me assume the intro deck is random, and is part of the 5 intro decks we have already received. So be sure to talk to your LGS and make sure they are getting the kit in so you can participate as well.


It was announced almost a month ago that Argent Saga would be at PAX Unplugged, on December 6-8th. They were working on details so nothing else was given at the time.

Unfortunately, it was recently updated that PAX Unplugged had nerfed their space. As such  Argent Saga will no longer be present at the event. This isn’t the best of news, but at least nothing concrete was promised. It is unclear if there were previous plans that PAX backed out of, or if Argent Saga just couldn’t secure what they needed during negotiations. Either way just keep that in mind if you were planning on attending the event.


Jim also recently did a post going over some other random bits of information. This is where the news about PAX was revealed, but I figured I’d just put the full post below since not a whole lot of details is given for most the points, however they are still good to be aware of. 

-October Luna Metal cards for Regionals Top 8 will not arrive till middle of October, we will ship them out to the players from our headquarters as soon as we get them and throw in a promo pack for the wait.
-Dallas in January and Vegas in February will be announced soon, waiting on final contract
-Today is October 1st, so our first month of LGS support. We audit each order and make sure LGSes are using and documenting their tournaments in ERRES. We usually ship 5 days a week and they can reorder more kits as needed, we hope to see more stores building communities.
  • -Working on Argent Cups for those stores building a community and applying for regionals we are working on a common middle ground on how to award these starting 2020 to LGSes. We are currently in the planning for these. I like to make these where players grind Cups for Argent Cup points for items like byes, promos at the Championships. Will be looking for ideas from the community.
  • -Kickstarter, Car and National Championship is tentatively scheduled for summer 2020.
  • -Game Master program has started. We are interviewing around 3 to 5 GM’s a week.
  • -A lot of TO’s and GM’s are asking for support for conventions and we are actively working with them on these as well.

That’s all the news for this last couple weeks. Let us know if we missed anything!