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We were on a hiatus so we got a whole lot to catch up on!


As we had reported awhile back, Vite Ramen had announced they were going to start their own Circuit Series! This would be their own version of what ARG used to do, all leading to their own Nationals event. 

Well the kits are officially available to order! You can get them HERE. Be sure to share that link around, as it is the only way to access the kit on their website. 

A kit comes with a Judge playmat, a Champion playmat, 7 playmats for the remainder of top 8, and 8 Vite Circuit Nationals Invites. You can see the exclusive playmat design above! 

So be sure to talk to your LGS about this. If they order a kit, and report it officially there is even a guarantee attached. If they report that they didn’t at least make their money back, Vite Ramen will refund the difference! This is really awesome of them, and I highly recommend you support if you can through this tournament kit, and even their Ramen (which is really good by the way, no sponsor just like it). 


As we’ve been covering, Ruler School has teamed with different people to put on the Force of Will Festival this very weekend! Now there were a couple quick updates on it, though they are probably not too relevant since the event is so close now.

First is the location has changed. It was originally at a school, then recently it switched to a local game store instead. This switch now changed the cap of players that can attend to 58. If you plan on attending, it is highly recommended you pre-register. You can show up and pay on site if you wish, however there will be an extra $5 charge, and it cannot be guaranteed that you can enter if the seats are full.

Like I said, that is this weekend so be sure to tune into Ruler School’s Youtube channel for a livestream commentary! And if you are attending enjoy all the prizing and such that will be there as well. Should be exciting!


We got a look at the next cluster’s first set! This next set, Alice Origin, in addition to having reprints (which will most likely include Regalia) also has brand new Regalia! Though in a much different form.

You can see above what it looks like, this was shown in a couple different languages. It translates as follows:

Your J-Ruler gains (DRAIN)
Rest. Produce 2 will in any combinations of Fire/Light. Spend those will only to play Strangers or activate abilities of 12 Protector Gods or God’s Arts.

At least that’s the rough translation that I was able to get. If you have a correction let us know and we’ll fix it. But Regalia is back, and in a very interesting way. You can hear our full thoughts on the most recent Podcast where we discuss where this could go, as well as power levels etc.

The addition on the card of saying you can only play ‘Strangers’ is an interesting one. Once again we discuss this on the podcast but it could refer to a new version of the Runes in this new cluster, or a way to play the Memorial cards in a legal fashion. 


The starter decks for the next cluster have been revealed as well! You can see them in the images above. We had reported on these starters in past news segments, but now we have the official product images.

The biggest thing to note is the packaging very clearly is showing 2 different colors on each box. It’s obvious the starters will be dual color going by this, but to what extent? Your guess is as good as ours, but it’s very likely that they could be introducing a new form of dual stones, maybe in the vain of the Lapis Cluster stones. That could lead to some cool and exciting decks and really shift the game going into the next cluster. We’ll have to wait and see though.


The official Erratas are now live on the FOW website! You can check it out HERE. They are what we previously reported on, which is clarifying that Dark Alice can’t banish a J-ruler, and that Utgarda still destroys a J/Resonator with its discard effect. It’s nice that these are official now, though I’m not sure I agree with what happened with Utgarda. Funny side note, originally the errata was mistyped and by reading, errata-ed the enter text, not the discard text. 

Hopefully we get a CR update soon as well, since that is supposed to come in October and we haven’t heard anything further.


Speaking of not hearing anything, there was a post awhile back we reported on that a reprint of this recent set was coming to help everyone get product who didn’t. While this wasn’t confirmed officially, we reported on it since it seemed like it was from a reliable source. However, it was brought to my attention we still haven’t heard anything about this. If this reprint was in fact happening, at minimum distributors or people in the know should be aware of it.

I’m not saying the reprint isn’t happening, but if it is they are waiting quite awhile to do it or at least update us or the distributors what is going on. Hopefully we hear an update on this soon.


The Unofficial (but somewhat official) Wanderer ban list has recently been updated. If you’d like to read the full post made by the Wanderer committee going into detail, you can check that out HERE

Nothing has been added to the list, however, two things have been taken off! These are ‘Tell a Fairy Tale’ and ‘Lumia’! They are now unofficially (officially) unbanned for Wanderer games and tournaments. Obviously with the new Enter effects in the CR this will lead to lots of interesting shenanigans and combos so it will be interesting to see what people make with this now.


Godzilla Chrono Clash has been released! It actually released a bit over a week ago, but we’ve been away. We’ve been covering the release of this game in the news for a while now, so it’s cool that it is in the open. However, with its release came a couple issues. 

First of which is the distribution of the product itself. I saw a decent amount of posts from people having trouble finding the product at their local game stores. I myself had this problem as well (hence the late release of our Box Opening on our channel). Our local game store only ordered to pre-orders, and their distributor didn’t have anymore to order. This was the case with another LGS I checked as well, and my local Target that carries Naruto did not have Godzilla. Online prices on Amazon for this had gone up for a short period, peaking at $70 per box! It has now gone down to $55 plus $7 in shipping. I am not sure why this was, if it was a problem of not printing enough product for demand, or under printing due to not enough demand. But it seems to be settling down now.

The second problem that came up was in the gameplay itself. The game introduced a couple new mechanics, the most noteable of which is ‘Sneak Attack’ that the majority of the community seems to agree is too strong in its current state. I myself have not had a chance to test this out, since I only just now received product. But it looks like the company may be addressing some of these problems in the near future with possible rule changes, so we will keep you guys up to date going forward.

As far as the game on our channel, now that we have product look forward to gameplay in the near future! We are also working on a series that is going to dive in to the Lore of Godzilla based on each individual card for anyone not familiar (or fans wanting to refresh themselves). That’s a big project we are excited about and should be starting to release in the next week or two.


If you missed it, this past week we did a couple cool videos based on indy or up and coming card games. One was a box opening/gameplay of a fun game called Gem Blenders. We will probably have another video for them in the future so be sure to check that out!

Another we did was for Manacrest, an upcoming physical/digital card game that looks really interesting. This video was an interview with one of the creators and I highly recommend checking that out as well. 

We hope to keep up to date once in a while with those 2 games, as well as showcasing other indy games that we are interested in so stay tuned!

That’s all for this week, thanks for catching up with us and see you next week!