TCG NEWS! CR Update!? Erratas, DBV Reprint, and more!

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:


A lot of interesting things came to light this week so let’s get into it!


So last week we talked about how we heard that the company was possibly doing a CR update in the next month. Those same sources posted details of what the CR will actually accomplish, as well as a possible errata the company will do as well.

You can see the full details in the images below, but it includes changes in the CR with how loss of life works (which affects Lucifer), clarification on the Alice resonator, and an errata to Utgarda Loki to make it’s ‘inheritance’ ability stronger. To hear some of our specific thoughts on these be sure to check out this past week’s podcast!


So we already got the announcement of next cluster’s Alice Origin name and details. Now we have the booster box design! You can see it above, but it is similar to what we’ve seen before. The 2 big changes are the blue booster packs, and the slimmer box design.

The slim design is obviously to accommodate the smaller sets now. Not too much to examine, but cool to see! Thanks to Chris Hartl over at Chris Weekly FOW Update for these images. Follow his Facebook page HERE


We got a prizing update for the upcoming FOW Festival put on by Ruler School! You can see above we now have Halloween themed energize coins! These are super awesome, and look super cute as well. There is now over $7,000 worth of prizing on top of cash prizing at the tournament.

So if you are planning on going, be sure to register! These coins are limited to the first 90 players with different levels of choosing the coin based on entry. You can register HERE. We at TCGScrubs are still figuring out if we will go, so we will keep you guys updated!


So one of the big issues with the most recent set was a large amount of seemingly shorted or cancelled orders. If you want details we have several videos/articles going into details about the situation. That being said, it looks like a reprint is incoming of the set! 

This is very surprising, as the company is usually very adverse to reprinting sets. This could possibly mean one of the theories myself and Rudy has was correct, in that some of the shipment was damaged/lost resulting in the shortage of orders. In any case, it’s very heartening to see reprints announced and coming so soon. I’m hoping they don’t do what they’ve done before with second print runs, where they go to a much cheaper and lower quality printer to get the orders done cheap and quick. The quality of the print in this set is one of its biggest strengths.
Once again, thanks to Chris Hartl for these images alerting us to this news.


So we possibly got an update on what Memorial cards are. If you are unaware, Memorial cards were listed in the sales sheet for the next cluster. Nobody knows what this is, and it takes up more than half of all the cards in the set. Well, it looks like we may have gotten some unfortunate news in that regard.

It looks like our early theories were correct, and memorial cards will be a form of reprint. Not just a regular reprint like last set either, these will be reprints from things like Alice cluster, and WILL NOT be legal in New Frontiers. It also looks like they will be old Promo cards updated with new borders and such. They will be playable in draft and sealed (possibly). 

Now this is not only a bit annoying, but potentially really bad for players not in the know. It is annoying because these take up the majority of the set. So one of two things will happen. Either opening packs will be boring because you are pulling nothing but these reprinted old cards that you can’t play, or you will be barely pulling any of these reprinted cards to make it worthwhile (the purpose of a reprint is to get access to old cards, making these hard to pull defeats that purpose). With the current count of these, there is almost no way to win in this situation.

Add to that they are not legal in NF. This is not something easy to communicate to new players or players who aren’t active online with the game. Passive players make up the majority of any game, and this will just muddy the waters greatly. I’m really not sure how this can turn out to be a net positive for the next set, especially since there will now be 80 reprinted cards and only 67 actually new and legal cards. Hopefully more details come out regarding this soon, though it’s safe to say we won’t know until the set actually comes out again.


One interesting thing that was noted from the new set’s sales sheet, was the lack of a buy-2-box promo! This is very encouraging, as loose promos are just asking to be messed with at the distributor level. 

Now this could be done for a couple reasons. The first is that they listed to community feedback and decided to right the course. This one is a little hard to believe, but it is entirely possible (maybe they’ll address that in that Q and A that happened over 2 months ago).

The second, and most likely reason in my opinion, is due to the smaller booster box sizes. Before, they wanted to incentivize people to spend an extra $100 to get 64 packs total for that promo. Now, people are more than likely going to spend $100 to get 2 booster boxes no matter what due to their size and price. The incentive is no longer needed. Therefore, why spend the money on the promo when people will be buying 2 boxes by default from now on? This makes total sense and works out for everyone in the end, so I’m glad they did it. 


Hong Kong’s GP is this weekend! With that comes some really cool prizing we will share here. Above is the participation playmat you can get. Nice artwork that is being used and such. Below is the also what looks to be the Champion playmat? Which may be unique to this event and single champion.

It was also announced that there will be a Genesis side event here, which should prove very interesting.


So as many of you know, Chrono Clash is coming out with a Godzilla set which is shaping up to be awesome. We are in the middle of spoilers, and with that got some interesting surprises. 

It looks as if the Godzilla set will be using multiple movie properties from TOHO! TOHO is the studio behind Godzilla, and have done quite a few monster/creature films that exist outside of Godzilla lore. 2 cards that were spoiled are these movies that exist outside of Godzilla, one having mushroom people, and another with a character from War of the Gargantuas. If you don’t know what any of that is, don’t worry! We will explain it all at a later date.

Now these technically could be considered Godzilla canon in a sense. The recent Godzilla Anime trilogy on Netflix had a prequel novel in Japan, in that the earth was assaulted by various monsters that included many of the ones in these side TOHO movies. So the creatures in these movies in a round about way could be considered part of the Godzilla universe. In any case it’s awesome to see these more obscure movies/creatures being brought to light!

That’s all for this week, see everyone in a couple weeks! (I’m taking a week off)