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ARGENT NEWS! Argent Sleeves, Promos, Game Master!

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

So we got some exciting announcements this week so let’s get into it!


The above promos have been revealed! These came to us via the promotional materials sent to local game stores. On it it advertised these for upcoming events. The one at the front is significant because it is the first naturally  0 cost card! Whether that is good or bad will be for you to decide.

The second card in the back seems to say ‘Arrive – Send the top three cards of your deck into the discard zone’. Or at least that is the most likely scenario. This obviously is meant to work really well with Ergon. 

These seem pretty interesting! Both seem very playable and potentially high power levels as well, so look forward to that. 


In a livestream video, Argent Saga previewed a box opening of the upcoming set, Genesis. They opened several boxes showing off the packaging, cards and how they look, including the foils they opened above! If you want to watch the video in its entirety, check it out HERE

One good thing from the video is it looks like this set for sure uses the foiling method from the 2.0 run of Betrayal, meaning cards will be legible, which is always nice.


In that same video mentioned above, we were given the first look at some Argent Saga branded sleeves! Now, these are in beta currently and I’m not sure if a release date was mentioned, but they can’t be too far off now.

There were 3 versions shown above. The stones and card back are sort of the expected generic sleeves, which is still cool to have. The shard sleeves in particular will be nice to have and use exclusively on the Shard deck. The art sleeves I’ll be looking forward to though like the one shown above. I’d pay top dollar if they are ever able to do that in Art Matte form as well.


In case you missed it, re-release events have started! This is another release event for Betrayal, for anyone who might have missed them the first time around. There were already events last weekend, with more this upcoming and future weekends. 

Be sure to check in with your locals store to find out when yours is. It is probably too late to order a box if your store didn’t get one, so be sure to ask your store to stay on top of it in the future! This one came with some cool promos and prizing shown above.


So details regarding Game Masters was given by Argent Saga. If you don’t know, this is the program where you can sign up to basically help promote the game at stores that they go to.
It’s a very interesting idea for a program, and sounds like it has benefits outside of just promoting the game. The full details were given below:

I am not sure we have posted much about the Game Master program we are creating. You have to be a judge, so I know it has been posted in the official judge group.

We were able to launch Argent Saga so successfully since many of you decided to take some locally printed demo decks and fan out across parts of the United States demoing Argent Saga and with the success we have put into action a program very similar which we will call Game Master.

Here are a few details and requirements of the Game Master program.

⁂ Be a judge in good current standing.
⁂ Focus is on areas with out current Argent Saga OP
⁂ Have store sign up for LGS
⁂ Start with Demo Days/Nights
⁂ Start a weekly tournament. The Game Master can TO or partner with the store. Build a community.

Game Masters will apply and be interviewed and full support and compensation from Argent Saga. Maybe the store gets motivated and takes over, maybe the store lets the Game Master show up and run weekly tournaments we are looking for GM’s who are business minded and can change the mind of store owners who might be unwilling to take a risk or our complacent.

There are many more details, but I promised my team I keep it as short as I can here in the public official group, think about becoming a Judge Game Master.

For more information on becoming a Game Master contact

So as mentioned above, people who participate will get full support and compensation from Argent Saga. They want to make sure you are a Judge and are promoting it in an area that does not already have OP. Plus various other details. I highly recommend reading above is you want to participate or contacting the above email as well! 

You can actually officially apply to be a Game Master by going to the link HERE


Side events were announced for Indianapolis! You can read them all above, where it has everything from the normal 8 man pods, to battling a champion.

If you plan on attending, don’t forget to register at the official page HERE! It ends Friday at 9 PM CST

That’s all the news for this week, see you next time!