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ARGENT NEWS! New Championship, Promos, Drafting, and MUCH More!

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Otherwise we have a lot of catch up to do this week and a ton of news!


Just a couple reminders I thought we should go over, especially for people newer to the game. 

Firstly, if you are wanting to connect with the community at large, get questions you have answered, etc be sure to join the Argent Saga Facebook group! It is located HERE

For any judge questions, such as questions on how cards/card interactions work or general gameplay inquiries, be sure to join the Argent Judge group and ask it there instead of the normal Facebook group. You can find that HERE

For selling and buying card singles, or any transaction really on Facebook be sure to check out the official group since it isn’t allowed in the above groups. Get to it HERE

And lastly, be sure to check into our website here for Top 8 lists/breakdowns of all major Argent Saga events, in addition to our weekly news here both in video and article form.


This Friday we here at TCGScrubs will be streaming a mini competition of Argent Saga at Shenanigans Esports and Gaming Venue! This is an Austin vs. San Antonio event that will serve as a preview of what we might see later on, as it is allowing people to proxy cards they need from the next set ‘Generations’ in addition to any promo cards they may need that are not readily available. 

This will also serve to help test the stream for when we will be driving out to broadcast the Regionals at the same store later this month! So be sure to follow both Shenanigan’s Youtube and Twitch, as well as ours to see that this Friday and later this month!


A new Championship was announced! This one will be taking place in Ohio where Argent Saga is located at! This will be taking place November 2nd-3rd with $5,000 in cash prizes on the line. There will also be side events that Friday to win Prize Wall items and more! 

There is also the $100 VIP package which includes 10 promo stones, Buckeye promo, Ruka Promo, custom dice, and more! For full details check out the event page HERE


So Wave 2.0 of Betrayal is out! If you missed it or your locals haven’t gotten it, here is a look above at what the foiling is now. As you can see, they are now legible! The foiling no longer goes over the text box or name of the card, making it much easier to see what it says.

The scratch foiling I personally am still not a fan of, because you straight up can’t see the art on the card (and since there are no normal versions of these cards, the art will never get its full due). But the other foiling looks superb now for sure. I haven’t seen any complaints as of yet on card quality or scratching etc that plagued the first set. We’ll let you know if that comes up, or any difference for the numbered full art cards since we haven’t seen anyone pull that from 2.0 yet as well.


In case you missed it, Generations, the mini expansion set for the game was fully spoiled! You can see these spoilers on their website HERE. We will have a video going over everything in detail later this week or next week hopefully. In the meantime check out the website, or our video where we exclusively spoiled a card from the set and went into detail of it.


We got several new promos! These were revealed via the Argent Saga website. I’m not sure if there has been a designation of what they are all tied to, but keep a lookout for events or locals that my get them in some fashion!

On the subject of promos a new promo was unlocked for Indianapolis! This was unlocked since 100 people registered for the event already! It is the GZ Promo, which a lot of people have been having trouble getting. This is pretty cool, and is automatically unlocked if you are getting the VIP package. So be sure to get that, which also comes with all the other promos and extras as well!


They also added a bunch of new Regionals! These are the smaller events held at various gamestores across the country. You can check out the official list HERE for every single one.

There is now 30 total events! Some, like in TX, have multiple events in similar locations over the next couple months, which is really cool for people like us that are near them. The website shows how many people they can hold, locations, contact information, and more!

Unfortunately, it does look like 2 events on the list are cancelled. One is at Kirwan’s Game Store who have been big advocates for Argent Saga. They cancelled because they didn’t like that their event was at the same time as the Argent Championship. While the timing could be a little unfortunate, it does seem weird to straight up cancel the event. There were already posts from several people saying they were planning on attending that event and cannot attend the Championship, so now they have nowhere to go.

Kirwan did something similar when they ran Force of Will. They were the official store for a WGPQ event, and ended up cancelling it even though the attendance was there and even people willing to upfront cash to increase prizing and guarantee no store loss. Whenever something happens they don’t like, they seem to cancel the event regardless of player input, which is unfortunate for everybody since as of right now they were the only NY store running a Regional event. 


So one thing that a lot of people have been asking for is the possibility of drafting. This is a very popular thing in card games as it brings excitement during things like releases, and a random different type of game that you can constantly do on a whim. 

From the get go it felt like the possibility of draft was not going to be realized, especially due to the logistics of making a game structured like Argent Saga into a draftable format. However it seems like the company might be getting close to it, especially after the burst in the game’s popularity. 

In a Facebook post, Jim (owner of AS) said that he had just come out of a meeting where they were discussing draft in future sets. Questions came up obviously for how things like Affinity would work, access to Champion/Spirits etc. We don’t know any details or when this integration may happen, but it’s great to hear it’s happening at some point! He re-iterated they are working on this during a livestream he did as well.

Slightly related to this was another announcement that could be used for drafting in the future. It is going to be used for Set 2: Revelations, and is a Sneak Peek event. This was described as a format that will possibly act as a pre-release (details aren’t all there). It would take place in November. 

He ran a poll asking what people would like to see in the event, and by far the clear winner is people wanting to just pay $20 and get 5 packs of the new set plus a promo. I like the sound of this and it could be a lot of fun depending on how it’s executed. Considering they are just now doing a poll for it, it’s probably too early to tell for sure what this could end up looking like.


Speaking of Revelations, it is up for Pre-Order now! The link and announcement was posted on Facebook, showing that you can now pre-order it through a distributor. This means you most likely can pre-order at your locals or wherever relevant. 

It’s important to get pre-orders in, as it allows a minimum allocation of product, as well as guaranteeing you don’t miss out on the set if it proves to be popular. The release date is November 11th, with Pre-

Orders needing to be locked in by October 3rd! If you are curious on card distribution, numbers, etc check out the listing HERE


A new event is possibly announced! This one is near and dear to us since it’s closer. Jim posted on the Facebook group again announcing that he’d be visiting Dallas area in Texas and will be running an event! 

He ran a poll asking what day of the month people would prefer, and the biggest winner so far was January 3rd-5th. We don’t know what type of event or scale this could be, but over 100 people voted in the poll which is promising. Dallas events have tended to have pretty big crowds from the couple card games I’ve seen. I look forward to hopefully hearing more of this!

That’s all the news for this week (or past 2 weeks)! If I missed anything please let us know, especially if it’s important enough to cover next week. And with that we’ll see you next week!