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So as you guys might remember, well over a month and a half ago (getting close to 2 months) Svitlana of Games n Geek had posted in the Facebook Global group asking people to submit questions. These questions she would then take to the company and bring back what they said. This was a cool way to at least have some form of communication with FOW, since none has taken place since Jeff and Eiji departed. Ever since asking for the questions things have been kind of quiet with people wondering what happened. 

Well there were some comments on the post recently which prompted a response, in which she said:

The questions have been turned in to the company. 
I did hear back from them.
They will be addressing all of the concerns from this posting. They will be formulating their responses directly from japan, and addressing the public from there.

So this is good news at least. Hopefully the company sends the questions to her, because there have been at least 2, maybe 3 instances of the company promising to do a public post about different subjects, and then just not doing it hoping people don’t notice. But if they do soon that’d be awesome.

Unfortunately one can assume a lot of the questions are either not as relevant anymore, or were indirectly answered. For example one question asked about why the company went silent and if they’ll do community outreach. Well if you asked that question, it’s now been almost 2 months with no answer and no company communication. And for outreach, FOW skipped GenCon among other things which is a little disheartening. 

Questions regarding bans/CR updates are about to be answered on their own with the set releasing.

Questions if Kaguya and Arwyn are exclusive (already answered via spoilers).

And more, obviously. So hopefully we hear from them soon, especially some cool hype bits would be awesome like we used to get with past Liasons. Hints at what the GP season might look like for example would be a great confidence boost to the community and game in general. But we’ll keep you guys up to date if anything comes up!


So if you’ve been following our channel, you will have seen the entire set was spoiled! This was mainly just the remaining 10 cards, which were the UC slotted cards. They are all Will fixing in some fashion, and seem to be at power levels usually associated with Rares and Super Rares.

It will be interesting to see how the format could be shaped with these. If you want an in depth analysis, be sure to check out the video on our channel going over them!


GP France was formally announced. You can find out the full information for it on their site HERE

It will take place September 21-22, and will include a paid ticket to Worlds! This even includes accommodation according to the website. It will also be cluster format, which will be very interesting considering the cards we are getting with this new set.

Specifics as far as promos, rewards, etc have not been revealed yet, but will be at a later date.


The release of the new FOW set is coming up! And with it Pre-release is coming up! It is this weekend actually, with full release coming next weekend. 

This is going to be a very unique pre-release, so a couple things to remember going in. At your locals you should establish the full legality of using Rune reprints. Will people be allowed to use these to their heart’s desire? Will you limit how many/what colors people can use in a single deck? Do you just not let people use them? These are good things to figure out beforehand. 

Also be sure to be on the lookout for our Pre-Release primer! Where Joe goes over the best cards/combos to play and look out for!


Unfortunately, it looks like there (as of now) won’t be an update to the CR. In the past the updates to things like the CR would happen this past Monday, or Tuesday at the latest (US time). As of writing we are about to hit Thursday and still no update, which leads to the conclusion we most likely won’t be getting one.

This is unfortunate for a couple reasons. The first is simple things like the upcoming pre-release. As I mentioned above there is no universal way to deal with Rune reprints in the set. This would also affect any future limited format friendly competitions or tournaments. 

The bigger issues come down to card interactions. From things like Perfect Loki and if it would go to graveyard, or that Rune with infinite Divinity and if that means with Perfect Loki you can run that rune plus as much other Divinity as you want. Clarifications on Alice becoming all races, loss of life wording on the new darkness resonator, and much more. 

Also with no CR update means no updates in general. So as of now there is no clarification on what to do with cards like the dark giant and previously  mentioned resonator, both of which have different text wording in other countries. Do all countries adopt that wording or our wording? This is obviously even more important for international events like Worlds etc. Also obviously we won’t be getting any updates to the ban list.

So we can only hope that they are just super late on this and we just won’t have updates until after pre-release. We’ll keep you updated on that, or any community-inspired updates for things like the CR etc.


So one random thing that came out of the reprints and lack of company communication is how this affects Pauper.  This is a format where only common cards can be used. It’s currently being maintained by Justin Dilgard.

It was pointed out that there are cards from the Starter Decks that were Uncommon before, but with the reprints are now common. This presents a very unique and interesting problem. Do you ban all uncommon reprints outright? Or since they are technically common now, do you go card by card and judge bans based on power level? 

This isn’t crazy news, but an interesting predicament. Would love to hear your guys’ ideas  for what to do  regarding this as well!


As you can see above, we got some promos! Both regular and Wanderer League promos were revealed. This was done in a very interesting way. Neither have been officially shown anywhere, as seems to be the pattern now. 

The first, Set, The Commander of Destruction, was revealed by Taylor Smith in the Facebook Group. It sounds like his store was sent this instead of the Angel Promo for some reason, an error on the company’s part. As such we got this picture of next month’s promo!

The second image has Dreams of Wonderland as the Wanderer promo. This was found by Cal Tuma on Twitter. Taylor Smith then confirmed this was also at his locals and he must have missed that they also got the Wanderer Promo early by accident as well. So by mistakes on the company’s part we at least got looks at the new promos!


So Jeremy of Ruler School is actually putting together a GP level type of event! It  is called the Grand FOW Festival and is taking place October 12th! Full details, including tickets for the event etc can be found HERE

There  is a $500 cash prize pool for top 8, that doubles if 60 people register. First 80 to register get a free playmat. All players get a GP Lightning Cave promo and select monthly promo cards as well in addition to a playmat. Top 8 also receive the Gold Uber Arthur Ruler and Top 3 get the gold/silver/bronze plated ones as well. 

There is lots more shown and to be announced so be sure to try attending it! Full gallery of prizing pictured below.

Well that’s the news for this week! See you next time