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ARGENT NEWS! Regionals, Free(ish) Product, Spoilers, and Much More!

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

There was quite a bit that happened this past week again, so let’s go!


We got some regional dates announced! These are the store-run tournaments that are run across the country. You just need to check out the main website HERE to find out where and when your local area will be holding one! We here at TCGScrubs will be at the San Antonio event so keep an eye out for us! 

If you are a store looking to run a Regionals, there might still be time to do it in that same link I posted above. No guarantees though.

Also at Regionals will be a new promo and prizing! You can see the image below the top half will get Demon of the Evil Eye, a brand new promo card! As well as a FA promo/playmat for participation, and a FA Metal card for top 8! Full details at the link and image below! Prizing varies depending on the month the Regional event takes place.


On a bit of less exciting news, people who are getting their Kickstarter Rewards found out via the mail received that the Metal Towers were not in the packaging. According to Jim (CEO of Argent Saga) he had forgotten to order those with the other prizing. Good news is the order is placed so he said to expect those in the next 3 weeks or so.

It’s a little disappointing, especially for anyone looking forward to show them off at any locals/tournaments about to happen. But at least they are coming. And Kickstarter prizing outside of those should be arriving everywhere! So if you backed them on Kickstarter keep an eye out!


We got some new details for the Argent Saga Championship coming up! This is the event that takes place September 14th/15th. There will be a Swiss format main event held on Saturday, then on Sunday top cut will happen along with a full separate Regional tournament!

As you can see from the picture above, you can now do a VIP package for $100 which includes the participation playmat/promo, the set of 7 custom dice, the Buckey FA Promo, and a set of TEN FA Shards! Also a VIP Lapel Pin. This is genuinely really cool, and if I were to attend would probably be the first time I spent money on a VIP package in a TCG. The value for the Shards and Dice alone is enough for me.

For full information on the tournament, including registration and deals on Hotels, visit their website link HERE


So if you have had a chance to open booster packs, you will probably have seen there is a chance to pull ‘Shard Point’ cards. These are cards we were told could be redeemed at some point for product of some kind. Well it looks like we finally got (most of) it! 

On the website there is now a Redeem Shardpoints Section under the Community tab (you can find it HERE) where there is a tone of awesome items already ready to go! Everything from exclusive shirts, to playmats, booster boxes/packs, dice, and more! And more stuff yet to be announced which include Art prints, Metal Towers, Promos etc!

You can see some of it below, but it’s a really cool idea that should be fun to try saving points for!


So announced was a series of events for Canada soon! This weekend actually, there will be lots of events going on, all leading to a big tournament! 

This tournament will take place on August 18th, and will actually give the winner a choice of any NA event to get a paid flight to! In addition to an Esports gaming chair!

These events will be at the CNE-Gaming Garage and will require a convention badge to enter. For complete details and how to register visit the Facebook event page HERE


Along with the new prize wall section on the Argent Saga website is a Playmat section. Here it shows off every single past and upcoming playmat for the game, including the dates that the playmats were released during. This is a really cool and handy resource for people wondering where and when playmats were released, how rare they could be, etc. 

Another thing that came from this section was in some of the previews of playmats was some new art! This would be from one of the 2 new sets coming up, and includes some interesting looking stuff. You can see in some of the images below, and check out that website section HERE


So a couple issues were brought up recently that we’ll briefly go over. The first was the power level of Ergon. This is the card pictured above that discards things, then fixes the top of your deck as its two abilities. As seen in recent tournaments (which you can view in the Argent Saga Top 8 section on this website) he has been very prevalent. Even at our locals his power level was taken note of. 

This has caused the community to ask this power level to be addressed, which in response it looks like the company is taking a look into it. What this might entail we don’t know, but it could be a ban, errata, or we may simply just have to wait until a later set to gain the counters to it. It’s important to note that with only intro decks and one set that balance will be an issue be default. However something like a temporary ban on him until a set with counters comes out would be a good solution, especially with how many events are happening between now and then.

On a similar note, another gameplay related thing that came up was timing of rounds. Currently the time limit is 45 minutes  (50 minutes for Grand Prix level events). The 45 minutes though is for locals and regional events, which is the main one being called into question. There have been pretty consistent complaints from the inception of the game (though more prevalent now) that there simply isn’t enough time to play out games. Because of this ties happen often or just incomplete rounds. 

The feedback from the company on this hasn’t been super clear. It sounds like they might be taking a look into it, but at the same time they sounded pretty confident where it was at. So we might just be waiting until after the tournament season to see if there is a consistent outcome from these match times, or if this only a small problem mostly relegated to people still familiarizing themselves with the game.


Speaking of Floor Rules with time limits, a new floor rule was recently added. This one is the Clarified End of Match Procedure (3.5). The following 2 additions were added:

If a new game is begun while already in the end of match procedures, reset the count of extra turns

Drawing Extra Cards now always carries a Game Loss penalty

Obviously the first rule change is pretty mundane, the second one however is pretty interesting. It’s basically saying no matter what, no matter the circumstance, if you draw an extra card by accident (could be drawing 2 cards instead of 1, or drawing a card too quickly before your opponent finishes a sequence they were doing), you instantly get a game loss with no attempt to remedy the situation. 

This is an interesting ruling that has already caused some discontent with members of the community. It was pointed out that other card games do not do this, most noteably MTG. Game loss is an extreme measure for a situation that has alternative ways to remedy it. The one proposed by Brandan Bremont was to use the MTG method, which is the offender reveals their hand to their opponent, the opponent chooses a card and that card is inserted somewhere into the deck. 

This creates huge disadvantage to the offender, while not throwing the entire game away. Avoiding automatic game losses should be the point of rulings and judges, not necessarily to create as many instant game loss conditions as possible. I know I personally have accidentally drawn cards several times, whether it’s form card draw abilities or drawing slightly out of sequence. None of it malicious and definitely not deserving of a game loss. 

So we’ll see how this plays out in the future and if they end up listening to some of this community feedback.


A new mini season of spoilers has started! This is for the mini-expansion set ‘Generations’. This is a set that costs $25 and has some new cards, reprints, and FA variants of old cards.

It’s a pretty cool idea that I’m excited for. You can see an example of a spoiled card above! There was some criticism though, as 5 cards were spoiled that turned out just to be vanilla (you can see an example below). This caused people to ask why they would get a set that had reprints combined with some of the new cards are  (at the moment) unplayable vanilla cards. 

This is a good question, as vanilla cards usually are best delegated to intro decks and booster boxes. It could be that the remaining cards are pretty high power levels so it balances it out overall, but it still would have been nice for these to at least be somewhat higher than average stats or something to help them stand out. We’ll be doing spoiler video coverage of these as they come out so stay tuned on our Youtube channel to get our full thoughts of ever single card as they come out!


Do you have a local Argent Saga Facebook page? Well Argent Saga wants to hear from you! Jim posted asking people to follow a Google Docs HERE to fill out a form where you say where you are located, and link your Facebook group. 

What this could completely entail is unknown, but it did hint at sending promotional material to possibly help build your locals, which would be awesome! It could also be used for them to create a database on their website so people can easily find regions and stores that support the game. Jim also said if you have a group to add him to it so he can help grow the game!

As a side note somewhat unrelated, he mentioned in a separate conversation that they might possibly be looking at ‘Autograph’ cards in addition to the numbered cards in the future as a rarity. Just a quit tidbit I thought I’d share.


Last piece of news was the announcement of the Argent Saga Re-Release! This was announced to Retailers to do in September. This will basically be another Pre-release, especially for stores (like ours) that didn’t get a chance to run an event like this.

It was stressed that your store must schedule the event through ERRES and can be held any day during that month. You can email for more information regarding it. Top 8 gets Full Art Foil Cards, up to 16 players get participation FA cards, Top 8 gets mats and lapel pins as well. This should be an awesome string of events so should be exciting! 

That’s all for this week, hopefully that’s enough news for you all. See you next week!