TCG NEWS! WGPQ Downsized, Worlds Stream! New Circuit Series?

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:

We got just a couple interesting news items this week, so let’s get into it!


So as many of you know, we have a WGPQ coming up very soon in Arizona. This is one of the last FOW events in the US as well. We had previously reported on the large pool of prizing that was going to be at the event, from energize plates, to coins, help paying for a trip to Japan, and more. However, sadly it looks like that has changed. Jesse James Comics and Games (the store hosting the event) made the post below in the FOW Global Facebook group that you can read:

As you can see based on lack of contact from players and the company he decided to scale back prizing. This is understandable considering if the event does not fire off as planned, he would stand to lose a decent amount of money. The pre-registering of only one player isn’t too big of a deal in my opinion, as it was pointed out that is quite normal for these types of events. But if they aren’t used to that it’s enough to warrant scaling back the prizing in response. It is very disheartening to hear though that the store that is running a full WGPQ is still having trouble maintaining contact with the company. Even outside of the WGPQ with their normal monthly promos they seem to be having the same problem our local store, and many others are having. 

So as of now the prizing has been reduced as was laid out in the post. We’ll have to wait and see if FOW ends up contacting them at some point to try and remedy some of this, but seeing as the company hasn’t even replied to the community QandA that was held over a month ago it’s probably safe to say things will continue as they are. It’s still important to support the store though so if you plan on going still go! It will be fun with lots of people, and Jeremy of Ruler School will be streaming as well! So we can still make the most of it.


So as you all probably knkow, ARG Circuit series has stopped supporting FOW (among other games). This has left a hole for where smaller tournaments could have happened for the game. 

Now it seems there might be something new coming? Jeremy (once again of Ruler School) made a post on Facebook. In it, he said he was approached by some individuals wanting to create a replacement for the Circuit Series. Before this can happen, they are gathering information from players, most likely to determine demand and amounts of player concentration in different areas of the US. 

There are 2 surveys, one for players, and one for stores. You can take the survey HERE. After you have taken it there is a link at the bottom to send to your locals to take as well. If you’d like to see these tournaments again be sure to fill it out!


So per usual, icv2 has released the next season of top 10 lists for hobby games! This list details the top 10 selling card games inside of hobby stores, and once again (similar to last time) Force of Will no longer makes the cut. A couple surprises though in it is that Transformers TCG is maintaining pretty high, and Keyforge is not only high, but surpassed Yu-Gi-Oh! That is quite unexpected. Cool to see things shaken up a bit though. We’ll see if the new FOW company’s direction translates to them getting back on this top 10 list next time, when they will have had full control of the game for the entire season.


So it looks like the dates for Worlds have been announced! It is officially November 17-18th. They have confirmed an artist signing for day 1 like usual, and some sort of event for day 2 that will be announced at a later time. So for anyone that plans on going or watching the stream, be sure to set aside time for that! It was officially announced that Vite Ramen will be sponsoring the stream for the event with Jeremy! So awesome of them to continue to support the game in this way as well

That’s all the news for this week, see you all next time!