Argent News

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We got a couple things to go over so let’s get started!

Before we officially go into the news, be sure to check out the recent top 8 events from GenCon here on the website! There was a 5K and Regionals that we have the full breakdown, and top 8 lists! Just hover over ‘Argent Saga’ above, then click on top 8!


We got our first look at the mat for regionals! This is the smaller events that are usually held around the country. They usually come with mats and promos sometimes, so we got a look at that at least! These regionals take place in September so keep an eye out for that.

Full information for Regionals, or any other Argent Saga event can always be found on their website HERE


TCGPlayer officially has Argent Saga now! This was mentioned awhile back that it would happen eventually, and it did. It had started with the obvious booster box, starter decks, and packs, but now it is full of singles in different varieties. It is still a settling market so prices feel a bit high for some cards, but that can be expected to (hopefully) go down after the second print run comes out, or at worst the second set comes out. 

Not a lot of the high rarity cards on there though I noticed, those are still mostly being sold on the Argent Saga Facebook Marketplace currently. But it’s awesome it’s on TCGPlayer now, which is a big resource for people who want singles. And because it’s alphabetical, it’s easy to find under the ‘Other’ menu!


We got our first look at a future card now as well! You can see it quite blurry above, but it’s there! It was also mentioned that there will be another green card being spoiled, possibly soon, that the community will love. 

This one above though, if it’s hard to read, roughly says:

Gain a counter for every tower you have destroyed. You can remove one counter and exhaust this card, exhaust a unit.
Or you can remove 4 and exhaust, destroy a unit and stand up 2 shards.

This is a rough idea of what it says, we’ll know more when it is revealed proper!


I’ve been seeing this pop up a lot so thought I’d do a quick general reminder that Yuki (the Kickstarter promo) will be available at LGS tournaments this October. It is still unfortunate in the meantime the shortage and price of them (currently around $60-70 per card), but hopefully the release of these will lower the price, plus make access to them much easier. They seem to be sticking to the idea of tournament locked cards, but maybe if the community isn’t overall a fan of them, it could change. 

By not having tournament locked cards and instead having really cool (and rare) alternate arts of popular cards, you disappoint nobody. By having these, you definitely disappoint and frustrate a significant portion of players. We’ll wait and see what happens though!

That’s all the news for this week. Finally, a shorter one! See you next week