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Got a lot of interesting tid bits so let’s go! 


In case you aren’t aware, My Will Studios is the company that Eiji and Jeff started post their FOW leaving. With it they have already partnered with the digital card game, CryptoSpell, and have teased plans for some other cool projects as well!

They recently posted the above picture (with some awesome shirts by the way) teasing an incoming announcement from them! There wasn’t any details, but it is hopeful that Jeff was there, because it gives hope that whatever it is would see an English release possibly. Some possibilities could be projects Eiji has talked about doing in the past, including the Architects card game and a FOW board game that uses figurines. We’ll keep you guys up to date if anything new comes up!


So it looks  like it was just confirmed that the promos that were announced for Buy-A-Box promo and more are simply re-used art unfortunately. What they did was take the previous art, make a slight adjustment/color change, then put it out as a promo.

Two examples are Odin and Kaguya. Odin has simply rotated his arm up a bit, and Kaguya added a scroll or blip of some sort that she is holding, plus some slight color changes. This is a bit disappointing, because the cool choice of what art to use for promos, or getting excited for new art on promos goes away for these. Let’s hope this is a one off, and doesn’t become a trend for future promos that have yet to get art commissioned. 


Remember the Force of Will Simulator? It was a digital platform to play FOW that was short lived unfortunately. One thing that was in it that was really cool was the different brand new art in it. People have been wondering if they could get a hold of that art, and now they can!

Thanks to Jeff Finnigan, he was able to send us all the art he had from it (such as the chibi art) which you can download HERE. Just swing by our website anytime in the future to download or host it anywhere!

Really happy we were finally able to get a hold of these, I personally love them. Hope you all enjoy too!


So as we get close to Gen-Con it is probably pretty safe to confirm now that FOW will be breaking their streak of appearances this year. People were really hoping they would show up to help assure people of the future of the company and game in some small fashion. Whether Kim or somebody will be there in person just roaming the floor is yet to be seen, but they have made no announcements or statements either way for it.

Let’s hope they do something instead, or at least come back next year. Last year’s FOW GenCon was really awesome and I’m bummed we won’t get that again this year.


So some of you might be aware of the Chrono Clash system of games. We’ve discussed it several times on the channel here before. It is basically an LCG that has a Naruto/Baruto set out right now. Coming out soon is the Godzilla set as well. You should be able to battle the two different sets against each other, but not make a deck with both sets inside of one deck. 

That all aside, we finally got our first look at some of the Godzilla cards! I’m pretty excited about this, and you can expect some new content for this and maybe unique stuff you aren’t expecting. If you are familiar with the game check out the new mechanics below! If not just check out the awesome art instead. Full spoilers HERE

That’s all for this week, see you next time!