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ARGENT NEWS! Full Art Cards, Printer Problems, Win-A-Car!

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So there is a ton of Argent Saga News again this week! So let’s dive in.


So Pre-Release just happened this past weekend, and with it we go the full reveal of a lot of the items in the set. One of these was the different foil/full art variations of cards.

We’ll start with the full arts. So it looks like we do in fact have Full Art cards, but in a very interesting way. Some cards (it looks like a mix of Champions, Units, etc) are numbered between 1-1000 in full art form! So when you get a box or booster pack, you have a chance of pulling one of only 1,000 cards in existence of that variant. This is a pretty cool idea, though I’m still a bit bummed that full art cards aren’t just the standard for card rarities. This at least is a cool unique take on high rarity pulls!

The second thing is we got a look at the normal foils! As reported last week, the foiling differs based on the rarity of the card. You can see below we have rainbow foiling, scratch foiling, and a sort of curvy foiling (probably more I’m forgetting). Some of these are pretty cool looking, and make it easy to identify rarity and add some variety to the foiling. Jim (owner of ARG and Argent Saga) said that they ended up doing this to include all 6 foiling options the community had chosen back on the Facebook page when they were going through this process. 

However, some of it makes it especially hard to read the cards. That seemed to be the most consistent complaint from people online, and feedback from stores. Even posting pictures there is almost no way to tell what card is being photographed, let alone what any of the text says. It may come down to preference as far as who likes the foiling, but readability is something that is separate from the foil preference. Luckily it sounds like this will be addressed, which we will talk about later in here.

Overall the cards look cool, and I’m excited to see how the foiling will evolve as the game progresses! 


So with the release of product we got a look at the quality of printing as well. Now it’s important to preface that (obviously as far as we know) none of these problems that are listed are Argent Saga’s fault, it is the fault of the printer, and they are actively working to fix them. But it’s important to list so everyone knows what is the norm and what to expect. 

Scuffing – So it looks like cards are having like ‘dirt’ marks, dents, and dings in the corners and sides of the cards. You can see some of that in the images. This is a bit unfortunate, and is attributed to the printing and finishing process of the cards that leads to that. It even happened on some of those rare 1/1000 cards with large dents etc. This is a bit unfortunate as it automatically takes away that shiny new feeling of the cards, and devalues them out of the pack.

Alpha Demo Decks – If you guys remember, the printer had messed up the Alpha demo decks by printing the wrong finishing on them, causing concern on playability and just overall asthetic. It was revealed they also hadn’t printed/included the instructions, so Argent Saga themselves actually had to print those out to send with all the product. 

Print Delay – The product/Kickstarter product was supposed to be printed and arrive on July 1st, however they didn’t even receive it until the 20th. This caused potential delays in Kickstarter back product among other issues.

Collation Problems?  – This was being looked into so we will wait to see, but it was mentioned there may be a collation problem with the commons in packs etc. In the meantime it was suggested stores shuffle the packs up a bit inside the box before selling the single packs. 

Squared Edges – It looks like there is a small chance of some the cards having squared off edges. Instead of the rounded corners they get this squared off look you can see in the pictures. Not sure how common this is, but it will be important to know the legality of these or if they will just be random collection items essentially. 

Box Toppers  – If you opened a box or saw one opened, you would see that a box has FIVE box toppers in it! This was definitely not the intent, as they were only supposed to have 1 in each box.

Now, once again this is nothing about Argent Saga itself, just wanting to point out problems the printer came up with in the set. They used the US based printer that does MTG (different than the one Force of Will used when they had their printer problems, I believe that was the EU based MTG printer). Jim did address all these problems though which was great, and we will go over that now.


So Jim did an update video on Facebook, going over the problems with printing, as well as teasing different things from the future! This was super cool and nice to get a one on one update there, where he was also interacting with the community who was commenting during it. So I’ll go over everything he said bullet by bullet similar to above!

Halted Production – So in light of a lot of the mentioned issues above, production was temporarily halted on the set. They are now calling what has been printed so far ‘Wave 1’. Everything after will be ‘Wave 2’ or ‘2.0’. So the only product currently is at the distributors, Gen-Con, etc and it will be the ‘Wave 1’. He assured us though that there is enough to fulfill orders currently and then some, at least until the new wave is printed. Wave 2 will arrive sometime in August. This set will feature all the corrections I’m about to list.

Box Toppers – Wave 2 will have the corrected box topper count, instead of 5 I think he said it will have 1 or 2 now as it’s supposed to.

Scratching – They are working on the ‘scratched’ and ‘dirty’ look the cards have. He was told it’s an issue called Blooming that will be fixed. The scuffing on the edging will be fixed as well by adjusting the press a bit. They will also add a heavier coat on the cards to prevent normal scratching that was occurring.

Foiling – Jim did say they are looking into stuff with the different foiling on the cards to make them easier to read, which will be much appreciated.

Promos – He did mention if you get a promo, those actually have the correct foiling and finishing options that Wave 2 will have, in case you wanted to see what that will be like.

Gen Con Tournament – He said you can play in the Argent Saga tournament, even if you have a ticket for another game’s tournament.

Shard Points – They are going to be doing the Shard Points system for 3 or 4 sets, after that they will switch to QR code cards for prize redemption (I assume similar to how FOW used to do it).

Yuki Promo – Confirmed that in October there will be other ways to get the Yuki card outside of Kickstarter Rewards.

Product – Jim mentioned that they are working possibly with Dex Protection, Ultra Pro, or someone else to create sleeves and deck boxes for the game!

Cloth Mats! – He announced they are making cloth mats as well! He showed off 2 designs, one of which has the card and zone outlines. These will be available through distributors at some point so your local store can order and sell them to you! Check them out below! They will be around $30 and there will be limited VIP mats later on for a lot more (I assume at events). 

Kickstarter Rewards – During this he also announced that Kickstarter Rewards are sent out! His team actually ended up working through the weekend to get this all done. So most people should either have received them, or should expect them this week! Be sure to check Kickstarter to make sure your form was filled out correctly if you haven’t received it, and any questions contact them through Kickstarter or Email!


More details were released for some of the tournaments being ran at Gen-Con! You can see some of the details above, but there will be a Pre-Release Tournament and Intro Deck Tournament it sounds like. Some of the promo prizing will have unique stamps on them for Gen-Con exclusively! There are tons of tournaments being ran throughout the weekend with lots of prizing so be sure to check it out on the website! 

They will have booster boxes for sale there as well, it sounded like around $80 per box, and they will each come with the Shard promo card as well!


We got a look at some cool designs for shirts above! These shirts will be available it sounds like through the Shard point system. Shard points are cards you can randomly get in a booster pack, and eventually redeem for prizing. They range from 5-20 points about. 

The purple version of the shirt will only be available at Gen-Con, possibly to buy like normal it sounds like.


A new thing was also revealed this past weekend, and that is another new tournament! This one is the Win-A-Car tournament. You can get an invitation for it by pulling a ‘Golden Ticket’ randomly out of a booster pack. The full details are yet to come, but it will be sometime next year in Cleveland. The obvious prizing will be a car, but there will be full details for it like I mentioned coming later.


Last bit of Argent news is that Tokens are in the set! Or at least one type of token, they said more will be coming in later sets to satisfy all the token requirements in the game. It’s awesome they are doing this right off the bat, I personally like collecting different tokens in games.

The only confusing bit is the omission of ‘Token’ anywhere in the name. It simply says ‘Unit’ instead of ‘Token Unit’. This is not a mistake, they thought this would be the better route to take since there is no cost on the card. A lot of people did find this confusing and thought it’d be easier to have the Token typing somewhere on the card. They said they might look into it, so we will wait and see! I don’t think it’s too big a deal without the Token wording, but it doesn’t hurt to have it and would help clear some confusion.

That’s all the Argent Saga news from this week! Hopefully we got it all, and we’ll see you next week!