TCG NEWS! AZ GP Invite! Promos, Spoilers

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


Not a whole lot to go over, but there are some interesting bits we’ll cover!


We got another monthly promo! So it looks like this will officially solidify that we are down to 1 promo per month based on the pattern so far. But this promo is Phul! So cool to see another starter deck card get the promo treatment, especially those of us that like to bling out the decks a bit more. 

It is interesting to note that this still carries the type from the original printing of the card, with no correction. That’s a bit unfortunate because this is the perfect opportunity to fix that. But looks cool so that’ll be great to have!


So some more details recently came out for the AZ GP coming up next month. The biggest thing was they are possibly offering help with the unpaid trip to Japan! So first place would get the unpaid invite to Japan, and if at least 40 players show up to the GP, the store (Jesse James Comics and Games) will add in at least $400 in trip money! This amount will go up possibly if attendance is higher. 

This is a really cool unexpected add on to the prizing already being offered. So if you weren’t planning on going already, now is the time!

The rest of the prizing for the event is pretty cool as well. If you are planning on attending check out full details HERE as well as letting them know if you’re going.

Prizing includes:

Loki for the Metal/Gold Ruler prizing

Blazer as the event promo

Product prizing from AOA boxes depending on placement

‘Energize Plates’

As well as the entry possibilities listed below:

We will have three levels of registration.
Bronze Entry: $30
This will grant a player entry into the WGPQ along with a GP Promo Wind Magic Stone.

Silver Entry: $60
This will grant a player entry into the WGPQ along with a GP Promo Wind Magic Stone and your choice of two (2) NEW very limited Energize Coins made by Alan from Malaysia. We only have a limited amount of these entries, so register early.

Gold Entry: $105
This will grant a player entry into the WGPQ along with a GP Promo Wind Magic Stone, your choice of three (3) NEW very limited Energize Coins and your choice of one (1) very limited Energize Plate, all were made by Alan from Malaysia. We only have a limited amount of these entries, so register early.

So this is shaping up to be some awesome stuff! Some of us Scrubs may be there as well so stay tuned!


In case you totally missed it, spoiler season is in full swing! We have been releasing videos on the channel going over them as they come out, though somewhat at random. The release schedule has been kind of weird and inconsistent. Right now we are getting about 4(ish) English spoilers per week, and 9 non-English in one of the weeks (we’ll see if that holds this week). Some of these overlap, others are unique to non-English spoilers.
So it takes a bit to find the cards and translate them, and we are still waiting on the official translations on a lot of the cards so bear with us as we go through. We’ll correct past cards as needed if applicable. 

Some new things that have been introduced so far is the pseudo return of ‘Inheritance’ abilities, Unknown abilities called ‘Dragon Emblem’ and ‘Vermilion’, ‘Faith’ mechanic, a resonator that is every race, and possibly J-Ruler shenanigans that are unclear? (Will discuss in a spoiler video)

Overall the power level definitely feels elevated. Whether this translates to actual powerful decks, a meta change, or maintaining current deck diversity is yet to be seen. But there are definitely some interesting things that should excite everyone.


We also have been getting a look at some of the ‘crossover’ cards that Caster Chronicles will have in their new set! If you don’t know, Casters announced that they would be crossing over with FOW, using some FOW art/characters for their new set. It looks like they are (so far) using art from mostly unused FOW cards, which is a cool way to bring new life to them. A bit unfortunate it isn’t new art, I was looking forward to the possibilities of FOW characters portrayed in a Caster setting. However these seem like good uses of the art, and the cards themselves actually seem cool and unique.

Casters seems to also be doubling down this set on reviving support for old mechanics, specifically Soul Bond. This was an awesome mechanic, and it’s cool to see new and returning support for this deck type. There will also be reprints of promos included in the set, so if you are looking to jump into Casters, this may be shaping up to be a good time to do it!

That about does it for today’s TCG News, see you all next week!