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ARGENT SAGA NEWS! New Set Announced! First Box Opening, Free Product?

If you’d prefer a video version of the news, click below:


This week was very Argent Saga heavy on news, since we took a week off so let’s dive into it all!


A new set for Argent Saga was announced! This is the follow-up to the first set releasing soon. This new set is coming out this November, and you can see the preview of it above! 

It’s pretty cool that this was already announced, so just as people are finally getting set 1 and letting that hype sink in, they immediately have something more to look forward to. No other details have been released yet, and we shouldn’t expect much information for it until probably a month out of set 1 or so. 


Speaking of new product, there was even more announced! Argent Saga is coming out with a mini set, Genesis, on October 11th! This set will include five brand new towers and 17 brand new ‘playable’ cards. Exact details of the set (such as if it’s booster packs, or all the cards in one thing) is still unknown. 

This is such a cool idea though. This is something several card games have done to varying success, so we will wait and see how this turns out. However, the fact that something like this already exists after Set 1 is very cool and will lead to not a lot of downtime, which is very good for the beginning of a card game. It will help keep that momentum going. Things like this also help with slight updates to the meta, so it doesn’t get stale in between sets, but also doesn’t drastically change it either.

We’ll keep you guys up to date on this, since more details and spoilers will be coming for this sooner than Set 2 for sure.


On the Argent Saga Facebook Group page, Jim McMahan (owner of ARG and Argent Saga) streamed a brief opening of some of the booster packs, offering us our first looks at the cards. 

The biggest takeaway is the foiling. He mentioned there is different foiling based on the card’s rarity. It is the sort of sketchy line foiling similar to Pokemon Play cards on some of them at least. You can check out the video for yourself HERE

The other thing of note is there looks to officially be no Full Art cards. I’m not entirely sure if this was every fully confirmed or not, but it is a little disappointing for me personally. I really liked the promo cards we’ve seen that are Full Art and was hoping that would carry over into the set (FA Cards are my favorite collection item in card games, especially textured). However I’ll wait and see what these look like in person, and it could always change in the future. I’m glad it’s at least dynamic foiling instead of plain on every single card.


Another thing revealed in that video (and slightly confirmed after) is that each booster pack has a chance of pulling a Shard Point. These it sounds like (based on a later post by Jim) can be redeemed for Argent Saga branded merchandise! How it will be redeemed has yet to be revealed (redeemed online, in person at events, etc) but it’s a cool idea to have off the bat. So many card games don’t delve too much into actual reward systems or even branded product, so it’s also cool this is doing it right out the gate.

The image below was posted asking what people would like to see be redeemed for points. These are just examples, nothing is actually set in stone but this should give an idea of what we can expect once this system launches. 


So there are a couple cool things they are doing for some of the remaining cards to fill. One is they are doing a cosplay card! This is most familiar to people coming from Force of Will. With this they say to simply email them at It sounds like this will fill one slot (maybe more, not sure if it’s set in stone) so be sure to get on that!

The other thing they are doing is an art contest! They are taking this opportunity to fill in the tokens that are needed for the game. If you are interested, simply go to their website’s art contest page HERE  and read over the instructions on how to enter. They simply give general outlines for what they need, so choose which tokens you want to try for and go for it! You have until August 7th so get on that soon!


Just a reminder, this weekend is pre-release for the new set! If your store or a nearby story has a pre-release kit be sure to check it out! It comes with cool prizing, promos, and even starter decks! 

The week right after will be the official release of the set! So once again check in and make sure you and your store’s orders are in and ready to go for both the booster box and starter decks. We’ll try getting a hold of some product to open here on the channel as well hopefully so stay tuned for that.


It looks like we got official word on the Alpha Starters legality. If you don’t know, the full use of the Alpha decks was brought into question since the cards were mistakenly printed with the wrong raised print pattern on them, making them identifiable. Ryan Miles of Argent Saga came out with the official ruling, which you can read below:

So as you can see, they are officially okay to use (with opaque sleeves) in your main deck! The towers however need to all be of the same type, whether it’s a normal card, alpha card, or metal card. The main deck would obviously follow the same rules for metal, where they need to either be all or no metal cards. Which the sound of that makes it seem like we will get enough metal prize cards to make an entire deck one day!? 


Each day leading up to Gen-Con we are being shown different cards that will be available there. The first 3 are exclusive promos, the next one seems to be a normal card you can just get. You can see the original 3 above and the new one below. 

So if you are there be sure to drop by and nab some of this product! And stay tuned on the Facebook page for the reveals of the remaining cards as well, one should be revealed sometime today!


At this GenCon will be the first Argent Saga Championship! Here it will start as Swiss format the 14th of September, and then cut to top the next day. The creators of the game will be there as well in addition to exclusive prizing! Full details can be found HERE

Entry is $40 which includes entry, a participation playmat, and promo. VIP entry gives you the normal playmat and promo, in addition to a mysterious VIP playmat and promo. So stay tuned to find out what that will be eventually!


Lastly, here on the website we have officially added an Argent Saga section! We have already added in the 3 tournaments Argent Saga has held so far with attendance, Champion/Spirit breakdown, and top 8 lists. We will continue to do so for future tournaments, and since no other website is hosting all these results in one place, be sure to check back here whenever a tournament happens for everything you need! Simply scroll up and click on the ‘Argent Saga’ tab then ‘Top 8’! (Or any other section that interests you)

As you can see we are also testing Argent Saga only news, separate from TCG news. If this is something you like, keep watching/reading and tell people about it! The more popular it is the more likely we are to continue and dedicate this much time to Argent Saga! If you happen to join us over at let us know so we can start doing Patreon exclusive Argent Content!

That’s all for this week, thank you for reading!