TCG News! DBV Spoilers! Casters Crossover, Argent Saga Event, and More!

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Lots of news across 3 different card games so let’s go!


So if you aren’t familiar, FOW has a Pauper format (unofficially). This is where you build decks with only common cards following the rules/ban lists available here on the website.

Unfortunately the people who were maintaining this (starting with J-Ruler) have since moved on from FOW. Luckily a community member has stepped up to help out with that now though!

His name is Justin Dilgard, and he is taking on the responsibilities of testing to figure out what should be banned etc. and just keeping it together overall. It is now called Commoner format! So be sure to check in here for updates on the pinned page for this (we will be updating it shortly) and join the Facebook group HERE as well!


Pre-Release information has been released for the new set of FOW, The Decisive Battle of Valhalla. Pre-release will be held August 23rd, with the set releasing the 30th. You can see the playmat and pre-release promo card below. 

They also released the images for the buy-a-box promo and buy-2-box promo (which you can see below) as well. 

(Text for Satan)While you are searching your deck, you may pay F or B and reveal this card from your deck. If you do, remove this card from the game with a fallen counter on it. Enter -> Chose one, if there are ten or more fallen counter on this care, you may chose both instead, Your opponent banishes a resonator. Repeat this process until the combined total cost of resonators banished this ware is equal to or greater than the number of fallen counters on this card or put any number of resonators where combined total cost is equal to or less than the number of fallen counters on this card from your graveyard into the field. As long as this card is in your removed area with one or more fallen counters on it, it gains “Whenever an effect you control or a cost causes you to lose life -> If this card is in your removed area, put a fallen counter on it” and “you ma play this card from your removed area. If you do, it enters with X fallen counters where X is equal to the number of fallen counters that were on it while it was in the removed area.”

So a couple things to notice here. First is these are our first spoilers of the new set! If you are having trouble reading Satan, the text of the cards is below the image. We will go over these cards on the podcast most likely if you are interested. These are some decently strong cards though! 

The standout, as you might have guessed, is the buy-2-box promo. So this is now official that the buy-2-box card is back unfortunately. We are still waiting on confirmation that this is exclusive to the promo pulls as was the previous card but nothing yet. It’s safe to assume in the meantime that it is exclusive until it is said otherwise (as they’ve only locked multiple box promos behind this wall in the past, and have given no indication of changing that). 

So going off of that, this is a really strong card to lock behind a paywall. This is a straight cancel attached to a body with a random secondary effect. Especially post rotation (about 3 months after this card comes out and Laurite rotates) this card will possibly become a huge staple. So let’s hope they haven’t locked this behind a paywall yet again. 

Another theory now that has been posted after seeing these cards spoiled, is that we will be getting some type of stones that will be able to produce multiple colors somehow. This is because all the cards seen are dual color cards. I doubt we will see the return of dual stones, but something that requires effort to produce multiple colors rather. We shall see!


So Svitlana, the owner of Games N Geek, posted in the FOW Global Facebook group, letting everyone know that she was collecting questions from the community to send to the company! She stated she would collect the serious questions from people and work on getting answers for us from the company itself. She only asked for no questions on the C/UC reprints. There are tons of questions asked in the comment thread that are very interesting so it will be exciting to hear what the company has to say!

She currently gave no time frame on when to expect some of these answers (she probably has to wait on the company’s timeline), so we will be sure to keep everyone updated on when that comes out! We will most likely do a video dedicated to these questions and answers once they are released as well.


So as many of you probably don’t know, Wanderer format in FOW is in a bit of limbo right now. With the loss of Jeff at FOW, Wanderer is basically no longer officially supported.

As such some members of the community have stepped up! It started with Conqueror format created by Benjamin Bargetzi, which you can find on Facebook and just concluded an online tournament. They created a format that is Wanderer with some rule alterations, ban lists, and erratas. 

From this, came a separate Wanderer group, using the official ‘Wanderer’ title still. This was composed of the likes of Stephanie Shaw and Jeff Finnigan which created rules such as adding energize to old rulers, and updating the ban list. 

Well, the latter of the two has picked up some real traction! As of today, the Wanderer ban list/rules created by this group has been adopted by the entirety of the EU! With no US tournaments coming up, this means that any Wanderer tournaments you see are using these new rules. This is pretty cool that this was able to be adopted so quickly and so widely. Be sure to check their Facebook group to follow up on this as well.


Caster Chronicles, the card game originally spawned by FOW (now independent) has announced that its new set, Polar Night, will be crossing over with FOW! This means this set will feature FOW characters inside of it. This is the only details we have so far, so hopefully this means cool new art of characters in the Casters world! We’ve seen similar things with Caster Promo cards in the past, so it will be cool to see this in a much larger degree now.


The Argent Saga Kickstarter is coming to a close! It ends THIS Friday, the 12th, at 11 AM CST. So if you were at all interested in jumping in on this, do it soon! They currently passed the 75K goal to unlock the Yuki exclusive promo card, and the next goal is at 100K which unlocks a tournament exclusively for Kickstarter backers! At time of typing this, they are currently 10K away from that so it’s very possible they might hit that!

After the Kickstarter ends, if you didn’t pledge, be sure to check with your local game store about carrying it so you can secure the product you need to get started. 


Spoilers have been steadily rolling out for Argent Saga for awhile now. If math proves correct, this will be ending soon. We are on the last 8 or less cards to be spoiled in the set (currently spoiling Legendaries). If you haven’t been following, be sure to check out our videos where we’ve gone over every single card spoiled so far!

The game is really coming together after looking at all these cards. I’m excited to see what type of promotional material will happen in between spoilers and release of the set as well. We got a couple other things possibly to look forward to so stay tuned!


With some recent tournaments that happened, we also got a look at some awesome prize cards for Argent Saga! One event had 46 players, and the other had 206! That is really good for a game that hasn’t even released yet. With this we got a look at the awesome metal cards! These come in 4 versions, gold outline, silver outline, bronze outline, and rainbow outline. The rainbow goes to the top players that aren’t the top 3.

These will very from being Champions to Spirits currently. And as you can see, they look awesome! See below for the metal Spirit and Champion from the events.

I’m looking forward to more of these! Blinging out a deck with a metal champion/spirit plus metal towers will be really awesome.


A couple last tidbits to go over. Firstly this weekend is the ARG Playmat tournament we or having in Austin, TX! This will be at Mothership Books and Games. If you are in the area message us for full details. 

There was no podcast this week due to us being away, but tune into the podcast next week where we will go over the spoiled cards! And on the mini-podcast on Patreon where we go over our trip to RTX!

Art has been continually released on the official FOW Facebook page. I’ll put some noteable  ones below! If you want to see more just check out the official FOW page for the rest!

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!