Force of Will – Wanderer Committee Banlist

The following list is the current Wanderer Committee Banlist (as of 7/10/2019)

In addition to the banlist the following change to rulers has been made, we pulled an excerpt from Stephanie Shaw’s post on Facebook to properly explain the Ruler-Energize change.

Hey guys, before we get into the first banlist changes, I would like to mention that the committee –has– decided to allow Energize on all old rulers. This will be based entirely on the attributes of the front side of the ruler. Blazer Gill Rabus [SKL-094] was errata’d to both Fire & Darkness long ago, despite English copies having a void symbol on the front. Pandora, Girl of the Box [CMF-013/087] and Machina, the Machina Lord [SKL-087] both provide void Energize coins. Next, we’ll get to the banlist:

– Stephanie Shaw


Wanderer Banlist:

The following are Banned from the Sideboard: