Jeff Finnigan’s Q and A Highlights! Cancelled Sets, FOW Merch, More!

To watch a video going over these summary highlights, click HERE.

To watch Jeff’s original stream, check it out HERE

So Jeff Finnigan, former Global Liason of Force of Will did a Q and A on Twitch this past weekend. He went over a lot of interesting information regarding scrapped plans for the game, his thoughts on FOW’s future, and the new company Eiji created and its projects! So here is the bullet point summary:

-Jeff revealed he only likes and eats plain cheese pizza, nothing else.

-He said that in his opinion, the company  would not elect to re-use art in future sets 

-When asked about the company’s communication with the community, he said we most likely will never get any communication with players, outside of what we see in sales sheets etc.

-He revealed that set V2 was the last set FOW produced that paid for itself (as far as production costs etc). V3’s pre-orders did not end up covering the cost of its production.

-They knew pretty far ahead of time that they would not be able to fully pay for art in v4. As such, Jeff had come up with an idea to remedy this while also appeasing the community. He created a set that would take the old Valhalla cards (the OG ones) that barely anybody has been able to get a hold of, and use the art while updating the card effects themselves in this new set. This would have been a cool thematic way to continue our return to Valhalla, and bringing the old art to the mainstream of FOW players who never experienced it before. Jeff said he already had the first set or 2 planned out and it just had to be completed and integrated. Obviously they decided not to go this route and do the half/half reprints instead.

-Each of these Valhalla sets would have 5 Valhalla Rulers in it. The first set would have Red Mage, Arthur, Chronos, Athenia, and Garmheld. The second set would have at least Black Mage and Arwyn.

-Blue he said was designed to have milling against your opponent, and each of the colors had other cool unique mechanics that would have built in support throughout the sets.

-Speaking of support, he also had these sets see support for the overlooked rulers of the past. This included Pandora, Welser, and Dark Elves. Two examples he gave was an addition for Pandora, that had an effect that whenever you mobilized, you could give that  resonator Swiftness, Flying, or Drain etc. Welser would have a color changing Crest that could produce will as well!

-When asked if he’d consider going back to work for FOW company, he said no he is not interested. He would come back to work for the game if Eiji were to ever buy it back though.

-He also mentioned he is working on a personal game as a hobby. It’s a card game that will work on its own, but also be able to synergize with FOW cards as well! Whether/when this would be available, at least digitally, for people to mess with we’ll have to wait and see. But it sounds really cool! And our very own Oscar is helping him currently design the layout for the card as well.

-The Crypto Spell card game is a digital game that is using art etc from FOW under the new My Will Company. Jeff revealed the deal for this was made while Eiji was actually still in charge at FOW, and just carried over after they left, which I thought was pretty interesting.

-A Wanderer Booster Pack? So apparently there were now cancelled plans to make a Wanderer centric set. This would have cards in it specifically designed to support the Wanderer format while still technically being NF legal. This set would also include some Ascended Rulers! (Old rulers updated with energize, upgraded abilities etc). There was even support for the Green Ruler from Vingolf 1! An example of an Ascended Ruler was they were looking at making Dark Alice an 1100/1100 and her Ruler side ability being unchaseable.

-An interesting tidbit is that FOW outsources their R and D department. A 3rd party creates the cards, then someone at FOW transitions them over specifically to FOW. This has lead to some problems Jeff had mentioned, including some weirdly strong cards, and he was pushing at the time to have an in-house design team.

-There were also plans for a box that would include 1 of every single Ruler ever made! This included Valhalla OG rulers up to modern rulers. It would be a way to have the rulers be updated with erratas, or in OG Valhalla’s case have the text actually made readable. The old rulers would have the frame updated to the modern one, while new rulers would get a cool throwback to the old frames! They would also have some sort of golden text or stamp (they were still deciding at the time).

-When New Valhalla was coming out, the straight Runes in the starter decks were originally not color locked. Jeff is the one who had to step in and change them to be color locked. He felt it was important to keep some of the 0 costs (especially things like discard) locked to specific decks.

-Jeff mentioned how he had a ‘loud’ argument with people about trying to give Loki support. He laid out what was needed with the awakening abilities to work with her. They ended up ignoring him afterwards and essentially doing no support and printing ‘lazy’ mechanics.

-When talking about how the company operates now, he said they create the product but once it leaves their doors, they don’t care about it anymore. This explains the lack of communication on subjects, and why we will never get an update on bans or the CR he said. If a large store or enough stores pressured them they could do something, but they would just adapt whatever said store told them they should do.

-Originally New Valhalla Rulers had a variety of Divinity numbers. The ruler and j-ruler sides would be different on rulers. So the Ruler sides had 6-8 Divinity, while the J-Ruler side had 10-12 Divinity.

-He also mentioned that back in Reiya cluster, he was the one who pushed to get Otherworld Dreams banned. Getting that banned though for him was an ‘actual nightmare’ to do.

-The new studio Jeff and Eiji have, My Will Studio, will be soon coming out with FOW merch! This will have T-Shirts, Hoodies, and other merch with FOW official art on it! So stay on the lookout for that.

-An interesting note, the botched set TSW from Reiya cluster was from them switching to the printer that prints MTG cards! After that they switched to a printer in Sydney that Jeff said is really good.

-When asked, Jeff said he is interested in Argent Saga. The design seems interesting, so we will see.

-My Will Studio is making an ‘Arena’ card game! This will be a board game that uses cards and FOW characters. There will be acrylic figurines (much different than the Little Dread from Gencon), booster packs, rulers etc. There will be a commercial for this coming up so stay tuned!

-Eiji was the one with lots of contacts in the industry. He secured the IP for the first 2 Vingolf games so there won’t be anymore of that with him gone, but it could lead to stuff at My Will Studio, even with the board game they are creating.

-After Jeff and Eiji were pushed out of the company, all of the grunt workers were fired as well (especially in Japan). So all things in Japan such as events were killed off right after V2 was released/bought by everyone. So people who work on the Database, website, and social media are all gone now, hence so few updates. There is no headquarters anymore either, just the printing company is all that’s left.

-Jeff tried to get Wanderer for day 2 at last year’s Worlds to no avail. He wanted to get it this year as well. He is not sure what they’ll do this year, especially since he said nobody at the company has ever run an event period.

-He talked about how he would gather pages and pages of player submitted feedback to give to the company on different topics. Whenever he would try showing them the company would say this is just ‘his opinion’, not anybody else’s or the world’s. This would be while he’s standing their with the literal opinions of the players all over the world, and that getting this data was his actual job.

-He mentioned real quick that My Will Studio had teamed up with the Lapis cosplayer for some stuff they are doing.

-For the next cluster of FOW he had heard they are releasing one starter deck per booster box release. He is unsure exactly how that works, especially with support and distribution so we will have to wait and see.

-Lastly he said that all the Wanderer promos we are seeing and will see are from a poll he did over a year ago (that we were unaware that the poll was being used for that at the time). So we will keep seeing popular Wanderer promos, but as soon as it runs out of pre-made cards he set up, he is unsure what will happen after or if they will continue it.

So that’s everything! Hopefully that was easy enough to read/follow. Thanks for reading!