TCG News! Promo Confusion, Gold Prize Cards, Kickstarter Met!

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Jeff Finnigan, the former Global Liason of FOW is doing a stream again! If you don’t remember, he used to do monthly(ish) streams talking to the community, answering questions, and giving previews of upcoming sets.

Obviously, this won’t be quite that, as he is no longer with the company. However, in his post on Facebook (which you can read below) he says he’ll want to talk and catch up with everyone, and also possibly reveal things ‘that could have been’. This may refer to plans and such he’s hinted at before that FOW was going to do before the regime change.

He will also be discussing things in regards to the project(s) he and Eiji are working on at the new My Will Studio! That will be cool to hear what we can expect from this new company. They are already doing the digital Crypto game, so it’d be cool to hear what’s going on with that, and other projects as well.

He said he may be looking at doing it this Saturday morning EST. He said to keep a lookout in the Global Facebook group for the link and time (which he pretty much hinted would be on the FOW Twitch channel still). So that’s something to look forward to!


So a weird thing happened, where the promo was revealed for this month. However, when it was revealed it was the promo from last year in June (Shown above). Now this understandably caused a lot of concern in the community. Luckily, 3 days later we got an update for the post both on the official page, and on the Global Facebook page through Svitlana. 

She said that it was a clerical error on their part and that it is updated now. It has been updated to be Contract Demon. Now this is a promo we showed awhile ago I believe, and for the US will be the July promo. This is a little strange because everywhere else in the world got 2 June promos, this being one of them. So it looks like they are moving towards permanently doing 1 promo per month now, but for some reason primarily in the US? 

Also it is a little unfortunate that a mistake like posting last year’s promo could even happen. Even if there was a mixup, somebody somewhere should have realized both before posting, and immediately after posting that this was an old promo that was used. This combined with the incorrect sales sheets being sent out etc make me a little worried on the management end over there. Hopefully they sort this out and clean it up before the next set starts dropping.


Something we hadn’t mentioned before was that Games N Geek is doing a 1K this weekend! They do these relatively often all things considered, but this one is especially cool due to the prizing they got! 

They got these cool golden metal plates to be given to people with the higher VIP entry. If I remember right, these were created by the same people who make the Chibi Energize Coins. Below you can see all 5 variants, and what the back looks like.

Just wanted to point this out because it’s really cool and unique, and you may end up seeing these floating around somewhere. Maybe they will continue using them in future events, which would be awesome.


As some of you may know, every year FOW goes to Gencon to promote the game and other cool stuff. This past year was pretty awesome,where they used the event to show off spoilers, do cool events with players, and have exclusive product! This year is looking not as much.

We haven’t heard anything from FOW officially if they have or haven’t decided to go, but a look at the scheduled vendors there shows that FOW does not appear there. This is unfortunate as this has always been a cool yearly thing for players attending the con, and people at home (especially after last year). 

If anything changes we will let you guys know, but as of now looks like they are skipping out on this one. 


We got our first look at the new set of Caster Chronicles! And it’s actually pretty cool. It is called Polar Night and will release August 30th! It not only will  have a new set, but also a new duel starter deck again, which is really cool to do.

I’m not sure if any other information has been revealed at this time for the set, as far as card quantities etc, but I’m sure we can expect similar things as in the past. My main thing I’d like to see is the cards going back to previous quality, especially the FA variants. But it will be cool to see where they go now. 

They revealed some artwork as well that you can view below:


If you are in the Austin area, our local store Mothership will be hosting a tournament with the ARG kit! This will take place July 13th. This is outside the window to get the official ARG invite, however we will be getting lots of cool prizing to make up for it. So, if you are in the area be sure to stop by and have some fun and win some prizes!

We will also be at RTX  Austin this year. If anybody plans on attending and wants to get some games going, let us know so we can bring our things! We would love to hang out and play some FOW, or maybe other games while we are there. We will be there all 3 days so let us know!


If you have been following, the new Argent Saga card game by ARG launched a Kickstarter to help jumpstart the game. After less than 1 week it looks like that has been funded! They had a goal of $50,000 and just recently passed that. 

So that’s awesome to hear. They do have stretch goals still though at the $75K, $100K, and $125K mark so if you haven’t contributed there is still goals to be met. The first stretch goal at 75K was revealed to be the Yuki promo card! You can see it below. It is a FA card that will be unlocked to everyone that pledged $75 or more once they reach the goal. The only downside is that no matter how much pledged, you will only receive one promo card of this. And this card is currently exclusive to Kickstarter, not the art, the card itself. This could lead to problems, especially if the card is at all playable (it is), as right now there could possibly only be a bit over 200 of these in existence, making it physically impossible for the large majority of people to even play it. A new Kickstarter Tier (detailed below) does slightly help with this, and it was hinted at that this card could receive a wider release in the future so we will have to wait and see.

They also added a new tier! This is tier lets you buy all 5 starter decks at once for $80. And they also just added yet another tier! This one is $270 and gives you 3 booster boxes, 2 Yuki Promos, and 1 box to give to your local game store for free! The details of that are listed on the page itself.

You can find their Kickstarter HERE

So lots to look forward to there, let us know what you think as well! We are doing daily spoiler coverage for Argent Saga now so be sure to tune into our channel for that.

That does it for the news this week, thanks for stopping by!