TCG NEWS! Promos, Argent Saga Kickstarter Launches, Godzilla!

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Some interesting tid bits are out now for several card games, so let’s get to it!


Last week we announced a giveawy for FOUR Arwyn promo cards! This was brought to you courtesy of Happy Little Hug Factory (Link in the banners on this website). Today we get to choose a winner! This winner is…    Brent Kosier!

If this is you, be sure to check your email! Thank you all for participating and keep on supporting HLHF!


We got our first look at the promo card above! If it looks familiar, it’s because we reported it as a promo last month (I believe it was found by Chris Weekly FOW Update on Facebook). Now we finally have a look at it in English!

Interesting thing to note is that it looks like it’s a June promo, so stores should already have this. We are unsure why we are just now getting the official preview, but at least it’s here. However, there is only one. Usually monthly promos come in sets of 2. Not sure why the count is lower this month, but hopefully it will bounce back to normal next month.

On a side note regarding the Facebook page of Force of Will. Looks like they are finally taking more of a look at it. They recently updated all the images to be in line with the newest set release etc, however all the images are pixelated. But it’s something!


Over this past couple weeks we have been getting artwork spoiled for the next set! I’ll have it all below, but there is some pretty cool stuff. The official FOW Facebook page is the one spoiling this so keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks leading up to the official card spoils eventually.


So the Argent Saga Kickstarter begins today! Be sure to check it out, it has rewards ranging from pins, to booster boxes, to metal cards, and more! They have things that will unlock as well if they pass certain milestones so be sure to pay attention to that. We will watch the progress of this and keep you all updated. 

Be sure to also check out the official Argent Saga website for more information about the game and upcoming events HERE


It looks like we got our first look at the ‘Mini’ expansion planned for the game! This is called ‘Generations’ and was found on the Southern Hobby Distributor Website. It has a release date of September 9th of this year! Below is the details of the product:

Continue exploring the world of Argos with Expansion Pack Generations! Enhance any existing Argent Saga deck with 15 never-before-seen cards, Five (5) Full-Art Tower Guardians, and five (5) Champions. Expansion Pack: 1 Generations contains one (1) of each card, guaranteed. Look out for random Premium Packs containing foil variants of every card!

Expansion Pack Generations includes
– 25 cards
– 15 new playable cards
– 12 New Units
– 3 New Legendary Shards
– 5 Full Art Tower Guardians
– 5 Champions
– 1 Expansion Pack in each Display Box will contain ALL-FOIL versions of each card
– 12 packs per display box
– 6 display boxes per case

So this sounds awesome! All the cards will be completely foil as well, which is a nice touch. It’s cool to already see supporting product outside of the main set, and so soon! 


In even more Argent news, we got our first looks at some of the exclusive promos they will be releasing! This is from the Argent Saga website, where we get a look at the GenCon promos below:

As you can see, they are all alt art and full art! Which is really cool to see. Having exclusive promos at events already is a nice touch as well. It looks like there are more to be revealed in the coming weeks possibly?

We also got a look at the Kickstarter Exclusive release promos! This includes the promo cards for participating, card for winning, and playmats! It’s worth noting this shows that the dragon egg promo at GenCon is not exclusive, as it appears here. You can see all this below:

And lastly for this is the pre-release promos! This is yet another different full art card that looks awesome! The website also details that participants will get booster packs etc. But check that out below, and all this information can be found on their website under ‘Events’.


Last bit of news for Argent Saga is regarding their decks! These were the demo decks and alpha intro decks that were up for grabs a while ago (they may still be up to buy, we are not sure) but they are now arriving in the mail! So if you ordered one of these be sure to check the mail.

We got ours in and will have a video going up later detailing them. But in short, they seem to be really good quality cardstock. A bit thicker than FOW, with a lot of gloss over it. Though it should be noted the set 1 will have different gloss on it than this. Once again check out that video once it’s out for more details on the actual cards!


Last bit of news I wanted to cover was that a Godzilla Card Game was announced! Now this isn’t a normal TCG like FOW or AS, it is more of a LCG. It is by the people who made the Naruto Card game recently, and uses similar mechanics as far as resources etc. 

This is the first set, with more planned to expand on it. And they announced tournaments will be held for it starting in October! Any store that orders a case of this set will get the Tournament kit for free! I personally am very excited for this, as it uses a lot of available Godzilla classic monsters, but with cool updated art! More information for this can be found HERE

That’s all for today! See you all next week