FOW NEWS! Reprints in Set? Arwyn Giveaway, and Argent Saga!

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Today we have some…News for sure. So here we go.


This is a big giveaway! Our friends at Happy Little Hug Factory are providing an amazing prize for a giveaway! For this, they are giving away an entire PLAYSET of the new Arwyn buy-2-box promo card! That’s right, the card that is currently going for nearly $30 a piece, they are giving away 4! All you need to do is enter into the competition HERE. We will announce the winner in next week’s News segment.

Thanks again to Happy Little Hug Factory!


So we got the first news of the new set! Full details of it can be found HERE.   It is called ‘The Decisive Battle of Valhalla’. Sounds pretty cool. In the details though a lot of people missed that it does confirm the return of the buy-2-box promo. This is the promo most recently that was Arwyn (the card in the giveaway). The problem with this buy-2-box strategy (besides American distributors being notoriously bad at handing them out) is they decided to put a card in this promo slot that is UNIQUE to that promo slot. This means it does not exist in the set, and can only be obtained by buying 2 boxes, or paying for them in the secondary market (currently selling for close to $30 a piece). 

My hope is that this is going to be a normal promo card. While still not ideal, due to distributor shenanigans, it being not unique to the promo slot fixes the problem most people had with this. We currently don’t know details about it outside of there is a buy-2-box promo, but with how set releases work, it is probably safe to temporarily assume this is another unique card.


The other revelation from this is that the new set will be…interesting. According to the official sales sheet FOW sent out, this set will include only 40 new cards. This is the smallest new card pool in the history of the game. The remaining 60 cards will be reprints of the New Valhalla Starter Decks, taking up all the C/UC slots. 

I will note, that on the Ruler School Podcast, it was mentioned that the company will be putting out an update saying that not every single C/UC will be a reprint (I assume they messed up the sales sheet most likely). That was on Sunday and as of now there has been no update. We will keep you posted on if they do. 

Now we don’t know full details, but if they use the C/UC rarities that are printed in the starter decks, that leaves out things like Master Runes. And obviously the Rulers (the main reason people wanted reprints). We’ll keep you updated on that as well as it comes up. 

All in all, the reprints feel cheap and last minute in my opinion. People have been wanting the starter decks reprinted (as was promised by the company) in order to easily bring people, or themselves, into the game. For a low price you got an entire deck, a Ruler, and more instantly. This new reprint idea locks that behind a $100 box with non-guaranteed pulls, and whether it includes the Rulers is up in the air, which is the main reason people wanted reprints. This also makes for only 40 new cards, which is infinitely lazy. One thing people aren’t talking about as well is this greatly affects limited formats, including pre-release. If these don’t have updated set numbers, none of the cards are legal in pre-release. If the reprints include things like Runes, those are unplayable in limited, among other factors. 

At this point, even if the set included things like Rulers etc, this feels like a cash grab from the company. A way to put no effort into a new set, while also “technically” reprinting the starter decks so they can say they did (even though this is not what anybody was actually asking for). The only real net positive that will come from this is the possibility of foil cards from the Starter Decks. We’ll follow this as it unfolds though.

The other main piece of information from this is the Super Rare slot has increased to 20 (from the normal 10) in the upcoming set. It is speculated that this could be the 10 Rulers possibly, however on the sales sheet it does not list any of these at reprints. But since there were already errors, this could be as well. If not, this will be the largest SR pool we’ve seen, and as a side effect make it impossible for the ability to buy 3 boxes and get most cards you need strategy that FOW is known for. 


ARG Summer events starts this weekend! Be sure to check if anybody in your area is running an event. You’ll be able to get exclusive playmats, pins, and more. This is also the last chance to get an invite to the ARG Invitational! So if you want to try attending that event, this is your last chance to win and be able to attend!

More information can be found on their website HERE


The countdown has started to the Kickstarter going live for Argent Saga! If you missed, it HERE is the awesome announcement video. They are doing daily countdown videos on their Facebook as well.

The details of the Kickstarter are being released in pieces as well. Below is the compiled images of what has been revealed for the Kickstarter tiers! So be on the lookout for that in the coming week!

That’s all the news for today. Tune in next week!