FOW NEWS! Worlds Announced, Paywall Card, English Cards Gone?

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Quite a few topics to go over, since last we talked, so let’s get started.


Worlds details have been announced! While we knew it was happening, due to everything shifting, we were unsure of the date and location. Well, we finally got that!

It will be in November of this year. No exact day yet, but hopefully we will get that in the coming weeks. It also is being held in Osaka, which is a change from the normal locations. This is probably done in an effort to save money, but it’s happening still which is the important part.

We’ll keep you guys update as we get more information (once we get closer to the date).


So as you guys know, FOW keeps their own card database on the website. This has all the card images which are used for most everything, as they don’t have a watermark etc. Well it was noticed that spoilers had stopped (so no more images on Facebook for remainder of English cards), and there still was nothing on the website.

As of right now, there is still nothing on the website except a button to select Awakening of the Ancients as a set, but nothing pulls up. In a comment thread, former employee Jeff Finnigan seemed skeptical that they would bring back and maintain the database. However he was going to talk to them to try and convince them that it was important to have.

You can actually see some of these side effects of no database with things like TCGPlayer not having images for single cards you can buy. Also the independent FOW database can’t update for obvious reasons (and may just stop running if no cards are revealed in English). Things like Untap and Lackey also cannot update with proper English cards, making digital game play that much harder.

Luckily, thanks to an anonymous source, we have gotten a hold of the entire AOA set in English! We are hosting these cards on our website HERE. You can scroll and enlarge the photos pretty easily, unfortunately there is no search function currently, though if needed we may look into that.


So it was finally confirmed that we got another card locked behind multiple boxes. This isn’t a promo card, but a legit card that you can never pull out of a booster pack. The only way to obtain it is by buying 2 booster boxes. This is actually a pretty decent card that will most likely see play in the future as well, which sucks a bit more.

It’s double unfortunate, since the set releases a day before the GP this weekend, so people won’t physically be able to really play the card unless something happens to ease it. Or people with connections may be able to obtain and play the card, getting an advantage possibly.

In another comment thread, Jeff Finnigan noted that this change happened after himself and Eiji were kicked out. Saying that they had learned their lesson with TSW and were not about to repeat that.
Unfortunately this is not only annoying, but a potential bad strategy. Yes, you will possibly sell more boxes real quick, but in the long term you will hurt the game and damage trust with players that already is hurting. This will anger current players who now have to pay extra for a card they want to play (assuming it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of FOW, to Distributors, to Locals), and it will also deter players who may be interested in joining the game, as paywall cards are not favored in the community.

Hopefully enough of a negative reaction will stave off future paywall cards from happening. And this current one won’t blow up too much either.


One thing you may have noticed at your pre release this last weekend, is that some of the packs appeared to be opened. Don’t worry, this is not the distributor or locals trying to con you. This is actually a manufacturing thing, probably something wrong with the gluing process.

This is important to note so a blame game doesn’t happen, and also so you feel better opening said packs. Hopefully this problem is fixed by the time the booster boxes come out, and this is just a pre release kit problem. If the packs are opened in the boxes, not only does that lead to a host of problems with players and store, but it also does not help the longevity of said cards to be sitting in high humidity etc in an unsealed pack.

We’ll know soon enough in our box opening video if this is a consistent problem or not.


New monthly promo cards are here! As you can see above. These are not English, unfortunately. You can expect them to be in English, we are just unsure if they will be spoiled in English online.

But we got Bunbuku, the Legendary Tea Kettle that cheats out beasts, and Contract Demon that draws you cards and such.

These are pretty cool looking promos, however it is very unfortunate they haven’t continued the trend of printing promo versions of cards from the Starter Decks, since we will never see those reprinted. Here’s hoping we’ll get some next month!


There is a GP this weekend! TCGScrubs’ Oscar will be livestreaming the event, which we are very excited about after Vite Ramen sponsored the entire trip! The event will take place 1 day after set release so it should lead to some interesting decks and top 8!

You can watch the stream on our Youtube or Twitch channel, where we will have some cool stuff planned for your entertainment!


In other TCG News, Argent Saga has announced their pre-release! This will take place July 26-28! More information on this will be coming soon, but you can start talking to your locals on if they will be wanting to host this and get into this upcoming TCG.

If you guys have seen, we’ve been doing Argent Saga Week here on the TCGScrubs Youtube Channel. Each day we are going over a different Intro Deck, and finishing off with a pretty cool gameplay video!
So if you are curious be sure to check out those videos, and talk to your store to get ready for this release!

That about does it for today, thanks for joining and see you next time!