Pennsylvania GP Information

UPDATES: Added New VIP Entry Image and Information Below. Card Singles Vendor and Carpool Information added at bottom as well! And we are now OFFICIALLY STREAMING the event! Oscar will be attending to stream, thanks to Vite Ramen (More info on them later). 

Here we will gather all the information for the GP in Bethlehem, PA, and update it with any new information as it comes out. So be sure to check by here often and reserve your tickets for the event!

Below are the graphics that go over the main information for the event. Additional information, including updates will be right below the graphics. Video summary of this information can be found HERE as well.

If you are interested in the event, or plan on attending, be sure to mark yourself as such at the event Facebook page HERE to get notified instantly of event updates!

So to clarify, there is the stone entry promo, but it is while supplies last.

Prizing is guaranteed after 40 people are guaranteed in attendance.

The event’s prizing will scale! So the more people that attend, the more prizing that will be added.

There will be a release event for the new set. And booster boxes will be available with NO purchase cap!

If you pre-register, you do get $10 off your first booster box.

Pre-registration can be done over the phone at (610) 419-8004

The event will cap out at 140 people.

The store will NOT have singles, as FOW is not their biggest card game, so plan accordingly.

For travel and parking information, among other things, check out the ‘Discussion’ section on the Facebook page for this event with Todd Dreisbach’s posts!

Side events will fire off based on individual demand.

New VIP Entry Added! Image and information as follows:

The following post accompanied the VIP Entry announcement:

Announcing VIP packages for WGPQ PA! $30 upgrade to base entry; you receive an extra FIVE promos AND an energize coin. 3 GP exclusives and 2 random promos. (Images in post.)
– 2 random promos
– Donut Drone
– Cat Ninja Scout
– Zero Energize Coin
– Choice of:
Eir, Valkyrie of Mercy OR Azazel, the Fallen Angel of Gloom

Thank you Svitlana Young for helping provide our event with another way for you all to get these exclusive promos that didn’t get mass USA release.

*These are limited please act fast and pre-register today*”

This page will be updated with any further information as it comes in. Any other information you think should be added (or questions needed answered) be sure to post them on the Facebook event or contact us to add it in here!