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Otherwise we have a lot to go over. I’ll save the GP cancellation and reschedule for the last news item, so scroll down if you just want to see that!


So I saw the above post by Joshua Patton in the Force of Will Global Facebook Group. Joshua (who is apart of Rogue’s Guild, check out their Youtube channel!) pointed out that Potomac didn’t know the release date of the new Force of Will Set. In the comments he went on to say he had gone into his locals and asked for a pre release kit. The locals said they couldn’t with only 1 weeks notice. After Joshua said the set doesn’t come out for a month they called Alliance (their distributor) who said they have no clue when this set is even coming out.
To clarify real quick, in the comments Dylan Hunt pointed out that Potomac Distribution is not a distributor, just a large store for clarification. But the fact that this large store, and Alliance both have no idea when this set is coming out is a bit troubling.
The date of the set release has in fact been changed twice, but it looks like the company hasn’t done a great job at communicating this change. Local game stores should have a general knowledge this is happening, but larger places and especially distributors should have no confusion regarding this. Hopefully this is fixed by the time the set comes out so that locals with less attentive players still get the necessary support to keep going.


Another week, another set of promos revealed! This time we have God’s Choice and Sima Hui. God’s Choice is actually a pretty well played card as well.
Both look awesome though! These are part of the regular play promos, so be sure your local game store is using TCG Meister each time you guys play! This not only determines whether your store will receive promos, but also how man you’ll get!


The new Will Power Rewards are finally here! These are the rewards that were sent to anyone who got high enough ranks in that last month or 2 before the program stopped. If you were VIP from the WPR before that, you will be getting 2 of these at random.
So these cards are the remaining 5 NV rulers, and are pretty unique. The front side is that Uber look, as you can see above. It is also textured! Which is pretty cool.
The back side is much more…unique.
As you can see, a very unique looking design. According to Jeff Finnigan, they were originally supposed to be similar to the Pokemon Rainbow Rares, however after he left it looks like they changed it.
These were revealed to very mixed reception, some loving the unique look, others disliking the way it feels like they just took shortcuts to get these out visually. That’ll be up to you guys on whether you enjoy them!
But keep an eye on the mail, as they will come via Fedex and require a signature! Let us know if you get some.


Mr. Bowater (the artist) revealed the playmat for ARG Nationals! You can see it above.
This is the event where everyone who has invites etc can attend for some awesome prizing! And this playmat is further proof of the awesome quality items you have to look forward to!
For more information on this event be sure to check out ARG’s website or Facebook page! 



Spoilers have started for Argent Saga! If you haven’t been following, Argent Saga is a new card game coming out from ARG. It has a lot of familiar gameplay for those who play games like FOW. They started spoiling the Intro Decks and have already done a couple colors.
If you want to see them, be sure to follow the Argent Saga Facebook page, or just join the Facebook AS group where the spoilers are shared consistently as well.
We will be doing videos going over the spoilers for each specific Intro deck in the coming week as well so stay tuned!


As you can read above, it looks like the new company may be doing some shady stuff. Daiko is the printing company that took over FOW after Eiji was kicked out.
They are now accusing Jeff of purposely damaging the game and trying to hide the evidence, which if incorrect is straight up slander of character. Many of you probably know Jeff and everything he did for the game. If not, simply go to the Global Facebook page and read all the comments on this post. 

I would like to know where and what context these accusations were made, because this is very troubling. If Jeff wants to delve further into this I’ll update this article as needed, but he may want to stay as minimal as possible. Regardless on your thoughts of the current game state or new owners, slandering former employees in unacceptable and it should be vocally known by the players as such.
We’ll keep you guys updated, but thought this was important information to at least be aware of.


Alright now here’s the big set of news stories. If you missed it last week, the store running the New York GP, Kirwan’s was saying they may have to cancel the event since they had no communication with the company. This caused a lot of concern among players, especially those that had already bought plane tickets, hotels, or requested time off of work.

The event is still a month away, so there was still time for them to get in contact with the company and wait to receive prizing etc. Some players even were pitching in money to get a paid invite to first place to help give incentive for people to come play.

This past week though, the owner came and officially announced the event was cancelled. Before we get into too much details, I want to mention at the front that the company has already found a replacement event! I will go into more detail of that in just a bit.

In his post (screenshots below, as well as any other screenshots that are mentioned here) he said the company itself cancelled the event. He had heard the event was cancelled through a former employee. He went on to say he was probably going to cancel anyways as he didn’t have direct communication with the company and had not received all that was promised.

What it boiled down to that he was promised was:
Top Tier Judges
Streaming of the Event
Paid Invite

Of those he was for sure getting prizing, judges he would have access to as well, just had to make sure to set aside the judge promos to give them, stream would have been up to if Jeremy would get sponsored (or if he wasn’t busy), and the paid invite was being helped covered by the community.

So the only not guaranteed aspect was the stream. After making his post he stated he was leaving the Facebook group and could only be contacted by email. One thing I forgot to mention last week that was told to me by people who attend his store was that that store is not a big fan of FOW and has been slowly giving the impression of not wanting to support it anymore.

So this culmination feels expected, but still sucks. I reached out to the owner via email with some questions and got an email response (Once again, full email will be below). To summarize, he summarized about he was promised by Rob those different aspects I mentioned above. He said after the company change he attempted to talk to the company both via email and in person at GAMA and was unsuccessful.

He said Svitlana (Owner of Games n Geek) started to question him and put herself between him and FOW, even though she does not represent FOW which lead to communication problems. Interestingly, at the end of the email he suggested I talk to Svitlana since she is acting on behalf of FOW, which seems to contradict that first statement.

He went on to talk about specifics regarding judging and prizing he was hoping to have, but was unsure of. He said the former employee (Whom was Jeff Finnigan) contacted him after talking to Kim to say the event was cancelled, though he was going to cancel anyways because of the ‘Drama’ around it. I am unsure what drama he is referring to, as any drama regarding the event happened after he publicly said he was going to cancel it most likely.

He seemed to confirm he was okay with helping the players pay for a worlds invite to entice players to come as well.

At the end he said the biggest problem he had was he plans events months ahead of time, and since this event happens in a month there isn’t enough time to find judges, product, and venue.

One important thing to note is he has known of this event for 6 months, and he said he was aware of the management change and change in judges etc since it happened 2 months ago.

In response to asking if he’d ever consider hosting this event he basically said no he will not.

Now, on the flip side Svitlana was officially asked by FOW to communicate with him and others about these events, since they don’t have a good English translating side, or much experience with events. So everything she did was in official capacity.

As far as the company cancelling the event, that I’m not sure of. I can confirm that once the store owner threatened to cancel the event, FOW started looking for backups just in case he cancelled. I will update if I ever find out if they actually cancelled the event, or if there was just miscommunication and they were simply planning for the chance the event was cancelled.

I have seen evidence that FOW company did communicate with Kirwan’s store one the days he claimed to have no communication with them. In this evidence they asked if he had received promos for the event and prize support. The reply said no, and asked about judge contact information. In response, FOW asked for the estimated amount of players that would attend so they could start shipping the prize support, and after they had that information they would start discussing judge information. I didn’t see if there were any more responses in that chain.

Since cancellation, a replacement store was found almost instantly. The event is actually closer to the JFK airport than the previous, however it is a week later which is unfortunate for people who bought tickets etc. because this doesn’t help them. But the speed of the replacement is pretty great at least. And an interesting note is the prizing also changed for the event, with it now having one of the promos being the 5th stone of the promos stone series that we hadn’t seen come to the US yet.

So that’s the summary, make what conclusions you might from it and let us know your thoughts!