FOW NEWS! Will Power Rewards! NY GP Trouble?

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:
Not a lot of news, but a couple big items that we will go over.


If you guys remember, after the last set of Will Power Rewards, they ran one last short campaign for some more promo cards. We were pretty excited about this, but hadn’t heard anything at all since Eiji and Jeff were kicked out.
Well, it looks like we may finally be getting something! The above image was posted to the Force of Will Global Facebook group. This tracking information is identical to what is usually used for the WPR cards when they ship out.
If that’s the case, we are getting these cards randomly really soon! Not sure why there has been no word from the company about his, even just announcing the shipment of them. We also have no confirmation on what these cards even are.
Last we heard is they are indeed the remaining 5 Rulers that we didn’t get before. However they are still the original art, just a different print style. What exactly that means, we will find out.
Keep in mind, like I said there are no guarantees or word from the company regarding this, so take this with a grain of salt until we hear from the company or see pictures of product!
In the meantime keep an eye on your email and mailbox if you qualified for these rewards and there may be something!


So this news was brought to everyone’s attention by Todd Dreisbach in the Global Facebook group. The corresponding images will be posted below if you want to read it all, but he had an exchange with the owner of Kirwan’s Game Store (The store hosting the WGPQ) asking why there hadn’t been promotion of the event recently. The owner responded letting him know that he hadn’t had any contact with the company really since the exchange of ownership happened. He was supposed to have a call with them on Monday, but never received the scheduled call. He finished with saying the event would likely be cancelled. 
Now, I had a chance to talk with Martin May and  Andy Schroeder about this. They are both players on a team that have attended events at the store before. They actually had put together a proposal (Images below as well) to pay for the invite to Worlds themselves, with just a little bit of help from the store. The owner never responded to this proposal for various reasons. In a conversation the store owner had with Andy, he mentioned not getting promised prizing for the event from the company that was already agreed on. We haven’t gotten exact details yet (I reached out to the owner, and will update this if I hear back).
So it sounds like a case of the company not communicating again (surprise), and also a store that probably can run the event, but may not want to. Talking with Martin, he said the store owner doesn’t seem to enthusiastic about the game. Not seeming very into events like ARG, and having the store change hours to close when FOW meetups used to happen, which cut the attendance in half.
The simple fix to this is the company getting into contact with the store. If that doesn’t happen, Todd had raised this awareness in hopes that player demand would convince the shop to still run it. People already have bought flights, hotels, requested time off work, and more for this event. If it didn’t happen it would be the fault of the store, and company (unless one steps up). But at least we as players can try and keep it going by raising this awareness. 
I’ll keep you guys updated on what happens here and when it resolves, hopefully soon. There was a comment about there being an update from the company regarding it soon. Not sure where that information came from or when that update will happen (wasn’t able to get a reply in time). Pictures with more information below:

Todd’s Exchange

Andy’s Exchange


Well that does it for today! Just the two bigger stories. Let us know your thoughts, and see you next week!