TCG NEWS! US Group Gone, WPR Update, Crypto Currency?

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

We got news for lots of things, including other games! So let’s go!


So there were several cool updates with Happy Little Hug Factory you guys should know about! 

First, they are now  carrying pre-constructed Pauper decks! These are really cool, easy ways to get people into the game, or yourself into Pauper. There are currently 3 decks, each with their own theme, following the rules of Pauper. You can pick one up off of the HLHF website for only $10, which includes an energize token (a simple, but effective one) and relevant dice where necessary.

Be sure to use our link when you go to the website to get some (just by clicking on any of the HLHF banners on this website).

The second thing is, as you guys may have seen, they are currently sold out on Caster Chronicles Starter Decks. However if you want some be sure to click on the backorder button! They are currently in the process of getting more, and you want to click that to guarantee some before they sell out again. You can watch us open a box of this starter deck HERE.


In case you guys haven’t been following, spoilers started! But this time, I genuinely have no idea how they work. If you’ve been following the Facebook pages, some languages get them at random times before others. 

In addition, the amount of cards varies day to day that are spoiled. There may be a pattern, but it ranges from 1, to 2, to 5 etc. As such, our spoiler videos will be a bit more random, as we won’t be making entire videos dedicated to single cards.

There are some cool stuff though, such as an Atom Master Rune so stay tuned for all of that!


Speaking of spoilers, one of the spoiler days was used randomly to show the promos we will be getting! These are all promos of cards we have yet to see spoiled in the set. But we got our Pre-release promo, Buy-a-box promo, Buy 2 boxes promo, and playmat for pre release.

If you are wondering how and why there is a buy 2 box promo, we have no idea. Obviously to enforce this they will have to go back to the old way of just giving distributors loose promos and hoping for the best. Does this mean the regular buy-a-box promo will be out of the box as well? Probably not (at least we hope so).

We will keep you guys updates as we go along for any information regarding this.


If you guys missed the podcast, be sure to check it out HERE. In it, we started what will be a weekly giveaway for the next couple podcasts!

We got  3 New Valhalla starter decks, courtesy Happy Little Hug Factory! These will be given away one at a time to Continental US residents each podcast until all 3 are gone. Be sure to tune in (at least to the beginning) of the podcasts to enter in!


The above email was sent from the new Force of Will Global group’s Ryan Dempsey (Join that new group HERE as well). This was in reference to the second batch of Will Power Rewards that we hadn’t heard any updates about. 

For those that don’t  know, the WPR system had set out a batch of rewards. However WPR was discontinued, so to help people who may of  had points built up (among other things) they decided to release one more batch of WPR cards, of which the point redemptions ended in December.

Ever since then we hadn’t heard a single thing regarding the program. Luckily this email finally sheds light on it! Middle of April is the new date, which is literally coming up on us real quick!

We have no idea what these are, how many cards there will be, or anything. Hopefully we find out before they start sending them out, but be on the lookout!


We reported previously in the news that My Will Studio was working with CryptoSpells to give them FOW artwork for their digital game. Now we finally have a look at it! 

Naturally Pandas are being used. But it is very interesting to see official FOW art being officially used in another game. This is a digital game that somehow is incorporated with crypto currency.

Seems interesting enough. They have plans at some point to bring the game to other regions/languages, but for now it is just Japanese.

You can see the full list of cards (and try spotting FOW artwork) at their website HERE.


In case you missed it all, the US Facebook group (the largest FOW Facebook presence outside the official FOW page) has been shut down. This was part of efforts of several people behind the scenes for various reasons.

Shortly after this group was shut down, an EU Facebook group was completely deleted (unrelated to the people who shut down the US group). It wasn’t an effort to kill the game, but rather bring attention to aspects of the company.

You can watch a more detailed breakdown of this and come to your own conclusions HERE. For now, be sure to join the new official channel for Facebook FOW HERE called Force of Will Global! 

We will  have more information regarding this (hopefully) at a later date.


Now we haven’t covered Transformers TCG in a while, but there is some pretty cool stuff going on there, especially in promotion of the new set!

Firstly, they introduced mini cards! I thought this was cool because the game officially has, normal size cards, big cards, giant cards, foldable cards that combine into bigger cards, and now mini cards! It feels like what a Transformers TCG should feel like.

The new set is also introducing essentially a ‘Stealth’ mechanic for some cards.

In addition, as seen in the image above, they are doing a launch day event with store promos!

So if you want to partake in that, be sure to contact your store about following the necessary steps to obtain them! There are lots of other details coming out for the new set, so if you’d like us to continue covering this let us know!

That’s all the news for today, thanks for reading and see you next time!