FOW NEWS! Digital FOW? No ARG, New Format, FOW CO Gone!

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Also if you missed it, we did a podcast with J-Ruler! You can catch that HERE
Tons of news finally so let’s get going!




These promo leaks come courtesy of Chris Weekly FOW Update, who’s page can be found HERE. These are from the Wanderer League, and are two older, but popular cards.
The first is Cthugha, the Living Flame! A very popular and powerful card, that now has a much cooler version of it available!
The second is the versatile Xeex the Ancient Magic. This time getting a face lift right into Red Riding Hood!
We haven’t gotten anymore information on if the US will get these or when, but hopefully so because they look cool.



We got official confirmation of the first project in Jeff and Eiji’s new company, My Will Studio. Be sure to follow their Facebook page HERE.

They have announced they are teaming up with CryptoSpells! This is an up and coming digital card game that is based on crypto currency.

What that exactly entails I’m not sure. My Will Studio is not in charge of the game, they are simply leasing the IP. But they promise this is the start of many more projects to come. Check out the full statement below:

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So if you guys follow ARG, you may have noticed their upcoming event in MA does not have FOW as a listed event.
When asked about this, Jim (Owner of ARG) said they would love to keep doing FOW, but there is no communication. When asked further, he said:
FOW has been told recently we will run their events and had an opportunity to meet with me in Vegas. They did not take that opportunity.


So as of right now ARG is not hosting future FOW events (outside of the the upcoming store-run Easter event). Though they are still open to it, granted the company communicates anything at all. So we shall wait and see.


If you guys missed it, we did an interview with Svitlana Young of Games n Geek! In it we talked about the upcoming MN GP, the state of the company and her conversations with the new head of the game. You can watch that HERE
I’ll summarize a couple of the stand out points here:

-The MN GP at Games n Geek will have awesome tiered prizing (shown above). You can get the normal entry for the playmat and Glint of Insight promo. The next tier includes the exclusive Chibi coins. The final tier includes an exclusive mini plaque type of thing with the chibi art! (and also for free includes one of the old monthly promos most stores didn’t get).

-Kim and his company are the new owners of FOW.

-When she contacted Kim he replied quickly and answered all her questions.

-They met in person, where he said they were planning on doing company run GP’s again next year (possibly around 8, but they are still in the planning stages).

-She submitted a tournament structure proposal to them that includes regional prizing.

-She is optimistic about the game after speaking with him.

For more details and other information be sure to watch the interview!



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There’s a new format in town! FOW Italy did a post announcing an officially recognized legal format in the game, effective April 1st. 
In this, you use the most recent 4 sets (Including starter decks and extra sets).
So for example, if you were to play this right now the sets that are legal are:
Strangers of New Valhalla
New Dawn Rises
All 5 NV Starter Decks
Winds of the Ominous Moon
The Lost Tomes Starter Deck
Time Spinning Witch

As soon as a new set comes out, an old one rotates. So, when Awakening of the Ancients comes out, Time Spinning Witch and The Lost Tomes Starter Deck will rotate out. And this will constantly be happening with each set release.

It’s a pretty interesting idea, and I’m curious how it will exactly play out. The game already has a ban list, and like I mentioned, is legal as an official format.

You can read up the full information on the Italian website (with Google Translate) HERE




So, as you can see above, spoilers apparently started! This is much earlier (in relation to the release date) than spoilers usually begin.
We got several cards spoiled, 2 of which you can see above. It was at a much different time of day than usual, starting originally with spoilers in Italian before the English came out later.

We are not sure if these will be daily like usual, or what is going on really.

We should have started our spoiler videos though accordingly so be sure to check that out to hear our thoughts daily (or whenever spoilers do drop).




So with the spoilers came a couple revelations. The first thing people noticed was at the bottom of the cards, it no longer reads Force of Will CO. Instead it says Eye Spy Productions.
After questions about this, Robert Hebert (former head of US events) commented clarifying this.

He said basically that the company that controls it is Daiko Printing. Eye Spy is Eiji’s company that simply holds the IP rights. We won’t get much information though, as Robert says the company reverted back to the old days now of not communicating with anybody.

You can read his responses below which have a couple other details as well.



That’s about all for today. Hope that all is broken down well for everybody, and hope we didn’t miss anything!