FOW NEWS! Jeff and Eiji Resurface! Promos Back? Caster Spoilers!

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Alright let’s get started!


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So much to the delight of everyone, we got a new post from Jeff Finnigan! Jeff, the former FOW Global Liason, shared a post from a Facebook page detailing a project he is working on. This project is being done with the former FOW CEO, Eiji! 

In this he gives hints on what they have planned with their new company, My Will Studio. With this they plan to make varying types of products for us that is very much in sync with the community. The community involvement is something that was stressed quite a bit in the post.

Though we did not get much details on what is in store, it is still lots to be excited for. One side note, Jeff did mention in his discussion  with us that Eiji still owns the FOW IP. So with that he could conceivably make FOW adjacent items and games (possibly).

Be sure to follow their Facebook page for updates! Or just follow us here and we will be sure to follow up. Link for their Facebook is HERE as  well as their post.


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We possibly have promos again! In a Facebook post, the official FOW page showed the next set of promos. As you can see above, these are the European stones that usually don’t make their way over here to the US.

This is a pretty interesting idea, though it seems to have mixed reception among the community. Still though, the cards look awesome. These will be the first promos we have gotten since December in the US.

Whether we will get the several months of promos we missed is yet to be seen or mentioned by the company. In an article regarding the promos, which you can read HERE they re-iterate that local stores must start using the software again to qualify for the promos. If your locals have any questions, that website page lays out what to do to contact them etc.


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Caster Chronicles Spoilers have started! If you haven’t been following, Casters had detached from Force of Will awhile back to do their own thing. This set coming up follows a big gap since the last set, but also the first set the company has done on their own.

These spoilers are the first round for the new booster box. The last set of spoilers were for the starter decks, which are releasing later this month (as opposed to the booster box which is coming out next month).

In one of the posts they also mentioned how there is going to be reprints! We don’t know exactly what these could be reprints of, though new cards from the first set or the Japanese only set would be amazing to get.

We will be getting back into Casters in some capacity here on TCGScrubs so stay tuned for that!


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If you missed it, Argent Saga launched the first way to get product for their game! This is through their website HERE  where you can pre order Sketch Alpha Decks, which will be completely legal when the set comes out.

You can also get a free Demo Deck, which is half of a light starter deck. This is a great opportunity to start warming up your locals to get people interested before the Kickstarter comes out, as well as the game.

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As a side note, I thought it was cool that on the Argent Saga Facebook page they are currently deciding the foiling typing that they will do for their cards.
You can actually go check out a video of Jim (Owner of ARG) going through all the different options, and possibly looking for feedback. It’s just another cool thing they are doing that really helps involve the community in the process.

That’s all the news for this week. Tune in next time!