FOW NEWS! Promos, Giveaway Result, and Low Sales

As always, if you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

A couple interesting things happened this week so let’s dive into it


So we got our first look at some promos! This is from Chris Weekly FOW Update again (Link to original post HERE). As you can see above. It is of Donut Drone, and Eir. Both of these cards are from the starter decks, which is really cool to do both for collector reasons (shiny foils!) and because starter decks are hard to come by. They look really cool too!
Unfortunately still no word on when stores will start receiving promos again. When they do start receiving promos, there is no guarantee currently that we will get the promo cards we’ve missed over the past couple months. I hope we do, but currently no word on that end. So for now we will just have to buy from the secondary market if you don’t want to wait.


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ICv2, a website that collects a lot of news information for multiple subjects, releases charts tracking the sales of the major collectible/hobby games every quarter or so. 
For reference, here is what the most recent sales were from Spring 2018 that you can see below:

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As you can see, Force of Will is in 7th place. This is roughly where it has hovered for quite sometime now. (For reference ICv2 says “The charts are based on interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.”)
However, the newest chart came out which reflects Fall of 2018 which you can see below:

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Now Force of Will is no longer even on the list. Now there are a couple things to point out. 
Firstly, KeyForge just came out on this time period. So it’s a hot game that not only pushed a spot out of the top 10, but potentially pulled people away from other games temporarily.
The timing of this chart is also not including the newest set release. So there may have been growth that just isn’t accounted for during that time. Though, to be fair it also wouldn’t account for any hits the game may take from the recent circumstances. 
Overall, you can draw whatever conclusions you may from this, but it’s a pretty disappointing piece of information that FOW finally moved from it’s spot it’s had for so long. 


ARG Charlotte:

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Next we got an update on ARG Charlotte! This is a WPGPQ that ARG is hosting coming up in 2 weeks. (For more information on the website, click the image above). 
As you can see in the above image, they have added some cool prizing slots! These prize packages include everything from promos, to phone stands, to that awesome FOW Lanyard!
If you haven’t already, be sure to look into this event, and we’ll keep you updated on any other news regarding it, including the results!

Easter ARG:

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So we got information on the Easter ARG events! The official post from Jim (head of ARG) is as follows:
Summer Invitational Qualifiers events APRIL 12TH through APRIL 28TH!!!!
ARG Easter Circuit Qualifier kits will be open to ALL Stores, Tournament Organizers and players. Unlike states anyone can purchase a holiday Invitational Qualifier kit.

I’m pretty excited about this, especially due to the playmat, seen below. Click on either images to go directly to the ARG site to sign up now!

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If you guys missed it, we did a box opening of Vingolf 3! Courtesy of Happy Little Hug Factory (Links in the banners on this website). During that opening we announced we would be giving away the whole box to one lucky winner!
Well today is the day we figure out who that was, and the winner is….