FOW NEWS! Table Flip Errata, Monthly Promos!

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:

Okay let’s get started!
So just missed these last week, but there were the next promos “released” for us to see! Obviously they are in another language, but they are pretty awesome to look at.
First up we got we got a promo of Heaven Thundering Strike! (Below shows the regular and promo art of the card).
Next we have a promo of Wererabbit Warrior (Regular then Promo)
So let us know your thoughts on these promos! Really unique looking, and you can see they are already printing promos for the Starter Decks, which are currently in short supply. So that’s great to see as well.

So the story of Table Flip has been an interesting one. It had a broken combo possibility where it could be paired with Sandstorm (as an example) and potentially deal thousands of damage to your opponent.

Then they came out with an errata for it, that helped it get around things like Scarlet’s J-Ruler ability, but still kept the ability for said combo.

Now we finally have a new new errata for it (you can read all the card errata’s HERE).

Table Flip now says it only counters chants with a single target. So now Table Flip straight up won’t work at all with cards like Sandstorm, though it can work with an awakened Prismatic Flame. 

Really awesome the company, and specifically Jeff, were able to quickly follow through with this and fix it preemptively. This could have turned out to be a huge problem, though it is concerning this was able to make it through that easily with that wording. 

The other cards that were errata’ed were Sand Dragon (Now a Sand type) and the Secret Rare Athenia, fixing it’s Defense to be the correct 1000 it should have been.

Just so everyone knows who might have been looking, the GP Dates page is currently down on the FOW website. No worries though, nothing is happening. It seems they are just having a technical glitch that brought the page down. 
Hopefully that resolves soon, not sure why an entire page can’t be posted on a website. If nothing else, just make a new page or post. Hopefully that new website conversion Jeff talked about happens soon, because stuff like this shouldn’t be happening.
That’s all the news for today, a bit of a slower week. We’ll see you all next week!