FOW NEWS – GP Dates, Bans, Promos!

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Otherwise we got some really awesome stuff to go over!


So if you guys missed it, Force of Will released their ban list! You can find the list with detailed explanations for the bans on their website HERE

The bans ended being (in New Frontiers):


And in Wanderer:

These were some well deserved bans for sure that people were expecting. Spirit Stone maybe people weren’t expecting them to actually ban it, but it was definitely needed in this new mono-color format. The ban of Distortion will really shake up the meta going forward as well. We will keep you guys up to date on tournament results so we can see if this will be the case.


The new set is about to release! As such we also had pre-release with lots of better looks at the new cards. With this we finally found out which cards are the secret rares!

If you don’t know, secret rares are alternate arts of 3 Super Rare cards. These will at most appear as 1 per case usually, making them very rare and valuable. 

The cards for this set were:


Zhuge Liang

and Misteltein

As you can see they look really cool! They obviously are full art and textured as well, so be on the lookout for that as the set is released!

That being said one important thing to note is there is a print error on Athenia. It shows her Defense as 1200, yet it is actually 1000. So no, you didn’t get a stronger version of the card. It’s unfortunate this had to happen, especially on the secret rare print since we will never get a second print run of this. 


Another thing that was noted during pre-release is that the playmats you get have dropped quite a bit in quality. This was most noticeable at our pre-release where we were giving the new mats, as well as some people were able to win old pre-release mats.
The new ones are made of much thinner material, almost like a normal mouse pad you would buy. And my playmat specifically seemed to have some ink bleed (though not significant).  
This is a little disappointing, since these mats house some great art and serve as great prizing. Not a big deal, but just something that was worth pointing out.


If you guys attended, or were aware of the 5K tournament that Games N Geek held last year, you should know they did not actually have GP prizing yet. Well they finally got it in! So if you attended be on the lookout for that, and if you didn’t attend take a look at mainly the Brunhild prizing here!


Speaking of GP stuff, we FINALLY got GP dates! The link to the full list is on the FOW website HERE. It’s been a long time coming, and unfortunately the closest one is only one month away. However it is nice that they are almost perfectly staggered at one per month.
The other thing to note is all of the pricing and formats are TBD. This is a little unfortunate, mainly for the TBD of formats, since that is a huge determining factor on what GP’s to go to. If something turns out to be limited format, and you’ve already bought a plane ticket and don’t want limited that could be very unfortunate. 
On the flip side this does open up the possibility that there could be Wanderer and Cluster events in addition to the majority likely New Frontiers events. 
So be sure to check out that list of GP’s and see what you can attend! We will be attending Richardson for sure among others. An important side not is it was confirmed talks are happening to try getting another GP in CA as well! So stay tuned for that.


Lastly we have GP Prizing! Most of this was already revealed, but here it is all in one place. I’ll also mention the Prizing that will be at the New Games N Geek 3K GP coming later this year!

Here are the entry promos (Will vary by event)

And here are the top 16 promos (Also varies by event)

Games N Geek announced that they will be giving first and second place a paid invite to Japan! They have stack downs as well, in case first already has a paid invite etc.

3rd and 4th place get $350 cash
5th to 8th get $200 cash
1st through 32nd will also get energize tokens exclusive to the event!

For even more details for that specific event be sure to check out their Facebook event HERE
Well that’s everything for today! See you all next week