FOW NEWS! Alpha Investments, Lanyards, Playmat!

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


Otherwise we got a lot of news to catch up on!


So Caster Chronicles is moving forward! The game has since departed the Force of Will Company (as previously covered) and going full force forward into the new set. The official Facebook page has started teasing images for the game, which include a return to the roots of  the game!

This includes weird monsters, and demon versions of characters we have had before! This might be enough for me to take a look at the game again, so we will see how it goes.


So if you missed it, Rudy of Alpha Investments made a video for Force of Will! This wasn’t just any random video though, this one he went over a pretty in depth discussion he had with Jeff Finnigan. 
In that discussion, he talked about everything from MOA failures, to Japan’s view on card games vs. the US. I highly recommend checking out the video HERE. And you can also watch us give our in depth thoughts on this video during our podcast HERE. 
He did say there will be a part 2 discussion video, with the possibility of more FOW content so we will keep you up to date on when that happens!


Okay so spoiler season is officially over with! (Mostly). We have one more video coming out tonight where we will go over the remaining cards, which will be completely spoiled tonight on the FOW website. 
It was a pretty interesting spoiler season, and we look forward to hearing what everyone’s favorite cards are and what they are looking forward to!


Pre-release is this weekend! Strangers of New Valhalla is coming to a store near you so be sure to check with your locals to see who is running events. Our locals here in Austin, TX is going to hopefully have a big turnout for this event! 
Be on the lookout for Joey’s Pre-Release primer video, which will go over all the important things you need to know as far as what cards to lookout for, and deck building strategies. 


It looks like we are (kind of) back doing trailers for the set! The company released THIS video previewing SNV. It’s a little quick and much much different than before, but it’s something!
Let us know what you think of it. I will personally be working on my own version of it so stay tuned to see that this week sometime.


Hey guys, remember that judge exam last set? Well another one is coming! As we had discussed before, there will be a judge exam every quarter, which will coincide with each set release. While this test isn’t out yet, a guide is.
Located on the official website HERE, this is the perfect way to help be prepared for what’s coming, and be apart of the official judge program moving forward. It is basically a version of the article Ronan Morris did for us on the TCGScrub site HERE.


As you can see above, we have an early sketched look at the GP Playmat in Singapore! Now this looks awesome and unique! So if you are attending, this is definitely something to look forward to.
I do wish this was more of an actual thing the company did with GP’s, having cool and unique playmats for people who attend rather than re using card art. This mat will be one to look out for going forward for sure.


So there are several big ARG announcements so I’m just going to pile them all into this one section. A lot of exciting stuff for anyone planning on attending a FOW ARG.
Firstly, we have a possibility of not one, but two ARG Invitationals in 2019! Jim (head of ARG) posted the question on Facebook, asking if this is something people would be interested in. It was (obviously) unanimously voted as a yes, which implies this is a very real possibility. 
It would be very cool to have 2 options for this, whether it’s two events you can attend, or two different dates to make it easier to plan attending, or two locations to make travel easier depending on your location. There are a lot of great things that could come out of this so it’s exciting!
ARG Valentines Kits are now up for purchase HERE on the ARG site. This event can be organized by your locals for anytime in February, and includes the amazing playmat shown above. ARG has been really knocking it out lately with their playmats overall. 
You can check out the different options they have for kits that have different cloth, stitch, rubber playmats etc. as well as the many different add-ons. Be sure to check it out soon as you can!
Lastly is this brand new addition to ARG ‘prizing’ which is FOW LANYARDS! This is one I’m personally super excited about. As you can see, they are official printed lanyards for Force of Will.
According to Jim, these will be including in VIP packages possibly at ARG States, and perhaps for the Valentines Day kits for stores (though it sounds like he is still debating that). When we find out what events they are at we will let you guys know! The only even they are confirmed for right now is the Hartford event this weekend, where they will also be demoing Argent Saga, the card game being created by ARG.
That’s everything for today! Let us know what you think of all this and see you next week!