FOW NEWS! GP Results, So Many Promos, and More!

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:
I hope you like promos, because here’s the news!

As you can see above (in case you missed it), we got some awesome GP prizing! Above is the mat for attending said GP’s, which uses the art from the corresponding ruler runes. 

Then below we have promo cards for GP’s. I apologize in advance, I’ll update the article when I verify which of the prizing are correct. I  know that below the Laurite/Blazer are for top 8/16, and Glint of Insight is for attendance. Not sure on Lightning Cave though. In any case, check it out! (Also seen is the Gold Uber prize card for Top 8)

If you want to see the GP Results, be sure to check out our ‘Top 8’ section of the website.
Speaking of cool promos, check out the Judge Promo! As always, it is a very colorful chibi version of a (usually) popular ruler. These rulers tend to be green as well I am just now noticing. But Hanzo looks great in chibi form! This ruler is only attainable by being a judge (or paying a lot of money in the secondary market)

What!? Another Promo card!? This time we have the Pre-release promo card and playmat! As you can see the playmat looks awesome. The promo cards  also look great, especially if you are a Dark Alice fan. Though I do love the artwork for that dragon as well. I am not sure which is the pre-release card, and which is the buy-a-box card. I’ll update once I find out.


To obtain these, be sure to attend your local pre-release! The playmats are usually given to top 2 or so, with the other raffled off. Cards are given to all attendees. The buy-a-box promo is attained by simply buying a booster box! 
So over this past week VIP reward recipients of the Will Power Rewards program have been receiving their rewards! They are now coming via FedEx packaging, complete with signature verification. This is an awesome added step that helps ensure both the delivery of the package, and avoiding confusion among customers.

You can see above what the WPR were, which they ended up being 4 Rulers, plus 1 ruler if you are VIP. Those first 4 rulers you will get a set of 2 for each one if you are VIP. So be on the lookout for that if you qualified! 
Remember WPR ends this December 31st so scan in everything you have! If you are VIP you are automatically qualified for this last stretch of rewards, however you can still scan to get even more prizing!

For more in tid bits of information regarding this and other news we will go over, be sure to check out our RECAP video of Jeff’s livestream QandA!
To also here our thoughts on the WPR’s, check out our most recent PODCAST.

So, while we are on the topic of WPR’s, it looks like Japan got their Caster Chronicles Rewards!

If you don’t know, Caster Chronicles used the same QR code cards as FOW, but outside of Japan if you played Casters and didn’t play FOW, you would still only get the FOW reward cards. Japan however did distribute Caster rewards cards, and it was in a similar fashion as the FOW rewards, with 4 cards that were given 2 of, and 1 VIP card. 

This has lead to a theory that the original plan was for the Caster and FOW rewards to be together (totaling 10 cards), but was changed at the last minute due to Caster Chronicles splitting into its own company. Obviously just wild speculation, but would explain a lot. 

The cards themselves are gorgeous looking, and you can see the high resolution versions of the cards below!


The last thing I wanted to talk about was another topic mentioned during Jeff’s QandA was regarding the starter decks and ubers going forward.

For the Starter Decks, it was told to us that we’d get a new set of them with each new booster box release, maintaining stock since these starter decks are so vital to the game. This looks like it won’t be the case unfortunately. We are unsure of the root cause, whether it’s LGS’ not requesting enough, distributors not wanting to carry the product, or something on the company’s end. This is unfortunate though, especially for game stores trying to get new players in. Hopefully a workaround is found for this, or and agreement with the distributors before the next set or 2 though.

Ubers will also be missed going forward. When speaking of the new print company they are working with, Jeff mentioned they do not have the capability of printing Uber cards anymore. This is really sad since this is such a staple of the game. I am unsure why this is though, but they are still able to print Gold Ubers for the GP. I’d be curious to know why (or maybe the Gold Ubers were printed ahead of time at the previous print shop). 
Maybe this will lead to a cool new type of card rarity, but hopefully eventually we’ll get back to the ubers we know and love.

That about does it for today, thanks for checking in and we’ll see you next week!