FOW NEWS! Promos and Will Power Rulers! ARG!

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So some pretty cool announcements, and recaps of last week’s news so let’s go!

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So as you can see we got our first look at January promos! These haven’t appeared on the US FOW Page for some reason, but luckily they are around and in English!

Really excited about Lapis Dark Storm, the others are pretty awesome as well! Make sure your store is signed up through the company to receive promos now since they will no longer receive them from their distributors! 


If you guys missed it, the Will Power App is officially stopping. It will be replaced by some other method of rewards that will be more comprehensive in the future, but that most likely won’t take place until next cluster.

The app itself will shutdown after December 31st. You have until then to scan as much as you can for some sort of mini-reward we have yet to find out. 

For more information regarding this, be sure to check out Colin recapping the interview he did with Jeff Finnigan on what to expect from this change and more HERE.


From the German FOW Page

So we have our first complete look at 5 of the 10 rulers in the Will Power rewards! You can see them above here. The front side of the Isis ruler was spoiled during my interview with Jeff video. These are looking pretty cool so far, hopefully we get a look at the remaining 5 soon!

Keep in mind, because of this new art process for the rewards they will be sent out later than usual. Expect a ship date sometime in January at the earliest most likely.


If you’ve been living under a rock, spoiler season officially started! You can follow these on the FOW Facebook page, as well as our daily videos which will be released within 1 hour of spoilers being revealed every night. 

The company also started doing spoiler articles again! These were the articles that go over the cards that were spoiled each night, explain them and more. These articles may not be with every spoiler, but still great to have them. They can be found on the official Force of Will site.

They are also holding a giveaway for these spoilers. You simply need to share the Facebook post that has the spoiler images and article, and for every 100 shares the post gets they will give away the most popular card from that day’s spoilers to a random person! Pretty awesome incentive to share this around everywhere.


This weekend we are finally getting around to the Orlando ARG/GP event! This New Frontiers event should be something to follow. It won’t have the normal Force of Will livestream of the event, but hopefully ARG will have an equivalent up and running. Join our Discord if you aren’t on Facebook for updates regarding that.

We also got a look at some of the goodies at the event. One was these pins below, and another was this awesome promo card!

We weren’t able to attend, but hopefully lots of you guys get to go and let us know how it is!


Winter ARG is coming up. This is one that is held at multiple locations at different dates and carries the awesome Lich mat shown above! Events can take place anywhere between December 17th and January 6th so we may be seeing some stuff pretty soon!

For more information, including participating locations, check out the link to the official page HERE


Just so everyone is aware to get their stores ready for it, the new set is released on January 18th, with pre-release on the 11th! 

So make sure your local game store is ready for it, with their orders in and more since it is a slightly different time of release than usual. I know we are going to try to put together an event at our locals to make it big and fun for everyone!

That’s everything for today, thanks for reading!