FOW News! Australia GP, OGP Top 16, Will Power Gone?

If you prefer a video version of the news, click below:


Not a big news week, but still some notable tidbits so let's dive in.


So it looks like we got some GP news for Australia! There may have been some other GP dates for other countries, but I couldn't find them. I'll update the article if I do.

Below is the image for all the dates in Australia (correction from earlier). Awesome news for anyone in the Australia area, or planning
to attend. It looks like several people are already planning on it, so lots to look forward to!


So we've been loosely following the Online Unofficial GP Tournament. This is the tournament that is using the unique format of every card between the
Faria Starter decks, and Vingolf 3. We officially cut to top 16!

 If you are following this, I'm about to do an info dump below. Below we will see the top contestants, what the prize distribution is, as well as graphs
breaking down the overall distribution of rulers/countries vs. top 16. All this information comes from Patrick Juan

Top 16 competitors:

Jaber Ali vs. Joshua Ernest Patton

Andy Liu vs. Thomas Atkins

Ryan Miles vs. Aaron Miles

Jorge Eduardo Chacon Korsun vs.Steven Booten

Ace Teow vs. Chris Härtl 

Benjamin B. Bargetzi vs. Rimba Azhara 

Sam Sheikh vs. Philip Johannes Chybiorz 

Jean-Paul Klintworth vs. Ronny Martin

Top 16 Prizing:

1. WOM Boosterbox

2. TSW Ruler plus $50 plus 4x JP Gwiber promos

3. TSW Ruler plus 25 promos from reiya

4. Gill Alhamat ruler (RDE) plus 5 band girls

6. Matsuri Pricia Box

7. All 7 king from Alice cluster in Uber and signed by Eiji

8. Alhamaat Banner

9. Cash $150

10. Cash $100

11. R/R Banner

12. Rezzard Banner

13. Sol Banner plus playmat

14. Japanese Magic stone set 10x All colors + magic stone lab box plus playmat

15. 4x Tama FA promo and 4x Lightning Strike FA promo plus Dark Faria (PR2015-035) - 2x, Jeanne d'Arc (PR2015-034) - 2x, Summoning from the fairy tale world (RL1706-2)

16. 4x Misty dragon pre PROMO, 3 playmats

And the graphs:


So this is a unique problem for Apple users. The Will Power App is no longer available to download from the App Store. This is most likely a simple thing of
somebody not keeping up with the proper signage etc. to keep an app on the App Store, however this is a problem that has been happening for a week or 2 now
as far as I can tell, with multiple attempts to ask people involved higher up.

There hasn't been any responses. A simple 'We are aware of the problem and are
working on it' would suffice. Hopefully it gets solved, and isn't indicative of anything else outside of small mismanagement. 

That's really about all the news for today, see you guys next week!