Deck Profiles

Hey guys! Here is the deck list for the Panda Ruler-Centric Deck! If that's all you're looking for, then enjoy!

Keep scrolling for some notes about the best cards in the deck and why.

Deck Image:

Deck Text List:

Gachalog Code:51838310

Taegrus Pearlshine x 1

Main Deck x 40

Escaped Jeweler x 4

Xiang Xiang's Bodyguard x 3

Gem Mallet Panda x 4

Flourishing Hope x 2

Arrival of the Hero x 4

Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian x 4

Resuscitating Will x 4

Faerur's Spell x 3

Power of the Emperor x 2

Discovery x 4

Aura of Hope x 3

Miscalculation x 3

Stone Deck x 10

Ore From The Treasure Mountain x 4

Magic Stone of Faith x 2

Spirit Stone x 4

Sideboard x 15

Scarlet's Agony x 3

Separation of Fates x 3

Evil Elemental Uprising x 2

Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid x 2

Winds of Salvation x 3

Isolate x 2

Top 5 Cards and Why:

So here is where I'll put the top 5 cards in the deck, and why that is. The purpose of this is for if you wish to change and alter the deck to your liking,
you'll have a base guide of what cards not to take out or mess with if you wish to keep the base integrity of the deck intact. 

Number 5:


The reason this is on the list is because of 2 reasons. First being it's basically a necessity at this point to survive in this format. Things like TSW and
Kirik require you to run this, or lose. Second reason is because the main priority of the deck is to keep your Ruler alive. Laurite cancels abilities that
could otherwise destroy your Panda, or at least hinder what you are trying to do.

Number 4:

Resuscitating Will

This helps with the OTK part of this deck. You only need 3 swings in with panda to win pretty much, and this gives you that vital last swing.
The deck can still fire off and win  without this card, but this just makes things so much easier. Also can do side things like calling a stone, then
using this to recover your ruler and attack (if you are trying to dig for a green stone etc.)

Number 3:

Arrival of the Hero

This card is amazing. A free resonator killer, that also basically guarantees you hitting your opponent's face when you swing in for damage. If you have enough dark gems, this might not be as necessary in the moment, but it's almost never a bad thing to have.

Number 2:

Escaped Jeweler

As I mentioned in the video, this card became super vital during the games I played. Constantly resting my opponent's resonators to buy me time, or to
set them up for an Arrival of the Hero kill. You also get him bounced back in your hand for more gems next turn. It gives you gem production consistency,
as well as field control as you see fit.

Number 1:

Gem Mallet Panda

This is pretty obvious. This card gives you 2 gems (on your ruler side) for one cost! If that wasn't enough, he also can produce any color will as long as
you have that gem to banish. He can help judgement early, keep will  production going once you are J-activated, play obscure color cards (Such
as Burgeoning  Despair) and more! It's by far my favorite card for Pandas, and vital for not just this, but any Panda deck.

Hope all this helps! Enjoy playing!