FOW News! Christmas ARG, Lich Grinch, and TSW Promo!

If you'd prefer a video version of the news, click below:


So we got a decent amount of news, a lot of it related to ARG in some fashion, so let's take a look!


So this past weekend we had ARG States! If you'd like to hear about Oscar and Colin's adventures with that, check out the podcast HERE.

While there are no definitive tracking data results from these ARG's, there was a poll in the Facebook US group. This poll asked people to
mark what ruler they won their ARG with. The results are below:

Not the most precise, but it's the best we have right now. As you can see, TSW seems to have dominated that top spot. Not necessarily affecting
Ruler diversity (that we can tell), just a very high success rate for placing.


We also got the mat revealed for the ARG Christmas games! This last ARG was the Isis playmat with the arrows pointing in reference to the whirlwind conflagration
meme. This time around they asked people to vote again, and the winner was Lich! So as you can see above it was made into a Christmas theme, complete with quite
an ingenious title of 'The Lich Who Stole Christmas'. I personally found this to turn out much better than I was thinking it would, so pretty excited about it now.


Speaking of, sign ups are now live for stores for this upcoming ARG event, as well as anyone else! Below is Jim McMahan's (Owner of ARG)
official post about this:

ARG Holiday Circuit Qualifier kits are now live to ALL Stores, Tournament Organizers and players. Unlike states anyone can purchase a
holiday Invitational Qualifier kit. Holiday ARG Invitational Qualifier events can be run between December 17, 2018 to January 6th, 2019.

For more information click the link below or email where our Circuit Series team can help you!

So be sure to get in on this action if you can! 


So this isn't actually a promo in the sense of alt art, but we are finally getting those TSW Rulers at our local stores! If you don't remember,
TSW is a ruler you could only get by buying 3 boxes of the set WOM. This also wasn't always guaranteed depending on whom you were
buying the boxes from. So we found out months ago they were sending TSW Rulers out to everyone's stores as regular promotional product,
we just didn't know when. Well now is the day! Our locals in particular just received our batch and are pretty excited about it. So stay on the
lookout if your store is already signed up to receive promos directly from the company! Glad they were able to solve this problem, and right
when TSW is becoming pretty big too.


So if you tuned in last week, we have an unofficial tournament going on online for FOW! It uses a pretty unique format where everything
from the Faria Starter Deck up until Vingolf 3 is legal. I had mentioned that top 16 would cut in early December, well they just moved
up the time tables. It will now cut November 25th, to allow the competition to conclude much sooner. I'll keep you guys updated after
that date as to what decks/rulers made it in this unique format.


Lastly, if you guys are free tonight at 9 pm CST our very own Colin, Jeremy (Ruler School), and Stephanie Shaw will be having a conversation
live on Twitch about Force of Will Content Creation! Should be a lot of fun. It will be located HERE on her Twitch channel. 

That's all the news for this week. Thanks for tuning in!